David Hogg stood on stage and made the biggest mistake of his life

Gun-grabbing activist David Hogg is going all out for the midterm elections.

He is campaigning with Hollywood celebrities in order to ensure a Democrat takeover in November.

But at one recent rally he stood on stage and made the biggest mistake of his life.

Hogg appeared at an event in Canada with left-wing film maker Michael Moore.

The anti-gun Hogg grabbed the microphone and began ranting about how felons could not vote in elections.

Liberals in the crowd cheered him on.

That’s when Hogg stepped in it.

He implored foreigners to meddle in America elections and undermine democratic institutions
Hogg told the crowd of Canadians to donate to Democrats running for office in November.

Moore quickly realized Hogg’s mistake and grabbed the microphone and told the crowd it was illegal for foreigners to donate to American campaigns.

The American Mirror Reports:

Hogg was critical of the idea of not allowing convicts to vote in elections.

As Hogg ranted about what he saw as an injustice, someone yelled, “Shame!”

“Turn that shame into your vote,” he responded, adding, “if you’re not Canadian.”

“Um,” he continued, turning to Moore, “I think Canadians can donate to political campaigns in the United States.”

Moore shook his head in disagreement

Democrats are desperate to retake power in 2018.

They want to stop the Trump agenda and impeach the President.

But Hogg went too far.

He encouraged election meddling that would undercut Americans faith in democracy.

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