The dark side of sanctuary cities no one wants to talk about

The DC-elite and fake news media love to attack President Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration and his calls to secure our border.

At the same time, they defend so-called “sanctuary cities” for “standing up” to federal immigration officials and protecting illegal immigrants from deportation.


  1. The mayors of these sanctuary cities are nothing but communists attempting to take control of the USA! And so are their partners in crime…their governors! This happened in Germany in the 30’s. The communists attempted to take control of the country and it took the Nazis to stop it. Who do we have? Surely not the lame so called Attorney General! He’s such a wimp, he recused himself from the prosecution of that witch. And he did it without hesitation! He needs to go and so does his assistant who hired Mueller, that scumbag! People better wake up before this country goes RED, and I’m not talking about the red states. We’re heading for a dictatorship if this continues!

  2. Yes, get them all out and if they want to come back, they should do it the right way!!!! They are taking over our state with everything free.

  3. I agree it seems the illegals get more consideration and support than the American people do. The sanctuary cities should not get money from the American people to fund the illegals.And if the mayors or governors are breaking the law should be put in jail it`s time to quit talking and enforce the law.And some of these judges that seem to have more power than the president should be fired and if they break the law should be jailed.

  4. When I migrated into this country some 30+ years ago, before I left, I was instructed by the consulate to make sure I make a copy of my green card to show immigration officials I am a legal resident and is allowed to work in USA – in case I am asked anytime anywhere. For awhile I was carrying this in my wallet. So what has changed? When I was processing my citizenship, an agent told me, ” you will be fine. You are paying your taxes faithfully. I am into compassion and such. But one must always follow the law. If stTe government of sanctuary cities do not follow the law of their own land , why should anybody… illegal aliens.. criminals… etc

  5. This situation will not make any difference to the liberal idiots who are determined to do the opposite of what normal people would do.

  6. All sanctuary city officials should be arrested, put in jail with no bail, the charge should be treason !!!
    Aiding and a bedding the enemy, illegal invaders !!!

  7. The KKK, now serves as Mayors in these Sanctuary Cities, they should be arraigned as complicit to the crime of contributing to the murder of mexican nationals.

  8. I’ll bet that the Libs will blame these deaths on Trump.They will claim that his immigration policies are leaving the illegal aliens with no viable alternatives but to sneak into the country in order to reach a “sanctuary” city. I’ve wonder how many sanctuary cities there would be if he matter was put to a vote of their citizens, and not simply made unilaterally by pandering politicians

  9. Those who are suing the state of Texas have no basis for their suit. When they lose their court case they should either follow the law or be put in jail themselves; perhaps 10 or 20 years each (with no reduced sentences) might lead them to a more sober frame of mine.

  10. This is a freak incident. Illegal is illegal. Change the law or obey it. Playing up these seductive incidents just lets them engage us in false issues.

  11. Well this is nothing new as these ILLEGALS will do anything to get here. They have been using Tractor-Trailers for at least 10-15 years that I know of. The people who are hauling these people are getting paid big money and do not care about them. Who owns these rigs?? They must have tags on them and should be able to back tract to the owners and then let the poop fall in their laps. President Trump PLEASE hurry with the WALL and make sure you seal the under ground tunnels that come across the border. there is like 39 of them.

  12. It’s time to hold city mayors and others who are “aiding and abetting violators of federal immigration laws LEGALLY liable for being complicit with law breakers as would any ordinary citizen would be. What gives with their unwarranted legal IMMUNITY? Having to “lawyer up” and spend time in a courtroom facing formal charges would help put an end to their bogus, lofty speeches supposedly “justifying” their legally UNJUSTIFIABLE decisions and behavior!

  13. shut down sanctuary cities build the WALL !@!!! prosecute the people when caught breaking this law !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Please do not fire Sessions! He is getting things done and I believe he will. You know the Swamp will take forever to get someone else. Sessions is a good man, he WILL get things done

  15. The only one guilty here are the Sanctuary Cities. They have blood on their hand, and NO BODY TO BLAME BUT THEMSELF. NO BODY SHOULD HAVE TO SUE LIKE THAT. THIS IS INHUMAN. DOWN WITH THE SANCTUARY CITIES ONCE AND FOR ALL.

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