David Hogg stood on stage and made the biggest mistake of his life

Gun-grabbing activist David Hogg is going all out for the midterm elections.

He is campaigning with Hollywood celebrities in order to ensure a Democrat takeover in November.

But at one recent rally he stood on stage and made the biggest mistake of his life.

Hogg appeared at an event in Canada with left-wing film maker Michael Moore.

The anti-gun Hogg grabbed the microphone and began ranting about how felons could not vote in elections.

Liberals in the crowd cheered him on.

That’s when Hogg stepped in it.

He implored foreigners to meddle in America elections and undermine democratic institutions
Hogg told the crowd of Canadians to donate to Democrats running for office in November.

Moore quickly realized Hogg’s mistake and grabbed the microphone and told the crowd it was illegal for foreigners to donate to American campaigns.

The American Mirror Reports:

Hogg was critical of the idea of not allowing convicts to vote in elections.

As Hogg ranted about what he saw as an injustice, someone yelled, “Shame!”

“Turn that shame into your vote,” he responded, adding, “if you’re not Canadian.”

“Um,” he continued, turning to Moore, “I think Canadians can donate to political campaigns in the United States.”

Moore shook his head in disagreement

Democrats are desperate to retake power in 2018.

They want to stop the Trump agenda and impeach the President.

But Hogg went too far.

He encouraged election meddling that would undercut Americans faith in democracy.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments on this story.




  2. Soro hired this kid, how can he travel around w/ rides in fancy vehicles. Asking Canadians to donate to our elections, what an idiot Hogg is. Just another crooked Democratic growing up to a Dirty Liberal Adult. What ever it takes to win, even cheat, lie anything.

  3. David Hogg stood on stage and made the biggest mistake of his life


  4. Another paid Soros troublemaker trying to wrongly influence people to riot and anything else dishonorable. I read that he had armed guards and left in a large black car after finishing something or the other about guns. Now how can he afford that?

  5. Dave Hog, you are really clueless. Go back to school and study more about the democrat. Better yet, please watch the De Souza Film “Death to America”. Then you will realized where the demoncRATic originated. You will eat your words just like failed disgrace shameless, crooked, corrupt, pathological serial liar, hungry of power, puppet of Russia & big donors, protector of criminals & illegal aliens Obama & hitlery Clinton who accepted donation of $145 Millions to the Clinton foundation and sold 20% of American Uranium to Russia, and paid $12 million to Fusiion GPS to dig in their own dirt instead in collaboration of the Top FBI, CIA & the Obama administration, who are supporters of terrorist, freed all the “extreme” terrorist from the Gitmo and paid Billions of cash to Ira, who wish death to America. Now shameless failed Obama taking all the credit that Pres. Donald J. Trump have done in less than 2 years. Obama accomplished nothing during 8 years. Soon, these professional corrupt crooked politician will be exposed. American Taxpayers open your eyes to the truth.


  7. This CHILD has NO clue. If we letr parents teach their childern the difference between RIGHT AND WRONG like we used to. Maybe things wouldn’t be the way they are today. I grew up in a home full of guns. The best gun control we had was my father would have KICKED OUR ASSES if we messed with his guns. We need to go back to that

  8. As a survivor of a school shooting, David Hogg often demonstrates wisdom beyond his years, but he’s still a political novice, fortunate to have Michael Moore at his side. You conservatives are hypocrites if you attack David Hogg for erroneously thinking Canadians can contribute to U.S. political campaigns while ignoring Russia’s meddling in the 2016 elections.

    Trump’s campaign manager was just convicted of eight crimes. Do you think Americans deserve to know the truth about Trump’s collusion with Russia? How concerned are you that members of Trump’s family colluded with Russia? Jeff Sessions, Trump’s Attorney General, lied about meetings with Russian officials. Should Jeff Sessions be fired?

    How important is it to you that we help protect Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation? Special Counsel Robert Mueller just indicted twelve Russians for hacking the DNC and meddling in the 2016 election. How worried are you that Trump will interfere with Mueller’s investigation? Did you know Special Counsel Robert Mueller has produced 76 criminal charges, five guilty pleas, and sentenced one person to jail?

    Do you think Trump is guilty of treason? Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, was just convicted of eight counts of federal crimes. How concerned are you that Trump will pardon him? Trump undermined America’s national security and intelligence agencies on live TV while standing next to Putin. Do you agree that’s a treasonous act?

    Guns ARE a sanctity-of-life issue! Every day in the U.S., eight children and teenagers are killed and more than 47 are injured by a firearm. In 2005, 595 California children and youth under age 21 were killed with firearms and 1,554 California children and youth under 21 were hospitalized with nonfatal firerarms injuries.

    One-third of U.S. children live in homes with firearms. Almost half of homes with children and firearms keep a gun unlocked. 68% of the attackers in school shootings obtained the gun(s) from their own home or that of a relative. 61% of the attackers used handguns. Many young children, including children as young as three years old, are strong enough to fire a handgun.

    In 2004, guns were used to kill:

    5 people in New Zealand
    37 in Sweden
    56 in Australia
    73 in England and Wales
    184 in Canada

    …and 11,344 in the United States. God bless America.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

    • WISDOM BEYOND HIS YEARS !!!!!! I have to question your definition of “wisdom!” Pigg is a showboat looking for 15 minutes of fame.

    • So, Vasu Murti, if I came up to you and used a glove to slap you in the face, by your logic here in your statement, you are blaming the glove for the pain you would feel on your cheek.

    • During 2018, 350 million guns did not kill anyone in the USA.
      If you fall off a ladder and break your neck, do you ban ladders? If a drunk driver hits you, do you ban cars? or alcohol? So where is your wisdom banning guns of law abiding citizens for the crimes committed by a few criminals?
      Guns also SAVE 1500 Americans (CDC data) each day from robbery, rape and other crimes by simply showing the gun. Where is your wisdom working on gun control for law abiding citizens? Why don’t you work on criminal-control and retard-control?
      Or better yet, work on banning cigarette smoking, which causes 500 thousand yearly deaths in the US.

    • And if you don’t count the suicides, the ones shot by police or law abiding citizens defending themselves, killed by gangs in Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit and other liberl bastions the numbers would sad but far less than you want to claim as murders! Unfortunately people are going to murder other people no matter what you do, in London the murder rate ishigher than it is in NYC, even with the knife ban!

    • Vasu Murit, by your reasoning we should outlaw automobiles: 2010: 32,999 fatalities, 2,239,000 injuries and 2000 of the fatalities were of children less than 16. While we are outlawing causes of death lets outlaw walking: The CDC reports 19,500 fatalities per year from slips, trips and falls. Homicides in 2016 were 17,250. Over 700 in Chicago where pretty much only the criminals have guns!

      Regarding the crimes that have been charged by Muller: Manafort all tax related and none during or after Trump announced his run and none dealing with collusion. A jail sentence of 14 days? I have known people that got more than that for DUI. The majority of the crimes charged are against Russians! Muller is squirming in his seat as at least one of those Russian companies wants their day in court. I truly believe this was something Muller was counting on not to happen! 16 months and nothing by a group of scum bag lawyers that were all contributors to the Clinton Crime Family and ran by people that put in writing that Trump would never become POTUS! 16 months of searching for evidence by this group of lawyers and investigators and nothing, and you want me to believe there was collusion? Yes, if there is collusion, everyone involved should face the consequences. However, lets talk about all the other crimes that have been committed,that are either admitted to or there is concrete evidence proving, by the democrats. They should also be facing justice. Lady Justice is suppose to be blind!

      Vasu Murtii, if you believe for one minute that you are helping to save the world or even one life, you might want to wake up. To the democrats you are a vote, nothing more. First two years Obama was in office the democrats controlled the White House, the Senate and the House – wow, I am really impressed with all the gun control they passed! And to be fair, at sometime every US Senator that was serving during the Obama administration campaigned to repeal the ACA while Obama was POTUS. However when the vote actually came up with a Republican in the White Office, all of a sudden some found a reason to vote no. You opinion does not count, nor does mine with the republicans that I have supported. However, as a country we are stronger, and the citizens, and that is all citizens, black, white, brown, red, purple pokie dotted, it doesn’t matter, are better off financially and spirtually with a greater hope of a future than we where or had 2 years ago. Its a real world out there, and it can be curl,and it is going to have your bleeding heart for breakfast. If the US is such a bad place, why is there such an influx of illegals, that would rather risk being here illegally, caught and deported, than doing it the right way?

    • So far the only Russian Collusion has been by Obama and Hillary. Besides Collusion is only a crime if 2 or more industry leaders cooluid to fix prices.

    • well, i guess I’m a hypocrite ! that little nazi punk should have his butt whipped by his mom for his stupidity and stick a dirty sock in his mouth to shut his dumb ass up !!!!

    • There are so many points in your post that I would like to rebut, but for lack if time I will only do a few. 1. Mueller & Comey were both involved in the Uranium One deal of HRC’s state dept. 2.With Obama’s blessings the FBI & DOJ under James Comey & Loretta Lynch, with the help of
      Strock?sp & Page, most likely with the help of Brennan, shopped around the networks an unfounded, unsubstantiated dossier, courtesy of Fusion GPS & Nellie Ohr, wife of DOJ’s Bruce Ohr & paid for by Hillary Clinton & DNC, to try to frame Trump.The Russian woman that met with Don Jr. met with Simpson of fusion GPS both before & after the meeting, it was a set-up.
      3. Manaforts crimes are his crimes & have absolutely NOTHING to do with Donald Trump. 4.The “Russians” that have been charged by Mueller, will never see a courtroom, if they even exist!
      The only folks guilty of a full blown out &out right conspiracy with the Russians is HRC & the dimms!

    • Vasu are you suggesting we give up our guns? What? Have home invaders to rape and abuse our families? Over 99 percent of American gun owners don’t do that shit. Oh by the way. Those countries you mentioned have people murdered,raped , robbed and assaulted daily. No thanks. I’m having none of it. I’ll keep my guns. If someone chooses to be unarmed, that’s their business. Just don’t try to dictate your values on me. I respect your opinion, but I don’t go around shooting people.

      • Dan, i Cannot even read entire vasu post. N0R Will i TAKE
        the Time. It is So Convoluted.
        Went thru ‘other’ posts re 2 mos Ago. & told him to GO
        Back to Country of 0rigin & HELP THEM. No Value Here (usa).
        btw: AGAIN: i’ve said he is from S.CA & ‘funded’ by LEFT. &
        IS a quasi ‘sneaky?’ Infiltrator. & Hopes to ‘snag’ younger
        generations, staring in CA. universities. & Somehow found
        his way here at RR. & YOU KNOW the
        ‘Rest of the Story’. ___ ‘G’ Bless ya, dude. #SAVEUSA.

    • Vasu Murti, There is very little if any accuracy in your writing. In the first place Hogg was not a survivor. He didn’t even go to school that day. He only made an appearance after it was all over, and has been spouting nonsense everyday since then.
      Your gun violence remarks are way off base. Violent crimes have been steadily decreasing for over 20 years, and only started increasing the last 2 years Obama was in office. It started to decrease again in 2017. In 2011 alone the homicide rates were almost 1/2 of what they were in 1991 and by 1993 it was 1/2. Almost 2/3rds of gun deaths in the US are suicides, which are higher than homicides. Most gun related crimes (as much as 80%) are committed with illegally owned guns. The FBI’s crime report showed that most of the gun related crimes were committed with handguns, not rifles etc. More people are stabbed to death than killed by a gun. A person is more likely to be bludgeoned to death with a blunt object, or beaten with fists and feet than shot. One of the factors increasing the likelihood of your being shot is where you live. Over 50% of murders occur in 2% of the nations 3142 counties. Gun related homicides are heavily concentrated in certain neighborhoods within those counties. 54% of US counties had 0 murders in 2014 alone. Another contributing factor is if you are a gang member. 15 to 33% of gun related murders are committed in urban areas, by gangs and related to drug activity. Higher rates of gun ownership are not associated with higher rates of violent crime. Switzerland and Israel have much higher ownership rates than the US but have far fewer homicides, and violent crime rates than many European nations with strict gun control laws. States with higher numbers of concealed carry permits see reductions in violent crime. The highest crime rates are occurring in states like MD,and IL who have some of the strictest control laws in the country. Legally owned firearms are used for lawful purposes, much more often than they are used for crime and suicide. Great Britain is an example of a country imposing strict gun control laws and seeing their violent crime rates spike. Home invasions increased, as a result of knowing people wouldn’t be able to shoot them. Now criminals like to invade when they know family is at home so they can get wallets and purses, without fear of being shot. The crime rate in England has spiked with stabbings now, so they want to confiscate knives. England s violent crime rates are much higher than here in the US, as a result of these strict laws, and they don’t even count any crime that doesn’t result in a conviction. Over 90% of these mass shootings take place in gun free zones, explaining why many shooters with criminal intent, or mental illness is drawn to those sites. Some of the worst killings in the US have occurred without guns. I won’t touch on your other areas of misinformation, as I see many others have already done so.

      • Phyllis, this guy vasu, is from S. Ca. & funded by the Left.
        & pops up here & there w/ long lecture type dissertations.
        > Quite boring w/ twist & convolution. Ho hum.

    • Wow! That is what you believe, I feel so sad for you. I believe in “The Constitution of The United States”, “The Bill of Rights”, and our President. The Democratic “Party” is feeding you the biggest line of bull crap and sheep like you are buying it up like it is the best meal you have ever eating. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    • i don’t know where you got your statistics but i think you are off. you never want to mention how many lives are saved by firearms. how many under the age of 21 were killed by autos,malpractice,knives,suicide or bullying. most gun crimes are committed by felons and in the areas with the strictest gun laws ie chicago

    • Vasu, Did you ever hear or take the time to truthfully check all the facts. all you gun grabber IDIOTS show only one side of the coin. May I suggest you check 1989, when Clinton asked the Dept. of health to investigate and they came out with the FACT that over 2,000 people SAVED their lives with a gun, Of course being anti gun he never let it out.

  9. Sounds like the little piggy Hogg has taken a page from the Soros book of cheating! He should be arrested for enticing foreigners, or anyone, to meddle in our elections. This little twit needs to be shut down. If he’s the voice of the future, we’re in big trouble. His father is ex-FBI, pretty much sums up the corruption he’s been raised around!

  10. Will he be prosecuted for it?

    Remember thousands if not millions in tax dollars have been spent trying to find a way to PROSECUTE TRUMP on just accusations of “COLLUSION” with Russia here we have video evidence of a DIRECT attempt at election meddling by foreign citizens directly requested by hogg.

    All they have to accuse Trump is some member of his staff was allegedly told by a Russian representative they had “dirt on hilary” that is not collusion, election meddling, or even a crime unlike what hogg called for which is a crime.

    • Hog is an idiot. Collusion is not even a crime. This little peon is regurgitating what the Left tells him too.He will make a fine Liberal Democrat.

  11. Hogg is the devil child of the Deep State!!! The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t forget the RINOs their just as bad! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump ASAP! Vote Republican if you want America to continue to prosper under President Trump!


    • You clearly know nothing about higher education, and its faculty. I imagine it falls on deaf ears like yours because you stopped listening and learning a long time ago. The key of an educated person is that they learn to take in numerous sources of information and then check things out with what is really happening in the real world. That is why the vast majority of educated people know the reality of climate change, despite all those who remain ignorant of the science behind it.

      • Dr. JD – You’re whistling up the wrong tree with these idiots! Their educational branches are VERY low…….maybe 4th or 5th grade (at best). Just read their posts……..they are truly ignorant and misinformed. They only quote what Trump, Breitbart or Faux AlmostNews wants them to think and like dutiful lapdogs they spit it back out almost within the same hour! Truly sad.

        • hey Diane, glad you joined the frey! Today am I supposed to be you or are you supposed to be me? I forget if this month I have the even or the odd days – – ha! Actually I posted a version of what you said about some of the dialogue on these posts – – some of it is at a grade school level with its taunts and refusing to back up any of their broadstroked logic which come from the conservative talk gurus like Alex “multi-vitamins that stop aging” Jones and Rush Limbaugh, who admitted before on radio that he was not about accuracy but about “entertainment.”

      • I happen to be a college-educated constant work in progress…and the learning NEVER ends. LEARNING is derived from MANY sources and LISTENING is the better part of the art of communication. I excel at BOTH. And I ALLOW for the existence of things that cannot be scientifically proven…just another facet in the learning process. Sad, really, that Diane here is so closed off that all she knows how to do is lob insults…that no one wastes the good energy to lob back.

        • i do too, Pammy. Science only goes to a point because the metaphysical cannot be studied by the physical means of the senses. I don’t know about Diane and lobbing insults, but I don’t think it is good when all we have is ad hominem attacks.


  13. The little gun hating punk doesn’t even know the law and is spewing people to break the law, typical Liberal JACKASS! Lie, Cheat or steal is all that the Left knows how to do since they have ran off most of their voting base going to far to the LEFT. This is why they are trying to keep open borders is for all of the ILLEGALS to vote for them because American Citizens won’t any longer.

    • He sounfs like someone to be scared of……anyone needing that much attention haas a problem. he really must have been scared to death when he hide from the gun man . but think about it now. HOW MUCH ATTENTION HE WOULD HAVE GOTTEN IF HE HAD BEEN WOUNDED?

  14. LUCKY HOGG…to be living FREE and spewing UN-AMERICAN rhetoric…on foreign soil, no less. BUT…no different than OBAMA going off on OUR President Trump when ????-trotting with his taxpayer-funded Secret Service detail! SWINE of a different color and different mother!

  15. HOGG is the underbelly SWINE of America! Felons LOST their right to vote when they decided to BREAK OUR LAWS! ILLEGALS may TRY to vote…BIG MISTAKE…B~I~G! And encouraging FOREIGNERS to MEDDLE in our ELECTIONS? GET THE HOOK…BEFORE HOGG DROPS THE MIC!

    • PammyJK. “underbelly SWINE” IS Way Too Kind.
      (in my & ‘others’ book)___
      > Keep 0N w/ RAWCHOMP. YOU KNOW ‘the deal’. Thnx.

  16. David Hogwash Hogg will speak of 911 rememberance but his acyions have spocken much louder. He with every anti American Rant has shown he is no supporter of the American Republic. He supports those who would enslave us the Terrorist of 911 and all those victimizers who have through the years killed innocent people wantonly. He supports Sanctuary Cities, Open borders, and those who speak out for Shriah Law. He rants about gun owners and for more gun free zones so that their will be many more victims in the future. But he is not the only liar Micheal Moore has shown himself to be an enemy of the People, every consperitor on the Steele Dossier, and its usage all show that they care not for the victims but the Victimizers. All those who support and vote for Occassio Cortez, or Elizabeth Warren, or Maxine Waters. Show with their actions that they do not support America but a our enemies both foriegn and domestic!

    • David Hogwash Hogg cannot speak of the 911 remembrance because he himself was only an infant…unless he lied about how old he really is.

  17. The people in this country need to speak up now and let the commiecrats we are not going to comply with any gun bans. Have we purchased our weapons (any type) to surrender them to the government? I say HELL NO!!!! Little Hogg molester can shoot off his mouth and be a pawn all he wants, but he doesn’t speak for the majority. 100 percent of gun owners need to join the NRA now!! If we get enough members, this shit wouldn’t be coming up. Constitutional carry should be law of the land in all fifty states , our territories, and our nation’s capital. Vote republican!!!

    • David Hogg is an example of an empty barrel making the most noise – – of a person that is ignorant should keep quiet. Dan, you asked in a prior post about needing a college degree – – well, that is a question only an uneducated person would ask. Take a look at the ignorance of David Hogg, or your ignorance of the difference between microeconomics versus macroeconomics and/or how polls are scientifically taken (you claim when it comes out with results you do not like it is biased to one section of the country – – again, ignorance of representative sampling). The economy is only showing some surging now because of Trump’s $150 BILLION dollars of deficit spending, which stimulates the economy in the short run, but wrecks it in the long run.

      • Dr. I graduated from college. As far as polls go, they are sometimes accurate. But they were wrong on hillary. Speaking of education , I’m all for it. But it does not ensure common sense v

        • You graduated from TECHNICAL college, that is not the same. College is not just for teaching information, that is only part, but it is also about honing the tool of your mind, teaching critical thinking, and the MOST important step to wisdom is knowing what you DON’T know. The political polls must be separated from public opinion versus those polls of mostly likely voters (the opinion of a non-voter does not affect election outcomes) and then some people who intend to vote may not vote if one has to wait 3+ hours to vote and they have gotten off work without any dinner. No one ever said education ensured common sense, but common sense is often WRONG. One example, about a century ago, people thought health was about the four “humors” or fluids in the body getting out of balance, so if you had a disease, they bled you to balance the four fluids. An educated person realizes that things are often not as they appear to be.

          I am still waiting for your evidence that the FBI is corrupt!

          • Dr. I got an education to work and support my family. Does that make me a lesser citizen? Someone has to keep up your plumbing, electrical and hvac. And I don’t want my thoughts dictated by liberal weenies. I figured you out. You think you’re better than us blue collar guys whom sweat for a living. At least I wasn’t on the government dole. Also I paid for my own schooling. I was there to learn the trades. Not indoctrination.

          • Never said you were a lesser citizen. But if I wanted someone to work on my hvac, then would be smarter to use someone like you who is trained than someone who is untrained. Same with a lot of issue that require different expertise, you are not an expert. No, you have NO one figured out, I worked many jobs since I was 13, construction, restaurants, janitor, retail – – and even a wage slave at golf courses. I paid for my schooling and, there you go, speaking again about something you do not know. You did not go to college, yet you THINK you know what it is all about.

            Speaking of that, you act like you know all about the FBI and said it was “corrupt.” Show us you know what you are talking about – -give some evidence that these fine professional people who spend their days protecting Americans from criminals and terrorists are corrupt. Don’t just give a few of your instances of people you don’t like, every profession, even yours, has a few bad apples. But you said “the FBI is corrupt” — prove it, or admit you were just putting out more BS.

          • Listen to dr j talking all intelligent..I am not impressed by your “education” or the bullshit coming from your pie hole

      • Wow just think what trump could do if he spent nine trillion. You are not very smart. This country has been spending money they don’t have for the last fifty years. Why do think our dollar is really only worth five cents in buying power compared to the doller in the sixty And early seventy. Remember when a candy bar only cost 5 cents and was as big as today. Well I do. You must be very very young or just a mental giant

        • Dr. Right now we don’t have comey running the show. But I know that even the new director paused before dealing with Peter what’s his face. ( couldn’t spell it My ignorance is showing). Collusion has ran deep in the doj to topple the president. The FBI has many times over the years railroaded people. The US government is not on our side. They look at us as subjects. The FBI murdered the wife and son of randy weaver in Idaho No chance to surrender. Thankfully they got prosecuted for it and randy , though answering other charges, got off on self defense. The federal government murdered women and children in Waco Texas. Just to name a few. I don’t need a Rhodes scholarship to figure that out.

          • Peter Strzok, the HEAD of counterintelligence — a man whose excellence led to breaking up Russian spy activities in New York – – which was the basis of the series “the Americans”, never committed a crime, but just expressed his constitutional right of freedom of speech to a colleague in an email. That is not a crime.

            Now you have added not only the FBI, but had the audacity to include the entire Dept. of Justice in a conspiracy to topple the president! You have no evidence even for the FBI – – where is your basis for the claim that the DOJ was involved in that crime? You are making extremely serious allegation against now an even larger group of people who spend their lives protecting us from criminals and terrorists. Now you have added the entire US government is not on your side. Instead of evidence, you give YOUR paranoia. There is no proof of murder – -they were applying the law that individuals cannot just use federal land for their own enrichment. Even if some agents messed up, as I said – -all places have some bad apples, that does not make the FBI or the DOJ or the federal government corrupt.

            I could find instances in the Internet of people with technical trades who murdered people or committed other crimes. That does not make the technical trades corrupt. Too many people are ill-informed wing nuts who have a HUGE chip on their shoulder about government when most of the people who work for the government are good people trying to do their best. My father, a superb attorney, worked for the IRS for a career, and he would not even let me use a government pencil to do my homework – – he had that much integrity. I met his co-workers, one of my best friends in high school worked for the IRS, and can testify to the integrity and excellence of most government people.

      • Dr. That guy was not breaking laws per se colluding with his bitch. It’s a question of ethics. By the way, he was poon tanging around in an affair with that bimbo. Also Peter dropped the ball in the killery investigation and it was clear he and Paige were out to derail the Trump campaign. Sure, he might have done some good things while with the FBI. But him and Paige belong in jail

        • BS. Even if what you said was accurate, that would not make the FBI corrupt. There is NO evidence that he and Paige were out to derail the Trump campaign – – how? In what way? Granted, it was not the best ethics to have an affair, but Jesus, take a look at Trump and his admission he “can’t stop himself” in sexually assaulting women and with his mistresses. You are so busy trying to point the finger at less than a handful of people, as I said over and over, every place has some bad apples . . . but you slandered the entire FBI (calling it corrupt), and the entire Dept. of Justice — where you have no evidence of crimes – – in fact, I don’t think you have brought up ONE. Worse, Dan Tyree, you and people like you by maligning he FBI make it much harder for agents rooting out criminals and terrorists trying to protect us – – they are able to do their best job with the support of good citizens that support them.

          And by the way, there you go again calling someone an insulting names like “bitch” and “bimbo.” She got into the FBI, which most of us could not do, she deserves to be treated with the respect she has EARNED.

          • She probably blew someone to get in. And you can’t prove they didn’t conspire to derail the election. As for sexual misconduct , rapist Bill Clinton sure was busy. Can’t blame him. Look at the pig he married.

          • Dan, I truly believe you can be a better person than your postings indicate, despite all the evidence to the contrary. But you can be a disgusting, low class in what you say about people and being so friggin’ judgmental. It is not my job to prove what someone DIDN’T do, there is no proof they did one blazing thing! Use logic instead of ignorance – -it they had tried to derail the election, it didn’t work at all, did it. Show some evidence they even tried. And since you have again accused Clinton of being a rapist, who did he rape and where is your evidence? Now, I have heard some info that Trump went with his buddy, Epstein or some name like that, a proven pedophile and used to go to parties of underage females and have sex with them. Just a rumor, no evidence of it being true, so Trump should never be called a pedophile unless evidence is there to PROVE a claim like that.

            You know, you continually put down Diane for “calling you names” and yet you are very guilty of that same behavior yourself. You claim the “FBI is corrupt” but don’t provide anything of value to back up your claim. You insult other people, calling them “pigs” and “bimbos” and worse . . . it is no wonder females are strongly voting against Trump and his followers. I think there is something lacking in YOU to continually “get off” with your racist and sexist insults.

    • I agree 100%. The people must stand up and speak out. If not the U.S.A that we know will be degraded and made the laughing country of the world.

  18. I live in a neighborhood when almost everybody owns guns. Have hunted with them most all their lives and know how to use them. I have never heard of a break in to someones home while they were there. Take away their guns and that’s all you would hear. People that break into other people’s homes may be idiots, but they are not stupid enough to try to break into someones home when they know the owner is inside with a gun and knows how to use it.

  19. Throw his ass in jail for being outside the country and inciting treasonous acts like interfering and supporting the action to corrupt our elections.


  20. Democrats are bottom feeders when it comes to votes.
    By being against voter ID, they welcome all the wetback illegals to come in and vote as many times as possible.
    The Greeks who first developed democracy, made sure that only citizens could vote.

    • Will the commiecrats only want the votes. After they come here they are forgotten until election time. That’s when the libs start handing out fake voter cards.

      • Where’s your EVIDENCE that Democrats handed out fake voter cards (since there have been several commissions, both state and national, that have found voter fraud negligent)? And, while you are at it, we are waiting for your EVIDENCE (not your typical made-up BS) of what you said yesterday on a prior post that “the FBI is corrupt”! You have slandered some of our finest Americans – – -you have to be the best of the best to even get into the FBI. Yesterday, we celebrated 17 years without another attack like 9-11, and it was mainly due to our excellent FBI who protects us from domestic acts of terrorism. And, to be fair, we should allow some FBI people to respond to your slanderous claim that they are corrupt.


          • You don’t need to rant Pammy. You are wrong, there is no PROVEN corruption in the upper echelons – – because IF it were true. then there would be some CRIMINAL charges against these men, and there is NONE. Comey was fired by Trump, as he admitted “because of the Russian probe,” which was a criminal act of obstruction of justice by Trump. Nothing illegal by Comey. What corruption by McCabe. Strsok was removed for expression his freedom of speech in a private email to a colleague. When Mueller found out about it, Strzok was immediately off the Russia probe. You are just repeating some of the right-wing conspiracy propaganda, none of which has been proven. And even if these people all did illegal acts, which they did NOT, that does not make the entire agency “corrupt.”

          • RANTING ???from whom drjd. hmm. GAK. &
            Bwar Har har. U R ‘NO match’ to Pammyjk.
            > u ! have Not ‘life experience’ In the
            ‘real world’. oops, whatever.

        • well dr! mueller is been waiting for you to be the smoking gun we’ve all been waiting for.so be a true American and visit him and get part of that 20 million spent so far on the investigation.please bring the proof of collusion so we can impeach right away!that’s what they’ve been waiting for for a year and a half.we’re waiting to hear you on the news with you’re proof!

          • Stevo, apologize for delay. I wrote a post and it got lost in the system. I am more than glad to bring proof of collusion – – -well, actually the proper legal term is “conspiracy”. It comes from Trump’s own tweet about the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016. At first, Trump lied about the meeting and covered up the meeting by lying and telling Don. Jr. to say it was about adoptions (Trump did that while on Air Force One with Hope Hicks),

            In a tweet, Don Sr. through Don Jr and Jared under the bus by admitting that the Trump Tower meeting (which emails of Don Jr, already public, clearly acknowledge it was sensitive information from representatives of the Russian government) was “for getting dirt on Hillary.” Even Devin Nunes admitted (recorded) that getting opposition research is not illegal unless it involves a foreign government, and that makes it ILLEGAL. So, there is the “Collusion” already and also we have Don Sr., who his lawyer Cohen said Trump knew in advance of the meeting, certainly also involved in a “cover-up” for the crime to commit conspiracy in undermining the US election.

          • don’t worry as the dr explained everything that we’ve heard for 6 months.so my wuestion is why hasn’t mueller charged him if this is all the evidence he needs.i’m still waiting for dr to go up with his comments he made here and get this thing over with.oh maybe he can bring his dossier with him!i’m waiting!

          • Stevo, that is a good question, it is clear you are quite savvy. Sorry, did not find a “reply” button after your post, so this may be out of place. All of us are wondering when Mueller will give his report and recommend charges . . . I think that is one thing all of us share. But, if one looks at the history of investigations, and Mueller was involved in tons in his life, the process tends to go from the roots UP – – you start at the lower levels, and then things start to unravel and then expand the more you uncover. Mueller is also very smart and respected – – he will not go out any further on the limb foolishly. He has, in my opinion, tons of evidence right now. For example in the second Manafort trial coming this month, he has TEN times the documents than they had for the first trial where Manafort was convicted of 8 counts.

            For those of you waiting for the Russian connection, this next trial is more about that than the first one has been. Plus, I think Mueller wants to dot his “i”s and cross his “t’s” to make sure it is rock solid and will withstand all the reaction from Trump and his followers. Whether Trump or you realize it, masters of chess recognize early on when a match is over, but the last moves have to be made. Trump has been checkmated . . and he does not get that yet because he has one HUGE flaw – – he WILL NOT listen to others – -whether his lawyers, or his advisers, or even his own family. Donnie likes to fly by the seat of his pants, and Mueller is many moves ahead of him.

            The dossier is not needed – – it is memos where an ally, Steele, who was a MI6 expert on Russia, began to find some very concerning information through his contacts about Russian involvement in the US election, and Steele shared that information with the FBI. The intell agencies took it from there, not just relying on the dossier.

          • per ‘fake’ drjd. Post LOST in the ‘system’??? 00ps.
            i wonder why. Well, Get READY 4 MORE “Lost posts”___
            #SAVEUSA. U Better Get on Board. U LIVE HERE & NOW.

        • I made a long post to you yesterday, and rebutted you point for point. Obviously that post got lost in the memory hole because it is not here. If you are so blind that you do not see the complete & utter corruption in the upper echelons of the
          FBI & DOJ, then I am afraid you do not listen & learn, as the supposed “brainiac” that you claim to be. I will not recreate that post, no time. However, I do invite you to go read the investigative reports of Sara A. Carter & John Solomon. The ONLY criminal conspiracy lies with Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Ohrs 1&2, Yates, Rosenstein, Clinton, Wasserman-Shulz, & the DNC. The “hack” of the DNC emails had absolutely nothing to do with Russians, but everything to do with the Seth Rich murder. He is the one who downloaded the info about the DNC cheating Bernie Sanders. Assange has said it had absolutely nothing to do with a “state actor” as in Russia.

  21. Where do they keep finding all these mentally handicapped people that the dumbocrap and liberals keep putting out on the campaign trail sooner or later they have to run out of them.

  22. There is a cost to pay for freedom and one cost is having to tolerate people like David Hogg. He is the Ray Hill of Houston Texas. A pathetic young man who is now a pathetic old man that accomplished nothing in his life. He ran for every political office in Houston and Harris County and never came close to winning. David and Ray both had big mouths and no substance. David should look Ray up and he will see how he is going to end up

  23. The sooner this guy steps in his own hole and is taken off the streets, the better. A perfect example of liberal youth who have no idea of what they are talking about. Too bad they do not teach real history in our schools any more. For that matter, too bad they do not demand respect in our schools or our society anymore either.
    It was a much kinder place to live when we believed the old adage “Children are to be seen and not heard”. Where are the adults? Where are the parents?

    • I wonder who is funding Hogg and his trips throughout the country and now the continent? Has he ever returned to school since the shooting on Valentine’s Day? Just curious….

      • My understanding from reading exhaustively about Hogg is that Soros and one of his companies is supporting Hogg. I wonder where Hogg’s parents are in all of this?

  24. Right wingers are fine with Russia meddling in our 2016 election to get so called President Trump selected. Right wingers are fine with their favorite charity (the NRA) working hand and fist with Russia. Right wingers are fine with kids getting killed as long as their mental defectives get to own assault style weapons. But let someone on the Left publicly use their First Amendment right to state their opposition to that reality and you are ready to murder them in their beds.

    • Wow you are an a$$hole and very stupid why don’t you stay in your mommies basement and let people that are NOT BRAIN DEAD run the country

    • No one on the rite said anything bout murdering peeps in their beds….that would b antifa….do u support them?….have seen meddling in 16 election only by hill & dems, funding fake dossier to bring investigation….remember strozk?….can u name 1 Nora member that has shot up a school?..or anything?

    • Eric…..you are so so wrong. Hillary is the one who has let others meddle in our government by her incompetence. Rightwing now us trying to clean up after her and do many others who have abused our system of government. People who have guns legally do not abuse their use. The gun does not point to a person and shoot. It is a bad person who does this. Sick mad deranged and those that are looking for help that never happens that kill. Get educated before you talk about the gun being the problem. It is the human being behind the gun. And furthermore the bad guy steals the guns used. So taking away from us will only make them steal from military and cops, etc. Check out how this has worked in I think Australia. People are still getting killed the and no self defence.

  25. hogg is a hypocrite and a moron who is too stupid to be on the trail for the elections this idiot should keep his mouth shut.

  26. People need to know how stupid Hogg is. Hogg is clearly uneducated. He should not lead at all.

    He sound like another Obama. Full of hot air and meaningless speeches.

    • Did those colleges know what they were doing, or did those colleges know what they were doin”??

      The other thing: could his activities be construed as soliciting sedition?

        • Do you not understand sarcasm?
          Trump was not literally asking them to find hitlerys emails,
          If they ever free Assange, we will know the truth…and that is that Seth Rich sent them to wikileaks…Russia had nothing whatsoever to do with the DNC “hack”

  27. Hogg, needs to be restrained. He is out of control just like the rest of the Demos! Mentally unstable and armed, scary. Who pays and listens to this angry little piggy?

  28. Wars are won by RESPONSIBLE USE of Fire Arms! Homelands were defended by Intelligent use of Fire Arms! Our FREEDOM was OWN by Strategic Planning and Application of ALL Firearms! Now our Boarders are in need of our Defense!

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