This Congressman has a plan to shut down Sanctuary Cities for good

After the recent acquittal of Kate Steinle’s killer, so-called “Sanctuary Cities” are back in the spotlight.

The liberal media loves to ignore the dangers posed by them, but the outcome of the high profile case forced a public discussion.

Now one Congressman has introduced legislation he believes will shut down Sanctuary Cities once and for all.

Congressman Todd Rokita (R-IN) introduced a bill that could imprison and fine local and state officials $1 million if they obstruct enforcement of federal immigration policies.

The bill targets so-called “Sanctuary Cities,” which shelter illegal aliens by refusing to cooperate with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Indy Star writes:

Under Rokita’s Stopping Lawless Actions of Politicians (SLAP) Act, violators could face up to five years of prison time and a fine of up to $1 million for ignoring the federal government’s requests for custody of undocumented individuals.

“The American people are rightfully infuriated watching politicians put their open-borders ideology before the rule of law, and the safety of the people they represent,” Rokita said in a statement. “Politicians don’t get to pick and choose what laws to comply with.”

While the legislation would face a difficult path navigating its way through this Congress, it may have already begun having its desired impact.

The article continues:

Jane Heneger, the executive director of Indiana ACLU, sees the bill has an attempt to “bully” local communities into immigration enforcement.

“Even if these laws aren’t passed, just proposing them sends a signal to immigrant neighbors that they need to be fearful, that they should not cooperate with local police and we aren’t a welcoming country and community,” Heneger said.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions argues that Sanctuary Cities make America less safe, as The Washington Times notes:

“When jurisdictions choose to return criminal aliens to the streets rather than turning them over to federal immigration authorities, they put the public’s safety at risk,” Mr. Sessions said. “San Francisco’s decision to protect criminal aliens led to the preventable and heartbreaking death of Kate Steinle.”

He said the killing and the verdict should be a wakeup call to other sanctuaries.

“I urge the leaders of the nation’s communities to reflect on the outcome of this case and consider carefully the harm they are doing to their citizens by refusing to cooperate with federal law enforcement officers,” Mr. Sessions said.

What do you think about Rep. Rokita’s proposal?

Do you agree with AG Sessions that Sanctuary Cities jeopardize public safety?

Let us know your thoughts below!


  1. Well, so you don’t like what seems to be happening…just pay attention to who you vote for??? Vote them out and keep our people, Trump has done a wonderful job considering what he was left with a where we would have been with out him?? I am sure another 4 yrs of his leadership sure won’t hurt us.

  2. Crime enough to enter another country illegally, without permission to come in.
    Crime gets worst, when the illegal individual, kill one of the citizen of the country he broke the law to enter.
    Horrible Execrable Unforgivable Crime is committed by the Authorities of the State or the Country, who protect this inhumane criminal. I call them TRAITORS, SEDITIOUS AGAINST THE SOVEREIGN OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I am a US Citizen, there are plenty of Constitutional Laws to taken all these criminals to Federal Court. I personally think, we have lost the courage to fight for what is right, but for the sake of the job done. Do it. Protect our Citizen and the right to be free under the law. No Criminals in Authority Position, can take our rights away. We will fight. I will hate another Civil War, to protect ourselves, if the corruption of the ones in charge leave not other choice, but I will fight, for the right of our children to be American and Free.

  3. This bill is very unlikely to ever have a vote. Everyone needs to contact family, friends, relatives, neighbors, anyone they can think of and we should all contact our representatives and senators and demand this bill be passed into law. We can’t give up until we get what we want especially since the Democrats are pushing DACA amnesty and the GOP is caving.

  4. And these ‘accomplices’ in crime have to pay from their personal funds, not sticking the taxpayers with the bill. there, i think I’ve said it succinctly and for millions of Americans fed up with this kind of BULLS**T!

  5. I just have one improvement to add to the bill, and that is to change it so that the corrupt officials are to be separately liable for each and every infraction that happens while they are in office.

  6. Funny you should say that. I, unfortunately lost a son to California but did gain a grandson, so that was good. Actually from the Midwest all my life. This is what happens when you try to stereotype. It actually is impossible.

  7. For Sure, Busses come in here, 3 a day, and leave them uptown at the bus depot!!!! How do these bus drivers get past the gate at Mexico? Who is paying them? Most likely Moonbeam, our stupid Governor Jerry Brown!!!! ISS we need you in Sacramento and all states in California. Clear the SWAMPS

  8. How can any reasonable person believe this is not, in the very least, manslaughter. The P239 does not fire accidentally it has (4) four safety features that make that impossible “Decocking lever, firing pin safety, safety intercept notch and trigger bar dis-connector”. He fired the gun deliberately into a populated area. Maybe he didn’t mean to kill Kate but he meant to kill someone. Hang the scumbag and anyone else that thinks this is acceptable.

  9. You are so right, everyone laughs at me when I say that. We have a lot of guns in our house as my husband is a hunter. Funny thing is I have never seen one of those guns hop out of the safe and shoot something. That only happens when he takes a gun out and he pulls the trigger to shoot a deer. You are right also criminals that want a gun will get one from the blackmarket and then they will use it on innocent people.

  10. Dear Nancy, the agenda is not the protection of the criminal border crosser, but the Destruction of The United State of America as a sovereign country, they want to use our Constitutional Rights, give it to the Sharia Lawless Muslims in order for them to use our Constitution as Foreign Enemies in our own mother land, to abuse us with their pervert concept of religion, imposing in us their religion intolerance, using our own Constitutional Law, claiming Tolerance for them but nothing for US. We take their Abuse and We tolerated. WE ARE ISLAMOPHOBIC. BUT THEY ARE NOT AMERICAPHOBIC.

  11. In order to become Legal, without changing the current LAWS, they would HAVE to LEAVE this country, to apply. As far as illegal aliens are concerned, that “ain’t” happening. After all, US Gov’t has done 7 AMNESTIES since 1986, and those “poor” DREAMers are demanding AMNESTY for everyone! As far as I’m concerned, DREAMers can be deported too, if they can’t live without their ILLEGAL ALIEN relatives!

  12. There is NO action that cannot be Perverted, by those with the desire to do such. In a perfect world, ALL illegal aliens would be deported. Since it’s NOT a perfect world, I’ll “settle” for Deportation of ALL illegal alien FELONS (no matter HOW many family members are in USA!); ALL illegal aliens who are NOT Paying Income taxes, social security taxes, or Medicare taxes (1/3 of total per PEW); Then DEPORT those who voted in OUR elections illegally, & are ON WELFARE & FREE healthcare! USA is NOT WELFARE system for entire 3’rd, 4’th, 5’th World countries!

  13. These Politicians make Big Al look like a small time Thief.!! It is way past time to start throwing these Rats in the Slammer.!!!!

  14. Yes, but they are loosing control at the present time. let see, how this situation ends. This situation can determined the survival or death of The United States of America.
    When State Law can not protect USA citizen and promote Lawless behavior and the Federal Government can not end this State Treason Against the Union. Our Country can Brake into States pieces. Chaos will prevail. I hope this never happen, We will see. Only tomorrow can Tell.

  15. Howard have you ever heard of MS13. Over 10,000 strong and 95% are illegal from Central America their motto is “Kill, Rape and Control”

  16. Before governor moonbeam took office the state of CA wanted to file a lawsuit to the Federal Government for not helping us with the immigration issues. It was turned down by…. Clinton. It was decided that it should be ran at a state level. When DACA was introduced we had children by the thousands enter illegally. I have no idea where they are now

  17. Amen!! If you by chance one of, ok I really don’t know how many retired vets we have in CA then you know first hand just how bad we need this President!! I really can’t even tell you how much I wished I could have found those words you said so perfectly. I for one want to thank you for your service. I pray Trump can get this Country that you and so many others fought to save! Let’s not forget those who didn’t come back alive!! Those MIA’s and to all the families who endured having a military or first responder as a parent.

  18. Well you go be happy with all your conspiracy theories. How do you line up all the shootings when everyone is running and falling over each other? And I would love to see your statistics on how many of the illegals are guilty of raping and killing and robbing everyone. I guess there are so many that you none of them would ever be done by actual citizens. You probably wouldn’t know if a person was illegal if you saw one.

  19. Well you try and intentionally kill someone by ricocheting a bullet off a wall. The fact that he shot the gun isn’t the accident. It was that fact that this fluke shot killed someone that was the accident.

  20. I live in a sanctuary city.Philadelphia.The only reason they want these type of cities is for their own lining of their pockets.

  21. Juanito, I am from Ecuador, I love ecuadorians, there are beautiful people, they have good food, very unique and sensitive music, they are nice people, now I am American citizen, the majority of the population here are White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant, they are different, but they have something, no one have, they love their Constitution, there are generous, they are willing to help you, they are noble to themselves, they know who they are, I can talk to them and we can disagree and still be friends, but I The most important factor. Here in America, No one kiss any one a.. This is so important for a free nation, American have it. Now when I see, they want to turn America into Ecuador, I get very upset, I say, Hell No. I love America, America will stay the way it is, I am against anyone who wants to changed this Beautiful Country, the WASP can go into the Minority if they do not have enough children, but as long as America remains the with the same living spirit and our Constitution Above all of us, the American Dream can continue, eventually, we humans will catch up with our Legal Document for Freedom and the Pursue of the American Dream. This is my personal opinion protected by the Glorious Constitution of the United Stated of America. Yours, have also as value as mine under the same Law. Everything right, must be American and Constitutional

  22. Any official who refuses to enforce Federal law needs to be removed from office Tried and if convicted put in prison and fined. plus be barred from ever holding office again!

  23. “City Gov’t that encourages sanctuary should be arrested for treason…”

    Not treason, as what they are doing does not reach that lofty plateau.

    However, what they are doing DOES meet the statutory requirement for Conspiracy to Violate Federal Immigration Statutes.

  24. Build wall…..all deported who return to USA should get 20 years hard-labor…..
    City Gov’t that encourages sanctuary should be arrested for treason and held without bond until sentenced to minimum of 5 years in prison & fined $50,000. Lets stop the chatter & lets get serious and put a stop to the stupidity…..NO SANCTUARY period!

  25. That’s too bad! Can’t we just pretend they don’t exist?
    sorry for all you law abiding people., J\guess you k=need to think about relocation

  26. Sear Tom you make me laugh when I read your comment. It sound very logical, we do have technology to do it. But…. my problem is innocent ones who are not criminal and they can be hurt. It is a shame, we humans suffer so much for water, food and shelter.

  27. We have plenty of law to terminate this situation for all. The Authorities of the State of California are braking the law, they are acting as enemies of The United States of America. Federal Law is above state law as part of our Constitution Regulations. California as State of the Union, needs to obey the Law of the Land. The Unity of the Union is at stake right now. My beloved born American Citizens are very tolerant, which is good, but there are situations in which tolerance become obstruction of justice. I hope I am wrong.

  28. We have plenty of law to terminate this situation for all. The Authorities of the State of California are braking the law, they are acting as enemies of The United States of America. Federal Law is above state law as part of our Constitution Regulations. California as State of the Union, needs to obey the Law of the Land. The Unity of the Union is at stake right now. My beloved born American Citizens are very tolerant, which is good, but there are situations in which tolerance become obstruction of justice. I am not an Attorney, I am a Physician, if my house is been taken by a thief and demand me to obey I called the police to taking away. We are in great danger with this political revolt, the Executive Power of Our Country needs to act and protect us all.

  29. Just like Obama should be held accountable for not following the Constitution and the laws of this country by using his pen and phone to dictate the laws to follow his way of thinking.

  30. Good idea, I never thought of it that way, but we need to add a stipulation to that rule, if they don’t serve a full 4 years in the military, then they are immediately sent back to the country that they immigrated from.

  31. That’s true it’s not the guns that kill people, it’s the criminal with a gun that kills people, and all of the laws that can be implemented will not keep guns out of the hands of criminals because they can get their guns on the blackmarket and they won’t follow the law, and the only thing that will control the criminal at the scene is a law abiding citizen with a concealed weapon permit at the scene of the crime.

  32. Jane Heneger along with the ACLU should be abolished. When a person, local or state government or Politian goes against the law, they need to go to jail immediately. We can no longer stand for this kind of ideology by our elected officials.

  33. The tunnels dug out between us and mexico are for drug dealers and illegals and terrorists. All of them come in this country that way. The tunnels are huge, big enough to have a wide mining car go through it.

  34. Illegals won’t do it. They’d rather come here and get everything free and take away jobs and social security and medical from our people and bring here their diseases.

  35. If we dump all the illegal benefits we will have enough money to build the wall AND take care of our Veterans!!!!!!

  36. Please tell me exactly WHY they shouldn’t be rounded up??? THEY BROKE THE LAW!!!! and are shoving it in our faces! Or rather, outright killing us!!! ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!!! Rapes, murders, beatings, robbery, the list is very long! We should not have to deal with this! THEY SHOULDN’T BE HERE! As far as Vegas goes, that’s so dirty we will never hear the true story on this one. That man was not the primary in this, but the patsy! And why don’t the bullet trajectories line up from the hotel to many of the victims? Haven’t figured it all out but it stinks worse than month old fish left out in the sun!!!!

  37. Sanctuary jurisdictions ARE illegal, so what the difference, break a broken law, No one is going to do anything about it! ;D

  38. Efren: Right. We can’t even cross the border into Canada anymore without a passport but an illegal can enter, get deported five times, and then kill a young female US citizen. I believe the law talked about in this article could have future dangerous consequences. The power hungry feds could use it as a prescient for controlling states on other issues.

  39. The three strike rule needs to apply HOWEVER, it needs to be the “One Strike Rule”! First time they get caught they get deported. Second time, they get summarily executed! End of problem!!!!

  40. You are spot on, Nancy, and said it very well! I think the three strike rule needs to apply, only it’s one strike & you are out! First time, They get caught and deported. Second time, they get caught and exterminated! =NO MORE PROBLEM!!!!

  41. I agree totally, if our forefathers had wanted us to take care of the rest of the world they would not have declared our INDEPENDENCE from it!!

  42. The AG is a wimp . He takes his orders from Rosenstein and refuses to do anything. The President needs to fire Sessions and put someone with a spine in the job and fire the corrupt leaders of the DOJ. That would go a long way to cleaning out the swamp. For some reason he has refused to do this. He has fired other agents but goes not touch the corrupt leaders in the DOJ. I wonder why.




  45. Hey, ACLU: They aren’t “immigrant neighbors”. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS! I did NOT invite them here. I do NOT patronize those that I know hire illegal aliens. I know that ILLEGAL ALIENS are COSTING ME and the other tax payers in this township about $3 MILLION this year, & every year, just for ESL/ELL teachers/aides in school. That does NOT count the baseline $10,000 Per yr, Per STUDENT for education. it does NOT count busing costs, FREE healthcare, NOR FREE or reduced cost meals at school….. WE are sovereign nation. WE are NOT obligated to take in EVERY impoverished, poorly educated, unskilled person in the WORLD who’d like to live HERE, in the “Lifestyle in which they’d like to become accustomed”, courtesy of the American tax payers. 1/3 of ALL illegal aliens PAY NO Income, Social security, nor Medicare taxes, since they are day laborers. 51% of ALL illegal aliens in this country are currently getting some form of WELFARE &/or FREE healthcare. THIS is NOT an “advantage” to this nation. WE are NOT the “Social welfare system” for ALL 3’rd world countries. BUILD the Damn WALL!

  46. All illegal gang bangers such as: Norteno’s, Sorieno’s, Border Brothers, EME, MS-13 should be deported. Shut down the welfare, they’ll leave in droves.

  47. President Trump, how many more America’s need to die in the hands border crossing criminals before you send Military Police and Reinstall Constitutional Order in California?

  48. this is so simple and funny an idea it might actually work. luv to see it happen, but, there might be some type of law that says it’s illegal…

  49. A better idea…

    Since these illegal’s are free to travel from the sanctuary jurisdiction throughout the country, the Federal Gov. which has constitutional authority over immigration should stop all traffic on the Interstate Highways leading from these jurisdictions, while they check the status of those in each vehicle to be sure illegals can’t get into non-sanctuary areas.

    The flow of goods into the sanctuary jurisdictions would grind to a halt as trucking firms will not want their trucks stuck in endless lines after delivering their cargo. Store shelves will empty quickly and the legal Citizens will demand the end of sanctuary policies. Shouldn’t take more than 72 hours!

  50. The ACLU is itself a barrier to legality.
    This suggested Law is very simple and straightforward….where is the problem. Does abiding by the Law really give food to the savage ACLU/ does not seem even
    remotely reasonable.

  51. Here here Tom. I’ve been saying that for over a year now. I now know there are other americans that feel the same

  52. Learn the rules. ICE has to have a warrant to search for an individual. The cities stop them from just going onto local government property to just snatch up people.

  53. Oh so real intelligent. So far you haven’t said anything worth the space it took up. When are you going to learn the art of conversation or debate?

  54. He is in prison where he belongs for aggravated use of a firearm by a felon. I think his sentence was 3 years and he will be deported as soon as his sentence is over.

    By the way, if a friend of yours accidentally fired his gun and it ricocheted and hit your husband and killed him would you want him locked up for the rest of his life because of an accident?

  55. As Hillary Clinton said: ” The law does not apply to me “.We have elected and have have appointed much to many politicans to government who think they are above the law because they make them to apply to us. Some of the worst people who’s sole job has been a lifetime in Congress.

  56. The same liberal clap – ‘ we are’nt a welcoming nation ; what a bunch of horseshi- like hell we are’nt – We don’t like law breakers and felons – You break our immigration laws ? BINGO you’re a felon..It has NOTHING to do with being ‘ welcoming ‘ ALL OF US AMERICAN CITIZENS don’t get to pick and choose which laws we think we should abide by – NEITHER SHOULD ANYONE ELSE

  57. I agree that when criminals are turned loose they pose a danger to the rest of society. Aliens here illegally are already breaking the law. I also agree that some aliens who came here with their parents when very young need to have special consideration and a path to citizenship. But then as children being brought here by parents who know they are breaking the law are not responsible for being here. in the first place. But when people like the Stinel killer are protected by government officials then those officials need to be held accountable under Federal Law. Every sate when admitted to the union swore to uphold the Constitution and Federal Law. They are breaking the law and congressman when taking the oath of office swear to uphold that same constitution and are breaking that oath of office and by so doing become unfit for public office and need to be held accountable by imprisonment and nothing less.

  58. This is the same 1928 anti- Caucasian laws that were proposed in Austrian. In Austria a
    group of citizens thought caucasians were bad people and should be eliminated. The people I believe were Marxist. They wanted the group to go to League of Nations and have all Immigration laws withdrawn so people could travel at will. In two hundred and fifty years less than 1 percent of the population would be caucasian.

  59. You would think that these illegals would have become legal by now, instead of ignoring our laws, some have been here 20 or more years and still are illegal, that goes for the Dreamers too.

  60. The proposed law should take it a step further. Mandate all politicians apprehended, tried and found guilty are also immediately removed permanently from any office they hold currently and any future office! That goes for all public servants, including LEOs! There are no exemptions for any politician! And mandate ALL POLITICIANS ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for the actions of ALL PUBLIC SERVANTS UNDER THEM! IF the police chief defies the order, than the mayor goes down also! IF the police chief defies the order based on orders from the mayor or town council, then they and the GOVERNOR go down also! NO ONE IN THE POLITICAL CHAIN OF COMMAND IS EXEMPT FOR THE ACTION OF THOSE UNDER THEM!

  61. accidentally picked up a gun????? accidentally fired it….. accidentally killed somebody…should never have been here….. give me a break. nobody wanted vegas…. give us all a break…. you ain’t right.

  62. LOL Howard, you sure have your panties in a wad over this, frankly the man didn’t deserve to be turned loose, he should be in prison for murder. What if a illegal killed your wife, daughter or son, would you still think he should walk free? I seriously doubt it!

  63. all the legal immigrants are hard working, good people and honest and want to be here. not so for the illegals….. what’s the difference?

  64. We need to make sure that these illegals are put in the neighborhoods of Hollywood elites & politicians that are protecting them.
    Year down their wall’s & fences & take guns away from their security guard’s. Let them find out first hand what the are forcing on is.

  65. Sanctuary cities do not stop ICE from going into schools and shelters to round up people who are here illegaly.
    It forces them to do it because the corrupt officials are not handing them over.
    It is called encouraging felons, harboring fugitives of the law, and obstructing justice.

  66. i think since california is at the lead on the sanctuary cities, we should build a wall between california and the rest of us and send ALL criminals “illegals” to them.

  67. Just can’t let it go, can you? Hope it makes you feel better that now he is gone and the economy is in so much better shape than when he got it. You can’t stand that idea, can you? You conspiracy jerks are pathetic. You probably going to be whining about this 20 years from now. Get a life.

  68. I fully agreed, all what’s happening it’s one of the many legacy left to the USA by Muslim Barrack Hussein Obama America public enemy number one still glorify bay the rotten American liberals.


  70. Nice headline but you guys are more ignorant that even I imagined. So this guy shouldn’t have been here and shot a gun that hit a building 15 feet from him and ricocheted, went another 80 feet and killed a woman. While the whole event shouldn’t have happened, most of you don’t have a problem with the deranged jerk with a gun that killed hundreds in Vegas. No, we can’t have any controls on bump stocks. You guys a hypocrites. He accidentally killed one person and you are completely up in arms because he shouldn’t have been here. I am too. He shouldn’t have been here after 5 deportations. But most all the people here work hard and contribute to the economy. The sanctuary city idea is to not let ICE into schools and shelters just to round up people who don’t have papers. Lots of legal residents don’t have papers either. If ICE has a warrant, they can serve it even in sanctuary cities. This latter case was a screw up (god knows you could never screw up anything in your life) and the outcome is unforgivable but you guys are just too quick to label everyone in a group because of one bad apple.

  71. Illegal immigrants should not have any rights as far as trials in the “justice”
    system. There should be NO sanctuary cities for illegals. NO more anchor children!
    No more bringing in their families! Deported 5 or 20 times? Really? ANY liberals
    who are judges and protects these criminals are accomplices! Obama and his liberal
    judges have blood on their hands! What a great and noble legacy. NOT!Send in special
    ops and neutralize ALL sanctuary cities. Enough is enough! Deport them all. Execute
    the criminal illegals, because they will return, as we have seen. Have military bases
    at our borders, doing military drills every day. Have drones in the air patrolling
    our borders as well. We cannot afford to feed, house, and give medical aid to
    enemy combatants. STOP the invasion NOW!

  72. America is a nation of laws. We don’t pick & choose the laws we obey.
    “Our,Constitution was made for a moral & religious people.” John Adams, 2nd President of the United States of America.

  73. I believe I speake for majority of populos when I express “our’s isma country of many freedoms,in as much,those taht opposed to “r” standards of living w/b escorted to their departure points & leave “r” beautiful land of opportunity becuse they simply do not fit,not do they appreciate what this USofA has provides for many centuries!
    Merry Xmas to all,
    Martini Ganini

  74. Hurrah I think this would be great, try them for disobeying the law, if they are found guilty remove them from office and bar them from ever running for any office again, and fine them personally no money to come from their jurisdiction to pay legal fees or their fines!

  75. Listen Dimwit, we are living in a different time now, these illegals, are living off of America, they are not contributing to America, and most of them are criminals,they are not in our country, to help or country they only want help from our country, a vary large percentage of them cant even speak English, nor do they want to learn,these are not the same Immigrants , that came to America 50 tears ago, these people do not belong in America, and its time to remove them, from our country, thank God, for president Trump,waking America up, to whats going on.

  76. Show respect for the laws that we have. Just make an addendom to the present law. Making gov. officials accountable and or prosecuting them and a fine from their pockets. Make the assistant in charge and responsible to fill his place. A wall is a must and since the Prs.Trump is familiar with the best structure then start the project. confiscated money’s is a good start. An electric charge on the walls is another detourent . that would decrease their climbing the wall. you need to think like an illegal to make something workable. Time is of the essence.Ship the illegals out that may include the entire family. No freebies.

  77. Legal immigrants are not and never have been a problem. When you came here as a legal immigrant in the past, you were properly vetted and if there was any reason you should not be allowed to enter, you were sent packing. That served us well and millions of legal immigrants were discriminated against, received no special benefits or treatment, no free emergency hospital treatment, no bilingual teachers or EBT cards with which they could defraud American Taxpayers with the aid and blessing of establishment Washington. These immigrants for the most part served in our military, raised the Greatest Generation that won WW2 and lived the good life of the fifties and early sixties as a reward for that and the building of the infrastructure that made us the greatest nation on earth! THEY assimilated, learned English, respected our laws and did not try to overthrow this government through terror as Jihadist Muslims and ISIS agents do. We did not have the inner city drug problems then we have now due largely to Hispanic drug cartels and their criminal Gangs like MS-13. If you are a LEGAL immigrant, there is a place for you in America. If you are an illegal, meaning in violation of existing law, there should be no place for you; not now, not ever. and,since your presence is a drain on our resources, diminishes our families quality of life and ruins the futures of OUR children; EVERY ONE OF YOU SHOULD BE DEPORTED AND NEVER ALLOWED TO RETURN AS YOU ARE CRIMINALS, FOREIGN FELONS BY DEFINITION!PERIOD! I am a disabled Vietnam veteran who served THIS country honorably and am dismayed fifty years later to see our own government trying to give our country away to those who have no right at all to be here and certainly have no right to vote, but do anyway thanks to scurrilous democrats who will cheat and commit fraud until the cows come home to win any election. There is nothing HONORABLE at all in their party. They PROVED it by allowing Hillary Clinton to BUY the DNC by paying off the DNC’s $24 million debt, then using them to subvert both Trump and Bernie Sander’s campaigns.!

  78. We have people coming back from Iraq, and Afghanistan that are trained in desert warfare. Assign the troops temporary duty to guard the border. This allows them to maintain their proficiency, and puts additional people on the border. They have the equipment to do the job. Their weapons WILL BE LOADED with instructions to shoot if fired on, or fire for effect. Use our river boats to help patrol the Rio Grande: WITH LOADED WEAPONS. Maybe doing this it will make crossing the bolder UNHEALTHY.

  79. When state, local or government officials take the oath to serve and protect, that is what they are expected to do. In these sanctuary cities, these oaths are taken but said oath has no intention of protecting its American citizens but these officials will bend over backwards for these “illegals”.
    This is more than just a problem. Isn’t it supposed to be that the federal government supersedes local or state government? If so, why is our federal government sitting on their laurels? If our borders had been closed, this would not be such a problem. Our borders have been open, more or less, since the early 90’s. It’s time to close them to illegals and open them for those who choose to enter our country legally. Legal, yes! Illegal, NO! We are still a country of laws.

  80. It shouldn’t be up for discussion send them all back, Break the law you lose. its time to enforce the rights of the American citizens. To hell with illegals!

  81. That is the truth. I think that the sanctuary cities should be cut off from all Federal money and help of all kinds. they don’t love or respect this country or the law. And what the hell do we need all of these illegal aliens for anyway? They contribute nothing. And we have to pay for everything (school, medical, welfare, food stamps, etc.) for their useless lawbreaking asses. The only reason that the liberals and Dumb-o-crats want them here is for them to show their gratitude by illegally voting for them!! Hang them all!!!!!

  82. If anybody is going to be locked up let it be Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom, California Legislature DemocRaTs, Diane Feinstein, Kamala Harris Nancy Pelosi, California DemocRATic Congressional Members, A-L-L of California’s corrupt DemocRATic politicians, lawyers, judges administrators. I wonder did I leave anyone out? They are all complicit in the California Sanctuary City Movement.

  83. I forgot to add that Hispanic Americans don’t want illegal entry any more than any other person.THAT is a Democrat lie that Hispanics hate Trump. Laws are laws we need to uphold the laws of the land and our Constitution.

  84. The same should go for any Sheriff or any other person who protects any illegal or muslim who are in America illegally.
    Mayors, Governors and any other fined and cannot pay should receive 10 years in prison.

  85. that a right, putt the queers into the jail,of those that they profess to accept!. illegal is not confusing, it a state of stupidity, and yet these very faeries will not sponsor the very people they profess to want have included into the population. make them take in a family of Sudanese, see how they lick this ?!

  86. And we Love people who have come here legally to bring us their love for America. You are an inspiration. Thank you for coming

  87. No disrespect intended Doctor. I see you have a Hispanic name and are a citizen. I am GLAD you are not blinded by racism rather a good Citizen that has the same goals we all have. Protecting our citizens. Any race

  88. It is about time and I agree with IronPhoenix that the penalties should be minimum sentences not the maximum! It is time to take our country back from the lawless!

  89. OK, I like the idea. But the law has to state clearly that the fine will come from their personal funds. Not from the California taxpayers. Like Congress has done to protect and cover up for their sex offenders, with the SLUSH FUND.

  90. Do you think those opposed to the wall still have sturdy doors with stout locks at their homes to keep uninvited strangers from entering?

  91. Build a 12 wall on all borders of California. Terminate all federal monies going to California. Have a one eay turnstile allowing any number of guests to enter California. Pass law tossing California OUT of the USA.
    Grant statehood to Cuba. Arrest Castro and clean it up.

  92. Time to punish the sanctuary cities. Trump speaks for the citizens. Schumer/Pelosi speak for the aliens.

    TRUMP 2020!

  93. The problem is we do not have sufficient penalties in place for those who break the law by hiding their criminality behind the supposed righteousness of “sanctuary cities”. I remember reading somewhere that the criminal that murdered Kate Steinle stated that every time he was deported he made sure that his illegal REENTRY to this country always had a “sanctuary City” such as San Francisco as a destination because he knew that he could do whatever he wanted in such a location without fear of punishment. Whether or not he actually said such a thing is immaterial. If I were a crook, even one with severely diminished mental capacity, I would choose such a destination myself just so I could “get away with murder” literally or figuratively, just as Steinle’s killer has.

  94. I don’t think this will work, although it does sound like a pretty good plan. For one thing, those sanctuary cities politicians would just yawn at any attempt to rein in their votes by illegals, and stretch any legal proceedings out for so long that the public would start screaming ‘enough already!’ and focus on some other issue… like the NFL, or Trump… it’s worked for them thus far in keeping Hillary and Obama out of the scrutiny of the masses (and prison!), why not just keep playing that game?

  95. Yes stop denying justice, stop playing games, this is a very sad moment for America, I bet you we are the only country in the world, where humans from neighboring country cross our border without a permit, kill with impunity one of us and our authorities protect the criminal, offending the whole country. WE ARE AT SERIOUS RISK OF CHAOS. I hope I am wrong.

  96. Exactly. Enact a law that any politician who defies federal law on illegal immigration will be fined with his or her own money, nit a hush fund of taxpayers money.Than watch them scurry to obey quickly.

  97. These government officials have not been following the law. I think the idea of a new law is to tell them that they will be arrested and fined if not following Federal immigration laws. We wouldnt have to have new laws if only they would endorse them. It is politically motivated to have illegals, open borders. The Democrats think they will enlarge their voter base. Pathetic excuse.

  98. I am honor to be a Naturalize Citizen of this Country, I am American. All of you my fellow americans who were born here are the lucky ones, I have to earned my right to live among you, with all honesty, all of you are worthy. Now, I have a problem with my fellow born americans, we need to have a more self determine attitude, I may be wrong, this is why I am writing this comment for me to know. Do we need more Laws, or the ones already written are enough. The Governor of California has Broken Constitutional Law, he needs to be Arrested as an Enemy of the United States of America. We already know by history how to deal with these kind of criminal. Why do we need another law?
    I want to love you more, so please take your time and explained me, the Why of this new law when we have the Glorious Constitution of the United State. We have been bless to have our Beloved President his Excellency, Mr Donald J. Trump as Our President. He just to consult his Legal Staff, call the Military Police and Arrest with His Constitutional Executive Power this Traitor the Governor of California, For Denying the Constitutional Right to one of our Citizen, who was murder by an Illegal Border Crosser, Thanks I love you all.

  99. This is WAY out of hand. Another stupid Democrat idea that does nothing but hurt and jeopardize legal US citizens. President Trump has the right ideas to combat this terrible abuse of our immigration laws. There is a right way and a wrong way to enter the US. We need to STOP illegal entry. CLOSE THE BORDERS !!!

  100. I agree with very little that AG Sessions says and does but on this point he is right on target. Government officials that obstruct justice are, themselves, criminals and need to be dealt with.
    My only question here is, isn’t it against the rule of law to obstruct justice? Then why do we need another law to say government officials can not obstruct the law?
    Arrest them (government officials that obstruct justice)and throw there asses in jail. That will stop this b**l s**t.

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