Dan Crenshaw had this advice for Americans that will leave Joe Biden red with rage

Joe Biden went too far.

Republicans in Washington are beginning to push back.

Now, Dan Crenshaw has this advice for Americans that will leave Joe Biden red with rage.

Joe Biden’s administration rolled out new guidelines – that were not backed by any data or science – recommending that all Americans wear masks.

The Biden administration rolled back the clock to start the pandemic panic porn all over again despite the fact that a vaccine is widely available and deaths from the coronavirus are a fraction of what they were earlier in the pandemic.

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw appeared on Fox News and told the American people they should resist any mask mandates or lockdowns imposed by the Biden administration or state governors.

Crenshaw stated:

Look, the vaccines are actually effective. I actually believe the FDA’s data on this. Not only are they effective, but the FDA still stands by their assertion and their assessment of the data that says that the vaccines here in the United States are effective against transmission including the delta variant.

So the CDC is in direct confrontation with the FDA. I believe the FDA on this one. I think they tend to be more risk averse, and so they tend to get the science a little bit more right, more often. And I think the CDC has been politicized in this case I think from pressure from the administration.

Again, because I think the Democrats love to instill fear in the hearts of Americans. And I think Americans are really sick of this. They’re over it. They’re not gonna comply, and you shouldn’t comply with any more lockdowns, with any more mandates, none of it.

The CDC’s new mask guidelines are confusing and irrational.

If vaccines work, there is no reason for Americans to wear masks.

Joe Biden said as much back in May.

But now the Biden administration is back peddling to push America into permanent state rule by health bureaucrat fiat.

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