David Hogg’s plan to take down Laura Ingraham just blew up in his face

Gun grabber David Hogg thought he had the perfect plan.

He targeted Laura Ingraham for career destruction by ginning up an advertiser boycott.

But his plan just backfired in a major way.

Over 20 advertisers fled Ingraham’s program after social media bully David Hogg targeted them for a boycott after Ingraham mocked him about four California colleges rejecting his application for admission.

Ingraham took a one week vacation and some on the left thought they would claim another Fox News scalp.

But it’s Ingraham who is having the last laugh.

Ratings on her show were up 20 percent in his first week back since the controversy.

Newsbusters reports:

“A funny thing has happened since the Left began its campaign to drive Fox News host Laura Ingraham off the air: Her ratings are up, a lot — by more than 20 percent compared to her last week on the air before the current controversy began.

The leftist-organized advertiser boycott began on March 29, after Ingraham tweeted about Parkland high school anti-gun activist David Hogg, and continued in spite of Ingraham’s quick apology.

As of Friday, April 13, 27 companies had announced they would pull their advertising from the show, but one — Ace Hardware — announced it would resume its sponsorship of the Ingraham Angle, citing the “incomplete” information it had when it originally announced its withdrawal.

Other advertisers, such as MyPillow, issued statements defying the boycott and announcing their continued support for Ingraham’s show.”

Fox News ended up putting out a statement declaring they would not be intimidated by ideological bullies who want to silence points of view they disagree with.

But it wasn’t just the network that stood behind Ingraham.

It was patriotic Americans who were sick and tired of gun grabbing teenagers trying to enlist corporate American as their ideological enforcers in order to bully pro-Second Americans into submission.


  1. Hogg found a way to get attention and loves it. He is a stupid idiot, and it’s hard to change stupid. Get off the stage and get on a plane to leave our country and not return. We don’t want you here.

  2. “Major Corporations” running before the onslaught of some hyped up teenage screamers, shame on them, the corporations that is.

  3. Don’t hold your breath. Kids his age are unable to see past the ends of their own noses but some never outgrow it.

  4. Shame on you HOGG! You need to go back to high school and know the Constitutions.. You are trying to slam Laura Ingraham who is a Harvard Grad in Law? And you are only a high school student who need to have more education !!! Shame on you!! I I would be ashamed that you are my son and thanks God that you are not my child!!!

  5. Turns out Hitler is not dead he is running around disguised as David Hogg! Little snot nose snowflake he will be sorry one of these days when he finds out he is just being used by the left for a prop and he has no idea!

  6. Hogg and His mom working at CNN mom says it all. Hoggie go play with your piglett friends and leave the work to grownups.You are disgusting. I hope there comes a time in your work life that someone does this to you. Laura Ingram is GREAT.Hogg go get an education. I bet you swear like a pig because you hear it from your mother in the home. CNN people are NOT NICE.

  7. You know DRUGS have been OUTLAWED in schools for DECADES I bet this P.O.S knows where to find them. It might be these kids today NEED more disipline. They are told they have a right to speak and NO ONE CAN STOP THEM so I BLAME the “PARENTS” of today for FALLING DOWN ON THE JOB.Not to leave out the SCHOOLS out of the it They are to blame also for FILLING THEIR HEAD’S with B.S.

  8. There is a photo of HOGG and VALERIE JARRETT (Obama sidekick), so what would he be doing with her, a commkunist like Obama, soros, etc.

  9. You’re absolutely right. When I was very young, about 10 years old my father owned a slaughterhouse and sometimes I would go with him there when I was not in school.I saw both cows and hogs get butchered, going from the hoof to the showcase,and the whole process that entails.That said, you are right, it is NOT a pretty sight, especially listening to the hogs squealing as they’re being butchered was very unnerving til I got used to it.


  11. Wasn’t this the little puke that hid in a closet and pissed his pants while the shooting was going on?! Why is he such big news?! I would be embarrassed if I was getting recognized for something like this! Lol but now I understand why! Could it be that his mother works for the FAKE NEWS CNN????

  12. The following question might interest some. Hardware has resumed ads on the Laura Ingram show, which by the way, I have not seen.Their recent statement referred to Incomplete Information it had had. Fine and dandy, they are essentially admitting error. We all make mistakes, but respecting a large corporation, one would expect better, less liklehood of going off “half cocked” as they seemly did. Oh well, it turns out that even decision makers at large corporations are subject to human error.

  13. Hey hogg did not have a harrowing experience. He was at home 3 miles away from the school and when he saw what happen at the school he jumped on his bike and rode to the school. He is a hoax, his mother works for cnn so you can put 2 and 2 together and understand how he became famous.

  14. David Hogg should have chased after those who are sworn to protect the citizens: the Broward County Sheriff department and the FBI.

    He obviously don’t understand the fragility of our constitutional rights. It was some of the lawmakers that refused to uphold the laws such as the immigration laws, the laws of the legislative process (Obama sucks), the law of freedom of speech (FB & liberal campuses censoring conservative views), the laws of lawyer-client confidentiality, the laws of non-citizen voting status, etc, etc, and etc.

    Seem that many liberal judges failed to interpret the laws. Scalia once lamented over it. It’s true. Thanks to the Deep State cult, we are about to lose our country to the internationalist control. Trump must fill up all the judgeship vacancies.

    Trump 2020!

  15. hey hogg was not in the bath room. He was at home, 3 miles away from the school and when he saw it on the news he jumped on his bike and rode his bike to the school. He is not shooting victim because he was never at the school in the first place.

  16. David’s mammy should take her broom stick and paddle his behind at least a dozen times. He’s a teenager who thinks he’s a world leader. At some point along the line if Hogg keeps mouthing off, some teenager, or maybe several teenagers will do the job a teach Hogg a lesson.

  17. Hogg has had a harrowing experience, but so have all the kids there. He is loving the MSM attention he’s getting.
    The Stormy thing is so hypocritical. Wild Bill Clinton had so many affairs and non-consensual sexual exploits before he was president; some even while he was president. The left had to admit to these because they were so obvious. Yet, they maintained it had nothing to do with his ability to perform his duties as president. But, now with Trump it does as they try to pin one affair on him?

  18. Barbara…that would be a good start…BUT…the voting age should be fluid and begin at least 2 full years AFTER an individual is finished with whatever institutional school environment they are attending!! A little exposure to the real world (and hopefully “on their own dime”) should expose a reasonable, thinking (if the schools still teach actual thinking) person that the ideological indoctrination they endured for their entire school careers to date is untenable or at least needs to be tempered.

  19. David Hogg you are the picture of trash. Your parents should have dump you down the toilet the day you were born.

  20. He arrived after the fact on his bicycle, His father is an FBI. agent specializing in crises situations and simulations. what a coincident.? and why did he tell his kids to stay home that morning? and why did the FBI. Give out Gag and stan down orders, and why did they kill the Police officer that bleu the whistle.? Dead men dont talk.!! David Ratface HoggWash had been taking acting classes and became the CNN’s Crisis actor, This was just another Sandy Hook, Just ask to see death certificates? If they can fake a shooting, they can fake a funeral as well,

  21. Poor little david, he has lost his minute of fame. We need to expose the details of his upbringing..something smells fishy…and the SOROS/DNC connection is obvious.

  22. He appears to be a reasonable intelligent person. And no doubt he is sincere and means well. But he has been through a dramatizing situation and is being manipulated by unscrupulous people. Can’t speak as to his maturity but he is certainly inexperienced. He is a good example of why the voting age should be twenty – one.

  23. Gasp!! How will they survive without their smartphones or their cars? I’ve seen more kids with their faces glued to their smartphones and not paying any attention to what is going on around them. Are you sure the number is just 3500? But compared with how many text while driving, now that’s a SCARY statistic. Not only are they endangering themselves, but also the other cars on the roads. They should be given a choice: smartphone or car keys, but not both. I say ban all texting while driving, especially if it’s a teenager doing it! (A law already on the books in some states?)

  24. Time to STOP HIM from calling himself a “Survivor” of the High School shooting. He was NOT EVEN THERE when it happened!!

  25. Little hogg better watch out, they usually butcher HOGs around the fall of the year. If you have never seen a hog being butchered it is not a pretty sight and not a very happy ending for the hog.

  26. hogg and stromey all they want is attention and money hogg wants to be a reporter stromey wants to make her carrier legal both paid for by the left they both are bs

  27. David Hogg is a very ungrateful brat. He liked
    riding on some one’s else coattails.

    He doesn’t know the Constitution. He better
    learn fast.

  28. Trained and paid for by Obama, George Soros and the Clinton’s. Nothing else to be said about this D. Hogg! I refuse to fuel his agenda and will not post about him again.

  29. We should apply David Hogg’s logic and seriously address the deaths of teenagers. I believe about 27 teenagers have been shot at school. I’ve heard that about 3,500 teenage deaths are a result of texting, and another 7,500 killed in car accidents. According to facts and Mr. Hogg’s logic, we should take cars away from teens then smartphones as both of these extremely deadly items kill 400 times more teenagers. Thank you, David Hogg, for bringing this to our attention!

  30. This issue says less about the Hogg kid and more about the state of corporate America today. It makes you wonder how such a bunch of ninnies ever made it up the ladder. Unless the ladder has now turned into an escalator for liberals.

  31. We very desperately need a draft.18-64, no college before serving men, women, then the GI bill. No on gets out except the disabled. Draft the politicians chirldren first.it would force them to grow up.

  32. David Who?
    This farting teenager has something to say?
    Get a life David, go to school, pass your grades and hopefully you are allowed
    to study for a REAL degree. ( although I have my doubt )
    Let me guess, Sociology ? Political Science? Music? Arts? Cultural Whatever?

  33. This brat needs his sorry rear end kicked: obviously, his parents have done a lousy job of raising this spoiled, obnoxious brat!!!

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