Congress is paying to cover up their deviant behavior with your tax dollars

America is having a “come to Jesus” moment when it comes to sexual harassment.

While many politicians would like to claim the moral high ground on this issue, the truth is, they can’t.

And you won’t believe the shocking amount of taxpayer money the House of Representatives paid out to settle sexual harassment cases!

In just the last 10 to 15 years, the House alone has paid out $15 MILLION to settle sexual harassment suits.

RealClearPolitics writes:

Democrat Rep. Jackie Speier of California revealed during a House Administration Committee hearing Tuesday that there are currently two members of Congress who are known to be sexual harassers: One Democrat and one Republican. Speier was one member who testified at the hearing titled: “Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Congressional Workplace.”

“In fact, there are two members of Congress –Republican and Democrat– right now, who serve, who have been subject to review or have not been subject to review, but have engaged in sexual harassment,” she said.

Rep. Speier did not name the individuals, but said victims had had “their private parts grabbed on the House floor” and accused an unnamed colleague of “exposing their genitals.”

“All they ask in return as staff members is to be able to work in a hostile-free work environment,” she continued. “They want the system fixed and the perpetrators held accountable.”

But despite your tax dollars being used to settle such cases, under the current system, taxpayers have no right to know which members of Congress are engaging in this behavior.

The Washington Examiner quotes Barbara Comstock (R-VA) recounting a story she heard second hand to the committee:

“I wanted to close with something that I just had somebody tell me recently. This is about a member who is here now. I don’t know who it is, but somebody who I trust told me this situation,” Comstock said.

“This member asked a staffer to bring them over some materials to their residence. This young staffer — it was a woman — this younger staffer went there and was greeted with a member in a towel. It was a male who then invited her in. At that point, he decided to expose himself. She left and then she quit her job,” Comstock told the committee.

“This is really a much more complex situation … I think we need to have more training, know about the violence that we’re seeing in some of these situations that are criminal,” she added. “I would argue that that’s probably a crime in that situation.”

What do you think about your tax dollars being used to settle sexual harassment suits in Congress?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



  1. If my husband were charged, and was jailed, I’m not sure how soon I’d get to bailing him out. Especially if there were indications that it actually occurred. Having said that, I imagine you know that I would vehemently object to my tax dollars paying settlements for the same behavior. As a citizen, I would never have considered that my government would so badly misuse our tax funding for such disgraceful behavior. These men are supposed to be adults, to be relied upon to act in our best interests. This issue is pure crap, and should be seriously penalized across the board.

  2. Yes indeed, I remember the America that existed prior to BARACK. This fundamental change is close to what progressive filth has worked for the last 100 years! The media was, at one time, a gatekeeper in helping to keep America from political abuse, but no more. The political scene now is truly short of morals and character. So sad to see what Congress has become.

  3. Their behavior we see in the great halls of Congress is like the equivalent of the dark side of Hollywood entertainment world where high-level producers/directors/big name actors managed to use their power to prey and silence new starlets.

    Why is it so difficult to prosecute them? Look at their comrades sitting in the high seat.

  4. Here again it show we need Term Limit in Government and Make them Accountable. They feel just because they in Government they can do as they please. It time for that to stop. Hold them accountable just like Government hold some American People accountable to the law. Wealthy People in Government think they have a free pass. Just because they buy their way in. All this show is Wealthy People only want to be in Government to spend tax Payer Money and not their. They should be the one that Pay for their wrong doing not Tax Payer !! The law put Low and Middle-Class People in Jail for what they doing in Government and they go free. You and I know it not right for those in Government to get away with what they do. They feel they are better because they are Wealthy People and can do as they Please in Government. It time For Them To Be ACCOUNTABLE In Government !!!!!

    • Not just accountable, but MUST abide by the SAME LAWS that the common herd does!! That means Federal, as well as State & Local laws!!! (Include health insurance, too!!)


  6. their deviant behavior , well is that why they want all the immegrants in the country ? to use them ? to ruin our country ? we are paying for their FUN TIMES with our tax dollars they should not be allowed to stay in office they are an embarrassment to this country ! BET North Korea is having a good laugh over this ? Maybe calling our country the big sorry , LITTLE penis

  7. Outrageous !!!!!!!!!!
    These people have no shame !!!!!!!!!
    We want their names, we want them impeached, we want our money back !!!!!!
    TERM LIMITS is the answer !!!!!!
    They got used to have power and money and nothing else matters to them !!!!
    Shameless creeps !!!!

  8. Until the women (or men) who were involved in these sexual harassment cases come forward no one will ever be exposed as the low life criminals that they are.

  9. Until the women (or men) who were involved in these sexual harassment cases come forward no one will ever be exposed as the deviant involved.

  10. Absolutely NO SHUSH FUND using MY tax dollars!! Demand the names of these perps and then bring them up on ethics charges. Their constituents deserve to know “who and what” they are electing to a very important office- – a position as REPRESENTATIVE OF THE PEOPLE!! We do NOT want criminals and perverts in these positions- -we need to know so we can VOTE THEM OUT!

    • These SOB should have to face the consequences. They should either be charge or be neutered. This crap is getting old like Bill Clinton he been getting away with this kind of crap since he was AG in Arkansas. Just look at all the crap that POTUS Donald Trump has had to face due to just taking about crap these SOB’s have done the crime. Enough is enough. Lets vote these bastards out of office including the traitor John McCain.

  11. Hey,
    I’m not positive about this, but I believe that I heard on the news yesterday that Sen. Chuck Grassley set this fund up, or was a partner in setting this up??? I could be wrong w/ the particulars but he’s definitely involved in this!

    This whole thing is a big freaking JOKE! They’re using tax payers $$$ to settle suits w/ women whom have been harassed, assaulted, raped etc…
    Then, we hear today about Al Frankenberry…WOW, did this just blow up in their faces?

  12. The damn leadership in both houses are responsible for allowing this fund to exsist. Then again, all members must have or should have been aware of it too. Scumbag swamp dwellers. Get the offenders identified and close the fund immediately. Anything less is not acceptable !


  14. Congress, which is comprised of politicians, not representatives of the people, is the main problem in the country. Get rid of them and we rid ourselves of virtually all of our problems. Replace politicians with Citizen Legislators who serve 2 year terms.

  15. Find out the name of each and everyone of them using our money to support their illiness . Each one male and female using sex as a weapon. Make them pay every penny they owe the American people , and kick their A— out the door , unable to find any job better than manual labor .

  16. I want names. How much did WE pay out and for whom? Then I want to know who authorized the payments. Then the perps and who ever authorized the payments should be FIRED. Not later. No long drawn out investigation, no congressional hearings. Just fire them and do it NOW!!!!

    • This leave me wondering what else do they have hidden out there? How did they get the money for this clandestine operation- what budget did it come from? Is this a bipartisan operation? Who authorized it?
      Next all agencies and their budgets need scrutinized.

  17. RIGHT, we are PAYING for their MIS-DEEDS, WHY….??? WHO in the world gave the AUTHORIZATION to WASTE tax PAYERS money like that….??? Just for THAT alone, besides all the WRONG they are doing politically, they should face long PRISON terms and HEFTY, HEFTY FINES….Just think how quickly AVERAGE Joe ends up in jail for just “stealing” a lolly pop and they are throwing around MILLIONS of dollars to COVER their rear ends, just like Obama used TAX PAYERS money to HIDE his records which would reveal that he was INELIGIBLE to be so called “president”….!!! It’s OUTRAGES….!!!

  18. Isn’t it about time our elected people answer for there indiscretions I find it a lack of morals and character when we as citizens should pay tax money for there illegal acts. We have to pay enough for money for other illegalities that our valiant congress already has on the books lets have this stop

  19. This is not right on so many levels. I do not want one penny of my tax dollars paying for these low lifes and their outrageous behavior. I want the names of those involved and I want them to pay back the money to all of us who paid for their discussing behavior. In the future how do we put a stop to this? President Trump needs to step in and clean out the “Swamp”.

  20. But the entire Congress on notice that they’ll pay their own bills as incurred for sexual-harassment. Secondly; immediately present legislation for term limits. The name of everyone ever involved ina payoff for sexual abuse must be published.

  21. Absolutely nothing will happen to these gutter rats. Did Ted Kennedy pay for what he did? We all know the answer to that. Any new laws that are passed for us, they put on page one they’re exempt. They may rat each other out for political purposes, but not for any of them being prosecuted for what they did. They’re above the law. They know it because they made it that way.

    • YEP, because they have been in Washington waaaaay too long, if we “elect” new Presidents every 4 – 8 years, they should be REPLACED too…That is also EXACTLY why the Government has gone to the DOGS with all of this CORRUPTION going on there, knowing how to bend everything to their will instead of “working” for the PEOPLE, which has ended DECADES ago with all of the “WALKING DEAD”- ripe for RETIREMENT – SENIOR CITIZENS who belong in NURSING homes, instead they keep RIPPING us OFF more and more with every passing year….!!!!

  22. I will be repeating myself but what I said before President Trump was elected is now coming true. For those who don’t remember or didn’t see my post here is my quote.

    God is draining the swamp and those RINO’S and democrats who have failed to follow the law their time for reckoning is upon them.

    We have needed a waking regarding our elected officials for decades and now we have an opportunity to cleanse our government of the worst elected officials. Lets not waste it.!!!!

    • You’re correct Ronnie, God is doing his part in draining the swamp. Also, more training alone will not solve the problem. The problem in inward, that is the evil in man’s heart. Until a spiritual/divine transformation takes place in man’s heart, we can go through all kinds of sexual training for naught.

  23. These pigs need to pay back every penny that they stole to shut up their DIRTY DEEDS that they FORCED UPON INNOCENT LADIES. WHY ARE THEY USING TAX DOLLARS???? I believe the mascot for the democratic party should be a PIG. it would fit them well.


  25. So isn’t it time to seriously and officially look into Slick Willie and his willie? So may allegations there that were simply dismissed by the liberals.
    Let’s make sure all sexual deviants in Washington are discovered and properly dealt with. Let’s also make sure they are true because our justice system does not include convicting and demonizing by public opinion.
    It’s very easy to make allegations for political reasons.

    • Who is surprised by this latest revelation?
      When it comes to scandals (sexual, financial, foreign entanglement, etc.) each side is more self-righteous than the other. It’s perplexing that we trust them at all.

  26. How do I feel about that? What a silly question! I don’t like it! Duh! These nasty bottom dwellers should be paying for their legal fees out of their OWN wallets, not mine. And they have absolutely NO right to sexually harass someone, just because they are an office-holder in the government. It doesn’t give them a free ticket to do whatever they want, when they want, and get away with it. Off with their heads! (Nah… just drain the damn swamp, already!)

  27. I want ALL my money back!
    ALL of it!!!
    I’m offended by the way they spend my (our) $$$ & w/o even asking my permission!
    We ALL work hard for our $$$! I can’t speak for anyone else (but I bet they feel the same way)!!!
    I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!

  28. Exposing the Swamp is getting very interesting! This is a good example of Members looking after their fellow Members, as well as an institution being charged with having the responsibility of Overlooking their own and having the authority to white wash it. Washington and some of the members need to be exposed and rules changed. Sad.

  29. Get real. Congress is not paying. Legal American citizen TAXPAYERS are footing the bill for deviant actions.
    Where are names of the offenders?
    Impeach them.
    Impeach ryan and mc the con.

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