The Deep State conspiracy against Trump just crumbled because of this testimony

The media and Democrats just had another balloon burst.

Deep state leakers fed them a story about how Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers said Trump asked them to intervene in the investigation into Michael Flynn.


  1. i always felt that GOD had everything to do with Mr.Trump Been elected! God cares for America and Open American Eye and directed them to vote for Mr.Trump, Because God Loves America, and America Loves God.
    Therefore whatever the Democrats will do, or try to do, will backfire on them!
    God Bless America and our President Mr.Donald J. Trump and his family !

  2. President Trump and Vice President Pence are FANTASTIC, working hard to make America safer and strong and prosperous for the LEGAL CITIZENS of America! Thank GOD for Trump and Pence and their families! GOD is on the side of America! Thank GOD for Trump and Pence!

  3. Truly a “nothing burger” fed to the starving media & dems by the Treasonous-Deep-State-Leakers.

  4. If the Democrats pursue Trump with the same vigor they pursued questionable activities by Hillary, Obama, Holder, he will certainly have nothing to worry about. They show themselves up as rabid fanatics hungry for power. I hate to think of what all this pursuit of an issue that has turned up no compelling evidence in a year is going to cost. And I’m recalling Comey’s list of Hillary’s illegal “but not intentional” activities before Congress – or the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting – or the mountain of email evidence…

  5. You’re not alone in your analysis! I firmly believe these Democrats are digging themselves into a deeper hole each time they open their mouths in opposition to every move that President Trump makes. The founders aren’t the ony ones who are rolling in their graves! I believe the last decent Democrat President , (JFK) would harshly chastise today’s Democrats, and deservedly so!

  6. The Demented Democrats will NOT let it rest.. they will keep on pushing and pushing … they twist everything said, and refuse to accept the answers…
    Am so sick of the democrats and their lies and their hate

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