David Hogg revealed what he wants to do to Laura Ingraham and it isn’t pretty

Anti-gun fanatic David Hogg launched a new phase of his attack on conservatives.

He has spent days feuding with Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

And now he revealed what he wants to do to her and you won’t like it one bit.

Hogg demanded advertisers drop Ingraham’s show after the conservative talker mocked him for getting rejected from four colleges.

After three sponsors dropped her, Ingraham offered an apology on twitter.

That wasn’t good enough for the ever-increasingly unhinged and radical Hogg.

Hogg refused to accept her apology and appeared on MSNBC to essentially threaten her career by growling that she needs to be held “accountable.”

Breitbart reports:

“Friday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Parkland survivor and gun control activist David Hogg refused to accept Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s apology for criticizing him on Twitter about not getting into colleges.

Hogg said, “She only apologized after one-third of her advertisers dropped out. She’s gone after LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and multiple other people that she bullied.”

He continued, “When she went to Dartmouth she tried exposing gay individuals at the school by sending in an undercover reporter, and that’s just deplorable. She is a bully and she needs to be held accountable. I don’t care who you are and what title you have, a bully is a bully and they must be held accountable. And I think that’s really what we’re trying to do here.”

He added, “In the same tweet where she apologized to me she tried promoting her show at the same time. I just found that sickening.”

Hogg is employing the classic fascist tactic of bullying corporations into enforcing his political beliefs by strangling the ability of his political opponents to earn a living and speak.

In a supreme irony, Hogg is actually the bully.

Hogg is not content to shred the Second Amendment and spearhead a movement whose goal is gun bans.

He has set his sights on silencing conservative voices and he is going to try and make an example out of Ingraham.


  1. We appreciate your offer Sheldon. But what you need is entertainment. I would prefer to buy you a six pack, large bag of popcorn, and join you watching Laura Ingram kick his butt all over the front lawn.

  2. If you checked the present requirements to purchase a firearm, you would find that Hogg would most likely fail the psychological portion of the regulations. This is why he fights so hard to get rid of them, It is the “if I can’t have one, nobody else should have one”. He has almost all of the trappings of phony fame, he forgot courage, but he has bullying down pat.

  3. If you checked the present requirements to purchase a firearm, you would find that Hogg would most likely fail the psychological portion of the regulations. This is why he fights so hard to get rid of them, It is the “if I can’t have one, nobody else should have one”. He has almost all of the trappings of phony fame, he forgot courage, but he has bullying down pat.

  4. Best thing for this little smug liberal, is to be in the Military! He might grow up…think they can show him the real world…but he probably would soend much time in the ‘Brigg’…(stockade)!
    He is so ignorant…althoigh he thinks he smart..such stupidity…he’s never on TV in the midwest..if he came here,,,his ass would be in the dumps! Come over here you stupid little twit…we will help you grow up to the real world! USA…AMERICA????????????????

  5. Jodi, your brain is in reverse…FOX news does not in anyway promote hate! You ned to grow up, if that’s possible! Your ignorance really pops out., Grow up, of possible! Its people like you that are the problem..stupidty & immature! You have no idea of responsibility! Your liberalism ranks within your STUPIDITY. I have a suggestion for you…Join the Military…you just might learn something…maybe!

  6. A Mule would be a better choice.. I just cannot believe they are still covering this little Dip$hit…!! But then most everybody knows Now that MSM is all Bilderberg controlled ///here and in Europe..!!!

  7. Black Lives Matter hate his skinny White ass. They will beat he crap out of him. Let’s see if that changes his world view, then.

  8. You’re right. But I wouldn’t give the delicate little flower a rifle, knowing how he hates guns. Maybe he can clear minefields, instead.

  9. Have you noticed that they only try and limit, or take away guns completely from the average Citizen, but can’t really muster up the courage to disarm the gangs like MS13, the Crips, the Bloods, or for that matter, the Mob? Do you see them breaking the balls of 1 per center Biker Clubs like the Sons of Silence, or the Outlaws? No. There is a reason for that. Because these hero-types know that these people will shoot back, and for the most part, are better armed than they are. So, instead of going after them, they break your chops, instead.

  10. All the Rental Car Companies, Avis, Hertz, and Enterprise all dropped doing business with the NRA, and its members. So, rent cars from somewhere else, or take your own cars on that road trip.

  11. Really? You heard that he’s 24 years old? The scumbag has the body build, and mentality, of a 13 year old. Apparently, this guy will never pass through puberty. His parents should stop feeding him GMOs.

  12. Every Shooter was a Liberal, Democrat, or Progressive, or came from those families, like Kleibold and Harris, of Columbine, did. So, basically, what they are saying is that these people aren’t too tightly wrapped, and cannot be trusted with firearms, so then we should disarm every Leftist in the Country. Blaming the NRA for all the shootings is like blaming the AAA Club for DWIs, Speeding, and Reckless Driving. That makes about the same sense, yet no one ever brings this up.

  13. Every Shooter was a Liberal, Democrat, or Progressive, or came from those families, like Kleibold and Harris, of Columbine, did. So, basically, what they are saying is that these people aren’t too tightly wrapped, and cannot be trusted with firearms, so then we should disarm every Leftist in the Country. Blaming the NRA for all the shootings is like blaming the AAA Club for DWIs, Speeding, and Reckless Driving. That makes about the same sense, yet no one ever brings this up.

  14. Yes, with the temper he has shown he will be the next one to go over the edge. He is nothing more than one of the entitled, spoiled little snowflakes trying to act like a man. He fails.

  15. You could put his brain in a hummingbird and it would suck a mule ass for a morning glory . He doesn’t have a clue

  16. THIs little Hogg might want to watch his back, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming and you know “whats for dinner” at a lot of folks homes.

  17. Hell he wasn’t even THERE. He rode his BICYCLE there after the fact. Someone needs to slap him silly and pass it on to his moronic little friends.

  18. I have a question, Hogg is made out to be some sort of survivor, he was reported that he was not even in school the day of the shooting, question is; who tipped him off and was he in on it or knew what was going to happen that day? I for one do not believe in coincidence and he is just wacko enough to do whatever it takes to get in the limelight. I smell a conspiracy that could involve Hogg and other democrats that will stoop to no lengths to push gun control. Seems that several of the shooters since Columbine to present have had liberal or democrat backgrounds

  19. His mother who works for CNN ! He’s not lived enough years to do of his own with true merit ! Still in the punkish years of his life ! And of course his daddy is an ex-FBI !

  20. I have heard that it’s good business to: “HIRER A 17 YEAR OLD WHILE HE STILL KNOWS EVERYTHING”???? His Agenda follows the C’s the big O’s and the DCCC AGENDA????

  21. HOGG NEEDS TO HAVE HIS PANSY LILLY WHITE ASS KICKED IN PUBLIC. THE LITTLE SNOWFLAKE PECKER HEAD WOULD BE NOTHING BUT TEARS crying for mommy. I’d love to send my 8 yr old Grandson down to FL to do it. I’m sure he’s getting paid quite a bit to keep his BS going. he’s the kid that’s always being beaten up in school because his mouth is bigger than his body. he’s a PUNK.

  22. I would be interested in finding out who in the liberal movement is providing him with his information. Every time I read something written by him my one though is who actually wrote this stuff and is using him as their mouth peace, thinking they can get more mileage if people think the information is coming from a teen.

  23. When civil war starts his pathetic self will be hiding or one the 1st casualties CNN and msnbc are worse

  24. If he was 3 miles away and the shots were in the school he would not have heard the shots and the bully he is did he bully Cruz and cause him be the shooter

  25. David Hogg is a child! Was has been said about children? They should be seen and not heard! An 18 year old high school student cannot be all that knowledgeable about anything significant.

  26. I prescribe a serious spanking. A seriously thick belt ,, board, or maybe a 1/2 inch diameter switch should work nicely. I Volunteer.

  27. So the little puss was picked on bu bullies, thats hos problem, he’s a puss, why do you say Laura is a bully, she is a commentator, thats her job, he’s the one that jumped into something he was not part of. Were you bullied too, so what, Laura is doing her job, your a puss too.

  28. Agree, he needs a mental evaluation, he’s a liar,a psychotic lunatic and dangerous to society…

  29. Howard he wasn’t at the school when his classmates were murdered. He rode his bike 3 miles to get there. Why wasn’t he at school? Was he fortwarned?

  30. The hogg is a danger to society. This punk is the kind that gets a gun and goes off the deep end. He needs mental help.


  32. David Hogg clearly has some serious anger issues. I suspect he is angry at his father and he probably got his way all his life. He started out with tantrums, and progressed from there. He clearly never heard the word “No” from mommy or daddy. This young man had aspirations of a career in journalism like mommy. He is actually exploiting the real victims of this attack, (the dead, wounded, and families), to force a college to give him a scholarship to advance Hogg’s own ambitions.

  33. So, let ve anything out of any liars mouth..this right? Boss Hogg is not even in that school? he Graduated LAST YEAR? so those turn downs from those collages we`re from past app? Why, ( FBI, Cia, connections) with a 4.1 he can`t even get into a Junior collage? He, Hogg, doesn`t tell the truth… Can`t believe anything that comes out of his mouth..

  34. With a name Hogg, I’m sure he would be a good spokesperson for ISIS. Snorts and smells like one. Punky pig!

  35. &&& There will be No Evaluation Until > AFTER he ‘pulls the trigger’ & has Plenty ACCESS at Home via fbi/cnn Parents. This is ‘crazy’ ‘stuff’. whew ___

  36. From a Young<<< person. Since WHEN does ANY Country take Policy for EX: from a Hogg. 0inck. 0inck. & no No disrespect to a true hog. Bacon is Tastee Meat Candy.

  37. His comment about getting back at her for being a bully,”She is a bully and she needs to be held accountable. I don’t care who you are and what title you have, a bully is a bully and they must be held accountable. And I think that’s really what we’re trying to do here.” That pretty much says it all doesn’t it, he isn’t there for the gun grabbers, it’s a national platform that is allowing him to go after anyone he doesn’t like. Time for him to go away now.

  38. &&& Isn’t IT Amazing, so much media including FOX would give so much Attention to ‘programmed’ Smack.

  39. Hogg calls others BULLIES, hmmmmm, maybe he didn’t get into those colleges because he is not as smart as he thinks, or maybe he just doesn’t know the definition of bully.

  40. Regardless of who said what,what David Hogg blares out ,this snot nose needs to get back to basics and learn that he does not have the brains or the wisdom to know what he is talking about. My suggestion would be that he shuts his mouth, take some courses in Government, History and Humanities and learn that he is being used by Mr Soros and his anti American Mafia to villify the Constitution and the freedam of the American Citizens that made and still make this country great and allow him to go to school and get an education and show respect for veterans his elders that know what they are talking about. So open your ears fat head

  41. This 17 year old “punk” is not spewing out his own thoughts and words (or maybe they are now after he heard them), they are being fed to him. Does he think that only liberals have the right to free speech? Laura was only stating facts. And, the fact he didn’t accept her apology, speaks volumes. He thinks she’s a bully? He needs to look in the mirror and he will really see one. He is being used and doesn’t even realize it. Wake up, David, and think about what kind of country you want to live in. What you are speaking of “ain’t” pretty.

  42. This 17 year old “punk” is not spewing out his own thoughts. They are being fed to him, basically. Does he think that the left is the only group that has free speech? And, he thinks Laura is a bully? He needs to look into a mirror and he can see the real “bully”. He is so arrogant with all his “talk”. Laura stated the facts, and what she said does bring questions to mind as to WHY you ere turned down for college. Little David needs to get his history book, (evidently they aren’t teaching American History anymore) and read it instead of trying to create problems and keep them going!

  43. Hogg, everyone finds you nauseating. You are an ignorant, revolting punk kid. A disgrace to the really fine teens who are quality US citizens making positive, beneficial contributions to America. You have nothing of value to contribute right now. Examine yourself so you can improve yourself.

  44. This kid, I heard he is 24yrs. old is disgusting. He is bullying Laura and should apologize to her. Where is the list of sponsors as I will drop them ASAP. This whole situation is getting completely out of control. I have permit to carry, and have guns in home and being 71 yrs of age, i say to this young punk “bring it on”…..

  45. Laura has more smarts in her little finger that this spoiled brat does in his entire body. He needs to go out behind the barn and get his comeuppance.

  46. Absolutely, this kid Hogg (appropriate name) is a bully supported by the big left media and corporations. Laura only repeated what he already posted on social media; and if he didn’t want it out there, he shouldn’t posted it himself. And yes, he was whining about it. He’s only 17 but if he’s going to put himself out there in the public spotlight, then he must allow himself to open to criticism. If he doesn’t accept that, then he should keep quiet. Here are sponsors that pulled ads from Laura’s show; buy from their competitors.

    Stitch Fix Expedia
    Jenny Craig Bayer AG
    Hulu ATT
    Way Fair Allstate
    Trip Advisor Arbys
    Nutrish Sleep Number
    Stelera Miracle Ear
    Nestle Liberty Mutual

    Laura is out this week. Let’s let her have a job to come back to. She needs us.

  47. Little “hogghead” is the one who is sickening and, no doubt, “sick-in-the-head” as evidenced by his hard left liberalism. He has been well coached by his former FBI demented liberal daddyo!

  48. If he was at home during the shooting and did not get to school until after the fact, why in the world are they still calling him a survivor. People, he was not at school while the shooting was happening. He can not therefore be a survivor. Unless, being a survivor means you hide out in your safe bedroom three miles or more away from the incident. David Hogg did not survive anything except maybe the bike ride. And, tell me how many 18 year olds do not have a care to go places. I doubt that he could even pedal a bike 1 mile much less 3.

  49. LAURA, please don’t apologized. You have done nothing wrong. Screw the sponsors that withdrew-they are the ones losing. We, the millions are watching your show everyday-while the HOGG is a nobody and nobody of us your supporters are even bothering to pay attention to this kid’s drivel.

  50. David Hogg is drunk with power. He’s unhinged and thinks he can control but all he’s doing is hurting people. He’s arrogant, rude, demanding and stupid. That’s a very dangerous combination. I don’t like him and I don’t trust him. The little turd spent the dangerous time locked in a closet. He’s a liar and a snow flake bought and paid for by someone – Soros, liberals, Democrats??? Something isn’t right with his story and in time, someone is going to spill the beans on this fraud.

  51. If his real mentality is as he presents him self, he is just as capable of doing the same as the shooter did at Parkland. All this talk, rightfully so, about mentality being a problem , this kid should be the first to be looked at , as trouble in the future.
    Or will the FBI just sweep it under the rug , until a tragedy occurs.

  52. There is a lot of questions as to where he actually was during the shooting. Where are the investigating reporters looking at this “KID” !!!!

  53. Obvious this kid has a lot of backing from liberals , as well as many loose screws.
    I say to the media , quit giving him a platform to air his vileness .
    Other young kids should not get the idea , that they can do what this KID is attempting.

  54. I would like to see Laura retract her apology. But that won’t happen. Just wish she had not apologized to begin with. I now have the sponsors list posted on my wall, to cease doing any business with.

  55. this fool pick on a lady tell him to take his snow flake ass and pick on real men little Obama pos

  56. Heard he ‘jumped on his bicycle’ when he heard about the shooting. Just had to get there to put his “stamp” on it.

  57. What an absolute vile person. Bet HE was the campus bully. We should be hearing about about the ROTC student who lost his life while helping people to safety. About the ROTC students that led their friends to safety and how to protect themselves…… None of them our spouting 4 letter words… dancing on the graves of those that died that day. Contact Laura Ingrahms sponsors… don’t let a few sitting in a basement sending out thousands of faux statements .. can’t retweet the brown shirt Hogg’s tweet. Go after something that really allowed this shooter in the school…. the OBUMO PROMISE PROGRAM.

  58. Gene, Ingraham did not “bring out” that fact, HOGG, himself, did!! She merely commented on that fact. So, why would Hogg complain about something it was OK to say??

  59. Hey Dopey Just because she brought out the fact that 4 colleges rejected you , Proves your a dope ! So shut your FFFFFFing mouth and go piss some where else !

  60. Laura I. retract your apology!! you owe this Nazi hog nothing!!!
    on your next show, demand that he be required to ware his Nazi SS uniform at all times. So he can be readily recognized at On T.V on the Street or in School !!!!! as a bully a creep and a NAZI SS PUNK!!!

  61. HOGG is a hog all right that should be required to wear his NAZI SS uniform any time he appears on T.V. so we all know what he is. a Nazi pig as his name implies !!!
    he’s also a 16 yr old brat that needs a good spanking and sent to reform school for his threats to FOX NEWS!! no one should ever apologize to this nasty incorrigible brat!!! that knows nothing of politics and is just being used by the left as a dupe!!! that’s right Hogg, your just a convenient idiot to them!! you SS Nazi fool!!!

  62. Hog is not in controll. Hes just an identifiable talking head poster child. Major media is in controll. All these major movements are BS. Who will eventually pull the curtain and reveal what is really at stake here. Frank Zappa warned us years ago about media, government and Hollywood. Its not adding up. Womens Movement never made sense. Unless you want to package the BS propaganda and send it to third world countries to help women there. Then here comes the Me Too Movement. What a totally controlled joke. The one single disgusting industry implodes on itself then tries to blame men outside ugly Hollywood. Its as though these actors had it in their contract to go out as millionares for a cause. What a great mutifaceted way of cycling out high paid actors. Crisis actors and Hog need to be explained to the public and should not exist. Polls are crooked. Everybody should know that by now. The Boston marathon crisis actors were over the top and we are just numb and dum to it. Every tragedy lately has had a slue of unanswered questions. Second shooter at Parkland? Officers ordered to stand down?? Come on ! How can it be no discussion about Seth Rich, Rich Torn ,John Ash? Are you kidding me? In the same month murdered or suspiciously
    died? Hahahaha
    The problem is dishonest major media. Correct media with checks and balances and the Hogs stay in the pen where they belong.

  63. &&& did u see the raw footage of him ‘whispering’ an account when event was happening ??? rite away, i thought – you’re kidding me.wow. No way – if hogg WAS IN Real Event, would he be’ whispering’ an account . So effin Fake. Make me vitriolic.

  64. So for they have killed 60+ million babies, what are a few teenagers to the progressive left if it meets agenda

  65. Yes Karen, ‘the sons of Soros’, are clearly ‘indoctrinated’ & there is N0 ‘probably’ about it. &&& ‘young kushner et al’
    have associations. i say no more.__

  66. You couldn’t have said it better. This bully needs to be held accountable. He needs to be put on radar., and monitored if school shootings are to be stopped. He could be the next shooter

  67. 0u weee = rite on. Thnx Karen. ‘specially’ re mom & dad.
    E’0ne = Read this. & Mucho info to back it. (now buried in m pc)

  68. And what’s worst, even liberal UCLA rejected him. He will end up in a junior college, and they won’t put up with his stuff

  69. Hey Karen, ‘red flag’ etc. Surprised me as well.(but not really)
    Sooo Now ‘we’ Know the Real Deal w/this site. HAHA HAAA –
    i flushed ‘them ‘out of the pocket, so to speak. haha haaa.

  70. Someone needs to investigate this Little Dip$hit I don’t believe he was even at the School possibly not even in Florida. Has his School Records been verified? Read he was living in California?

  71. PROVE IT, howard. (especially After his(hoggs) remarks 0n video.
    You Need New Sources of Info, Not msm.

  72. ‘H’ Is an 0ngoing Lost Cause.(troll) & ‘Wiring’ seems not Capable
    of Real Factoids. 0R, perhaps just not Enough Research to
    Know the Truth.(especially Before inking Comments).

  73. Surely the old bastard can’t be around much longer but his sons unfortunately will probably take up right where he leaves off. What a shame his wife wasn’t on birth control. Like the ipatriot article said, GIVE HIM TO RUSSIA!

  74. Rite, if this kid Is All IT Takes > for Advertisers to cutt off ( the Truth) then we ‘know’ Exactly the Agenda the Advertisers Support.
    > Quite an Expose’, i must say. wow / oops & Yikesmeister.

  75. Sorry, but people have VERY short memories. That’s why on election day we keep re-electing the same career politicians that have been screwing us for years.

  76. David Hogg revealed what he wants to do to Laura Ingraham and it isn’t pretty


  77. Same is true for that malevolent son of Lucifer George Soros. The world would definitely be a much better place if Soros hadn’t made it out of the birth canal alive.


  78. Yes, the world would not have suffered any loss if Hogg hadn’t navigated the birth canal successfullly.

  79. i saw the video of him saying that. Left wing msm media Totally Ignoring that video. the Dems have found a ‘punk mind -controlled’
    kid to further The ‘AGENDA’. Not Good <

  80. Serious ISSUES w/ this kid & parents. He is ‘mentored’. & ‘protected’ by left wing mainstream media. This is dangerous

  81. If the students at Hogg’s high school had the courage they would come out and let the world know that he was a bully in his high school. Courage is all it takes and once a bully gets called out he or she goes into hiding.

  82. In addition to psycho analysis, please Consider ‘wiring’ in
    Project Monarch. Due DD re Project Monarch.

  83. DAVID HOGG ~ This kid scares me…
    “Excessive attention seeking is not a character flaw. It is a brain wiring response to early developmental trauma caused by neglect.[3] The developing brain observes its environment and wires itself accordingly to survive in that world that it presumes will be like those experiences.[4] Newborns are extremely dependent on getting their mother’s attention for survival. The more their needs are neglected during early development the more the child equates getting attention with survival and safety.[5] In turn, the more he or she develops the belief system that it is necessary to go to whatever lengths to get attention.”
    “Some people need excessive attention and get it by behaving inappropriately. It could be due to lowered self-esteem, a lack of self-confidence, low levels of self-worth or self-love or feeling insecure. Some may seek positive attention by creating situations in which they hope to be praised, thanked or admired; Some perhaps are not bothered about the quality of attention they get, just so long as they get it, and so will elicit negative attention perhaps by making a scene in public, getting over-indignant about a trivial matter, causing heads to turn and tongues to wag. Some seek out sympathy by always having something to complain about. If you care for someone whose actions are plainly done to get others to take notice and react, it’s important to consider what’s motivating them. If it is a one-off, it might be a sign of tiredness or a reaction to pressures and stress. If the behaviour is persistent or goes beyond what one might normally expect, it can be a sign of an underlying mental health issue.”

    “An article by Billi Gordon Ph.D in Psychology Today asserts that: “Excessive attention seeking is not a character flaw. It is a brain wiring response to early developmental trauma caused by neglect.” The article goes on to describe attention-seeking in terms of brain function, with the conclusion that it cannot be fixed, but it can be managed.”

  84. Agree, he has murdered his own life…
    No reputable college will want him because he smells like trouble…

  85. Glad you have gone on record: “…a bully is a bully and must be held accountable.” That includes you. People have long memories. You have cooked your goose.

  86. He reminds me of a white Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. He is just a new type of “Shakedown Man”.

  87. AMEN J.T., He has risen to the point that he believes he is above everyone else and has more knowledge of politics than others. He’s no more than a brainless ‘NAZI YOUTH’ that has been brainwashed by the Anti-Gun Liberals. I wonder who his ‘handler’ is and who is writing his propaganda speeches ! ! ? HOGG needs to be put back in his place !

  88. He is living proof of why we need gun control for some people because the next move he may make when he is not satisfied with his selfish demands because he is drunk with power now – will be to pick up a gun and go after her. He IS the argu-ment b]for background checks and at this point I wonder if HE COULD pass one himself. he certainly has become the media HOGG !

  89. Hogg face was not even at the school at the time of the shooting form the latest intel. Now it seems Hogg face was either a friend of the shooter Cruz and was warned or he is on Soro’s payroll. He has admitted that he rode his bike 3 miles to get to school after he heard about the shooting. (Must be too immature to own a car) This twit is just a lying piece off useless garbage….waiting for more info.

  90. hey hogg why don’t you do yourself a favor and the rest of AMERICA AS WELL and get yourself killed ,oh i forgot you already almost did lol do a better job next time.you want to be a hero jump in front of the guy killing your fellow students take a bullet for them prove how much of a man you are instead of showing what a whiny little punk you really are.

  91. Who gives a hoot what that little sh$tstain has to say he is an opportunist little power trip hungry freak he is and Liar to boot he wasn’t at that school shooting in the first place meanwhile this stain is taken time away from someone who was.

  92. He is another get rid of 2 amendment that is getting his 15 min of fame.
    I like all of your programs and I feel sorry for all of your sponsers that have knee jerk emotions and think that this is going to boost sales I for one will cut way back on these weak pc correct jump at removing their name from you ,well this could back fire wait until he has to make a living and get a job no one will hire him just like the colleges that won’t admit him He is a know it all and you don’t know anything.
    Remember he is CNN news not FOX

  93. I have had enough of this little backward Nazi. Who’s the bully here? It is you Hogg. Please Corporations, no one is listening to Hogg or the major networks who are pushing his phony agenda. There is only one opinion and it is his. No one should be subjected to his threats.

  94. Sorry but that’s a stupid comment and even alittle hurtful! I do not support the kid at all but saying his Dad left because of him? Seriously Also if you think about your comments and if you believe them that means his father was a quitter and a loser! Please everyone reading this believe that I am a proud American and support the 2nd Amendment 100%

  95. What a fake ass little pussy he is! He needs to shut the hell up he is a kid what the hell does he know? But I will say he has found fame in the media lmfao! So now he is some sort of hero and that’s sad!

  96. David Hogg is just another “Fake News” pupet. He tries to be tough but he knows not what a real man is. Look behind the curtain and see who’s pulling his strings. MSNBC has lower ratings than a French bakers podcast. So all six of their viewers saw Hogg speak. Wow! Pitiful, just pitiful. Does he have any brothers or sisters? I’d be down at the courthouse changing my name, if he were my brother!

  97. David Hogg is a spoon-fed liberal puppet well indoctrinated with liberal garbage. Time to grow up. Study the issue and the facts, then contribute an intelligent dialogue. Temper tantrums don’t cut it. Threats don’t cut it, they land you in jail.

  98. Really Howard, Hogg wasn’t even in school. Yes, he is a whiny kid. Feel sorry for the students that was in lock down and pray for the families that lost love ones. Laura didn’t bully him. Just spoke the truth like he did by tell every one that he was rejected by 4 schools. His SAT score wasn’t high enough to be accepted.

  99. has anyone told Laura that HOGG was NOT at the school when the shooting occured and he showed up after and started interviewing with everyone.
    I saw that on here earlier today.

  100. David Hogg, you did make this statement; “I don’t care who you are and what title you have, a bully is a bully and they must be held accountable.” It is you, D Hogg that is bullying and by your own words need to be held accountable. You are responsible for all your own actions.

  101. WOW! If you haven’t seen “do not pervert david hoggs name” at ipatriot- go there! It won’t let me put it on here. I take back saying he’s a high school student on here earlier!

  102. Laura, the truth will never hurt you so stand up and fight back against David Hogg. Hopefully, your sponsor’s will have the courage and the guts to support you in the fight against David Hogg. He can’t handle the truth. He reminds me of a immature spoiled brat with no class.

  103. I was never able to get that kind of attention because someone hurt my feelings! I still can’t. Letting children run basically politics is a very bad road to go down.

  104. WHY the hell are the big bro tv moguls even entertaining him? do the math!
    he def is what you say but where does the major fault lie? no one today should even know his name. he does not own any tv stations? this is a crazy culture.

  105. This kid is nothing but an “actor” He is from Calif, and was purposely put in the Parkland HS knowing ahead of time that a staged shooting would take place. The kid already was caught lying saying he was in class one day, the next day he “rode his bike”
    3 miles to school and got there before the police. Wake up people!! This is a completely staged event to go after our guns

  106. He’s a snot nosed little shi# that needs to get his ass kicked. Whats that punk kid going to do if some M13 guys show up on his doorstep? Slap them or run to his computer to complain about them. In this day and age anyone living without a gun in their homes are crazy. I don’t know what advertisers dropped her, but I’m going to check it out and go after them on my 16 web sites. Idiots being pushed around by a high school kid. Thats pathetic.

  107. He is nothing if he is not a hate monger and a little brown shirt thug. I hope some one puts him in his place which is a nursery for brain washed infants!

  108. If this kid is all that it takes to get an advertiser to cut off someone reporting the truth, then I think we need a list of them so we can cut them off where it really matters. Defending the 2nd Amendment is paramount to being a citizen of the US and a freedom lover who would be ready to defend their freedoms if called upon.

  109. I believe that if you really trace all the “school” shootings you will find a Dem-o-RAT!!!! They are happening much more often & with more “stage” like makeup…. The school cops not going in the to defend our kids letting more be killed then there should have been…(1 was to many) The stand down order given by the higher ups all done to allow more death & for GREATER headlines…. The dems will do whatever it takes to get their way….Killing kids well it’s all for the greater good as long as they get what they want!!! Sick & evil people they are but be scared of a conservative. We want you to earn your living legally & live your life how you want with freedom….. We are a scary bunch????aren’t we……

  110. I’m with you 100% ! This has Hilary, Globalist, deep state , George Soros, The FBI, in which Hogg’s father could have any connection or knowledge about the shooter as is the entire town who knew the mental case Nickolas Cruz was ready to explode. Hogg for his age is way too far knowledgeable for his own good! It’s freaky!

  111. Little Nazi bastard needs a swift kick in the balls and an attitude adjustment ! he’s a waste of Oxygen !

  112. Little Nazi bastard needs a swift kick in the balls and an attitude adjustment ! he’s a waste of Oxygen !

  113. David Hogg is a NAZI. He is backed by George Soros, Nazi. His mom is some kind of person at CNN so he has a studio whenever he wants.

    We must support Laura and Fox, as he will be back attacking another Fox personality and eventually the whole network.

    He is the spokeskid for the Left and is dangerous. He displays well on tv, he spouts the noise the left loves, just like Hitler did.

  114. Ho hum — Just another SPOILED brat. Perhaps someday he’ll wise up — many others have :^) He’s so far off first base that people think he’s playing right field. In time, these wayward children usually rejoin society. Let’s hope so !!

  115. Your scenario leads to another thought; could it be that the left somehow orchestrated the shooting; having pigbreath in the background waiting to push him to the frontlines of their continuing battle against gun owners?
    Just a thought!

  116. I certainly agree with you on that. that silly Hogg guy I have heard was not even a student at that school but was an actor from Los Angeles trying to make it big. Laura Ingraham should not have buckled under. That is what they want and she sure should not have apologized. I too want to know who canceled their contracts with her show as they will be on my do not buy list if they are not already.


  118. Wayfair, Nutrish by Rachel Ray, TripAdvisor, Nestlé are a few I can remember. I cancelled and cut up my Wayfair credit card ????

  119. I just had a thought! This “HOGGWASH” said he was a survivor,t he also said that he was not at or in the school during the shooting. He came RIGHT after and has been the focal point.It seems that the “arrival” was timed to be just as cnn and their crew with statements already printed for the “nazihog” to read. it is as if he was already programmed and had warning to stay away until he was needed. Could there have been a forewarning from the “FBI” ???? The federal blunders incorporated???? Reading back of all the stories, could there be COLLUSION ????? Liberal social communist demo-rats !!!

  120. Hogs, my friend, are very intelligent animals! A lot more intelligent than this jackass hog! He needs to get his butt kicked until next week! What a RETARDED JERK!

  121. This little snot needs to grow up! He is pushing to limit guns, while he and everyone else knows, that the problem was with the Sheriff and FBI. If action would of been taken this disaster would of been prevented. Sounds like his parents have not taught him respect!

  122. He might have learned something if he had watched Fox News. He is just a brainwashed little twit that does not know his butt from a hole in the ground. Jodi you might learn something if you watched Fox news instead of the fake news that Hogg keeps appearing on. This young man is so uninformed it is frightening to think he will be of voting age in a year. I think that they need to raise the voting age to 21 so these snowflakes get a chance to grow up. He also needs a good history lesson about the Nazis and the Holocaust. The 2nd amendment is there for his protection also. He is just too brainwashed by the left to see it.

  123. would like the names of all firms who came out against Laura–time we stop doing business with them

  124. Howard,
    Hogg has entered the realm of politics. When that occurred, he opened himself up for criticism. If he can dish it out, he better be able to take it!
    There’s multiple videos where he’s being caught red-handed lying about his whereabouts when the shooting began! Those are FACTS.
    According to reports;
    He had a “GPA of either 4.1 or 4.2! Depending on who was reporting.
    He also had an SAT of only 1200!
    According to many colleges and universities, a competitive score of at least 1400+ is needed for acceptance.
    I believe our Republic will withstand a few more lies by Hogg, before he fades away into obscurity!

  125. he looks and acts like those dicaTORS IN sOUTH aMERICA AND IN asia. Time to make his Father and Mother responsible for his actions. I understand he is under 18 years of age

  126. We should all contact the companies that come out against Laura and let them know they will no longer have our business. The dark state stooges do not speak for the people in out country. The executives who fall for this bull are not very smart and do not deserve the fat salaried the receive.

  127. His swearing and vindictiveness puts him light years further than most 17 year olds. I am fearful that there are more hate-filled “children” out there who are victims of an irresponsible school system. One can have an opinion, but he takes no prisoners. I’d hate to encounter him in a few years! They’ve created a Frankenstein!

  128. Hoggwash is a little brat that daddy should take a belt to, but being s wimpy FBI agent, you know that won’t happen! Hoggwash is already a stinking Commie, no doubt will be looking to get a seat with the other Commies like Whip Dick Schumer and the WickedWitch of the West Pelosi!

  129. yes, and as a non eligle person and a person who has gotten a few companies to withdraw their support needs to get a problem of all cancelled education in all colleges–he can not vote–nor is he eleiglble to do anything –as out lined in the constitution

  130. Hogghead is a pathetic little weasel. He charges people with exactly what he does, denouncing people with different viewpoints. What a little idiot in our midst.

  131. The lad should know about being a bully. He conducts himself just like a bully. Loud and profanity laced diatribe without a complete thought with multiple f-words in each sentence. A total display of ignorance and immaturity. If he’s the hero he thinks he is, he would engage in useful and factual debate. His handlers really are doing a poor job of using him.

  132. Ingraham is just a paragon of love and virtue.

    Hogg should thank the Baby Jesus that someone is speaking up in order to help his wayward self.

  133. I agree w/ you! He is the BULLY!! Also ,,is he truly only 17? He looks much older…maybe 27!! He sounds to me like a DICTATOR.

  134. To Bob and Chris,
    Google this;
    *”72 dead and over 200 injured when the Boston Massachusetts National Guard tried to confiscate private citizens weapons!”*
    This occurred in either 2013 or 2014.
    Lastly, the *”National Guard Retreated!”*

  135. Hogg has the intelligence of a hog and is nothing but a brainwashed liberal who knows nothing about guns, liberty or love for his country. He should be drafted and forced to learn what responsibility and patriotism is all about. However, the military does not need ignorant snowflakes, so he is on his own.

  136. One can tell, by his actions and language, Hogg[wash] is NOT religious. Could be he’s of a religion that doesn’t believe in God!

  137. Where did this man child learn to be so hateful and ugly? Somewhere in his life he was exposed to thisb behavior and uglyness. This didn’t just happen. He was raised to think and act like this. Perhaps his admissions packets to his first 4 universities exposed some of his warped thinking. That is why he was turned down. He is an ugly young man who needs help.

  138. Hoggie, you’ve most certainly been a Reject from the very start, so your stamping&crying for Revenge is expected. Ha!

  139. Counseling? He needs a lot of swift kicks in the ass! This libTURD needs his ass kicked!! I’d love the job!

  140. Very TRUE …. hoggy will reap exactly what he sows I give it a month or so and these foolish companies that caved to this little hitler $hit will be sorry.

  141. I, along with many others, are wondering if his father, a former FBI agent, doesn’t have something to do with “Hogg[wash]’s ability to get his face ALL over the MSM’s!?!?!

  142. Mia, apparently his parents did a terrible job in raising this foul mouthed jerk, so you are right, he definitely needs some mental counseling.

  143. He was home when he got the information.
    Then he jumped on his bike, with his camera, and rode three miles to school as fast as possible!
    In other videos, he was in a science class when the shooting began!
    Evidently, he can’t make up his mind!

  144. The media continue to refer to David Camera Hogg as a Parkland student survivor. But did he not admit he was not a school during the massacre? He was somewhere off campus?

    There is something about this wacko is just not adding up.

  145. After seeing pictures of the hogg with his right arm extended in as a salute I could only think of another vile person that when that whack job raised his arm like the hogg did, the crowd responded with “seig hiel, seig heil.

  146. He is just a tool of the Communist liberal left. just give it a little while and they’ll throw him under the bus, and then he can join “black lives matter” If they’ll have him.

  147. Laura is speaking for America- she is doing her job, duhhh… And Laura met someone who is giving her a run for her money? OMG, give me a break, lol. Let me quote you here- “HE IS IN HIGH SCHOOL.” He’s mad because she said he was turned down by four colleges, huh, I wonder why?

  148. I hope the FBI is keeping an eye on him.he might be the next sick person go8ng to lose it. Mr Nelson our senator is to blame for that. But he wants to be re elected. Shows up every 6 years before the election.

  149. I challenge these companies since they re willing to do as ha asks to promote him to be CEO of their respective companies after all they believe he is that smart that they are willing to follow his advise. Three cheers for Laura.

  150. If he touches one hair on her head, he will have to cope with me. One other thing, had we not won WWII, Hitler would have eliminated him He did not like people like him. Nor did he like Jews.

  151. yes yes yes england98,,,,,,this kid is a tool of the left,,,,,we love you Laura,,,keep doing what your doing
    A deplorable is writing this ,,,let’s stick together
    Trump your the best, with you in office we will MAGA

  152. I would agree he fits in just perfect with Obama!! He is the BULLY,No Doubt!! He’s a kid that is being given power by the left and the biased, lieing, Trump hating media!! Hogg doesn’t realize that what he reaps he will also sow!! That is a Spiritual Law from GOD!! God doesn’t like ugly and He sure doesn’t like Pride. Hogg will find out before he’s done with his bully tactics against Conservatives and law abiding citizens that hatred isn’t the right approach!!

  153. Draft this kid in the Army and send him to the hottest part of the world to fight the Isis. This will earn his citizenship of this great country. Thousands of men died in the Military Service in order for this little Punk to attack the rights of men to bear arms for their protection. Guys like him should be serve the military in order to learn to love this great
    Country. AMERICA is my adopted country and I served the Military to earned my U.S. Citizenship. General Douglas MacArthur used to say, “If he is the enemy, Shoot the Bastard”

  154. Here the thing. The Dems. want to take our guns plain enough, but be warn if they are able to try and take guns. There will be a blood bath worst than were ever seen, and that would be the end of the USA.

  155. The 11 companies were listed in today’s newspaper. Pretty soon there will only be conservative companies and liberal companies. No one from the other side will buy anything from them. (sarcasm)

  156. Too easy. You have someone pushing back at you so he must be a plant. Couldn’t be sincere. Has to be liberal, conservatives would never have any ideas. He WAS in school. That story was debunked shortly after it was written but doing that would not support your anti liberal bias. Funny thing is that this was not a school in a liberal area. I bet some of the kids and their parents are quite conservative but still want something done. You motto of never trust him tells so much about you. Never trust anyone with an opinion different from your own. SAD

  157. Funny but he doesn’t seem to losing at all. And of course he is looking for attention. What do you think Laura is seeking by being on television. Of course he has an agenda, to make schools safer. Is that really so bad? And he’s not a whiny little child. He is in high school and quite articulate. The fact that Laura might have met someone who is giving her a run for her money. She got nasty to him and his classmates and he hit back. What’s your problem with that? Or do you think that these kids who went through the trauma should just shrink back into the shadows? What if it was your school or your kid’s school? How would you feel then?

  158. So pushing back at a bully now makes you a bully? I don’t think so. All he did was tell all that were following him to contact the companies and tell them their thoughts. The companies (11 of them) decided that what this woman was doing was not in the best interests of the company and pulled out. That isn’t fascist at all. That’s just disseminating information and letting people do what they will. Sounds quite democratic to me.

  159. “All” the talking the little punk is doing is for attention, one word told the whole purpose of his attack on Laura, he called her deplorable, he’s another poor pouting Hitlery fan that can’t accept losing! The heartbreaking loss of life of the students is being used by him. He’s a whiny little child and hell no she should NEVER have to apologize to him. Go Laura, I LOVE your show!

  160. After 9/11, people who weren’t there but pretended to be survivors were dealt with harshly. One gal was outed in several newspapers. Another who had become a leader in a survivor recovery program was outed on TV news. Reporters followed her around for days, asking why she presented herself as a survivor when she hadn’t even been there.
    What’s different in this case? Hogg is a recalcitrant child who has probably been teased about his name since he started school. But he’s showing everyone, now! Baloney!!
    I am contacting Laura’s sponsors that pulled out, to let them know I will do no more business with them.

  161. I do not trust this kid, I believe he is a plant. he is also someone who is being used to attack anyone who is against the CNN & Liberal agenda. he wasn’t in school the day of the attack, he was filming an anti-gun video. He is a bad kid, or is being used as a bad kid. Do not ever trust him.

  162. David (camera) Hogg is a tool of the left. When people start paying attention to what he says, they’ll see what nonsense he speaks. Right now the media has made him a victim and are spending a great deal of time telling the public to pay attention to the children who have real fears. I’d have fears too if I went to school in Parkland FL; they stick you in a gun free zone, hire cowards to protect me, and ignore warnings that a nut job is coming to kill students in the school. For this it makes sense to take all the guns away from American citizens, so we have to rely entirely on this same Government? NO, DON’T THINK SO!

  163. Sad that he can’t handle truth; but what do you expect from someone who lies all the time..he wasn’t even in school the day of shooting; video tape shows himself stating he wasn’t there but rode his bike there to find out what was going on. And there are laws minors can be charged as adults for making false allegations..and held liabel for all he has said done and threatening people

  164. Of course the entire left is a bully. How ever knowing that, must make people in the public think twice about making pithy comments. Is that a shame yea! but that the way it is now. The real blame is on the advertisers. If there was a real push back on the advertisers from our side. You might see a different outcome. Question does the right really have enough interest to push back? Or do we just want to complain. The first thing is to get a real list of who is black mailing Laura and then stop doing business with them and let them know. I just canceled an order with a online company and let them know why. In fact pick a company place an order and then cancel it the next day. Let them know why you are canceling. Fight fire with fire. Just do not post but follow it up with action. If you really want to make a difference. The real trick is to find out who actually cancelled.

  165. hogg is a scumbag who hasn’d lived long enough to demand anything.And the media is so bais and dishonest that they listen to this idiot.

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