This Congressman has a plan to shut down Sanctuary Cities for good

After the recent acquittal of Kate Steinle’s killer, so-called “Sanctuary Cities” are back in the spotlight.

The liberal media loves to ignore the dangers posed by them, but the outcome of the high profile case forced a public discussion.

Now one Congressman has introduced legislation he believes will shut down Sanctuary Cities once and for all.

Congressman Todd Rokita (R-IN) introduced a bill that could imprison and fine local and state officials $1 million if they obstruct enforcement of federal immigration policies.

The bill targets so-called “Sanctuary Cities,” which shelter illegal aliens by refusing to cooperate with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Indy Star writes:

Under Rokita’s Stopping Lawless Actions of Politicians (SLAP) Act, violators could face up to five years of prison time and a fine of up to $1 million for ignoring the federal government’s requests for custody of undocumented individuals.

“The American people are rightfully infuriated watching politicians put their open-borders ideology before the rule of law, and the safety of the people they represent,” Rokita said in a statement. “Politicians don’t get to pick and choose what laws to comply with.”

While the legislation would face a difficult path navigating its way through this Congress, it may have already begun having its desired impact.

The article continues:

Jane Heneger, the executive director of Indiana ACLU, sees the bill has an attempt to “bully” local communities into immigration enforcement.

“Even if these laws aren’t passed, just proposing them sends a signal to immigrant neighbors that they need to be fearful, that they should not cooperate with local police and we aren’t a welcoming country and community,” Heneger said.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions argues that Sanctuary Cities make America less safe, as The Washington Times notes:

“When jurisdictions choose to return criminal aliens to the streets rather than turning them over to federal immigration authorities, they put the public’s safety at risk,” Mr. Sessions said. “San Francisco’s decision to protect criminal aliens led to the preventable and heartbreaking death of Kate Steinle.”

He said the killing and the verdict should be a wakeup call to other sanctuaries.

“I urge the leaders of the nation’s communities to reflect on the outcome of this case and consider carefully the harm they are doing to their citizens by refusing to cooperate with federal law enforcement officers,” Mr. Sessions said.

What do you think about Rep. Rokita’s proposal?

Do you agree with AG Sessions that Sanctuary Cities jeopardize public safety?

Let us know your thoughts below!



  1. Well, so you don’t like what seems to be happening…just pay attention to who you vote for??? Vote them out and keep our people, Trump has done a wonderful job considering what he was left with a where we would have been with out him?? I am sure another 4 yrs of his leadership sure won’t hurt us.

  2. Crime enough to enter another country illegally, without permission to come in.
    Crime gets worst, when the illegal individual, kill one of the citizen of the country he broke the law to enter.
    Horrible Execrable Unforgivable Crime is committed by the Authorities of the State or the Country, who protect this inhumane criminal. I call them TRAITORS, SEDITIOUS AGAINST THE SOVEREIGN OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I am a US Citizen, there are plenty of Constitutional Laws to taken all these criminals to Federal Court. I personally think, we have lost the courage to fight for what is right, but for the sake of the job done. Do it. Protect our Citizen and the right to be free under the law. No Criminals in Authority Position, can take our rights away. We will fight. I will hate another Civil War, to protect ourselves, if the corruption of the ones in charge leave not other choice, but I will fight, for the right of our children to be American and Free.

  3. This bill is very unlikely to ever have a vote. Everyone needs to contact family, friends, relatives, neighbors, anyone they can think of and we should all contact our representatives and senators and demand this bill be passed into law. We can’t give up until we get what we want especially since the Democrats are pushing DACA amnesty and the GOP is caving.

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