Conservatives handed Paul Ryan an epic defeat

Paul Ryan was trying to jam conservatives.

He was short on votes to pass his Obamacare 2.0 legislation but he was determined to hold a vote as a last resort into pressuring conservatives to fold.


  1. Mimi,
    The Freedom Caucus had the courage to stand up to their pledge (commitment) to REPEAl and REPLACE the Affordable Care Act (AKA ObamaCare)!

    The members of the Freedom caucus were the only ones that had the integrity to stick to their pledge of REPLACEMENT of the Affordable Care Act (AKA ObamaCare)which the legislation that Paul Ryan offered did not give! It was legislation that was designed to REPAIR rather then REPEAL and REPLACE pledge that so many in the GOP made in their 2016 run for office.

    To be “united” with such that are Pledge breakers is neither as you note, “reasonable or disciplined.”

    President Trump fell into the trap set by Ryan and the Liberals from both major political parties. I believe that the President is a believer in, “Once shame on you, twice shame on me.”

    The President has likely realized or soon will that Ryan is scum and is not one who holds to the belief that it is not in will his (Ryan’s) best interest to, “Make America great again.”

    The Art of the Deal specialist will, in time, take care of Ryan. It may take time, but I trust in the President’s logic and integrity to correct his misplaced trust in Ryan the “Ruiner.”

  2. How foolish! The freedom caucus is foolishly committing suicide and with it, destroying the whole GOP and any chance of undoing Obamacare. The dems are united and we are not. And the media is exploiting the division to make us look like the ones who are not reasonable or disciplined. And how can Trump do tax reform with this albatross of Obamacare still around our necks? So sad. Opportunity lost.

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