DAMNING video revealed this awful secret about Nancy Pelosi

The entire scene was caught on camera.

It left Americans shaking their heads in disbelief.

And a damning video revealed this awful secret about Nancy Pelosi.

One of Nancy Pelosi’s final acts as Speaker of the House was to attend her official portrait unveiling.

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner – who replaced Pelosi in 2011 after Americans fired the Democrats in the Tea Party wave – delivered remarks.

Boehner got all weepy talking about the impact Pelosi had on his daughters.

“You’ve been unfailingly gracious to me, to my family and, frankly, my team here in Washington. And Madam Speaker, I have to say, my girls told me, ‘Tell the Speaker how much we admire her,’” Boehner said while crying.

From 2007 to 2010, Boehner tried to dislodge Pelosi from power, warning that Democrats were pursuing a dangerous and radical agenda.

And Boehner’s crying over Pelosi exposed the fact that in Washington, D.C., establishment figures like Boehner and Pelosi really don’t disagree on much of anything and at the end of the day see themselves as part of the same club.

Republicans slammed Boehner’s performance as symbolic of why conservatives continue to lose ground to Democrats because their leaders are not truly invested in the cause.

“Boehner is a perfect example of why Republicans can’t stand Washington. There are no stakes for the elites. The terrible policies, the support for abortion until birth, the harm caused. None of it matters. It’s just one big cocktail club where they all cry for each other,” RedState writer Bonchie stated.

Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro mocked Boehner as the picture of establishment Republican weakness.

“Boehner crying in tribute to Pelosi while talking about how his daughters are Democrats is a pretty good summation of Republican leadership over the past couple of decades,” Shapiro declared.

“Seriously, try to imagine Nancy Pelosi crying over a John Boehner portrait while announcing to chuckles that her kids are Republicans. You can’t. That’s because many of those elected to represent conservatism can’t even do so in house,” Shapiro added.

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