Dan Crenshaw blurted out one horrible word and then all hell broke loose

RINO Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw found himself on the hot seat.

Crenshaw scrambled to perform damage control.

Dan Crenshaw blurted out one horrible word and then all hell broke loose.

Crenshaw emerged as one of the establishment stalwarts supporting Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House.

In the past, Crenshaw spoke in favor of red flag confiscation laws and supported Joe Biden’s blank check spending in Ukraine.

It was important for Crenshaw to defend McCarthy because the status quo makes his policy priorities easier to pass.

When conservatives blocked McCarthy until they could secure concessions defanging the Swamp and restricting the ability of leadership to ram through trillion-dollar spending bills at the last-minute, Crenshaw smeared them as “terrorists.”

Crenshaw’s smear did not sit well with conservatives.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz slammed Crenshaw for making personal attacks on his colleagues.

“My view is settle down. This will work out and it’ll be fine,” Cruz stated on an episode of his The Verdict podcast. “That kind of overheated rhetoric, calling people ‘terrorists,’ is not terribly conducive to anything resembling Republican unity. It’s not conducive to having strong leadership for the next two years in the House, engaging in vitriol and personal attacks.”

Crenshaw then went on an apology tour on multiple cable news networks to walk back his ugly attack.

“Look, I do not think these people are terrorists to the extent that my colleagues took offense to that,” Crenshaw told Fox News host Neal Cavuto. “I’ve gone up to them and said, ‘of course I didn’t mean it that way.’ We were speaking in terms of a very difficult negotiation where sometimes you use a turn of phrase about not giving into terrorists.”

“The only thing I disagree with them on is how long it could have taken to get to this point,” Crenshaw continued. “This rules package that we’ve agreed on, these processes that we’ve agreed on, these are very agreeable things. They will make it more difficult, but that’s what we want.”

Crenshaw then officially apologized on CNN’s State of the Union by telling host Jake Tapper he did not mean his conservative colleagues negotiating with McCarthy were actually terrorists.

“I’ve got thick skin. I’m called awful, vile things by the very same wing of the Party that I was fighting at that moment. So I was a little taken aback by the sensitivity of it. But to the extent that I have colleagues that were offended by it, I sincerely apologize to them. I don’t want them to think I actually believe they’re terrorists. It’s certainly a turn of phrase that you use in an intransigent negotiation,” Crenshaw declared.

Crenshaw likely meant none of these apologies.

But Crenshaw wants to be the next John McCain and he knows the conservative base rallied behind the McCarthy opponents.

And if Crenshaw wants to run for higher office, he knows he cannot afford to be on their bad side.

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