Cory Booker just let the cat out of the bag about the investigation into Kavanaugh’s past

Democrats are desperate.

They’ve tried everything to sink Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

And Cory Booker just let the cat bag about the Democrats’ smear campaign against Kavanaugh.

It doesn’t matter if he’s innocent or guilty, according to Senator Booker (D-NJ).

“Ultimately — not whether he’s innocent or guilty… but ultimately, have enough questions been raised that we should not move on to another candidate?” Booker asked.


This isn’t a search for the truth, it’s a witch hunt.

From the very start it’s been nothing more than an orchestrated smear campaign by Senate Democrats to scuttle Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

They couldn’t beat him on the issues, or deny his qualifications, or merit for the Supreme Court.

So they resorted to one of the most nakedly partisan, despicable smear campaigns most long-time political observers can ever recall in American history.

GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel tweeted, “Senate Democrats finally admit that they don’t even care about getting to the truth.”

Of course, Booker had his mind made up about Kavanaugh long before any questions were raised about his past.

Fox News noted:

Booker opposed his nomination before any of the accusations surfaced. In July, at a press conference, Booker said supporting Kavanaugh would be “evil.”

“In a moral moment, there is no bystanders,” he said this summer. “You are either complicit in the evil, you are either contributing to the wrong, or you are fighting against it.”

Do you agree the allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh are just a desperate smear campaign orchestrated by Senate Democrats?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. When and where did Judge Kavanaugh admit to “molesting a female” when he was a teen? Please give specific references so that I can look it up and read it. Thank you.

  2. Smear campaign from the beginning. To say they don’t care if you are innocent or guilty then why all Americans are not scared of being governed with that attitude does not make any sense at all. They should be afraid.

  3. Seems like N.J.PPL Better WTF re Booker.
    ‘Normal ppl’ in N.J. NEED More INFO &
    THINK.____ jfk 1960’s Dems ARE 0VER.

  4. I don’t trust the Democrats after what they did to Dr. Ford AND Judge Kavenaugh,
    They PLANT false stories, and to tell you my thoughts, they are getting caught in their lies. NOPE don’t trust the Democrats.

  5. and it’s so sad. Booker is just teasing enough to have his past evil life be dug up and tons of his lies too.

  6. Spartacus in my opinion is worst than the North Korean Dictator and that is where he should campaign for office. He is a disgrace as a U.S. Senator.

  7. Spartacus has my vote…..for Gitmo! There is more than enough room there for him and all of his coven! the

  8. Cory Booker is nothing but playing MOB BOSS and his color makes him worthy of it.He is a big mouth DEMS with no class and soon will find he is going to get a big surprise then he may loose his voice and that’s a good thing. He could never be any things more than a mindless loud mouth and he is just what the DEMS needs to take them to defeat just like Maxine. the DEMS really need a new cast of characters as they are boring and their energy is dismal at best. I am a person of faith and I’m sure that the DEMS have no faith which is why they will lose again in Nov. I pray to GOD daily and I know he knows we as Republicans believe we are working for the good of others and the DEMS only want the destruction of all others. They are the party of the wrong and time is running out for them to change their ways. But I know they won’t, not even in time.

  9. K, Not every one in Jersey buys his BS. I was born in New Jersey, and lived here all my life, but I’ve never agreed with the Lefties that usually seem to represent us.We’re not all stupid enough to want the likes of Booker to represent us.

  10. Having some one like Booker as a Senator almost makes me embarrassed to be from Jersey.Almost, but not quite, I never voted for him.Why would any one want to be a Democrat when, the Democratic Politicians never let the facts or the truth get in the way of what they say or do.Thank God, most New Jersey citizens, or Americans aren’t like that!!

  11. Isn’t this enough rhetoric about these people. I think we should be asking them ,”how they feel about the NEXT Supreme Court Justice who is going to be seated “!!!!MAGA …>> Vote RED and Save America !!

  12. I agree. Any questionable behavior conducted by or challenged by a declared victim. Should be thoroughly investigated and convicted and mad public if true. Any relativetax monies dispersed should also be publicly declared.

  13. So says the Rapist Booker, that negroid should have been locked up for his actions and not ever been allowed to serve as a Senator. I would also like to see a Law passed that any Senator who has paid out HUSH money should have their day in Court and all laws applied equally and they should have to disclose any Senator’s bad behavior before or while in office

  14. Butchy, BS(behavioral scientist)aka BULL SCHNITT)]dr] jd IS
    ‘left wing Delusional’ under his own meds???
    Was he trained in the likes of Fords (& CIAdaddy)
    program of CIA undergrad internship at Stanford??? 0R, DID
    BSjd ‘read//study’ Fords ink re ‘self hypnosis’ ???
    Perhaps Both ???
    > BS jd IS ‘Plastic Shade’ ___

  15. That is the best caricature of booker that I have ever heard. Perfect! Booker is the biggest idiot clown that we have ever seen and heard. How a clown like booker ever got in the senate is waaaay beyond all of us.

  16. It’s hard to beleive that Booker is a real person. He’s like that hopeless moron in the last D rated movie you swithced off. That’s what affirmative action has done to the country.

  17. On the ‘other’ side of the Street, More than
    651 law profs Urge ‘Yes’ on Kav. Confirmation.
    Did this drjd go to Fords Cia undergrad intern class at Stanford
    including ‘self -hypnosis’ ? This guy here is really getting 0bnoxious__
    & ppl here ‘see thru’ his ‘plastic shade’.

  18. On the ‘other’ side of the Street, More than
    651 law profs Urge ‘Yes’ on Kav. Confirmation.
    Did this drjd go to Fords Cia undergrad intern class at Stanford
    including ‘self -hypnosis’ ?

  19. Yes……they are all as dirty as can be!
    I just wish booker would be thrown out of government…..says he is going to run for president 2020!

  20. Yes……they are all as dirty as can be!
    I just wish booker would be thrown out of government…..says he is going to run for president 2020!

  21. The one thing I do know about Cory Booker is that he was/is a criminal. We were traveling thru New Jersey back in the 2000 era. I noticed a tall nice looking man that on the side of the road…….he was begging for money. We drove on. A year or so later, I saw that this same fellow, Cory Booker was arrested and being sent to prison for two years.
    I am sure he is hiding this, but if anyone wanted to get to the truth of Cory Booker…..this would be it.

  22. I so badly wish there was someone, anyone, who would start digging up the dirt & closeted skeletons on every one of these nasty, dirty, vile DEMWITS. When the likes of booker can actually be elected, well, it just proves how many foolish people vote – even those that vote even tho they’ve been dead for years.
    Booker has such a high opinion of himself that he believes he can beat Pres Trump in 2020. I don’t believe he could beat a cartoon character. Just because those in his state buy his BS, that’s a far cry from the other 49 states!

  23. Elly, it’s great to see the many smart, AWAKE people that DO know what is going on here. soros, clinton, obomination, & the rest of this bunch of thieves, ( democRATS), are frantically doing EVERYTHING within their means, which we all know are endless with all of their money, to turn this Country upside-down. People need to know the TRUTH.

  24. It’s so very nice to see that there are others that know the truth. Encouraging. We, the people can take America back from these criminal thugs.

  25. It’s so very nice to see that there are others that know the truth. Encouraging. We, the people can take America back from these criminal thugs.

  26. Why not start at the top with the Clinton’s and Soro’s cut off the head of the snake people like Booker have been bought and paid for which needs to stop

  27. Let’s all personally investigate Senators Booker, Harris, Feinstein, Coons, Pelosi, Schumer, Blumenthal (I hate this guy, looks like a burn victim).

  28. I want to see them investigate Booker about the incident where he wrote an article that he confessed to groping a friend of his that was drunk. Where is the Democrat accountability?

  29. It should be noted that situations like this will always be easier for the left, because it is only the Conservatives who have a moral code to live up to. It is not against the left’s rules to lie or cheat, as they specifically reject any morals. It was no problem for Willie to deny wrongdoings with Monica, because according to his standards he hadn’t done anything wrong. Nor was there anything wrong with BO’s bathroom bill (in his opinion), as child abuse or any other sexual abuse claims can only be used against the right. Accuse a Dem. nominee of groping a girl 35 years ago and the answer would be “so what?” or something to that effect. Perjury? Killing babies? Gay marriage? No problem – only the right has moral objections. It is totally hypocritical of the left to even make the slightest accusation against Kavanaugh, as their own standards do not prohibit such behavior.

  30. Booker was an ass when he was mayor of Newark, NJ and he will never change like the rest of the democrats. All they want is control of the country so they can all line their pockets. Screw the population, it is all about them.

  31. Very early yesterday morning I found myself awake, concerned about the happenings of the day before after we learned that for the seventh time Judge Kavanaugh has bee exonerated by the FBI. Yet the democrats, who agreed to accept the findings of the 7th investigation which they hoped would be soiled by all the liars they had paid to come forward and perjure themselves with lies about the nominee. When the FBI, whom the Democrats are now calling biased, having done an inadequate job of calling all the hundreds of other names they came up with that may be willing to lie for them. After reading Cory Bookers really ‘stupid’ comments I decided to do some ‘google Booker investigation’. It took only one page to find that Cory Booker likes to and has had a long term ‘online sexual relationship with an admitted prostitute’.
    The language was very steamy and many times just plain vulgar. Actually, I felt the need for a cleansing bath to disinfect my eyes and brain because of the smut I was introduced to. Who would have believed that the self admitted “Spartacus”, that put himself out there as being what my grandma used to say “pure as driven snow” was such a nasty little toad? I think it is clinically supported that men who have sex online with prostitutes do so because they are impotent, unable to have a normal relationship. Sometimes it is also because they are adequately equipped to have an actual physical relationship. Either way, Booker is now in my mind the MOST BIASED, HYPOCRITICAL LIAR sitting in our Senate. That needs to end now by every American citizen demanding his immediate resignation.

  32. Bookers brain is stuck in neutral but his mouth is in overdrive! Thanks for sharing this clown with us New Jersey! He will be a one-termer at this rate.

  33. Corey Booker need not help people know he’s an idiot by running his mouth, we had that figured out without it!

  34. Dr JD–here we go again–The Catholic clergy DO NOT and CAN NOT Disagree with the Pope in matters of canon, faith and religion. They can ONLY disagree with him on non-canon, lay items. The Pope is NOT the head of a “loose confederation of groups of Catholics” but a rigorously cohesive population that follows him, reveres him, and obeys him. Obedience–something we have forgotten in these The United States of America. On another matter–somewhere you stated that the entire gaggle of Law Professors voted against Kavanaugh. Don’t you know that those mis-educated beings will ALWAYS side against conservatives? How do you think that the Obamacare Bill was declared constitutional? At the suggestion of the Supremes, they called it a TAX and no one could then argue against it because sometime during FDR’s reign, the Supremes advised FDR to call Social Security a TAX and then they (The Supremes) could not rule against it. By the way, no Republican raised cain (like the Dimms are doing now) when FDR packed the courts with judges that would agree with him and his agenda. Ever since then the Supremes have been on a journey to create and write laws instead of following the constitution and enforcing the laws of the land.

  35. Tommy–in his own words, Booker said that groped and molested girls in high school or college (can’t remember which)

  36. J.D, hush.

    Your 650 professors are sore losers. I would wager a bet that they only feel, not interpret the laws. They would say “I feel you” without any regard to the laws. Not good. Unfit to teach.

  37. Not an imbecile. That would be a reason for what he is. He is flat out evil, damn well knows it, but doesn’t care.

  38. Due to the despicable way these Democrats acted in this conformation proceedings shows all of us just how lawless and unethical these Democratic politicians really are, for they didn’t care one bit about justice for to them it was all about power and they don’t care who they have to hurt to get that power!!They really are the party of evil for why would any American politician want to allow illegals to vote in our elections and have open borders, also why would any politician take better care of illegals than their own citizens and their is a lot more that these Democrats want to do and they even tell us all what they want to do!!! These Democrats don’t give a damn about America as long as they can run it all !!! I really believe this confirmation hearing showed us all that we all have to get out and vote these Democrats out of office even if your a Democratic voter you should be voting Republican this November or at least vote new Democrats into office that are 100% constitutional politicians and that are ethical human beings and that can work with Republicans and our President in making us the best we can be!!! I really believe we will see a red wave not a blue for this November is the chance to bring us all together and to rid our country of these dictators that we have in office for they have really abandoned us in being representatives and have completely become dictators!!!

  39. The DemoRats have gotten everything they’ve asked for, even another ridiculous, waste of money investigation. It’s time for the Republicans to start demanding the same right for an investigation into any questionable Dem. They will drop like flies!

  40. I’m not sure Jesus Christ would pass a
    democrat’s requirement FBI test results.
    All they do is delay, delay, and lie, lie, lie.

  41. Let’s investigate ALL the Democrat senators! How about that!! We can start with corrupt lying Spartacus Booker the racist Pig!!how dare these disgusting dishonest pigs slander and attack Judge Kavanaugh with NO evidence or proof of anything!!! You Dems are dishonest and disgusting and so disrespectful to this man and his family and he has done NOTHING this will backfire in a huge way!!

  42. This is how morally devoid an corrupt these people are. They have been stealing from the taxpayers for decades. Treasonous along with Soros!

  43. I hate to be crass and mean, but Spartacus can’ t
    Even get his eyes going in the same direction

    it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  45. The Democrats That are Whining ( Plus Others) Should Have a FULL EXTENSIVE Back Ground INVESTIGATION Done On Them! There The REAL CRIMINALS! This Country Is Totally Pathetic, You Have People That Committed Treason & Other HIGH Crimes Walking Around Scot Free! ( Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, John Kerry, To Name A Few!) And To “REALLY” Add As they Say Salt to the Wound Eric Holder For just One is Going To Run for president! You Can’t Get Any More (“PATHETIC & GROSS!”) The “AMERICAN DREAM is DEAD”! (“GOD PLEASE HELP AMERICA”)!

  46. Quoting a Dem Sen/Cong who lied about his military service in VN, ” If we find that the judge lied about his teenage drinking, He might fall back to his lying in the future” Maybe we should investigate him to make sure he hasn’t been lying to his constituents all this time he’s been in office. And make sure that Cory Booker is also checked to make sure he hasn’t raped any teenage school girls since the last one he confessed to having raped.

  47. Without one shred of proof or evidence, this man condemns Kavanaugh. Why and how did he get to be a senator? He is clearly not qualified to be there at all. He is a fraud and he is a communist.

  48. The poor man was almost in tears during the grilling — same questions over & over & the smear on his reputation & damage to his family should make anyone lose their cool!! Did that reflect on his demeanor in the courtroom? Hell NO!! I’m sure when he’s on the bench he isn’t being faced with his life & his family being ruined by a bunch of vicious idiots!!

  49. Well, Kookie Booger will make a fine president don’t you think? Like which lie would you believe, the initial lie, or the lie to cover up the first lie, or the third lie to lie, about the lie, you told to cover up the lie.

  50. Obviously blue eyes booker is taking lessons from billy bass mouth waters..cheat,lie,sneak.And I love the few liberals that come on here and say that Kavanaugh told several lies at his hearing..I ask them to explain and they won’t.smearing people doesn’t work anymore,facts matter and you have none.

  51. Don’t just vote out Booker, get rid of the whole lot of them! They are trouble makers and want nothing more to cause trouble and collect their benefits intel they die! A lot of them do nothing to deserve such a privilege!

  52. Makes sense to me! Totally logical according to the dems!! If that’s how THEY, want to be judged. I say, do it!!

  53. Any lawyer who signed this letter is now by this very act, ineligible for service as a judge. They show obvious bias and cannot be trusted to be impartial or rely on facts in their judgments. I hope the FBI has a copy of this letter and maintains a list of the signers so everyone will know they are ineligible for judicial service.

  54. Please VOTE Cory Booker out of OUR SENATE we do not need his KIND in the SENATE, He is a back stabbing no good S.O.B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. That’s what the Democrats always do when a Republican President nominates a candidate to the Supreme Court, it’s just, that it is disgusting when they try to completely try to ruin him, where he can’t even keep the job he had before he was even nominated to the Supreme Court. I think what should happen after he is exonerated and confirmed to the Supreme Court, that charges should be brought against his accuser and she should be made to implicate the people that put her up to it, and we bring them down also. And if they work for the government (Senate) they should be fired or impeached.

  56. Spartacus Booker reminds me of a Democrat we have down here in Texas named Beto who is running for Senator. He spends all his time telling lies to try to cover up for lies he has told before.

  57. You can now see the true colors of the Democratic Party, they don’t care that Judge Kavanaugh is innocent they already smeared him so they think now they say he should back off and look for another person for the job, their low class no good and the People will not allow the Democratic Party to do this!! AGAIN I SAY WE NEED TO DO AWAY WITH THE DEMOCRATIC Party!

  58. Amen David! I too am awaiting this news. It will be Trump who will have the arm that will reach far into the future for the good of this country! Democrats are hating this prospect. I am loving it.

  59. NOTE-Judge Kavanaugh was NOT sitting on the bench, during this process; he was sitting at a “defendant’s table”. IMHO if he had responded any other way, he would be useless as a “thinking” justice. 650 left-wing profs, in liberal colleges are NOT qualified to offer any opinion, as far as I’m concerned. Who knows, they probably ALL abuse their wives and girlfriends!


  61. You demo’s have s–t where you eat. Get over it, you have lost this race and are digging your own grave as far as this election is concerned.

  62. Anyone ever ask where his money comes from. Who paid to have his records sealed – my bet is there are no records therefore not available to be found. He wasn’t anything but a census taker in Chicago – moved from the unknown into the Illinois Senate – immediately moved into running for President – Really – how ignorant can we be not to know he was nothing but a puppet and his funding came from members of the Deep State. When and if the truth ever is known we will find the American people had the largest Hoax ever perpetrated on this country. Why because we no longer think for ourselves – how many of us walk into the voting booth and check voting for all Democrat’s or all Republican’s – there are good people on both sides and our responsibility is to vet each one we vote for. By not doing that we end up with the Flakes, McCain’s, Corker’s, Collin’s, Murkowski’s and Ryan’s on the Republican side and the Feinstein’s, Booker’s, Blumenthal’s, Kamala’s Horona’s Pelosi’s and Schumer’s on the Democratic side. We the voter have shirked our responsibility’s and are reaping the result of such.

  63. It doesn’t matter that Kavanaugh is over qualified for the job. Trump nominated him so Democrats said no from day one. What are they going to do on the next appointee? Same thing.

  64. The LAST thing the Unhinged left wants is to have a Christian/Catholic Justice who Interpenetrates the Law according to Precedent from previous court rulings. They do not believe in God and the only thing they worship is Abortion. The left wants judges who will act as a Super Legislature and rule by Feelings and the MOB rule so as to force their sick Anti-God, Anti-American views they are unable to get through the Legislature. Ginsberg, Sotomayer and Kagen make decisions based on their their Ideology and Feelings, Not the rule of law.

  65. Except for Rape – an abortion is a method to rid two people of the frivolous activities they engaged in – thus eliminating responsibility for their actions. Planned Parenthood is a great concept and should be discussed between two people prior to engaging in promiscuous behavior – but the Planned Parenthood program is nothing more than a shill outfit and paid for by our Government. It is a sham and will be held accountable one day to the Highest Court and in this court once sentenced it is for eternity –

  66. Yes it will. Dems will go beserk. Ginsberg is the biggest racist on the Supreme Court. Roe vs Wade is an example. She said they had to pass it so there wouldn’t be any more black babies born. Now if that isn’t racist I don’t know what is. Thank God for Trump.

  67. I had to laugh when Blumenthal made a statement – once you have told a lie nothing else is believable – he must have forgot how he was in Vietnam and what a hero he was – and Hilary probably forgot how she had to dodge bullets in Sareavo as she exited the plane. Oh guess her posing at the bottom of the stairs exiting the plane and being walked calmly to a limo – I’m sure you get the Picture – can’t forget about Kerry hiding when his boat came under fire and his scene tossing all his purple hearts over the Whitehouse Fence – one of his Purple Hearts was a paper cut.

  68. I heard an unconfirmed rumor by an anonymous source claiming that Corey Booker repeatedly spied on the girls’ shower room during his high school years. Whether or not he actually did it is not important. The mere fact that such behavior by him has been claimed is proof enough that he doesn’t have the personal attributes to qualify him to serve in he Senate!

  69. Besides lying about his drinking, about being the legal drinking age at 18 (21 in Maryland), bout boofing, Devil’s Triangle, here are 4 more:
    1. Between 2004 and 2006, Kavanaugh was asked over 100 times and repeatedly
    Testified under oath that he knew nothing about sources stolen from two
    Democratic Senators. Emails that have recently surfaced that shows Kavanaugh lied and had this information.
    2. In 2004, in hearing for Court of Appeals, Kavanaugh lied in a Senate hearing
    About knowing and working with a nominee named Pryor, yet emails that have surfaced show he nominated Pryor and participated with a working group to get him nominated.
    3. Kavanaugh misled the Senate about other controversial nominations, including with those who helped develop Bush interrogation techniques.
    4. Misleading the Senate with denying any involvement with some of the legal
    Work involved in Bush’s” rendition treatment of prisoners.

  70. Grow up. He had every right to get angry with all of the lying the fake witnesses were doing, as well as congress clowns like Booger and Feinstein and the rest of the Dumbascraps as well as these phony lib judges. They just proved they’re the lying degenerates we DON’T need in the courtroom.

  71. Padre, this is NOT a criminal court where those rules apply. Even in a civil court, no once is proved guilty, it is based on a preponderance of evidence. This is a hearing to see if Judge Kavanaugh merits a promotion to a Supreme Court position. It is for him to show he has what it takes to deserve this important and prestigious post. He doesn’t – – he has told lies under oath, and even law professors are uniting to say that Kavanaught, on the way he acted 9-27, fell very short of having the proper judicial temperament.

  72. Stupid is as stupid does – besides Vengeance is mine saithe the Lord – this will be one time he will be speechless

  73. I think your pencil went to deep.their attempts to ruin a man’s life,attack his family,with false testimonials. I wold have slapped them back into ….hopefully they appeal their coming lawsuits!

  74. Even though I don’t support Kavanaugh for promotion to the Supreme Court (lies he has told), Turk182, what you said is religious discrimination and it is also wrong. I have known many Jesuits in my life, and most of them are very well educated, smart and free thinkers. Catholics have many suborders within their faith (Dominicans, Franciscans, Jesuits, Lasallian and so forth, but even the Catholic clergy can disagree with the Pope. The Pope is the head of a loose confederation of groups of Catholics.

  75. Law School Profs Urge ‘No’ on Kavanaugh Confirmation
    More than 650 law professors, including 13 affiliated with Yale and 21 with Harvard, have signed a letter to the Senate arguing that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh should not be confirmed because of his “lack of judicial temperament.” The professors pointed to the appearance of Kavanaugh, a Yale Law School graduate, before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week amid allegations of sexual misconduct. (Newsmax, 10-04-18).

  76. The whole thing is simple – it completely circles Roe V. Wade – which is nothing more than legal murder – but Kavanaugh had already stated it was settled law. He is probably one of the most credible constitutionalist in America. He is highly respected by his piers. Individuals such as yourself are nothing more than Parrots for the Democratic Party – you probably haven’t had an original thought of your own ever. Suggest you stock up on aspirin in just a short time your blue wave is being swallowed by Big Red. The republicans will hold both the House and the Senate – hopefully we can gain 9 more Senators then the likes of Booker, Feinstein, Pelosi, Schumer, Kamala, Horona and Blumenthal can get together and hold a crying party.

  77. Linda – – – allow me to respond by adding a “future” thought. It is obvious that SCOTUS Ruth Bader Ginsburg is drifting into senility and is “on-the-way-out”. I expect daily – almost hourly – for breaking news that she has “passed”. Whenever that day finally arrives, POTUS Trump will have another opportunity to appoint another Constitutional judge. Won’t THAT be a swift kick in demoncrap heads?!

  78. corey booker and the rest of the demonrats stink to high heaven and should be ashamed of themselves,they are rotten despicable poor excuses as an honorable politicians

  79. It’funny that Booker talks about a standard he can’t come anywhere near meeting. He just proved what an ignorant person he really is. All we heard up to date from him were questions about innocence or guilt, he is so full of crap.

  80. Absolutely correct, please add Funkenstern to that group as well as Shiftey, but do not forget the money bags who are behind these scum bags, Koch Bros, George Soros and anbody else who has contributed to the down grading of the US over the last 50? years, IN olden times they used the Gallows and or the Guiotine might be a good idea to build some more. I know just being sarcastic but tired of California bred jackasses.

  81. Had I been Senator Grassley – when he went over his time limit to speak – I would have firmly stated – you are done – and moved on – had the excuse for a human being kept talking – they are governed by Roberts Rules of Order and would have had him physically removed from the area. and would have moved to the next speaker.

  82. In this country you can not bring up are use anything you did as a child ,book closed!And every high school child drank and espeacialy in college days. Do you want your past as a child to be used against St you in forty years down the road? This woman never went to the police not even today. She never said anything, and has been caught in lie after lie after lie! She’s a damn liberal freaking proffesor forGids sake that says it all! She is a protestor for abortian rights, she made all this crap up to stop Kavanaugh and it was all a planned attack against Kavanaugh. For God’s sake seek the truth and stay away from your lying damn media!

  83. Remember the man who his bed and him dropped in that deep hole. Well i wish that it would happen and take all of those democrats a long with Flake down a hole where they will never return.

  84. They allowed one but can’t allow another because it messes up thier agenda.Another Republican can stop thier agenda and thier sick abortions that they are so into. You ever wonder why they are for it? It’s because those poor babie parts make them millions!Have you ever seen them try to help stop unwanted children, have clinics for the morning after pill, are teach sex education to the girls in this country? No you haven’t because that money I’d flowing right into most Democrats pockets.Judge Kavanaugh can stop this in his tracks and he has to be stopped at all cost to them.Democrats are sick sick people and I can’t believe how anyone can vote for these pathetic idiots!

  85. Meant to add to my previous comment – thank God for President Trump! He is a true American Patriot and will never back down or succumb to the lying, leaking liberals no matter how much money Soros, Hollywood, and others pay. Thank God for our strong Republicans who are standing with President Trump for Judge Kavanaugh and putting America first!!

  86. Couldn’t have said it better! He is an Odummy wanna be, and he is just as corrupt. Look around and see the damage that he has done to his race in lieu of helping. Both self-aggrandize themselves as if they are deities. They are condemning themselves to Hell.

  87. He’s Spatican! Roflmao What a damn freak, the people that voted him in need thier heads checked, but then again anyone that votes for the pathetic Democrats are either just damn stupid are not paying attention!

  88. Corey is a despicable, disgraceful man that doesn’t represent the great African American men that are models in our country. He should have the name Groper as his title but the Ignorant Dems don’t see that! He is a privileged Black who doesn’t care about his own people. He has perpetuated himself on the backs of Whites and stupid Democrats! He needs to be investigated and tried along with Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, all exhausted Roosters!!! All Crooks who have made millions in their positions. It is time to dump the Trash, Swamp and old Farts who have made tons in their positions from us taxpapers!

  89. They are demons. I really believe this is a war between good and evil going on. Democrats are ruthless and lawless.God be with us if they ever gain power again they will never let it go. And that’s scary as hell!

  90. I can’t wait for Kavanaugh to take all his accusers to court with jury trial to clear his name and then the truth come out how the Democrats planned and orcastrated this whole thing. I caught Ford in several lies and contradicting herself several times and I’m not even a lawyer.Get the popcorn out and prepare to watch the game ” hang man” and watch the Democrats hang themselves! Lol What ever we do in life rather it be good are bad will always have negative are pistive karma.When it comes to the Democrats karma is knocki g on thier door and can’t wait for the ending to this game they created. Lol

  91. I was raped when I was 13 years old at school, 65 years ago and I remember every detail including exactly how, where, when, who and even what I was wearing. I did not report the event and never talked about it until maybe 10 years ago because in the a1950s I thought it would ruin my family’s repretation and it would be made out to have been my fault. Ford is a demorcratic (probably paid) pawn. Her shifty tilted head, her baby voice, her looking down as she tried to remember what she was suppose to say or what she had said before. She was a poor selection by the democrats to raise these false accusations against Judge Kavanaugh. Some of the democrats on the Judicial Committee should not even be sentors much less be on this Committ with their terrible backgrounds publically lying, publically admitting groping women, including Feinstein, Senator Jackson Lee of Texas publically have been exposed to lying, leaking, etc. Really are the democrats serious – is there one among them that did not drink or cot up in high school or college. Remember what goes around comes around and the democrats will pay for what they have done. God Bless Judge Kavanaugh and his family. I pray he will be confirmed!

  92. Well New Jersey is really the worst State in the Nation. We have a Senator that should of gone to Jail Running again We have a News Paper that is going to ENDORSE him just because hr.s A Democrat. They are laying the ground work on their paper every day. I don’t want any of the Senators making Decisions for me. They all are a bunch of FOUL BALLS> only protecting them selves.

  93. Idiot. How long has religious affiliation been a litmus test for Scotus? Your psychobabble is sufficient to say you never read the constitution or, obviously, you don’t understand it. Judge Kavanaugh is a federal court justice for the USA. He doesn’t work for the pope.

  94. The Democrats were going to do this to ANY person President Trump nominated. They would have done it Neil Gorsuch if he had been the 5th one on the court to follow the Constitution.

  95. Patrick if this man lied about anything do you think he’s the first in Wash.D.C.? And do you think having him serve any office there would be a disgrace? Well you must not know about the Slush Fund. A fund that they keep (from taxpayers) and have paid accusers privately of wrong doings done by the very people already there. I understand it’s over 17 million dollars paid out to keep their dirty little secrets.

  96. Their not going to vote for him, even after all this delay. I’m sure some might have change their mind. People are just crazy! And the women that hate men! Those crazy women that don’t have no respect and bullying and hollering at people in public. They need to grow up.

  97. AGREE. Booker is the rudest person I have ever seen seen Does he not know his rude behavior is obvious to us all. The democrats are like jealous children and can’t griw up and acknowledge Oresident Donald J. Trump has accomplished more in his Presidency than the person before him EVER did.

  98. Hope you lose. To support Hillary is showing your lack of insite. By the way you may of supported her but you can’t spell her name.

  99. How many of us would want some of the stupid things we did in high school and college affect us for the rest of our lives?! Not me…how about you?
    Now Chris Coons says not enough people have been interviewed by the FBI. Isn’t that what we expected. One more delay and then another, and another.
    BOTTOM LINE: Chris Coons or any other Dem is not going to vote for Kavanaugh regardless of how many more interviews are done.
    If the Dems are successful using this strategy, God help us all. Anyone who disagrees with them could face destruction.

  100. Booker, if you run for President I will not vote for you, you are not the right President in my country I cannot trust you for being immature in your mentality.

  101. Any body who supports Booker supports EVIL. Isn’t it evil to support wrong doings? Booker is right about one thing and that is we are fighting their wrong and evil doings.maybe Trump should appoint Booker to the supreme court and let the Republicans go after him the way the dems are going after Kavanaugh and see how he likes it and say it doesn’t mater if he is guilty or not. The shoe would be no the other foot. What goes around comes around, use their tactics on them.

  102. booker has proven that he is and UN-DESIRABLE person to be a USA senator. Just another BIG MOUTH demo-communist trashy-asshat. And when he runs again, we need to find someone, that is HONEST,and has INTEGRITY, which he lacks of 100%. He falls deep into the LOSER bucket all the way to the bottom of the bucket.

  103. well i am runing for congress in utah and i am a good honest mormon and i dont want kavenagh in either..most utah mormons are republicens but i am not.i supported hillery and worked for name is ben mcadams

  104. And this POS wants ur vote to be President of these United States. Doesn’t care weather yr innocent it not ,,, your guilty.

  105. …and your proof? The lies of a psychologically manic fake psychologist? Or her…oh wait…there are no witnesses.

    What are you going to do with yourself after Saturday?

  106. Has anyone ever looked up what Judge Kavanaugh is? He is a Jesuit.
    Look up what a Jesuit is. They work for the Pope. Do we need that in the SCOTUS? Has any one looked up the bios of Thomas on wiki? “Retrospectively, Thomas considers Assistant Attorney General the best job he has ever had.[29] When Danforth was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1976, Thomas left to become an attorney with the Monsanto Chemical Company in St. Louis, Missouri.” Where in the Constitution does it say we need a Supreme Court?

  107. Cory Booker is an idiot. I didn’t know it until he opened his mouth one day. Do I have to prove that. No . It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not, the Democrats need to get rid of him and elect a different idiot.

  108. Actually Kavanaugh told the truth. The liars are Ford and the Democrats. Ford lied during her entire hearing. She even lied about the polygraph test. The Democrats, including Ford, are interested in one thing, keeping an honest man off the Supreme Court. They have used all kinds of dishonest means, even going back to high school to falsely accuse a teenager. VOTE RED IN NOVEMBER, REMOVE ALL DEMOCRATS. THEY ARE DIRTY SCUM.

  109. Booker is a pathetic individual. We cannot forget his sex crimes…..This will come to the forefront should he run for office again or higher. He as a democrat cried they would not support anyone prior to announce of current individual. The democrat destruction of the man, his wife and children clearly shows they do not deserve andy support on anything. May they all be overcome by RED……….

  110. you all should of read my post earlier i agree ford couldn’t prove it but Kavanaugh friend didn’t help him either with letter that does have credibility saying about him and Kavanaugh drinking til he blacked out leaves question if he could of. and saying that people lying to congress to congress should be charged and it needs to be lead by example so when you are ready to start tell trump to step on up and he will be the first candidate on you screwed yourself for his lies, so when ever your ready let the rest of the country know

  111. Cory Butler admiited to pinching women on the butt now he is so moral. Maybe he should not be a Senator. Good ole Cory who has a fit when a Black brother gets accused always not enough evidence to arrest him.
    Obviously Cory attended a sorry school if he does not know in the USA you do not have to prove your innocence the court has to prove you are guilty. That is what happens when voters elect inferior candidates .

  112. this action against Judge Cavanaugh as well as the bogas smear on President Trump, Just shows us that the left wing nuts (democraps) will do anything unethical and illegal to take control of our great country. The war we are in right now is a fight for our freedom, our constitution, our way of life. And the left wing nuts and their globalist backers, along with all of their propaganda have waged full out war on every citizen of this great nation. But we can defeat this attack on our country by showing up at the voting booths November 6th. 2018, and in one combined display of our resolve for our freedom, vote Republican and send the democraps to their political doom, and make sure that they are never again allowed to gain any control thru any election from that day forward, in all levels of government. And we must stay involved and make sure that we will always have true representation for the people by the people. These left wing nuts and their globalist dreams and taranical control need to find another country to live in, we do not want their style of governance that they are forcing upon the people of the USA!!!!

  113. ALL of that Kool-Aid is going to stain your insides dude…impossible for you to really believe what you said.

  114. I too, used to be one when they stood for something worth – -while. They have sunk so low-I feel sorry for them – they seem to have no moral compass. God is watching!

  115. I feel the same as you about Booker!! The anti Christ OBAMA with SOROS created all this hostility & division in America, he had 8 years, Trump has only been in office for two years, and we are finally getting to the bottom of the swamp. Obama could have helped all the rebuilt all the poor neighborhoods but instead he gave our money to IRAN, $120 BILLION & ISIS $220 BILION, why didn’t Corker and Congress show hostility to OBAMA, and stop all that money leaving America.

  116. It is true, the current crop of Democrats who have been around for a while suck. But the same is true in spades for Republicans. Join me. I’ve been an Independent since the first time I registered to vote, almost 50 years ago.

  117. Well Spartacus, Your mouth has overloaded you again! Democrats rarely tell the truth, but you did by telling us that you do not care about the truth, just the end justifies the means. Hope you get humiliated and voted out due to your lack of care with women. Ok for you though, you are Spartacus! Keep talking! We love it when you do!

  118. “Sparticus”? Looks more like “Mr. Potatohead” to me. Enough questions have been asked the we should move on to another candidate? Really? That didn’t apply to Obama – or whoever the hell he really is. It did not apply to Hillary Clinton. It is NOT applying to Keith Ellison. Democrats are HYPOCRITES plain and simple.

  119. I sincerely hope Kavanaugh slaps him,and all the rest of these clowns,including the media,with one hell of a lawsuit.Time to set a new presidence!Getum Kavanaugh, for all our sakes!

  120. Kavanaugh is guilty of lying to Congress. We watched him do it. He is NOT QUALIFIED to sit on the SCOTUS. If he is confirmed, hopefully a later Congress (a more honest Congress) will impeach him.

  121. Corey Bookmaker A phony,an obvious opportunist, traitor to all and himself.
    Corey Booker Stink, Stank, Stunk.

  122. I agree, but the Democrats have problems in there lives. They should be investigated along with five Republican. Kavanaugh is a good man and be confirmed.

  123. The religion of the Democrats is Roe vs. Wade. ANY candidate whom they believe might threaten it is “dangerous and intolerable to them”, even if he/she were appointed by a Democrat (although it is highly unlikely a Democrat president would appoint anyone who is).

    Viewed through this litmus, the Kavanaugh debacle is obvious. Ironically, it is the states that decide their own healthcare issues. It’s always been like that. So “access” to abortion should not really change even if RVW is vacated.

    But it is true that the Dems are desperate. You cannot predict what they will do when he is confirmed. Kavanaugh and his family must have Secret Service protection.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  124. Booker is a disgrace. If he thinks he is going to be President, he has another thing coming. That will be a sound bite. It doesn’t matter if you are guilty or innocent. Well, hell yes it does!

    And Cory, remember those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. You are no saint and the American people know it.

  125. I’m all in favor of moving on to the next Supreme Court candidate. I look forward to it. But after Kavanaugh’s certification there probably won’t be another seat open for a while. In the meantime, how about an FBI character assessment of Corey Booker before he gets appointed to anything?

  126. Remember when there were great Democrats..I am telling my age now. They have really changed in my lifetime. I have changed to Republican, because of these termites eating away at morality and trying to ruin the Good Old USA.

  127. booker harris and fienstien are all useless liberals who are scumbags and courrpt I hope that those named liberals Will lose their elections.

  128. Sorry, BUT it does MATTER to ME very much if a person is really “guilty” or INNOCENT and ALL I am seeing here is/was the ASSASSINATION of an INNOCENT man for NO reason whatsoever, he BELONGS on the Supreme Court…LIKE it or not…We are NOT living in ANCIENT ROME like THIS wannabe “SPARTACUS” would like to live in, get into the TIME MACHINE and send YOURSELF back, I would NOT miss you….AND if I remember right, obama TRIED to turn THIS country into OLD RUSSIA with ALL of his “IMAGINED” ZSARS, but it DIDN’T work either….!!!!

  129. I’m with you on this. What goes around does come back around in one way or another. I don’t judge as that is up to the man up above. Revenge is mine sayeth the Lord.

  130. Hopefully Booker will be voted out of office. Remember Senator Booker what goes around comes around. You will have to answer for your dirty tricks sooner or later and I for one would not want to be in your shoes.

  131. Ann,
    . . . . She is not a licensed psychologist. She can teach psychology but she can’t claim to be a psychologist.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  132. You know the old saying. “When you point your finger at someone three are pointing back at you.” The Dems have lots of rotten apples in their barrel.

  133. One can only hope that there are still enough people that can still think for themselves to ensure that NO Democrats ever get elected to any government office ever again.

  134. Just think, Mr Booker made it to the Senate so one has to reason what is happening in this country if we are electing people who do not believe in the rule of law or yours and my rights under the Constitution? Lying to Congress or the FBI is child’s play when you consider this man and his cohorts took a Oath of Office to protect our rights under the Law as well as abiding by the Constitution. I believe this lairs should be expelled from Congress while not even having the right to impeachment! Think about it for a Change, these people promote un proven, un substantiated accusations as a pretext to stop an innocent well qualified nominee to SCOTUS just because he was accused! If I lived in NJ I think I would have a recall vote or move out of the state. This is nothing but Communistic thinking and the whole lot of Jack Ass’t seem to be going along with this coup! Needless to say I do not like the thought of these people serving out their term, let alone devising new legislation.

  135. Booker is an idiot. He tries to speak cohesively but comes out sounding stupid. Kavanaugh had an emotional moment. I think after all he had been put through, it was a well deserved moment. Booker, how many outbursts have you had? Well I think your unfit to hold a seat in congress! Therefore, exit stage left buddy!! Kavanaugh is MORE than qualified to sit on the bench. At least one thing is for sure, he gets there, he will have a friend in Judge Thomas. He when through hell just like Kavanaugh. Judge Thomas IS a flawless jurist as will Kavanaugh be when he gets there.

  136. It didn’t make any difference who was nominated. If they were conservative they would have faced the same smear campaign. Even if another candidate is chosen it will all happen again. This is about the communists trying to take over the country.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  137. PLEASE, don’t disgrace schmidt. … IT is not evil. … HE IS. … IT is natural. … HE IS PERVERTED.

  138. Every strong word Judge Kavanaugh voiced was totally justified. All of this between Dr .Ford and Kavanaugh could have been taken care of quietly, but of course a huge circus was the show the Democrats wanted and they got it. Too bad Mr. Booker did not listen to the substance of Judge Kavanaugh statement. Both families are now suffering because someone wanted a show. So Mr. Booker, as a mother of two fine grown men, what do I say to them? You must be careful of all girls you meet. I wonder what is in Mr Bookers past? Too bad the FBI isn’t investigating all Congressman and Senators.

  139. Blumenthal needs to go he is a fake Marine and fake hero it is very stupid and you can’t fix stupid phone all the Democrats out so we can get on with making America great again !!!!

  140. No,Man From Grey,,, Ford is not a psychologist,, and she in trouble by California for claiming she is, she is a psychology professor, or instructor of psycology but does not have the rquired hours for the title of psycologist and it is against California state law to claim she is.

  141. Booker belongs on the same leaky boat in the middle of the Pacific along with many others starting with Mad Max

  142. I would like to see them all tried and convicted of treason, along with soros and the clintons. Then setup a gallows, guillotine or whatever you prefer…

  143. Cory Booker needs to be investigated, he is not the kind of person that should be in a position to write or vote on law.

  144. Booker is a Butt-Head! If anybody SHOULD be on the Supreme Court is Kavanaugh! Here he’s already passed SIX FBI investigations prior to being AFFIRMED by the Judiciary Committee & long before any of these trumped up allegations were made against him; that ANYONE with any common sense can clearly see this has been a witch hunt from the very beginning by the DemRATS & have NO PROOF of any wrong doing. Now investigate ALL of the DemRats!!

  145. Yeah, Booker stated it all: it doesn’t matter if you are innocent or guilty. It’s no secret that Kavanaugh is simply the anti-abortion judge. The leftists are protecting their abortion industry. Pure and simple.

    I’m sure that Booker knows that Kavanaugh is innocent but he “self-hypnotize” himself to believe that Kavanaugh is evil. The leftists are clever in their game. Dr. Ford volunteered to smear everything. She’s a clinical psychologist that knows how to wiggle around the system that is attached to a few legal strings.

    Only if the GOP senators could muster enough votes to appoint Kavanaugh this Friday. But we have a few RINO senators. The red state voters need to pay attention to these senators’ true color.

    I hope for a few Democrat senators stepping in to save Kavanaugh from this treachery.


  146. The dumbocrats all had him guilty before any testimony was given. The Republicans, for the most part, said let’s hear the evidence before we decide. I think all of the democrats on the panel should be investigated for undermining the process of selecting a supreem court justice. You don’t hold back accusations to prolong the process and declare someone guilty before hearing the testimony. Also, the female lawyer for Ford should be investigated by the bar association. She was caught in a picture with a mob screaming at Sen. Flake after the proceedings. It looked like she was trying to influence his vote.

  147. The American will throw a few out in just a few weeks. We are tired of of the Democrats slinging their crap at us.

  148. The DemocRATS are an evil bunch. This witch hunt against Kavanaugh is about as low as they can go, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see how low they can go in any future. Nothing stops them, and I’m sure Soros is behind all of this.

  149. President Trump should have Gallows erected in front of the capitol and start hanging these MFers three or four at a time and we will see a big change in Washington .

    Starting with Brennan , Clapper , Comey , lynch and both Obama’s


  151. All of these so called senators who oppose Kavanaugh without a speck of evidence should be voted out or thrown out.

  152. All Democ-rats are the same they do not care for American people only about themselves. Too bad President Trump cannot drain the swamp by pulling the drain plug as one would drain a bathtub.

  153. Booker, like to look into his background and qualifications. I cannot believe he understands the constitution, premise of the Senate. He never had a beer, never pulled a Sharpton on a girl, never threw ice? Seriously.

  154. COREY the GROPER is about as SMART as Qualifying as the Illegitimate and UNWANTED son of MAXI WATERS … WHAT A FREAK to have in the US SENATE !!!!

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