Customer will be up in arms when they see what McDonald’s just announced

McDonald’s is the gold standard of the fast-food industry.

But there is a big change on the horizon.

And now customers will be up in arms when they see what McDonald’s just announced.

McDonald’s ends free drink refills

In 2004, McDonald’s introduced self-serve drink machines to its restaurants.

Patrons rejoiced.

But the days of free drink refills are coming to an end.

McDonald’s announced that by 2023 the drink machines will return behind the counter.

Free drink refills will be “at the discretion of individual restaurant owner/operators.”

McDonald’s customers weren’t happy at this latest developments and let the company know in the Facebook comments section.

“It’s a end of a era,” Drew Powell posted. “When I’m old I’ll be like kids in my day you used to be able to go to McDonald’s and serve your own drinks and refill them as many times as you wanted.”

“Haven’t they ruined McDonald’s enough,” a customer named Meg Herman added. “It no long is the restaurant that it was created to be!! it’s no longer family friendly no characters, no birthday parties or playground everything McDonald’s was known for smh.”

A change at McDonald’s means a change for everyone 

CEO of consulting firm FoodserviceResults Darren Tristano said McDonald’s eliminating free drink refills will cause a ripple effect throughout the fast-food industry.

“McDonald’s tends to be a leader in the industry. And very often, when they make big changes, other restaurants follow suit. McDonald’s is very smart about their costs,” Tristano told the New York Post.

Tristano explained that McDonald’s was spending too much on manpower to maintain the drink machines to make them economically viable.

“The amount of cleaning and upkeep that’s required for these guest-facing dispensers is pretty significant,” Tristano stated.

“The ice has to be replaced, you have to clean up the mess, you have to pick up the straw fragments,” Tristano added.

Other reasons for the switch 

TikToker and ex-McDonald’s corporate chef Mike Haracz offered his theory on why McDonald’s got rid of the free drink refills.

Haracz said McDonald’s real money comes from the drive-thru.

Getting rid of the free drink refills will incentivize customers to buy their food to go as opposed to eating inside the restaurant.

“Most of McDonald’s business is through the drive-thru. And it does cost McDonald’s more money to deal with people who come into the restaurant than it does drive-thru,” Haracz said in a video posted to TikTok.

“They’d much rather you have drive-thru, you get some food, you get your drink, and you get out of there versus you hanging around and having to deal with people in the restaurant,” Haracz added.

McDonald’s is working on improvements to how they cook their burgers and the buns they’re served.

The coming changes won’t be a total loss for customers.

But taking away the free drink refills is the biggest change to the menu since the company did away with the option to SuperSize the extra value meal.

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