This Congresswoman is spreading insane conspiracy theories

Many Democrats have obsessed over conspiracy theories about Russia interfering in our election last November.

The lack of evidence has done little to rein in the Russophia running rampant through the Democrat party.



  1. If you are racist, you are no better than the Democrats
    Remember, God is watching everyone. Judgement day is coming. Don’t Forget

  2. If you think Auntie Max misappropriated thousands so her husband’s stock wouldn’t falter, what the hell do you think she’s going to do as chairperson? I still can’t imagine how she wasn’t arrested for inciting riots by saying ” go after anyone associated with Trump, don’t let them get gas, or restaurants, or shopping; go after them”. Her brain dead thugs were in a group, and was persuaded by her to create havoc.

  3. Hillary Clinton lost because her agendas were totally out of touch with the American people her own fault. Get over it Hillary Clinton is last year’s news.

  4. I’m so tired of hearing that Obama was the first black president he was not goggle who was the first black president their were several before Obama.

  5. Maxine waters is an embarrassment to to all people of color and more importantly to the United States American citizens. She is nothing more than a traitorous enemy of the people. Impeach impeached this mentality insane woman.

  6. People, isn’t it still “We The People”? Then put up or shut up. Your doing this to your “Own” country for who’s sake? Dont mess up “Our” own yard. Think..

  7. While I was in California, in N. Hollywood back at the end of September, early October, there were alerts being given to residents of certain areas about which areas to avoid because of human waste on sidewalks, everywhere. Waters OUGHT to be ASHAMED. She’s not though….all that matters to her is $$$$. For HERSELF & her family as well. TAXPAYER’S money. She SHOULD be in Prison.

  8. What pains me is that my husband is FROM California, all of his family are there, (N.Hollywood, Burbank). I’m originally from Vermont, moved to Virginia back in ’77. My husband & I have lived here in Virginia for years, & he has talked about eventually moving back to California. Now he’s really pushing about moving there, & from what I’ve seen when we visited recently, & what I KNOW about what’s going on on that state; I want no part of moving there. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I SERIOUSLY do NOT like California, & DO NOT want to relocate there.

  9. Larry, your use of this sort of language/dialogue has long been used by Democrats to paint all conservatives as “racists” and “misogynists”. Her race and gender have nothing to do with her ridiculous behavior. Address her conduct not her skin color or gender.

  10. Every city municipality run by negroes is a fraudulent, suck-hole, to taxpayers! Perfect example, Memphis,Tn. Racist city officials hood-rats, elected by hood-rats, and only need one qualification, be born black! If you don’t believe me, just ax one of the most ignorant human species, covered in black! Education-fleeing, waste of good air, and the reason we live lesser lives for our children! The NBA team, “Memphis-Grizzlies” of course, had a “Grizzly-Bear” mascot! The mayor decided that he should talk to the owner of the team about the color, of the mascot, it is naturally, brown! Well, in Memphis, Tn. That grizzly went from brown, to blue! Another instance, was a list of “Prominent Customers” who some, never knew there was a list, and didn’t know they were on it, like the “Commercial-Appeal” News Paper! When certain people didn’t pay their utilities bill, the MLG&W, first checked the list, before sending a notice of service interruption! These people not only didn’t receive a notice, they were VIP’s that taxpayers, unwittingly paid their utilities! Those who found out that they were on the list, responsible customers, of course were demanded to be removed! I personally called and said I was Willies, personal electrician, and told the woman that I received a notice, and that I was on the list, and she said to me, this isn’t the phone number for people on the list, I heard in the background someone whispering loudly, there is no list, she then repeated the same, and hung up! Maxine Waters was caught receiving a welfare check, and food-stamps, on top of her salary! President Trump refused to be paid, as POTUS!

  11. MaxinePad, is the perfect, representative for gang-bangers, prostitutes, drug-dealers, section-8ers, wine-O’s, and porch-monkeys! Nobody else will take the job! Just have someone shadow her, and put a boot in her ass, before she screws up!

  12. Congressional leaders should at least, be educated, they should not be racist, and they should have common sense, which isn’t at all, common! This hood-rat, chicken-head, humiliation-on-heels, is a complete nincompoop!

  13. For a brief moment , when her picture comes up, I always think that there is another sequel being made in the “Planet of The Apes” saga. Then I realize its just that wrinkled up prune from the plantation.

  14. Sadly this is the way the democratic left and other turn coats in our government like to work; spread rumors and false news because some will believe it, particularly those who only get their information from the major networks and news outlets. And, we know who they favor and believe—-it is not President Trump. Waters has her own sordid past that the media just ignores and promotes her take President Trump out falsifications tour. No evidence but that is typical of their maligned magic. And they lost the election! Just hard to believe, isn’t it!!!!!

  15. Gee, I’ve never met Putin, but I have been saying those things for years, and not only about Clinton…most of the last administration.

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