Criticizing Stacey Abrams could become illegal after what just happened

Stacey Abrams has been elevated to god-like status in the Democrat Party.
What she says goes.

And criticizing her could become illegal after what just happened.

The Fake News Media wants you to believe that President Donald Trump questioning the election results, based on very real evidence of fraud, is akin to treason.

Because of his refusal to accept the Fake News Media’s results, he has been demonized to a level nobody would think possible a few years ago.

He is not allowed to post on his Facebook account and has had his Twitter account suspended.

The service Shopify, which he uses to both sell campaign merchandise, and his Trump Organization uses for his Trump shop, have completely banned him from using their platform.

And on top of all that, the email service provider Campaign Monitor suspended the campaign’s account, and Stripe, the campaign’s online payment processor suspended the campaign from using its services as well.

They want you to believe Trump deserves this for questioning the election.

But at the same time, they elevated Stacey Abrams’ completely unfounded claims that she won the 2018 Governor’s race in Georgia.

She still has not conceded in that race.

So it is clear that the media is choosing who can and can’t question election results.

And they have also chosen who you can and can’t criticize.

A college football coach was just fired for cracking a joke about Abrams online.

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga assistant coach Chris Malone took to Twitter to insult Abrams in a free speech protected statement, writing:

“Congratulations to the state GA and Fat Albert [Stacey Abrams] because you have truly shown America the true works of cheating in an election, again!!! Enjoy the buffet Big Girl!! You earned it!!! Hope the money is good, still not governor!”

His statement may be uncouth, mean-spirited, and rude, but he was simply expressing his beliefs in colorful language.

Nobody in the media complained when leftists spent four years mocking President Trump for having “small hands” and calling him “morbidly obese.”

The biggest danger with this situation is that Malone was a state employee, considering the college is a public university.

One thing that Americans have that the rest of the world doesn’t is a Constitutionally-protected right to free speech.

In places like Canada and the United Kingdom, these kinds of jokes can land you in actual legal trouble.

The Left is cheering this move, and could be on the warpath to make the punishment for such infractions against them legitimate crimes.