The Deep State’s kingpin crawled out from under a rock to hurl one awful attack on Trump

Obama’s former CIA Director John Brennan is viewed by many as the Deep State’s ringleader in the conspiracy against Donald Trump.

Brennan emerged once again to attack Donald Trump over North Korea.

And his attack was so awful that everyone is wondering if he finally crossed the line.

Trump won a surprise victory when his administration secured the release of three Americans held hostage by the North Koreans.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo helped win this concession from the North Koreans ahead of the Trump-Kim Jong Un summit.

But liberals were not impressed with Trump’s achievement.

In fact, they sought to use it as an opportunity to attack him.

John Brennan accused Trump of being a “dupe” who was being played by the North Koreans.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Former CIA Director John Brennan went all-out on the relationship between Kim Jong Un and President Trump on MSNBC Thursday, saying Kim was crafty and “duped” Trump into believing him.

“I think he has very smartly and very masterfully…” Brennan began.

“Un?” asked Nicole Wallace.

“Kim Jong Un, escalated and saber-rattled so that he cold then switch and appear much more accommodating and present a more peaceful face,” Brennan pressed.

The former CIA director stated that Trump had gone from calling Kim Jong Un “rocket man and a sick puppy to honorable and nice.”

Brennan continued to say that Un was “masterful” and that he believes he “quite frankly duped Mr. Trump.”

Trump supporters also believe Brennan orchestrated the leak campaign to spread misinformation about Trump and Russia in order to try and frame the President for collusion.

Brennan and the Obama administration failed to deal with North Korea and they should remain silent while Donald Trump cleans up their mess.

Do you think North Korea is serious about peace? Or is it too soon to tell?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1. I believe your right about China. Un is a puppet of China but now that he’s established a nuclear threat I believe he wants to be recognized as an equal player on the global market. This is not uncommon many dictators once establishing authority move towards legitimacy. Now comes the games and there’s no e better to sit at this table then President Trump!!!

  2. Believe the one traitor we know of who has already had his military tribunal got the typical sentence for high treason, but he is not in jail or prison.

  3. Camille, our CIA,NSA, FBI & DOJ were already corrupt long before they helped chief usurping criminal Barack Hussein Obama attain a position he never was and never will be eligible to hold. To this day we still have no proof that Obama is even an American citizen – actually no proof that Stanley Ann Dunham was his mother, but if she was, he was probably adopted by his stepfather, since he was attending a Catholic school as a Muslim student in Indonesia, from what little we have been told about him. Atlah interviewed a woman who knew him in high school in Hiawaii, who said he was homosexual then and showed a large picture of him wearing what definitely appeared to be expensive homosexual attire. Also info keeps surfacing that Michelle probably was born a Michael & saw Field McConnell in a speech saying he had seen definite proof of Michelle flaunting his?/her? still intact adult chromosomal genitalia – so Joan Rivers was probably right when she told some reporter we already had our first homosexual president and Michelle was a trenny! Still a lot to learn about both Obamas – and have nothing definite and no way to check it, but have seen allegations that Obama also did a stint with the CIA.

  4. But Ron we just seemtogetmore crazies like Cortez of NY. Congress will never vote in term limits. It will take a convention of the states to accomplish that but yes your on the right track.

  5. Sour grapes from Brennan because he and the misfits were unable to speak to UN much less make a deal. Yet he is correct in opining that the NK leader is very crafty and unstable. Dangerous if his paranoia is triggered. However he seems to want to please and to engage in society. He is beginning to realize that there are benefits to him and his country if he can keep himself under control.My concern is that China is trying to run a scam and will use Kim UN to do it. China is already beginning to show a lack of restraint, respect, and even mockery toward the United States, their goal is to see how far they can pussh Trump. If any of this is true we could see problems fairly quickly. I believe Un himself wants peace and will cooperate depending how bold and manipulative China becomes but one thing is for sure-China is a wiley opponent and they will not go quietly into the night. Trump is likely very aware of the possibilities-his mama didn’t raise a dummy and I suspect he is equal to all challengers and will continue in his quest to MAGA~*~

  6. Tom – You are absolutely . RIGHT ON , about him ‘But he should have his HEAD put in a NOOSE & a TRAPDOOR under him , It should have a sign that will be the LAST thing HE will ever SEE that SAYS GOODBYE TRAITOR !!!

  7. Brennan is a filthy Cock Roach and now that the light is on him he will run an hide in his garbage


  9. brennan is a traitor to america as is mueller,comey, clapper, hillary obama ,rice lynch, valeria jarret eric holder may they all hang for treason

  10. What a joke that the sign in front of Brennan says “Honorable” before his name! Like all the other Obamabots, there is nothing “honorable” about this globalist anti-American imbecile!

  11. Amen to that. We must continue to pray for our President and all who are in authority. God is ultimately in control. I believe that he is going to expose the great sins and evil that has embedded people who are in authority. PTL.

  12. I asked a libtard I’ve known for 33 years. I said, so the Russians bought ad space and convinced millions of Americans to vote for President Trump.He said, that is exactly it. I couldn’t stop laughing for 3 minutes.I always knew Hillary is a gutless anti 2nd Amendment swine. A Australian gun control should be the U.S. A. mmodel. Uh, no numbers, that’s not the way. Then she spends what 10-12 million on the fake Fusion GPS Dossier insurance policy. Hillary is related to Putin.They have lomy standing treasonous relationships with the Russians. Mueller dropping off yellow cake samples. Where is SESSIONS????????

  13. What is truly disgusting is lefty commie people think Brennan and clapper are patriots. I am not kidding one bit.That is how warped their brains are.

  14. Not kidding, my former Libtards friends repeat word for word everything we’ve been saying about the lefty democrat communist for the past 2 years. They can’t even come up with their own salient arguments against us. Using what we say about them. My God, like their use of ” drain the swamp” now. That shows a complete lack of brains and debating skills. Democrats are evil communists period. They must disappear into that good night never ever to be heard from again.Democrats are so stumped.Unreal.

  15. The communist democrats don’t know what to do anymore. We slam them at every showdown! I love it!

  16. Bernadette & M. Tisdale, Yes our words do matter and the Bible tells us that the power of life and death is in the tongue-be angry and sin not. There are many admonitions about how we are to comport ourselves as Christian people. However this page is not for Christians only and more often than not people are going to express themselves in ways Christians may not. We must all come together in love for our country to overcome this evil that has beset us and we will not do that if we are easily offended.
    We are united in that we love our country and we want it to remain the Shining City on the Hill, we must not become easily offended by others. Let is seek the face of God in peace, and righteous indignation so the enemy of our souls is exposed rather than allow him to fracture our base with his evil plots and schemes against America.
    This is a long tedious process and the longer it goes on the more evil is exposed. Although I want it to be over before it began I would also like the truth to come forth-all of it! I want none of them to find shelter under the slime of the swamp. God has raised a man-not just any man, but a man for such a time as this-President Trump! And when God calls he enables so let us all wait united and expectantly in peace and unity for God to show his judgment, might, power, and protection from the evil one. And having done all to stand let us stand determined and united in our efforts. MAGA!

  17. What we need to do is take John Brennan to git mo and water board him until he comes clean. I have no respect for the man.

  18. Hey Bernadette, Thank you for your comments. Each time I read comments that are so full of anger with so many inciting violence, it makes me sad for our great Country. We are a nation of laws and law breakers should go to prison. We are working on that. With that said, we are examples for young people. We all have seen what is happening in our schools and I surely don’t want to say or do anything that contributes to anyone being injured or worse. So, I am asking, no I am begging everyone to please think before you speak or write anything. You never know how much you may effect young people or even another adult. I am a senior southern conservative lady who knows this is the greatest nation on earth, we have lost sight of the “prize” momentarily. As hard as it is, give pause, our words really do matter.

  19. We need to pray for these sad souls like Brennan and the entire deep state. I wonder if they ever think how much better our country could be if we worked together to make it great. I despise the constant attacks. Like Jesus said, you without sin cast the first stone, but none of them did. Can the demos and repubs stop fighting?

  20. All I can say is get your head out of the sand and open your eyes instead of being a blind follower. The democrats have pulled the wool over your eyes for years it’s time for all of us to stand up and be counted for what the democrats really are and what they are planning for our country. Be a patriot and love our country not a political idiot. This isn’t about politics this is about our country and the sooner you realize that the sooner this country is going to get back on track and be the country to be proud of like our forefathers intended. there are traitors on both sides.

  21. They all should be Bushes and Clintons and Obama’s and their Cronies in Congress and Eliets they were being puppets for their money and the money they stold From tax payers of this Country our Country and all of them should have been fired along time ago.

  22. Brennan is a Muslim and a traitor to this country. There is no doubt that he hates Trump for undoing the traitorous piece of garbage deal he and Clapper and Obama made with the Iranian thugs. The American people ought to be tickled pink over it.

  23. Brennan’s ass in even more trouble!
    He got caught LYING to Congress again!
    Now the DEMIs are calling each other Liars!
    McCabe says Comey Lied and Comey says Brennan LIED!!!!

  24. It is just sour grapes from the failed policies during the Obama occupation.
    Brennan needs to be quiet and go away like the other rotten apples in the former
    administration. Their “help” is not wanted nor required.

  25. Deep State is everywhere!!! The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  26. Either you are still asleep or another new world order troll trying to do damage control!

  27. Ah so! Brennanm, a former director of the CIA which has been identified as the central hub of the new world order’s Shadow Government! One of the ringleader traitors in hatching the plot to politically assassinate OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP! Looking forward to Hillary’s melt down post debate rant of “we’ll all be swinging from the gallows if that f…ing b…..d wins”!
    Wel, Hillary. He won and we are looking forward to your rant becoming your prophecy for you and all of those included in your “we’ll”

  28. Rivahmitch, Obama was and is a Muslim and during his 2 terms people like Brennan and Kerry and I think somebody else in his administration became Muslim.

  29. Bill Lockman, there has been a lot of confirmation from many sources that there is a deep state and the Obama administration deliberately misled the FISA judges that the Trump dossier and another source that was the article wrote by someone who talked to author of the Dossier so he repeated the information to the FISA court as 2 sources instead of 1 (the dossier). The FISA court thought there was 2 sources verifying the same information, but Steele was the source for both. The Obama administration did not verify any of the information (according to Comey) and didn’t tell the FISA court that the Dossier was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Clinton campaign which means a lot since they were from the Democrat Party which did everything they could to put Trump down even if it was lies. This administration had to go to that same Court at least 3 more times and sign for approval to wiretap the Trump campaign (which was illegal because of how they got this approval. Obama also was in on wiretapping the Trump campaign, so when Trump said that Obama wiretapped the Trump Tower, that was true. Everybody made fun of Trump for saying that, but it turned out it was true and Obama was guilty AGAIN! If there was any colluding in the 2016 race, it was done by the WH, the FBI and the CIA who tried to do everything to help Hillary win the election. That’s why all the Democrats were so shocked that Trump won because Hillary had used fraud in many states in votes when buses were taken from one state to another to vote for Hillary and they couldn’t even believe how much fraud there was in Detroit, MI. Also, Gov Brown told all the illegal immigrants they could vote in the CA 2016 election and that is why Hillary won the popular vote because they voted for her and she cheated again which she always does! God allowed Trump to win and nobody could stop God. By the way, there was NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION because the Senate and House interrogations said they could find no collusion and there has been several people who have said that Mueller has given up on any Trump campaign Russian collusion so now he is still trying to get Obstruction of Justice but that won’t fly because the President can fire anybody he wants in the FBI, so when Trump fired Comey, it won’t pass any court because he has the legal authority to do that for no reason if he wanted to.

  30. Watch comments about shooting people please. Our gun rights are already under attack. Let’s not give the commiecrats any more ammo. No pun intended.

  31. Well now we know who the DEEP STATE ringleader is and President Trump should find away to take his ass out as he is a POS and should be SHOT!! He is SCUM just like Obama.

  32. Hey Bill Lockman, You must have been under the rock with Brennan and don’t know what has been going on. You are the one who has been misinformed. I would be wasting time trying to explain ALL the ways this statement is wrong, wrong, wrong and you are wasting your time if you think you will convince even one person who knows better that you know of what you speak. So hopefully we will agree to disagree in a civil way.

  33. I with James 100%but I would like to see trump start playing offense fire some gutless congressmen FBI people and DOJ people but I’m afraid it will never happen and all of them will go Scott free taking there undeserved pensions with them

  34. If these far left loonies haven’t figured out that Trump is a crafty negotiator by now, they never will. I believe that Trump is fully aware that Little Kimmy may be playing games and or stalling for some nefarious end game. If cautiously optimistic were a sliding scale, I am 99.9% cautious and point one percent optimistic. I believe the Trump administration is in the same neighborhood.

  35. We do not know the outcome of the Un/Trump talks; the interesting thing about the future is it did not hapen yet. We do know that John Brennan and Barack Obama did nothing to abate the threat of North Korea. John Brennan has long been a weasel in the federal government. Media broadcasting his blather is doing the US no benefit.

  36. The spoiled brat sabre rattler UN blinked and Trump was the only one to have the Guts to pull the rug out from under him!!! Yay, TRUMP!!!! Brennan go back to your sugar daddy, Obuma!!

  37. Brennan lost his job. He needed work. Now, he’s wiping asses of Libs for his lucre. Did you expect anything else from a traitor?

  38. Merridee, Brennan is so far up obamas anal tract, that its hard for him to understand, while adoring the smell of his leader, another traitor to the country.

  39. John you and your coconspirators are exposed and will never hold any office of political power in this country agoin…so tell me John how does it feel to be recognized as a traitor to your country.

  40. As you know he is no longer in our Security Admn I believe he is the heart of this evil plan to get rid of Trump. If we can’t send him to jail,we must send him to hell.

  41. pps.i basically Was Never Concerned re NK ‘sabre rattling’ due to ‘types of info’ vs. ‘fear mongering’ press, including the ‘establishment military industrial complex’ of which Former Pres. Gen Eisenhower warned of, in his Departing presidential speech. Ahem.
    > Now, USA NEED LAY >>0FF<< SYRIA. Banging Syria to the ground for 'division' & Ruining Ancient Culture + ppl is All re the Genie ltd Pipeline. Period. please post RR. Thnx.

  42. Maybe Trump should suspend the Constitution, as the deep state has so earnestly tried, and arrest the whole OIbama Cabinet for treasonous acts against the United States Government and try them under a Military Tribunal.

  43. So far So Good w/ NK. Today news says – blowing up tunnels, entrances etc. to mountain of nuke test sites. Invites reporters from various countries to witness/report. I do truly believe & V. 0ptimistic Mr. Kim No Longer wishes a ‘hermit state’ & to be a “junkyard dog” – Used/Abused (by you know who, i hope.) Mr. Kim is Experiencing a ‘come Uppance’ & that is Good!
    He wants to join the World w/help from US,SK etc. Ancient Heritage need Preserved. He is ‘learning’ Economics for his ppl. & Much to be Sorry For, For Sure.
    >Sec. Pompeo is amazing – 2 trips, gets along well w/Mr.Kim & has ‘paved the way’ for POTUS.
    [ Eat your heart out] brennan. [ or someone in your [satanic] cult will ] had opportunity &/Never wanted the ‘Do’. Hate to be ‘prolific’ re satanic/luciferian KrAAp cult, but this is what we are gettingdown to. & V. Serious Energy. Highly taboo subject matter. Not Easy to take. Hope this post gets thru unaltered. Here goes.

  44. brennan is an Islamic muslim it is now wonder he is part of the deep state,I think it was Doug Casey that predicted that Islam was what we should concerned about
    it was Obama Tu
    rdeau that divided the usa and canada

  45. Brainless, John Brennan should be dismissed from his office, he is nothing but trouble and has been for some time. He has no respect for our President, or our nation kim Jong & Trump meet that world peace can be & will be taken much more seriously. World Peace will come soon!! John B is part of the deep state and makes remarks as such, and what he is doing isn’t going to do him any good. He needs to crawl out of swamp before he sinks with them all. John is hurting our national security and has attempted to undermine the US Constitution to try an ruin America.

  46. I think it is too early to tell if Kim un is serious or just putting on a great show. It will have to remain and see following the Summit. Breener is also a turn coat and traitor to his country. I saw Obama coming when I listened to his comments back in 2011 on his campaigning. Many people thought I was being overly cautious then but just look at what we are dealing with especially since 2014 when campus rioting over conservative speakers took off big time. I think Trump is doing a great job and pray he is not falling for showmanship. The fact that three Americans were released is very nice and I am very happy for them. But this could be just cover for trouble with NOKO. I hope not however. Atomic war is unthinkable .

  47. We all know whose Side you are on John Brennan and who you are A Traitor like your Partner the Muslim Mutt..!! Bet there was Eighteen Wheeler Full of Prayer Rugs when the Mutt & Michael moved from the Rainbow House and gave us back OUR White House once it was Deloused…!!

  48. Never knew that Brennan is a Muslim. Had he been inquired over his relationship fiord affiliation during the committee hearing? If not, then Obama must have known that he is one of them. Oh brother. no wonder that Israel had to deal with the hostile administration for so long.

    Trump greatly honor Israel to the extent that he even snubbed the world protests over his IS embassy decision to Jerusalem. It’s a big relief for Israel to know that they have a true friend in the White House.

    Sad that the UK is now lost to the Islamic domination. Unbelievable. How could the liberals not see that it had been known for centuries how the Muslims treated women? Unbelievable.

    The feminists have repeatedly cried for the protection of women but yet blindly pledged their support to the Islamic monsters.


    Trump 2020!

  49. If this X CIA Director Brennan is such a hot shot why is he hiding under a rock called “Deep State”? He should be helping to make our Country better, and these damn Democrats sure are not doing that!!! Calif. looks like a Third World Country with all the millions of poor illegal aliens, homeless, and poor American’s laying all over our sidewalks taking drugs pooping on the streets and filth everywhere but our Goveror Democrat Brown is doing his thing even if the public hates him as much as I hatwe the CIA spying on me everyday reading & deleting emails to the President which is illegal by it self. I’m on the Presidential Advisory Board and they mess with me everyday and night,it’s always hit & miss if anything gets through my Rights don’t matter, same with the Constitution. So Brennan and all his Dim-Wit Democrats can all go to Hell.

  50. Brennon is also one corrupt criminal behind damaging leaks he is also involved in the made up Dossier and I believe he is having Trump spied on also the dude is bad to the core and maybe somebody needs to check to see where he has been lately?!?? Probably needs investigated!

  51. Brennan is a seditious scum-bag not fit to lick Donald Trump’s shoes. Continue on with your honorable tasks President Trump. SEMPER FIDELIS, Joseph Ward

  52. Brennan, who converted to the Islamic CULT, fornicates swine which is against CULT laws.
    As a result after he’s dispatched, he will be embalmed with pigs blood to seal the deal.

  53. This insulting challenge, like so many others, is pure unadulterated BS. It is cast out in hopes of deluding the American public with Democratic lies and deception. This has become so common these days as their party continues to go down the drain in public opinion.

  54. Brennan,is a stupid libtard,like all the test,I’m sure this coward of a man,has tons of skeletons in his closet!

  55. You got that straight!! I’m 100% sure he also has a stash in an offshore account!! Maybe the IRS should investigate? Na,will never happen,they are just as corrupt as the ASSHAT(O’Vomit)!!

  56. What would Brennen do if faced with Death or agree to disarm!!! I guess Brennen would like a missile fired at him and then he could just never be heard from again.. a true traitor… MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN – TRUMP DOING IT IN FACE OF SO MANY LIBERAL TRAITORS……….

  57. I hope America never has another jackazz Democrat for President, you people that supported Obama need mental help, All of you Obama lovers having melt down, because Trump can do more in one day, then Obama done in full year

  58. Well, Mr Brennen, your mother should have washed your mouth out with Dial soap you evil Liberal dirtbag. President Trump is a wonderful President and actually the Best President since Raegan. Actually, Trump may even be the Best President we have ever had. So Mr Brennen go crawl back under that rock and eat some worms.

  59. I suggest that when President Trump goes to Scandinavia to receive his Nobel Peace Prize, he NOT INVITE Mr. Brennan to go with him.

  60. I would hope so. It will take some time in the discussions as this relationship has been dead for many years. President is no dummy and I don’t believe as cunning as Kim is, I think he will have a tough time trying to out smart our President. If the mainstream media could only look at the bright side of these negotiations instead of trying to tear down everything the President does I believe they can succeed.

  61. Brennan converted to Islam and therefore has the ambitions of a Muslim. Islam and our Constitution are incompatible. The’kingpin of the deep state’ cannot handle that the destruction of our Constitution and Democracy did not go as planned.

  62. Anyone or thing associated with obummer is scum and must be removed from any connection with the Government;ASAP.

  63. And some people wonder why we don’t trust our CIA or FBI. The rot at the top is incredible!

  64. And some people wonder why we don’t trust our CIA or FBI. The rot at the top is incredible!

  65. The want to hurt Donald Trump, is a mirror, as it reflects back the perpetrator and affects him as well – “logic” If America suffers, so will all the haters ! The want to harm is a negative and eventually taints the person attempting harm. As they live their life, they live in a negative world and that is what Brennan is doing at this moment !!

  66. Who really listens to that has been, Brennan, anyway? He is just blowing hot air out the other end now. No one should even give him a moment or a line on any station or in any news media. The news media gives these has beens the attention; and, real people are tired of hearing it, truthfully. We should all turn off the news media the minute they start giving these jerks attention. I do that already by switching to another channel, just like I do with commercials. That’s all it is anyway, propaganda, another form of advertising. It certainly isn’t news. Is it news every time that Maxine Waters attacks the President? I don’t think so.

  67. Brennan and the Deep State are a worse threat to the western world and freedom than anyone else.

  68. The reason Brennan had his job at the white house was due to his being a muslim. So what would you expect from a muslim, just what we heard and will continue to hear until he is charged and put in prison.

  69. One remembers the same comments about President Reagan, when he was dealing with Gorbachev and Russia, which was and is, an adversary to the Western World. Pres. Reagan ignored the neo-cons and adopted a policy of Trust but Verify, and that policy worked as the U.S.S.R. broke up. As one remembers, Gorbachev was quite a crafty fellow as well, but he met a leader that would not back down or submit to political blackmail, much to the chagrin of deep state members here in the U.S.

    Instead of Brennan and the deep state members attacking our president, they should be getting behind his leadership with his attempts, to make this world a safer place to live in, for all concerned! Pres. Trump is not the enemy of the Western World nor freedom, Kim Jung Un is!

  70. where did we get so many crazies in our government. I think the problem lies with lifetime . we desperately need term limits, that way we can get rid of the swamp faster. even when gov workers reach retirement age they don’t want to go home. sad. move over and let the younger set do their job. the people do not want to keep paying them for doing nothing

  71. Don’t forget that Brennan is still on the hook for lying to congress. Also. he played a big part in supplying arms to ISIS; was a part of the Benghazi cover up, and was in on the Uranium One Treason scandal that gave Uranium and US Intelligence and secrets to Iran. You and Clapper should keep singing. I’m sure President Trump has someone taking down every word and deed for future use.

  72. John Brennan is a devout muslim, and as is moslem obama, both are controlled by their puppet master George Soros along with many others of the “Deep State”, and will take a major effort and time to eradicate from the “Swamp”! Soros must be the first to go!

  73. Hey Mr. Jungle, It does give us pause. We now realize what was truly in store for America had the wicked of the west been elected. They had no idea how to negotiate or much of anything else.They really believe they have the market cornered on life and how it operates. The President moves so fast these bozos cannot keep up with him. There is no down time with him. Thanks Almighty God for saving our country with this man.

  74. I hope you’re talking about Brennan? Looks like you meant GCK. Bennan does need to crawl back under the rock.

  75. Donald Trump is much smarter than the gay Obama, the swinger Hillary, the electric fly sip Brennan. I’m sure that the Donald won’t be out witted by Kim

  76. True, but obama a ring leader? He proved he can NOT lead !
    John Brennan, current head of the CIA converted to Islam while stationed in Saudi Arabia .

    Obama’s top advisor,
    Valerie Jarrett, is a Muslim who was born in Iran where her parents still live.
    Mother still active with the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Hillary Clinton’s top
    advisor, Huma Abedin is a Muslim, whose mother and brother are involved in the
    now outlawed Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt .

    Assistant Secretary for
    Policy Development for Homeland Security, Arif Aikhan, is a Muslim.

    Homeland Security Advisor,
    Mohammed Elibiary, is a Muslim.

    Obama advisor and founder
    of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, Salam al-Marayati, is a Muslim.

    Obama’s Sharia Czar, Imam
    Mohamed Magid, of the Islamic Society of North America is a Muslim.

    Advisory Council on
    Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships, Eboo Patel, is a Muslim.

    And last but not least,
    our closet Muslim himself, Barack Hussein Obama.

  77. iT’S AMAZING (or appalling) that so many folks out there still try to defend the obama admin.. His whole admin lied constantly, and hopefully it will all end with Mueller also going to prison, along with the other ”rats”!

  78. True, but obama a ring leader??? He was/is a schill, funded by Soros with his $$$ and look at his groomers>Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, Rev. J. Wright, his set up wife & so called children???
    John Brennan, current head of the CIA converted to Islam while stationed in Saudi Arabia .

    Obama’s top advisor,
    Valerie Jarrett, is a Muslim who was born in Iran where her parents still live.
    Mother still active with the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Hillary Clinton’s top
    advisor, Huma Abedin is a Muslim, whose mother and brother are involved in the
    now outlawed Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt .

    Assistant Secretary for
    Policy Development for Homeland Security, Arif Aikhan, is a Muslim.

    Homeland Security Advisor,
    Mohammed Elibiary, is a Muslim.

    Obama advisor and founder
    of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, Salam al-Marayati, is a Muslim.

    Obama’s Sharia Czar, Imam
    Mohamed Magid, of the Islamic Society of North America is a Muslim.

    Advisory Council on
    Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships, Eboo Patel, is a Muslim.

    And last but not least,
    our closet Muslim himself, Barack Hussein Obama.

  79. Unless she is in prison , where she should be. She won’t need a gardener there. She might need someone to protect her!!!

  80. Agreed! I believe Obama is just a tool, and soros is the bank, and valerie jarrett is the one who controls obama. The whole lot of them are communists. Their history says that about them.

  81. I want every one of the traitors who took the taxpayers money to Iran in the middle of the night and handed it over to those American hating murderers put in jail. They stole money they had no right to and handed it over to terrorist

  82. John Brennan is a looser just like his boss Obama. Give him a one way ticket to live in either Cuba or Venezuela. He should be prosecuted for his attempts to overthrow our current president.

  83. You got that right! Although biden needs to go also. He is a pervert of the most disgusting kind!

  84. Right on! AND yes it is too soon to tell; but it isn’t too soon to tell MR brennan that we don’t have a president like Obama who ”kowtowed” to whatever other world leaders wanted from him. Brennan’s ”boss” was the biggest fraud/wimp of a president we could have every had!!

  85. Brennan should be careful; he and his cohorts are not out of the woods yet. How does he know our president isn’t ”playing” little rocket man? These snakes have no business butting into this administration. They do not know that we know how corrupt they are.

  86. Too soon to tell, but at least it’s a first step, who knows NK May turn out to be an ally down the road, look at Japan & Germany after WW2.
    Brennan should just fade away, at least we now have an administration that doesn’t bend over to any nation that says Boo.
    P. S. Brennan, when you do go away, please take Hillary with you.

  87. Very Well said. With having to watch his back at every turn while making America better. As well as watching some republicans in this mix. This is all so so disgraceful. They really do need term limits as all should be able to see these folks only work for us until they get into office then time to line their pockets and their own agenda. Thank goodness Pres. Trump is the one in office that can deal with this nonsense. Government does need to be cleaned up for sure at all levels. Start working for AMERICA.

  88. Brennan’s a complete toad. I think most of these fools are on as schedule and being paid to stir the pot. George Soros is the bank; and likely Obama is the ring leader or one of them at least. The more they scheme the better Trump looks and America keeps WINNING!!!! To hell with these Democrat LOSERS!

  89. These people still don’t understand that Trump won the election, Hillary lost. People like Brennen and Kerry think they still have jobs in the administration. Someone please tell them to disappear. Maybe they can get a job as gardener or chauffeur for Hillary.

  90. Not Only Should Brennan As Well As Obama And The Rest Of His Treasonous Administration Should Be Prosecuted For Treason And Numerous High Crimes And Misdemeanors Against The U.S And The American People In Which They Have Proven On Their Own Accord To Be Very Much Factual And Unimpeachably True.

  91. Brennan LIED to Congress several times was with Oblammer during Iran bribe the STUPID NUKE DEAL and watched Crimea and the Ukraine fall BUT Trump was duped???!!!??? When is this creep going to JAIL???

  92. do us all a favor and crawl back under the rock. oh by the way your indictment is coming, have patience.

  93. The Deep State “players” continue to expose themselves with these attacks, leaving us to ID and compartmentalize them. Once have them in a box, you can fix in place.

  94. I believe the A/G Sessions, should bring up one a week for trial, this would take nus up to the mid term elections. This would awaken lots of dumbocrats. Come on Sessions, get off your posterior and lets see something happen. Or quit being A/G.

  95. So sad. As our great President Trump has said over and over again, it is too early to tell but I think we are on the right track! Yes, as usual he will do his best and his best is so far superior to anyone elses since Regan. I will give JFK a kudo also but you saw where that got him. When things settle down a bit, Pres. Trump probably will release the JFK tapes.

  96. And Brennan disgraces himself once again.
    Trump may go down in history as our greatest POTUS, if only for surviving the heretofore unmatched and unknown attacks from dishonorable members of Congress, the amoral media and the shameful wannabes. It’s miraculous that Trump has been able to accomplish as much as he has!

  97. Agree that Brennan is deep deep “deep state”. I think it is too soon to know if POTUS will be successful in his NOKO summit. I do know he is and will do his best to accomplish the mission. I hope and pray this task and the Iran situation can be “fixed” at the bargaining table. if not we will be in an even more dangerous world.

  98. President Trump may be “duped” that remains to be seen – But – it well known that Brennan is a total POS.

  99. John Brennan needs to find a good lawyer and then invoke the 5th and remain silent. He has contributed nothing/nada/zip to national security and has attempted to undermine the US Constitution. You can tell when he is lying, his lips start moving.

  100. Who knows and who cares at this point. Its a giant leap in the right direction and I truly think once kim Jong & Trump meet that world peace can be & will be taken much more seriously. World Peace!!
    Brennan is putrid. He can keep crawling out with deepstate remarks. Not going to do him any good. His mouth is totally turning that blue wave into a little infant creek wave.

  101. Brennan is obama’s puppet. Does what he is told. Obama could not do anything but travel the globe and kiss ass and apologize. America is back to being a POWER.

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