This Congresswoman is spreading insane conspiracy theories

Many Democrats have obsessed over conspiracy theories about Russia interfering in our election last November.

The lack of evidence has done little to rein in the Russophia running rampant through the Democrat party.


  1. If you are racist, you are no better than the Democrats
    Remember, God is watching everyone. Judgement day is coming. Don’t Forget

  2. If you think Auntie Max misappropriated thousands so her husband’s stock wouldn’t falter, what the hell do you think she’s going to do as chairperson? I still can’t imagine how she wasn’t arrested for inciting riots by saying ” go after anyone associated with Trump, don’t let them get gas, or restaurants, or shopping; go after them”. Her brain dead thugs were in a group, and was persuaded by her to create havoc.

  3. Hillary Clinton lost because her agendas were totally out of touch with the American people her own fault. Get over it Hillary Clinton is last year’s news.

  4. I’m so tired of hearing that Obama was the first black president he was not goggle who was the first black president their were several before Obama.

  5. Maxine waters is an embarrassment to to all people of color and more importantly to the United States American citizens. She is nothing more than a traitorous enemy of the people. Impeach impeached this mentality insane woman.

  6. People, isn’t it still “We The People”? Then put up or shut up. Your doing this to your “Own” country for who’s sake? Dont mess up “Our” own yard. Think..

  7. While I was in California, in N. Hollywood back at the end of September, early October, there were alerts being given to residents of certain areas about which areas to avoid because of human waste on sidewalks, everywhere. Waters OUGHT to be ASHAMED. She’s not though….all that matters to her is $$$$. For HERSELF & her family as well. TAXPAYER’S money. She SHOULD be in Prison.

  8. What pains me is that my husband is FROM California, all of his family are there, (N.Hollywood, Burbank). I’m originally from Vermont, moved to Virginia back in ’77. My husband & I have lived here in Virginia for years, & he has talked about eventually moving back to California. Now he’s really pushing about moving there, & from what I’ve seen when we visited recently, & what I KNOW about what’s going on on that state; I want no part of moving there. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I SERIOUSLY do NOT like California, & DO NOT want to relocate there.

  9. Larry, your use of this sort of language/dialogue has long been used by Democrats to paint all conservatives as “racists” and “misogynists”. Her race and gender have nothing to do with her ridiculous behavior. Address her conduct not her skin color or gender.

  10. Every city municipality run by negroes is a fraudulent, suck-hole, to taxpayers! Perfect example, Memphis,Tn. Racist city officials hood-rats, elected by hood-rats, and only need one qualification, be born black! If you don’t believe me, just ax one of the most ignorant human species, covered in black! Education-fleeing, waste of good air, and the reason we live lesser lives for our children! The NBA team, “Memphis-Grizzlies” of course, had a “Grizzly-Bear” mascot! The mayor decided that he should talk to the owner of the team about the color, of the mascot, it is naturally, brown! Well, in Memphis, Tn. That grizzly went from brown, to blue! Another instance, was a list of “Prominent Customers” who some, never knew there was a list, and didn’t know they were on it, like the “Commercial-Appeal” News Paper! When certain people didn’t pay their utilities bill, the MLG&W, first checked the list, before sending a notice of service interruption! These people not only didn’t receive a notice, they were VIP’s that taxpayers, unwittingly paid their utilities! Those who found out that they were on the list, responsible customers, of course were demanded to be removed! I personally called and said I was Willies, personal electrician, and told the woman that I received a notice, and that I was on the list, and she said to me, this isn’t the phone number for people on the list, I heard in the background someone whispering loudly, there is no list, she then repeated the same, and hung up! Maxine Waters was caught receiving a welfare check, and food-stamps, on top of her salary! President Trump refused to be paid, as POTUS!

  11. MaxinePad, is the perfect, representative for gang-bangers, prostitutes, drug-dealers, section-8ers, wine-O’s, and porch-monkeys! Nobody else will take the job! Just have someone shadow her, and put a boot in her ass, before she screws up!

  12. Congressional leaders should at least, be educated, they should not be racist, and they should have common sense, which isn’t at all, common! This hood-rat, chicken-head, humiliation-on-heels, is a complete nincompoop!

  13. For a brief moment , when her picture comes up, I always think that there is another sequel being made in the “Planet of The Apes” saga. Then I realize its just that wrinkled up prune from the plantation.

  14. Sadly this is the way the democratic left and other turn coats in our government like to work; spread rumors and false news because some will believe it, particularly those who only get their information from the major networks and news outlets. And, we know who they favor and believe—-it is not President Trump. Waters has her own sordid past that the media just ignores and promotes her take President Trump out falsifications tour. No evidence but that is typical of their maligned magic. And they lost the election! Just hard to believe, isn’t it!!!!!

  15. Gee, I’ve never met Putin, but I have been saying those things for years, and not only about Clinton…most of the last administration.

  16. peggy, you have hit a homerun. no better truth could be spoken maxine is so sick. she cant stand to have lost.

  17. Hope Maxine Waters is at the end of her term as House of Representatives because she needs to go away. Nothing but a big mouth bigot who’s also a sore loser because her pal crooked Hillary Clinton lost. The only one that caused Hillary Clinton to lose is Hillary Clinton herself. You know Barack Obama was in office for 8 years and did nothing substantial to make this world in this country a better place but Maxine Waters probably feels that he was one of the best presidents ever the only difference was that he was black the first black president that’s the only thing that he can put down in his library is that he was the first black president he did nothing else and anything he did do is being repealed so he has nothing really to show for it other than taking many vacations a taxpayer’s expense and running from all the important issues that this country was facing and the world that was facing annihilation he is a hidden Muslim his family is Muslim and he apologized to the Muslim World I’ll be half of America when the American people would not have approved it but he did it behind our backs Maxine Waters knows not what she’s talking about and she just needs to shut up and go away. We do not need big mouths i- toxic people in our government period clean out swamp drain the swamp she must go!


  19. I am sorry, as a citizen of advancing years, to see the “tone” of lots of the comments. Maxine is a fellow human being, indisputably a “woman of conviction”, although terribly misguided, to say the least. She obviously never learned anything about granting others the right to his/her opinion, and is, as suggested, now incapable of seeing any value in the human beings with those “other opinions”. There are lots of “bad things” I could say about her, but why “heap it up”? Just pray that somehow the voting district she represents can ‘see the light’ and for its own sake, can find someone else who genuinely represents its “best” interests, not some potion of Politically Correct garbage that produces no tangible results. Miracles do happen.

  20. Maxine Waters is a lunatic!!! If she had a brain, she’d be dangerous! She obviously is as stupid as the people she represents! She is also an excellent example of a Democrat!!! Someone needs to ask her about the tax-funded money she funneled to her relatives!!!

  21. It came up recently that Mrs. Waters has a +$200k retirement account tied to Russia. Seems she might be trying to throw the pack of hounds off of her scent (ties to Russia).Who knows where the truth lies??

  22. She’s a perfect fit for the State of Ca-lee-a-for-knee-ia, after all they elected a clown for Gov. e.g. Jerry Brown the Clown. What else could be expected from an operation of that ilk?

  23. Waters is a disgusting liberal pig who is too stupid to even be a lib congressman.

  24. Maxine is just a plain “nutcase” in my opinion. She fulfills the adage, “Open mouth, insert foot”. I’m not sure she even recognizes the truth anymore.

  25. The insanity of Maxine Waters shows how well the liberals have brainwashed her constituency to the extent that they continually vote for her. Trump didn’t NEED any help from Russia to defeat Hillary. Hillary defeated herself! If you are going to promote a totalitarian government on this country to replace the expired regime of your hero, BHO, find a SUITABLE candidate!

  26. I still find it hard to believe that someone so ignorant,and so far removed from reality is actually a congressional rep. It doesn’t say much for the voters that put her in.

  27. Maxine Waters is certainly the most ignorant and uninformed person in the US Congress. I don’t know why they keep putting her on TV. Just look at her latest outrageous claims against President Trump. She has no evidence, no knowledge of facts, and is just trying to stir hatred towards the President. She will say anything to get herself on TV.

  28. I think there must be something in the air, or maybe the water in Northern Calif. that seems to be where most of the Liberal loons live. As a former resident it pains me to see the State sinking under failed Progressive Liberal policies.

  29. Encourage her. The more inflamed the rhetoric, the more irrational the accusations, the fewer that will be believed, the fewer people who will even admit association with her. I’m beginning to wonder how far we are from hearing accusations that instigating this sort of Democrat lunacy is a GOP plot to push them into irrelevancy.

  30. Maxine Waters is dumb as a bag of rocks in fact the bag of rocks is more intelligent. She has no clue what she is doing – she is an affirmative action failure and an entitlement democrat. The state she represents is over 1/2 a trillion dollars in debt, they just raised their gas taxes to the highest in the country to pay for repairs on their dilapidated roads. I suppose she will also want to raise the taxes on water to repair the dilapidated damns. Meanwhile they have plenty of money for illegal aliens and sanctuary cities – Californian’s appear to be clueless as to where all this money is going they keep voting for the same abuse. Just recently I was on Maxine’s turf at Fisherman’s Wharf – people sitting in restaurants are subjected to the homeless running in and stealing their food off of the tables – other homeless or just plain losers I guess passed out on the sidewalks tourist forced to step over them not sure if they are asleep or dead – from an O.D. Little pup tents all around Fisherman’s Wharf it is disgusting. Here’s an IDEA Maxine why don’t you spend some of the time you waste trying to smear President Trump and actually DO YOUR DAMNED JOB – your state is dying under the F**ked UP policies of Maxine Waters – Barbara Boxer – Diane Feinstein – Nancy Pelosi – and the king of the snowflakes Jerry Brown – yet all these morons seem to work at is criticizing others who are actually trying to get something done. SHAME ON YOU WATERS YOU SELF CENTERED IDIOT!!!!

  31. Your Name may not mean much to many but I know what it means so my responds is Kretzifixsacrament Karl Valenteen would say LOL

  32. Lia, You don’t have to sign or inmate a petition write to her boss, Senator Schumer and tell him how you feel. If you get more people in your country to sign it more power to it. It would not hurt to send a copy to a TV station.

  33. The black Ding Bat is dipped in scandal herself. She might be stupid, but she is persuading the stupid constituencies. I say prosecute her so that she will know up front and down and dirty what it means to be attacked.

  34. Every time Maxine speaks she verifies how really stupid she is. She is a perfect example of a Socialist Democrat.

  35. Maxine Waters is the Dumbasscrap Party cabal’s doberman pinscher. Not only does she closely resemble one, she probably smells like a wet runaway. Only difference is dogs are more intelligent, more reasoned, more responsible and can be house trained…..

  36. Perhaps we don’t need term limits, just a mental evaluation by professionals I their field which determine the mental fitness of an individual for office. If they are found to exhibit the signs of dementia or ALS then they should be removed from office or retired immediately. That should get rid of about three quarters of Congress and the Senate.

  37. She is doing the Republicans a huge favor. This is like the scene from Animal House when Belushi goes on his tirade in the frat house living room about fighting back and Otter says: ‘Let him go.” Just let her keep talking. It’s amusing and helpful.

  38. The democrats and some republican are full of SFB. Things will not change until they are held accountable.

  39. when do we get excited about the Clintons selling 20 % of our uranium To Russia , That would be Treason!

  40. Can not fix stupid-“Russian was attacking South Korea” said Max Waters
    She meant Russia was attacking Urkrine. Even after being corrected by several newspapers-she did not change her statement !!

  41. I’m not an American, and so cannot start the petition, but if an American starts it, I may be able to sign it, if the petition is worded so that it includes overseas people who wish the USA well. (And allows zip codes of 4 digits).

  42. She should know since she has a big stake in Ruskieville. She also represents a prime example of the dumbing down of residents in the state of Cal-lee-for-knee-ia.

  43. Maxine Waters should have been sent packing a long time ago. She did not know the difference between Crimea and Korea during one of her famous rants. She is very disrespectful to the office of the President weather one likes him or not. It’s respect we need to keep for that office as our enemies are watching….and because of her laughing their heads off at the chaos she is causing. Reel it in Maxine!

  44. I think that Crazy Auntie Maxine needs to be impeached!! She wastes time when she’s on the floor of the House. Instead of taking care of business for her Constituents, she prattles on about nonsense she makes up about the President, who is trying to clean up President Obama’s mess, and get his own agenda through, which will make things better for ALL Americans!! This old hag that is also impersonating James Brown, has been in the early stages on dementia, and should really be removed from her post. She has no more constructive things she can talk about, and just obsesses about the President and nothing else!! In the meantime, there are issues in her district that need attention!! Please vote her out, or start a petition to have her removed, or do something to just shut her up already!! The woman is an embarrassment!! I am embarrassed to be a Woman when I am around her, and would leave the same room, if she was to walk in!!

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