The Deep State’s kingpin crawled out from under a rock to hurl one awful attack on Trump

Obama’s former CIA Director John Brennan is viewed by many as the Deep State’s ringleader in the conspiracy against Donald Trump.

Brennan emerged once again to attack Donald Trump over North Korea.

And his attack was so awful that everyone is wondering if he finally crossed the line.

Trump won a surprise victory when his administration secured the release of three Americans held hostage by the North Koreans.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo helped win this concession from the North Koreans ahead of the Trump-Kim Jong Un summit.

But liberals were not impressed with Trump’s achievement.

In fact, they sought to use it as an opportunity to attack him.

John Brennan accused Trump of being a “dupe” who was being played by the North Koreans.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Former CIA Director John Brennan went all-out on the relationship between Kim Jong Un and President Trump on MSNBC Thursday, saying Kim was crafty and “duped” Trump into believing him.

“I think he has very smartly and very masterfully…” Brennan began.

“Un?” asked Nicole Wallace.

“Kim Jong Un, escalated and saber-rattled so that he cold then switch and appear much more accommodating and present a more peaceful face,” Brennan pressed.

The former CIA director stated that Trump had gone from calling Kim Jong Un “rocket man and a sick puppy to honorable and nice.”

Brennan continued to say that Un was “masterful” and that he believes he “quite frankly duped Mr. Trump.”

Trump supporters also believe Brennan orchestrated the leak campaign to spread misinformation about Trump and Russia in order to try and frame the President for collusion.

Brennan and the Obama administration failed to deal with North Korea and they should remain silent while Donald Trump cleans up their mess.

Do you think North Korea is serious about peace? Or is it too soon to tell?

Let us know in the comments below!



  1. I believe your right about China. Un is a puppet of China but now that he’s established a nuclear threat I believe he wants to be recognized as an equal player on the global market. This is not uncommon many dictators once establishing authority move towards legitimacy. Now comes the games and there’s no e better to sit at this table then President Trump!!!

  2. Believe the one traitor we know of who has already had his military tribunal got the typical sentence for high treason, but he is not in jail or prison.

  3. Camille, our CIA,NSA, FBI & DOJ were already corrupt long before they helped chief usurping criminal Barack Hussein Obama attain a position he never was and never will be eligible to hold. To this day we still have no proof that Obama is even an American citizen – actually no proof that Stanley Ann Dunham was his mother, but if she was, he was probably adopted by his stepfather, since he was attending a Catholic school as a Muslim student in Indonesia, from what little we have been told about him. Atlah interviewed a woman who knew him in high school in Hiawaii, who said he was homosexual then and showed a large picture of him wearing what definitely appeared to be expensive homosexual attire. Also info keeps surfacing that Michelle probably was born a Michael & saw Field McConnell in a speech saying he had seen definite proof of Michelle flaunting his?/her? still intact adult chromosomal genitalia – so Joan Rivers was probably right when she told some reporter we already had our first homosexual president and Michelle was a trenny! Still a lot to learn about both Obamas – and have nothing definite and no way to check it, but have seen allegations that Obama also did a stint with the CIA.

  4. But Ron we just seemtogetmore crazies like Cortez of NY. Congress will never vote in term limits. It will take a convention of the states to accomplish that but yes your on the right track.

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