Congressman drops major bombshell that proves Hillary’s guilty in this scandal

Hillary Clinton has escaped accountability for her scandals by the skin of her teeth.

But her luck just ran out.

One Congressman dropped a bombshell that proves she is guilty in one major scandal.

There is finally proof of who colluded with Russia.

And it’s Hillary Clinton.

She paid Fusion GPS – which hired Christopher Steele – to concoct the phony “Trump-Russia” dossier.

Steele used sources connected to the Kremlin to plat fake news about Trump and his ties to Russia in the dossier with money funneled to him by Hillary Clinton.

Congressman Ron DeSantis (R FL) points out that this is the clearest evidence yet of collusion with Russia.

Breitbart reports:

“Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) spoke with Breitbart News DailySiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Thursday regarding a proposed Mueller amendment to limit the special counsel investigation to between March 2015 and the present, and also tax reform in the House.

“We know now without a shadow of a doubt that the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, paid Fusion GPS and Steele to acquire this dossier, which required colluding with Russian operatives and Russian nationals. So, they produced this dossier and I believe, yesterday I called for the FBI, the Justice Department to declassify all the FISA applications involving Trump associates because what I think happened is, I think they used the information from this dossier to be able to get surveillance on Trump and his associates.”

“And then the fruits of that,” he continued, “formed the basis of what had been leaked to the press over the first three or four months of Trump’s White House.”

For all the months and hours of cable news programming devoted to collusion with Russia, the facts fly in the face of the media narrative.

The real scandal the whole time was the Democrats – and specifically the Clinton campaign – that colluded with Russia.

Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. Satan is not in control of this world, God is. But Satan is in control of millions of people in this world, like the demorats, Muslim, and other who are pure soros. All of these lie without conscience, will try to break the constitution, like the leaders in California and New York. They can’t get citizens to vote for them, so they have to protect the illegals to give them votes. That is why schumerisgoing crazy about keeping the dreamers in this country. Without them they can’t win.

  2. Does it really matter? nothing will happen to her, she’ll weasel out of it just like every other time. Satan is in charge of THIS world.


    • After the revelations of the Judicial Watch war on corruption within Establishment government, one thing is totally clear: If you place no trust or faith in ANYTHING a Progressive democrat tells you, you will NEVER be disappointed. A greater cabal of Marxist prevaricating perverts , pundits and parasites has never existed in the history of this nation than the utterly untrustworthy leftist lunatic comprising a party all REAL Americans would consider, the enemy within, based on the HARD EVIDENCE and the terrible performance levels which have resulted in loss of freedoms and choices, no equitable justice in the leftist appointed Court system full of corrupt personnel; who can be bought for a song or millions of dollars, solely depending on how much Greed and influence is being sought and from whom, and for whatever very questionable causes;NOT TO MENTION THE GENERATION OF A $20 TRILLION AND GROWING DEBT! Until these career criminals can be removed, we will continue to be impoverished by their fiscal irresponsibility,
      crass corruption and fraud and our progeny can look forward to a lifetime of poverty and no hope for improvement with these morons remaining in place. They NEED to be voted out of office and failing that, the classic move of any oppressed people will likely result so DON’T THINK IT CANNOT HAPPEN HERE. It is ALL about holding elected officials responsible and accountable and limiting their terms to prevent serial expansion of abuses as the old saw that “absolute power corrupts absolutely,” is all too true and has been in effect in this country since the JFK, Bobby Kennedy and MLK assassinations of the mid 60’s and the unconscionable and unnecessary Vietnam War, period. I have experienced it all as a disabled 72 year old Vietnam Veteran and survivor of the 1968 Tet Offensive and I am sickened by the degenerate and depraved society we ARE today!EVERY American Citizen deserves better. To hell with the rest! ALL OF THEM!

      • Only critique I’d add about Nam is bombing missions were political instead of strategic. Washington, in an attempt to appease the anti-Nam types measured sorties instead of effectiveness. So, they would send flight crews and pilots out with less than full ordnance payloads that jeopardized them all by flying more missions than necessary, therefore exposing them to enemy fire and interception. Instead of flying one sortie they’d make them fly two with half loads. Washington then bragged about how many sorties were being made in an attempt to con the unassuming into thinking they were making an effective effort to win the war which was total BS.

  4. The current mess in the Middle East really got going because of the two Bushes, Bush the Pimp and then Bush the Wimp. Bush the Pimp (GHW Bush) essentially pimped out the US Army by letting the Saudis pay for the war. Because of this, when the US Army had won the war, GHWB the pimpmeister committed the ultimate betrayal: he left Saddam in charge of the battlefield at the behest of his paymasters. Eight years later, GW Bush, the wimp, tried to remedy this, but by directing HIS war from Washington and tying the hands of his Army so that they couldn’t actually hurt anybody, he betrayed the US Army again. To make matters worse, he missed getting UBL when UBL was holed up in a cave, ready for a nece neutron bomb to finish him off. Then, to make matters still yet even worse, he let AlSadr off the hook and so empowered the Iranians against us. Finally, he capped off his betrayal of the US by trying to force-feed Democracy to a Nation that had known only Islam for 1400 yearsl this move completely lost the trust and respect of what could have been a friend of the US – and then he cut out without leaving an adequate force to consolidate what gains he made. Oh Well! At least he got Saddam, although UBL outwitted him to the end. Bill Clinton was handed UBL’s head on a plate and refused. Obama was probably surprised and not a little unhappy that HE was also handed UBL’s head on a plate, and had to take it. But he got back at the US Army by killing off the killing team that killed UBL. Let us hope that under Trump the US Army will have a chance to do its thing un-hogtied from Washington.

    • And every Obama appointee to the Pentagon and various field commands which necessitate organizations to seek donations to send our troops into battle adequately armed, trained and with proper vest protection which is not the case in some areas. The same is true for military dogs through organizations like Mutts with a Mission and Paws for Cause. to train K-9 Corp combat dogs and aid dogs for PTSD and other handicapped vets. I am a disabled Vietnam Vet but we never went into the Field with insufficient armor or ammunition or other NECESSARY equipment essential To achieving the mission objective. Neither should our all Volunteer troops be so disdained and endangered by those Obama New World Order trolls he placed prior to leaving office who are STILL creatinbg grief and SHOULD be removed; ALL OF THEM!

    • Benjamin…you know what you are talking about. GHWB brainwashed his kids. I was getting nervous for a moment but you finally got to Clinton and Obama. I don’t like writing encyclopedias for comments, but you nailed it 100%.

  5. good , BUT will anything be done about this ? maybe some straight minded lawyer should file on behalf of the people in this country ? or is everyone afraid of the Clintons and the left ?

    • Jack, The only lawyers who are not afraid to go after Hillary, Obama, Podesta, Debbie Wassweman S, George Soros, etc. are JUDICIAL WATCH, and we should all support them as much as we can, if we want to save our democracy which is rapidly slipping away. Also, there should be more pressure applied to the investigation on who killed Seth Rich, who was shot down on the streets of D.C. on his way to Donna Braziel to complain about the corruption in the Democratic Party against Bernie Sanders (whom he supported). Might trace back to HRC and DWS. As far as I know, JUDICIAL WATCH is the only group effectively working to clear the swamp on all fronts.

  6. The thing that REALLY get me burned is the Bushes, older & younger who bad mouth Pres. Trump but NEVER criticized that jerk Obama (lame president). They say he isn’t a leader at all and he’s the only leader we’ve had since Reagan. I was a bush supporter but no more would I support any of them. Disgusted!

    • Trump did more good things in his first 100 days. Than Obama bin laden did in 8 years. Obama is so against the wall Trump wants to build. Hell we can’t take care of our own. Why should we take care of all the cockroaches that sneak in to our country.

      • Samuel I think Obama did a lot but it was tearing down our country rather than doing good such as our great President is doing now.

    • Doxiemom: You could not be more correct at the utter hypocrisy of the Bushes and others. Trump is self-centered and says so. I can accept that based on his financial acumen and success in this life and the FACT he has the courage to laud himself when few others will though though they will NOT acknowledge his accomplishments in the face of interference and obfuscation by BOTH parties of his stated MAGA Agenda to us all. Those who really ARE American and usually older are far from the Millennials and Generation Xer’s BORN WITH NO VALUES as their parents had none and who have been indoctrinated not to think for themselves, but to blindly accept what they are told from any authoritarian figure in school or government. This begins in Kindergarten all the way through High School so, is it any surprise they are totally lacking in knowledge of history, civics or inherent duties and obligations and concepts of responsibility and accountability for one’s actions when all they are brainwashed into believing runs counter to those things, ALL their young lives as the leftist agenda desired by the lunatic left. In my formative years, it was not legal to unionize Nurses, teachers, police or fire personnel as they were deemed indispensable and could not be so contaminated as political football fields. We lived in a much better, safer and more educated country then than we do now and THAT too, is all by the design of those with more of a belief in a dictatorial New World, U.N. Empire, than in a free and Sovereign United States. To all who disapprove of these long in place policies, it is time to drain the swamp and whether that is accomplished by ballot or bullet is entirely up to YOU. Exercise your franchises and VOTE your moral consciences and pragmatic realities if you have them., or be prepared to lose all freedoms and choices and see your children live in abject misery and enslavement to the New World Order! We can still prevent it from happening , but the time is short and the window is closing, Remember that when you go to the pols in November of 2018,AND EVERY ELECTION THEREAFTER UNTIL THIS COUNTRY IS ONCE MORE A FREE AND INDEPENDENT SOVEREIGNTY WE CAN ALL BE PROUD OF AND OUR ENEMIES PETRIFIED BY.

      • Vote republican, Democrats cannot be trusted. Democrats lie and are not for anything that could ever benefit America. We want America great again.
        Watch some of the Republicans if they are not for the good of America. We don’t need them either.
        Vote Donald Trump 2020

        • Absolutely! Without any doubt! Can’t let the Liberals gain control. As bad as some Republicans might be…any Democrat is much worse. Don’t get emotional…stay the course…let common sense prevail.

          • Good advice to Helen Perry but the issue of Common Sense is a major concern since regardless of Party, there in NONE in Washington,and with damned little intelligent life IF you look at very long term overall underwhelming performance. We Need a Constitutional Convention to make the required changes as Congress will NEVER serve us well of their own volition. There is no Constitutional requirement for political parties and we ought to do away with them.Alas, it is unlikely we will EVER see Good Government but perhaps there is some hope for improvement IF we can remove and never vote for the mad Marxist lunatic left in EVERY election!

        • In my youth , I was an idealist and a young democrat; a freedom rider who met Dr. Martin Luther King on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, AL during a demonstration for Civil Rights in the Spring of 1965. Over time, I began to realize that the democrats were descending ever more left and deeper into depravity and degeneracy. The proof is in the recent revelations involving the entire Obama Administration, the Clinton Campaign and Foundation and the corrupt and debt ridden DNC which allowed itself to be bought by Hillary. To hell with therm all. In a real Constitutional Republic, they’d have all been indicted, charged and found guilty on the EVIDENCE but they who make the laws break them with impunity as corrupt as the DOJ was under Both Obama AG’s, Congress is even more so, and that includes the RINOS as well as the progressive democrats; all unfit to serve anything but themselves, their self enhancement and personal enrichment or anti-American citizen party agendas. period. They ALL belong in prison, never in office. THAT IS THE OLDER PRAGMATIC REALIST I AM COMPARED TO THE YOUNG IDEALIST I ONCE WAS!

          • Kudos my friend. I’d truly like to meet you. How is it you opened your eyes yet so many can’t. FOX News needs to interview you.

      • The reason the whole Bush family never bad mouthed Obama is because he and they are New World Order advocates. That’s why Soros chose Obama.


      • A shame how many don’t know this. Include the Illuminati too. Ergo, why they were so much in favor of A New World Order. Obama was funded by the Establishment big money to further foster the New World Order movement.
        So, Trump is up against lame brained Democrats, the Swamp, the MSM, college and university Liberal Progressives, the Bilderberg Group and the Illuminati.

  7. There is no true substance to ANY of the supposed allegations against President Trump but PLENTY of evidence as to the corruption and utterly treasonous acts of the entire Obama Administration, both of his AG’s, the DNC, The Clinton Campaign and Foundation and THE SELLING OUT OF US ALL BY THEM TO OUR ENEMIES FOR PERSONAL AND POLITICAL GAIN. In this Vietnam Vet’s opinion, they should all be indicted for their offenses and I have had a sickening view of the depraved and degenerate society we have become since my HONORABLE service which means nothing since the decision not even to punish the TRAITOR and Deserter Sgt. Bowie Bergdahl! Those making it should have their integrity and Honor questioned and I swear this type of affront to all HONORABLY serving Veterans and Active personnel is just that: an insult and affront and a crime against all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service so this piece of excrement could be freed and his team is even trying to restore his veteran’s benefits! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I AM CONVINCED THE ONLY THING THAT WILL EVER DRAIN THIS SWAMP IS A 2ND AMERICAN REVOLUTION BUT IT IS NOT MY FIGHT AS A DISABLED AND HONORABLE, TOO OLD VETERAN. PITY THOSE WHOSE FIGHT IT IS AND WHO ARE NOT BRIGHT ENOUGH TO REALIZE IT!

    • THANK YOU, SIR, for YOUR SERVICE! EVERYTHING, you stated, is TRUE! WE, AMERICAN’S, NEED, to “believe”, that WE, will “GET THRU THIS TIME”, & thru OUR PRESIDENT, “get our Country back”! GOD, BLESS YOU, SIR!

      • When TSHTF, I WILL defend myself, family and property as is my GOD GIVEN as well as Constitutional Right and no one will prevent me from doing so. Not now , not Ever! If government wishes to take by duplicity and legislative chicanery all I have EARNED in my time, they had better be prepared to die for it : BECAUSE I AM AND HAD A LOT OF EXPERIENCE IN THE 1968 TET OFFENSIVE! I was personal protection for a MOH awardee Chaplain ,Charles Angelo Liteky of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade who, passed from this life on Inauguration day of this year 3 weeks short of his 86th birthday, my 72nd, on Valentine’s Day. Were he active in today’s Army , he would be vilified and excoriated for preaching the Word of God so degenerate have we become as a nation, and THAT is entirely due to the machinations of the Lunatic liberal left and the foreign felon element which pays few taxes, chooses not to assimilate and whose first act on OUR soil is to violate our laws with the aid and approval of our own TREASONOUS government. If there is to be a day of reckoning, IT CANNOT BE FAR IN THE FUTURE AND AT THAT TIME, I TRULY HOPE THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR DESCENT INTO DEPRAVITY AND DEGENERACY WILL BE MADE TO PAY FOR THEIR SINS; DEARLY!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR APPRECIATION. There was none forthcoming when I returned home in May of 1969 in Oakland, CA, only to have feces and urine in plastic bags thrown at me and the other 270 people returning from Honorable service for a society and government totally unworthy of our hardships endured and sacrifices of those with whom we served who DID NOT COME HOME: OUR OWN, AND MORE IS THE PITY FOR THAT AND ALL IT HAS ENGENDERED SINCE!

        • This
          Yet, Sir we have the liver lilyed traitors, Bergsahl, Manning and others that are praised by this government and nation. I am old than you and I never expected to see what is happening in our great country today. Our government has become nothing but a cesspool of corruption. Before this is all said and done, we will have to use our arms for protection of body and home. Bless our great President that is trying to make a difference. Everyone in Congress hates him because he loves America and her people.

          • I agree with you wholeheartedly and while I may be a bit younger, I am nearly 73, a disabled Vietnam Vet with a degree in Government WHEN I served in the 1968 Tet Offensive and was then assigned to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. on Georgia Ave N.W. at the time and witnessed the corruption of our inept and incompetent, fiscally irresponsible and lawless lawmakers firsthand, AND, it is a thousand times worse. TODAY! At my age and in my physical condition from HONORABLE service, all I wish is to be left alone to spend my remaining time and all I have accrued in a life of hard industry as I, not these corrupt criminals, see fit. If they give me no other option, I WILL defend what I not only have earned , but in many cases since been cheated out of by these career PARASITES. When you live in a country where the lawmakers are the biggest Lawbreakers in it: THERE IS NO EQUITABLE OR ANY OTHER KIND OF JUSTICE. THAT IS THE SAD FACT OF THIS COUNTRY TODAY, AND, TRUMP, WHILE TRYING TO CORRECT IT IS UNDER CONSTANT ATTACK FROM THEM AS WELL AS THE EQUALLY
            NON-CREDIBLE AND CROOKED, BIASED MEDIA! This country is so far removed from what once it was, that I cannot even Recognize it as the nation into which I was born so utterly FOREIGN ORIENTED and degenerate and depraved a society has it become and due mostly to lack of competent LEADERSHIP! Others will refute this view because they are INCAPABLE of independent thought due to programming in the sorry public educational system for the last fifty years. They have been brainwashed into docility by demand and by DESIGN. They see NOTHING and believe what they are told as the little automatons they are. So much for the terminal cancer to freedom and choice of”Progressivism!” Period Unlike them: I call things as I see them based on obvious FACT and Common Sense; a facility entirely lacking in Establishment Government!

    • I believe all of the people involved in that uranium deal should be hung, a true traitor’s death. That has been proved to be a traitorous act against the United States and her people. There is only one conclusion of the sentence they should have. Our founding fathers would do this, why can’t the thin skinned present courts do it? There is no ustice without courts with justice.

      • Dennis: Your last 8 words say it all and it is the result in the end of the last 8 YEARS of the “Obama Legacy!: You ARE RIGHT, ALL OF THESE TRAITORS NEED TO BE TRIED AND IF THEY WERE, MORE THAN ONE OF THEM WOULD BE SENTENCED TO THE ULTIMATE PENALTY. HOWEVER, DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH AWAITING SUCH JUSTICE AS LONG AS THE LEFTIST DOMINATED COURTS CAN MODIFY LAWS TO FIT THEIR LEGISLATIVE COUNTERPARTS’ TWISTED AND ANTI-AMERICAN CITIZENS FREEDOMS AND CHOICES IN SUPPORT OF THE U.N., NEW WORLD ORDER AND ITS ATTEMPTED IMPLEMENTATION OF AGENDA 21.There is little truly AMERICAN about this Congress or any we have had since the assassination of JFK and I was a college Freshman at that time and my opinions are all based on living experience and pragmatic REALITY! I have had a degree in Government since 1967 and did my Graduate work, as so many other did at SMU, Southern Mekong University, and have seen all this before as South Vietnam then parallels what we are seeing here NOW!

        • If the dam politicians had let us finish the job in Korea, we wouldn’t be in a hassle with them now. The dam politicians dems and repubs only look out for themselves. Let’s hangum all, that would get rid of the deep state. USMC 51-53 Korean vet.

  8. Some politicians can’t quit national politics. Hillary is 70. Bill is 71. They created too many scandals that perhaps they can’t quit politics yet. They may be forced to sweep their dirt from one rug to another. Hiding, hiding, hiding …

  9. Sessions will NEVER prosecute a fellow Politician!! That is why they had his back when President trump was going to fire him!!! President Trump needs to fire him anyway!!

  10. Yes is Hillary & Obama not in jail, think Sessions been fired for letting this go on for almost a year!!!!!!!!’ That is one guilty pair!!!!!!!

    • Yes they are guilty as hell. Proof show’s it over and over. But nothing will ever come of it. It will get swept under the rug just like everything else.

  11. All of this is now totally provable and should result in the Clinton Crime Family having to repay the government for every penny spent on the investigation as well as all kinds of indictments numbering by the gross: lets get started.

  12. Sad! The problem being there is no democrat that knows any facts that would stand up to prosecute any of their leader. If the DOJ could prosecute them based on what this fake document costs the tax payers or prove that the document allowed them to investigate Trump et al there may be a chance for jail time! We can only hope the DOJ and FBI are doing their job. We will see.

  13. obumer the clintons,comey, mueller, sessions and a host of others need to be put in jail for life but it seems the laws aren’t made for the rich and dirty politicians only for every day people.

    • FIRE SESSIONS HE clearly CAN NOT DO HIS JOB! Hillary jail! She is not above the law!!!!! If Sessions were an honorable man he would insist the President accept his resignation and he needs to do it NOW! HE KEEPS RECUSING HIMSELF FROM DO THE PEOPLE”S BUSINESS! WE demand that this witch be held accountable for all of her crimes against our nation and Sessions is not able to do the job in his own mind…so we are left with the Obama sewage swamp to cover up her crimes! I am sick of it. Sessions, if you have any honor, resign NOW! Or You will be remembered as the weak AG that would not do the job of the AG! Shame on Sessions! This witch is NOT above the law!

    • This kind of stupid is what is behind the term drain the swamp. I do believe many of us will live to see the President Obama Administration rated the most corrupt Administration in the history of the United States and yes there are many of them who should be jailed for a long time. People outside of politics get arrested for a lot less.

      • Exactly, Clinton style corrupt politics that began in Arkansas was brought to Washington by the Clinton’s. They figured out how to beat the system and leave no trace or trail. Then came Obama who exacerbated the issue by bringing Chicago corruption to Washington. The Clinton’s corruption follows them wherever they go, but Obama has poisoned Washington like a cancer that has spread throughout the body. He strategically placed corrupt individuals throughout the entire Washington structure.

  14. Hilary/Clinton’s looks so guilty. And yet, she is above the law. Is AG Sessions/GOP afraid of Hilary? Follow her money trails… And should we give her as much mercy as she gave to our POTUS who won this election fairly.

    • And all of this and much much more is known and proven and so what??
      As of this moment, unless the MSM is again shielding the Clintons’ from any bad press, all of this should long ago have been subjected to very close scrutiny, but I see no evidence that is what is happening or even anyone saying it is on the horizon. So TALK TALK TALK and no action is sort of anti-climatic and dishonest.

  15. If Jeff Sessions doesn’t do anything with the Democraps, he should be fired and Trey Gowdy should be appointed Attorney General. He is competent and aggressive. Donald needs to protect Treys family if he appoints him. The Clinton’s and Odumbo will threaten his family.

    • Don’t worry about Trey Gowdy – nobody, and I mean NOBODY will succeed in threatening Gowdy as he is one pure, spotless Congressman/lawyer that will be unflappable, non-threatened and successful in getting to the bottom of this junk like nobody else can do!!! He’s the man for the next Republican President, too, IMHO!!!

      • Are you kidding me? Gowdy would have hung the Hildebeast and the entire Obama Administration as corrupt and obfuscatory in delaying FOIA requests for critical documentation and denying subpoenas for same! ASK THOSE WHO REQUESTED THEM IN THE NAME OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THROUGH THE JUDICIAL WATCH!How is HE supposed to do his job and find the TRUTH when he is being interfered with and obfuscated by BOTH corrupted Attorney Generals thus preventing justice at every turn? What we have in place is a dual Standard of stupidity and incompetence made by those who make the laws and so, break them with impunity BECAUSE they are stupid and incompetent and THAT is verified by their pitiful performances and the FACT they are NEVER held either responsible or accountable for a damned thing they do. That is the crux of the host of problems we suffer under and we desperately need to DRAIN THE SWAMP: but, it increasingly looks as if the ONLY way to accomplish that will be via a 2nd American Revolution since the left WILL try to rig every election as they tried to do this past one!All involved need to be charged , indicted and tried but we will NEVER live to see it.

  16. ~ If America is to have true Justice and be a “Nation of Laws” then Justice ~MUST PREVAIL WITH Hillary and Obama in a Court of Law and found ~Gulity~ and Prison Time and that is easy on them for they deserve the ~FIRING SQUAD~ then weed out all the rest of the maggots on Obamas Adminastration and Lock ’em UP…..Corruption and Law Breaking can not be tolerated.

  17. Isn’t this what POTUS was contending all along? Except, he couldn’t prove anything because of the FBI. He didn’t label Hillary “Crooked” for nothing. She should have been imprisoned long ago. We can count our blessings she wasn’t elected president in spite of all the Socizlist-Democrat stooges paid by
    Soros. Not only did Trump overcome all that, but now he has to overcome the back-stabbing members of his own political party in Congress. All of this crap is delaying Trump in achieving his goal in making America Great Again.

  18. Fire Mueller. Throw Hillary in jail to wait trial. Why delay any longer?
    She and many more Demos are as guilty as sin and should be locked up.

    Let Pres. Trump get down to business running this country and start prosecuting Democrats–many of them will be guilty. This cannot wait. Action is needed now.

  19. She’s a liar So sad she’ll never except Christ and ask for forgiveness. On the better side of 70 The Clintons will be remembered for the lies. Been Ghazi and so much more

  20. Deep State is so terrified of Trump that they are showing their true colors. They will stop at nothing to keep THEIR power and the truly sad part is the people that have been indoctrinated by their college professors will keep believing the Democrats


  22. The Democrats are famous and well versed in putting strategies together for long term implication. In addition, they are masters at covering their trails so nothing points to any one of them. It’s always someone else should they get caught or a dead end. Think about it…46 suspicious deaths and never has anyone been associated with the deaths. They were simply written off as normal occurrences with explanations. Ergo exactly why they placed so much focus on the Trump/Russia collusion…because they knew exactly what they had set up with the dossier. The one thing they missed was the worm turning.



    There is a headline you won’t see in the communist press. Both rinos and commos said nothing when the NWO ordered Obama to kill Kaddaffi. Kadaffi was harmless and useless.He was no threat but the party of death to little children wanted to show it’s muscle and military skill. Hitlery said laughingly We came we saw, we killed him. That famous statement was only surpassed at Benghazi when she shouted at the hearing committee who cares how they died? Yet when running for president she promised that she would be there to take that three AM phone call. But she didn’t say she would hang up on that 911 call. Where was Obama that night? EVERYONE INVOLVED WITH OBAMA’S BENGHAZI COVERED IT UP. Starting with Leon Pinheada, Dumpster Dempsey,Admiral Lemon etc. Everyone in the situation room covered up the betrayal of four great Americans. I don’t think Obama was there. If he was there was he stoned?

    The last American to die under Bush was displayed by the communist media showing name, rank, hometown and 20 mikes stuck in a mothers face with the question, How does it feel to know your son died under Bush? The first American to die under Trump same thing. Ten minutes after it happened.

    For eight years the only casualties we saw from the communist media were Benghazi which they covered up and the CH47 set up ambush which they covered up. All the witnesses to Benghazi were forced to sign NCND’s to cover up the betrayal of four hard fighting Americans who died believng help was on the way. Leon Pinetta explained the no rescue this way.”We can’t go in guns ablazing, We don’t know the layout.”

    Did we give money to Hitler in WWII to kill Americans? Did we give money to TOJO in WWII to kill Americans? Why did we give 2.5 billion in cash to Iran to shred American bodies with Iranian copper lugs?
    The communists will tell you that it was Iranian money we seized for their invasion of our embassy. The total money paid was more than 157 billion. That buys a lot of explosives and is only a drop of what Iran owes us for killing unarmed marines in Beirut.

    No one knows how many GI’S were killed under Obama bin Laden bin Lenin. The media hid every casualty. Iranian IED’s under Obama killed approximately 1700 Americans and shredded 17.000 more.
    How could such a casualty number be kept hidden by the communist democrat party and their presslings? How did they do it.? They changed the title American to NATO troops to be identified later and later never came. Only mom knew when she got to sign for the body no mikes. Only the family knows. The rest of us think NATO troops are buried in Holland.

    If it wasn’t for one hard working warrior flying into the far east today to protect the people he loves and never uses, we would all be sheep in a pen waiting for the democrat Judas goat to lead us to slaughter.
    Let’s us wait and see time, is over. His twitter count is 40 million. Let’s help raise it to 65 million. Strike for your country. What do you have to lose.? Family latinos and Gospel blacks are pulling away from the communist party who hates Jesus. These GOD and Country people know the meaning of freedom. VIVA EL TRUMPO. VIVA CHRISTO REY. Please rise and sing the Battle Hymn of the Republic. OK to take a knee for Jesus like Tim Tebow.

    Spirit of America Party Radio Show. on blog talk radio and tune-in radio.

  24. Hillary Clinton and Obama and the democrats need to be investigated now before shit hits DC. And all politicans. That are lyers and thieves.

  25. Why is it so hard to prosecute this witch? I know that liberal media have been protecting her for many years. People died before they could testify against her and her husband. Was George Soros involved in these murders?

    Trump is right when he said that the our justice system is a laughingstock. Time to empty the FBI swamp.

    • We have NO justice system except for border guards. Police–those who actually arrest criminals–cannot finish paperwork before judges release those captured.
      We legal American citizens are on our own out here.

  26. It’s very unlikely the FBI will ever charge Hillary with ANYTHING as that would reveal their own illegal machinations.

    • Michael Hughes, it doesn’t matter about the FBI’s involvement, the head of the FBI (Comey) has been fired, so they can rest it all on his shoulder’s, but your probably right the Clintons are too rich to be tried for any crime, the laws don’t apply to the rich, the same way they do to the poor, the law should apply equally to both (because the lady justice wears a blindfold) but it doesn’t.

  27. Well, don’t get your hopes up too high, folks. When they said, “… So, they produced this dossier and I BELIEVE, yesterday I called for the FBI, the Justice Department to declassify all the FISA applications involving Trump associates because what I THINK happened is, I THINK they used the information from this dossier to be able to get surveillance on Trump and his associates.”

    Kinda puts one of those “iffy” things on it when they say they THINK something happens or BELIEVE something happens. Right now, it sounds like it’s still sheer speculation. Keep your fingers crossed… it could still happen.

  28. The only reason is trying to move the dates of the investigation is he is finding too much dirt on the people who are paying him.

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