The dark side of sanctuary cities no one wants to talk about

The DC-elite and fake news media love to attack President Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration and his calls to secure our border.

At the same time, they defend so-called “sanctuary cities” for “standing up” to federal immigration officials and protecting illegal immigrants from deportation.



  1. The mayors of these sanctuary cities are nothing but communists attempting to take control of the USA! And so are their partners in crime…their governors! This happened in Germany in the 30’s. The communists attempted to take control of the country and it took the Nazis to stop it. Who do we have? Surely not the lame so called Attorney General! He’s such a wimp, he recused himself from the prosecution of that witch. And he did it without hesitation! He needs to go and so does his assistant who hired Mueller, that scumbag! People better wake up before this country goes RED, and I’m not talking about the red states. We’re heading for a dictatorship if this continues!

  2. Yes, get them all out and if they want to come back, they should do it the right way!!!! They are taking over our state with everything free.

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