Defense Secretary James Mattis just issued a stark warning for America

The Warrior Monk, James “Mad Dog” Mattis, is working hard to make America’s military great again.

The Defense Secretary has a radical vision for how the military will be used in the future.

But Mattis just issued a stark warning about a grave threat for America’s national security.

Americans just can’t meet the qualifications for military service anymore.

In fact, nearly three out of four young people aren’t even up to the minimum standards.

The Washington Times reports:

“We are no longer receiving people from the society who are as much in step with the qualities that our institution must have for success on the battlefield,” Mr. Mattis told reporters Wednesday, following his address to Air Force Academy graduates in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The military for years has struggled with a declining pool from which to pull its recruits, but Mr. Mattis made clear the problem is getting worse.

“More than 70 percent of 18- to 24-year-old males and females cannot qualify to be a private in the Army. … I’m told it’s 72 percent, it’s unfortunately going up,” he said.

“This is combination of illicit drug abuse, illicit drug use, obesity is probably the biggest one, morals, you know, just arrests, that sort of thing and there are other reasons,” he continued, adding academic failings as another major factor.

While Mattis acknowledged the military wouldn’t refuse admitting recruits just for their past mistakes, the problems he identified are only likely to increase.

With radical liberals’ ironclad grip on America’s education system, young people are growing up brainwashed about simple things like how many genders there are (hint: there’s not more than two).

Mattis is trying to restructure America’s military with a focus on readiness.

What’s the purpose of even having Americans register for Selective Service if three out of four can’t even meet the minimum qualifications?

What do you think can be done to help Americans meet basic military service qualifications?

Let us know in the comments below.


  1. When I left for Paris Island there were 88 of us on board. 18 graduated. That was 1972.I doubt if more than a handful could make it today. I’d rather have a squad of real Marines than a Division of cross dressers with me in combat!

  2. Perhaps the US can develop a program for pre-military. I know we have ROTC and possibly other things I’m not aware of but it should give incentive to join. Maybe it would encourage those who are not quite fit To become the kind of material the military would want.

  3. There may not be enough first-timers. I’ve been in there since 1970. What Gen. Mattis doesn’t mention is compared to Vietnam standards no they don’t measure up. However, there are militias NOT affected by the government in every state, plus an armed infantry also paramilitary guarding the border who CAN fire live rounds. There are about 1.8 million of every branch of service, add to those 1.6 million hunters (a low approximation). Yes some are fat, but I’d rather have a fat man who knows how to use a gun and will behind me, than a skinny, “is this the trigger” type.

  4. We can’t go back Bill, but we can go forward with your ideas. It will shock those in colleges, but they are lost anyway. Remember the 30-year-old who was legally forced out of mommy’s basement? I doubt if he could carry a pack for a mile or two-too chunky.

  5. I agree Jerry, unfortunately, for the most part, the kids coming up have a ‘know it all’ attitude which is so far from the truth. Even at 68, I don’t dare to say I know it all. I do know how to do my job very well and Gen. Mattis is a surprisingly nice man. Not the heathen some make him out to be.
    Lt. Rob USMC

  6. Mattis is wrong about only two Genders there are three Dees Does & Dems…!!! The Democratic Educational System is intentionally Dumbing Down our Youth that’s why we the Terrorist Group Antifa

  7. In a poll of incoming freshmen at Harvard, a number of years ago, 89% did not know on which side of the Mississippi River they lived.
    (published in Reader’s Digest)

  8. They could probably spell better if they learned to read. I volunteered to help several recent high school graduates fill out job applications. None of them could read the application without help.

  9. This started long before Trump was in office we are going to have to pull the queer education out of the school system and get phys, ed.back in the schools and get parents to take electronic games from the kids and put balls and such in there hands do different stuff with them and cut off junk food

  10. Walter Ashley Jr. you are unworthy of being blessed to be an American! You should move yourself out from here and go to wherever you FIT! You are not wanted here in this Land of Free and Home of the Brave! Your not Brave and you are NOT FREE! You have isolated your little pea brain with what is UN-AMERICAN ~ no RESPECT for the Voice of the PEOPLE! It is the Voice of that PEOPLE of the Might y Nation that HONORS and TRUSTS HIM WITH HIS POSITION! We LOVE and RESPECT our President! We did not care for NO. 44, but we did gave honor to the OFFICE! Please, always put What is the BEST for the Nation FIRST! Without being a Citizen of this Country, you might not be able to voice the HATRED this within SINFUL HEART!

  11. To Walter Ashley, Jr.

    I think I have just encountered the stench of a leftest Demopuke.

  12. Just perhaps, a good place to start is to edit your own comments in this forum and learn how spell the most simple words in our language!
    If you can’t spell, your life will be very limited. Teach these young people what the world is all about and what is right about it and what is not right. Then correct the things that are wrong.

  13. sec. Mattis just said , he didn’t think there were enough people that could pass the test , to be in the Military, if this is the case folks, this is BAD NEWS! Really Nad News!

  14. Re-institute the draft for four years, and when the obese arrive send them to the motivation platoon to get them in shape and reprogram them from the educational system that they have been exposed to for the last 12 years.

  15. I wouldn’t doubt it, the obesity part. I umpired a Babe Ruth game yesterday and three of the four infielders on one team were morbidly obese, I mean rolls of fat. these are young teenagers.

  16. A return to basic education in K-12, NO “common core” (which is neither) eliminate multi-gender psycho-bable in class. And of course, reinstitute recess period time in primary grades and PE i middle and high schools. oh, and nix the politically correct speech culture in schools. These psycho/social/physical deficits identified by general Mattis in today’s recruit bass have been implanted from kindergarten forward. They cannot be changed. Current generations should be counted as that level of loss, and we must move forward accordingly with future generations to cut off the mistakes of the past.

  17. Would you believe that most high school students do not know who the Vice President of the United States is? I found out the easy way. I went to my daughter’s High School and randomly selected 25 students in all grades. Only 2 new the answer. This is what happens with piss poor education.

  18. I agree. I don’t like it that our military is always fighting battles for some forsaken place at tax payers expense. You are right about the Muslims infiltrating Europe. From pictures I have seen, mostly young men that should have stayed home and fought for their country.


  20. Amen Danna.Kids need to know who their Savior is and have the faith of the Cross and what Jesus did for us on that Cross. The problem America has in all areas of life is sin. And the only way to keep it under control is Christ.

  21. Amen Danna.Kids need to know who their Savior is and have the faith of the Cross and what Jesus did for us on that Cross. The problem America has in all areas of life is sin. And the only way to keep it under control is Christ.

  22. Amen Danna.Kids need to know who their Savior is and have the faith of the Cross and what Jesus did for us on that Cross. The problem America has in all areas of life is sin. And the only way to keep it under control is Christ.

  23. Amen Danna.Kids need to know who their Savior is and have the faith of the Cross and what Jesus did for us on that Cross. The problem America has in all areas of life is sin. And the only way to keep it under control is Christ.

  24. Mandatory (Swiss, Austrian, Polish, russian, chinese)
    No one washes out.
    Peel potatoes for 4 years! No one cares.

  25. Isolated events, but SMACK religion to server your loathsome self,especially Christianity.
    Because who will argue with you? WE, that is me, would politely ignore your hatred and love you anyway.
    Go hug your Muslim – their god would love to love you,

  26. I have been saying the same thing. Teach these kids how to do the core subjects, as you mentioned. The minute they took God out of the schools was the beginning of the lib. take down. Then came the scare that if you spanked your child you would go to jail for abuse. The school system has been since kindergarden all the way to high school have been indoctrinating these kids where now they are in college running the show. And they wonder why some kids take a gun to school and use it??

  27. I think if there’s going to be a draft and I like that wright after high school should be four years mandatory men and woman all will be educated from the military about life


  29. Good point!
    How about starting with discipline, pledge of allegiance and prayers beginning in kindergarten?
    Good eating, and exercise requirements in all schools at all levels!
    Expectations need to be stated and reinforced.
    Dept of Education to send out standards required of all schools for creating a healthy, learned history of the founding of this nation, building for respect of our country, restraint, and self discipline.
    The dumbing down of our schools, and of society in general, leaves us vulnerable for introducing ideas for a government that are contrary to our Constitution.
    Are we there yet?

  30. We need to get rid of all the LGBT bull%$#@, and go back to the true basics of math, English, US history, regular PE, play and shower, the same as Grandpa & Grandma had to do the last 30+ years are a lost generation. Drugs, drugs, and more drugs, plus all of the LGBT bullsh&^. A truly sad 30+ years.

  31. Agree Greg! I think ROTC should be at least a 2 yr required course for every male! IF you do good in that, it’s an automatic LT when you graduate. Agree that the draft needs to be re-instated! You get in trouble there-you go to the pen-the FEDERAL PEN! 99% of high school grads are NOT ready for college when they get out anyway. They don’t know what they want to do, and are just killing time (or avoiding being on their own) and being exposed to the liberal garbage. Then they’re out picketing and don’t know why. Everyone of those caught skipping class to protest, should be put right into the military-choice-military or prison! But one option NOT available-?? COLLEGE!!

  32. Time to start the draft , if you have quit High School , have been in trouble ( misameaner ) or less .
    We should be just like Isrial , 4 years of service , after graduation .
    I served , and I’m a High School drop out . 1980 to 1981 Tennessee National Guard . Plus it would teach our kids respect , responsibilities , and they can learn a good trade . Plus go back to School . When you turn 18 ,you should join the the armed Force’s .

  33. First thing that’s needed is get rid of all the Liberal teachers and put teachers in who have more than a teaspoon of common sense and morals. I suggest Experienced Ex-Military instructors for military schools.

    does anyone here remember when Krutchiev said they would take us over without firing a shot.
    now you know what he meant.
    plus Communism and it’s planks also addresses this, to attack our youth, strip them of their roughness and toughness and this is what’s happened in most cases.
    instead of turning out MEN, they are turning out SNOWFLAKE PUSSIES.


  36. I agree with Alan 100% you are so right about teachers not teaching because hey…they don’t have to. Same goes for welfare… No man will labor for himself if he can get another to do it for him!!!kids today don’t have a clue, some do but not enough. They are followers, follow the one’s screaming the loudest.

  37. Very good remarks. We need to see change in our country. Schools, home life, general attitude. A year or two of public service or military service for all will help young people grow into responsible adults. Too much freedom, propaganda, drug use,all contribute to the situation we see now.

  38. I believe that the really good ones don’t even apply for service because they are hired by industry due to the fact that they are clean. So there you have it. Unless they graduate from a military academy, you haven’t got much to choose from.

  39. Allen, I second your solution!! This world needs this desperately but do you think it will ever change? The Liberals will not allow that to ever happen, we need to educate the liberals first before anything will ever change. They watch the FAKE NEWS stations and believe it to be the Gods’ truth, they are so brain washed, I’m afraid it is almost too late now.

  40. These days in many of our “more progressive Sanctuary cities” the theme is to decriminalize drug use. They give you a record that may preclude your enlistment and service to your country, and only a slap on the wrist so as not to interrupt your involvement in work, school, or “social justice” activities?

    Ayn Rand had a valid point!

  41. God, Religion, Marriage and Family. One man, and one woman who can makes babies together and raise their children as God intended…to keep the ten commandments. You’ll then get back your military might.

  42. I agree with you 100%. Takes three to get married…you…your spouse and God, and with that combination you’ll raise good kids, but without it, you’ll have depravity and drop outs, and drug problems.
    A lot of these kids come from broken homes. Parents who are single and trying to raise the kids have to work over time thus neglecting the children.

  43. Gerald: You wish you could be as disciplined as my kids were. They are all in the 40’s and 50 year age bracket and would like to meet you. I bet yours are in the 24 – 48 age group that is if you are that old eligible for the draft and Universal Military Training after the Korean conflict as I was. Unless I read your post wrong.

  44. We need to have a civil war and kill off the commies (liberals) before all is lost. This was predicted By Ayn Rand in her Novel: Atlas Shrugged”

  45. When I was 15-16 if you got in trouble, and have to go to court, the judge gave you two choices. One you go to reform school (juvenile prison), or enlist in the military. If you completed your service comments, and receive honorable discharge then your record was cleared. I believe the requirement that the young people, regardless of whether they are fat, out of shape, and can’t tell their left from right should do twenty months of military service right after high school, don’t graduate, or quite school, go directly to the military. For those that can’t handle military let them do a disciplined task for twenty months, but the magic words is DISCIPLINE, RESPONSIBILITY, and RESPECT. Just maybe we can turn it around.

  46. Empower individual parents to control the education of their children. Foster courses/experiences for the young to learn/earn their material consumption. Encourage individuals to consider what is the purpose/meaning of their lives.

  47. Soooooooo true. Kid graduates from HS then two years mandatory military physical training and one oversees tour to a fourth world country to get a touch of real life. Then if qualified can join military.

  48. Problem is there are too many of those ‘good christian’ people who don’t seem to know where the line is between discipline and abuse of their children. If you aren’t smart enough to out smart your kids where violent acts aren’t needed, you probably don’t need to have that decision left up to you. The school system doesn’t indeed need to be stripped back to what it should be teaching, including civics once again, instead of all this indoctrination BS.

  49. I remember and was fighting against it.
    Our kids are lost, angry and suicidal. The Liberal education was failing. No more basic knowledge, discipline, moral, civic instruction. The positive mind’s orientation disappeared from programs. No more values of our History or Founding Fathers with hard work and achievements. No more incentives for protecting our Judeo-Christian values and our beautiful country.
    Only political indoctrination in school and the medias. Only enslavement with empty rhetoric with no foundation or results. More food- stamps, more drugs available. More gangs using forces against the most vulnerable kids. More broken families with no caring and parenting. All this intellectual degradation made American lazy. With no hope for a better future. They voted for a Muslim President promising a New World Order with Globalism and Sharia law. Conservative became evil killers. With 8 years of Obama and his minions, America lost almost her sovereignty. It was the Era of perfect annihilation of values. The Deep State was using ultimate power on his country, protecting and caring more for immigrants. They forgot about their responsibilities to lost kids and Citizens. They were only interested by being elected forever. They started importing in mass people from lawless countries to our civilized world.

  50. Dear Senior Citizens (I am one):

    We are posting about our grandchildren! The parents of these “unfit children” who can’t make it in the military–these parents are our children! We own a large portion of the responsibility for this whole mess.

  51. Personally, I think bringing back the Draft would force the “eight-balls” to either serve America as a community volunteer or serve America in the military.

    Either one would be better for them than what they currently do and if they chose the military they first would have to perform “skutwork” until they move back to the ranks of being an American, then move them into a true active duty environment.

  52. thanks for the reminder, forgot all about that however, maybe it would be good for the kids to be taken away for a spell and all the goodies they received from their family including love. Dr. Spock in later years apologized for his book about spare the rod and spoil the child. Even his son commuted suicide. Usually parents tend to bring up children like they were brought up where again in lies a problem. Especially in the 60’s when anything was allowed. Mom going to do her thing, and Pop doing the same thing. No one around to take care of the kids.

  53. As I read through the comments, yours is just what I was going to say and I would add that make it a 6 month school where they get low pay ($100/mo at the most) with a promise that when they finish, they will get the same as someone with the same time already served and a bonus for completing the school. But the training needs to really be tough and make them ready to be in the service and to take orders. No drugs and if they do, they are out of the training and no bonus. If we have to get back to the draft to do this, then do the draft. If the person is over weight, they have to get down to the required weight in 120 days or they are out.

  54. I like your idea very much and should be submitted to General Mathis and Pres. Trump with one addition, that is they all have to go through boot camp which will get them in shape, off drugs, and know how to take orders.

  55. How many of you remember Dr. Spock? This is where it all started, don’t discipline your kids!

    Then the law jumped in, give your kid a spanking, he goes to school tells the teacher, she calls Children and families and the next thing you know the law is knocking on your door. Seen it happen several times just from what in my days was standard Discipline.
    They have turned our kids into little monsters by the timne the reach 14-16 years of age.

  56. I don’t understand your comment as I don’t believe that I was being irrational at all. Only stating the obvious and truth.

  57. I was a Drill at Fort Ord when they instituted VOLAR (all volunteer army) and witnessed what-had-been the lowest quality draftee becoming the most numerous volunteers because they were poor learners and were unable to get a job on the “outside”. Many of them were dopers and/or dealers. Additionally, the “brass” brought pressure on Drills to be “more understanding and sensitive”. Some Drills were disciplined. Many of us volunteered for immediate assignment back to Vietnam. I requested to “come from under the hat” (Drills wore WWI style Campaign Hats) and was assigned to an Infantry unit.

  58. Bingo. Civil War forward Godless Democrats have advocated slavery, partial citizenship, KKK, eugenics, Jim Crow, abortion, Clinton’s, Obama, civil unrest. 47% support them, why?

  59. True Believer– your comment reminds me of the picture I saw the other day. A girl protesting guns – looked to be about college age – was carrying a sign that said “Stop killing aligators just to make Gatoraid” hahahahahaha

  60. I like your idea,but here are more ideas. All draftees have to be soldiers in uniform BUT do NOT have to be combat soldiers. They can be assigned to border patrol, instructure repair and improvement, infrastructure patrol in our cities, etc. I like the Korean program. Young men and women can volunteer for various active duty entities. They can earn awards, promotions, and wage increases. The can also volunteer for or request assignment to “katuche” service. They still wear uniforms, earn awards and promotions, but they never get a raise beyond entry salary. Instead, they are guaranteed entry into one of the universities. When I was in Korea – many years ago – the annual freshman openings in all colleges and universities was 4,000. With more than 40,000 students eligible for those 4,000 openings, the challenge was extensive. Education was the ONLY way a young person could improve his/her “class”. Acceptance into government “military” programs were also sought. I did my Master’s work in Seoul with UnivSouthernCal and wrote my Thesis on the Korean education system. Anyway, the same kind of “draft-volunteer” system should be developed and implemented in America. Some problems would have to be resolved, BUT many current problems would be aleviated and/or eliminated.

  61. The one who said”kids get no disaplin at home” parents are afraid of their kids. They are afraid of our rougue government.Mr Trump needs to remedy this. They are warned that if you disaplin your children, we will lock you up.

  62. This all goes back to the “main” issue fomented by radical communists all the way back to carter, “FIX THE DAMN SCHOOLS”, fire all teachers who don’t want to teach the three “R”s and only want to teach about perverted sex, fire ALL administrators and replace them with “proven MEN & WOMEN”, constant monitoring of “ALL” teachers performances in the classroom, eliminate all teachers unions (most teachers worth their salt don’t want them anyway)

  63. I can understand completely why you went back into the military. My husband was in the Navy for 5 years 9 months and 21 days. He was an ET. When he got out it was very hard for the both of us to adjust to civilian life because the neighbors just didn’t get it and were dull in comparison with the military. Just before he was to report to duty with the Coast Guard, Philco Ford hired him as a tech rep and he was assigned to the Navy Project, Omega and for all purposes were were back with military personnel (we were assigned to the Panama Canal Zone. It was wonderful. The military are just a different breed. The men are men and not woosies.

  64. I didn’t go in quite as early 1970, but I learned fast. These are fixes I agree with. No, I wouldn’t say you were old-fashioned, that was how I did it too, the military first then college then back to the military. I felt more at home there, you have to remember that once you become a veteran, your life changes forever. Well I think you know that better than I do.

  65. I agree with that, although it will only affect the minds of kids, not their bodies too.

  66. A few ideas: A draft was already mentioned, I don’t know if that would work. Getting rid of liberal professors would be a step in the right direction, if they believed their propaganda they’d be working for free. Use the draft as a sort of getting them ready to participate in the military. Either losing weight, getting off drugs. I met a lib who just got out of the army, no clue why he went in in the first place. My main idea was pre-emptive ROTC clubs. Those guys and gals are always ready to be called up.

  67. Absolute an excellent ides, maybe some men and women would be made from a draft as they are not getting any teachings at home nor in schools, nor disciplining, parents seem to be afraid of their kids, raising good moral, ambitious kids are far and between, they are not learning even good common sense anymore, it’s sad, has to start when that child is about 2 or 3, not being done, STARTS AT HOME.

  68. Send the Obambams, John Kerry’s and Clintons and most teachers to Mars where they belong and they can wallow in their sick perverted life styles and beliefs.

  69. Absolutely LOVE your suggestions! Take the wuss out of these wussies and make actual adults out of them, instead of mama’s little babies.

  70. Start a pre-draft program of several weeks physical readiness training. Get them in shape then draft. Reward for positive progress.

  71. Bring back the draft for both, male and female, right out of high school. They would serve, at least 2 years active and 4 years inactive. They could, also, serve 3 years active and 3 years inactive; total of 6 years obligation for either. Stop having tenure for teachers. They are indoctrinating our children; not educating them. Get rid of all radical college professors. Discipline begins at home. The military will rigorously enforce it. You will learn, very quickly, that you are not the boss.

  72. I am an isolationist. With that said, I do however, believe in a very strong military because like what the Japs said, they couldn’t attack Ca. because everyone had guns. Look at Switzerland, never has been attacked lately and they are in the midst of all that corruption. I am tired of fighting everyone elses battles, restoring the country on our dime, and then having them stab us in the back. If those countries want our help, find, then pay for it simple. Lets spend all that money here in the good ole USA and get prepared for whatever. Besides it is not our business to take out rulers. That is their citizens job, not ours and look at all the Muslims infiltrating Europe. Mostly young men that should stay at home and fight for their country. This is Bull hockey.

  73. Bring back the draft for both, men and women, right out of high school. They could serve at least two years active and three years inactive. They could, also, serve 3 years active and 3 years inactive voluntarily. Change our educational system. No tenure for teachers. They are indoctrinating our children, not educating them. Get rid of all radical college professors.
    Discipline begins at home and is rigorously enforced in the military. They will teach you, very quickly, that you are not the boss.

  74. You are so right. What these candy asses don’t realize is that you are training them to be tuff so they will come back alive and that it is not a party. Back in your day, you played outside from dawn to dusk, hunted, fished, knew how to sustain yourself in bad situations. Heck now, they don’t have the foggiest idea of what end of the gun to point let alone how to take care of gun. It is so sad but that is life. Can you imagine being in a fox hole with Obama? I guess I would rather be there with Michelle.

  75. Mandatory draft by President Trump would never align with Mattis sunce his Co-Author Kori Schake is ANTI-TRUMP and Chapter 10 contributed by Jim Hake, founder if Spirit of America but never served in our military service but has the notion that he can civilianize our U.S. military with private corporation’s donations with former Stars and Bars and friends from Heritage Foundation and Philanthropy Roundtable. Big Tent-NO FLAPS!!

  76. Nick:
    You singled out a most dire issue in today’s American life, and that has to do with belief in God. That belief, no matter whom born into Judeo-Christian belief systems, led generations via those belief systems to know the difference between right or wrong. You may or may not have been in military service, nevertheless you have the right idea IMHO. I was an eighteen year old enlistee in 1948. Two years later, I was in Korea at the outbreak of the No.Korean invasion of So. Korea. Neither So. Korea, nor American forces present were prepared for that fight. Upon being in a barrage from Soviet-built 81 MM mortars, and they almost had my unit’s range, I couldn’t get myself any more sheltered than the fox-hole I had dug. It was slightly lower than the ground level surrounding my fox-hole. To this day, I can’t tell exactly how many times I prayed to God to help me make it through, and the men in their nearby fox-holes related a similar plea and prayer I had made. I could not deny prayer then, nor throughout my life. The Korea experience wasn’t my last plea to God,
    and such belief is carried today with my great grandchildren.


  78. yes Lord put the pledge and prayer back in school this is a christen country if they do not like it send them to the communist country of our choice

  79. We are Deut 28: most feared most hi. There is no second place for us ever. Intelligence must be our own, trust no one completely. We are not to have foreign debt . Now we do. It is not explicitly in the rules of Deut 27:15-26 but it is in Deut 28:12 As one of the blessings.

  80. Interesting reading. I believe I agree with one gentleman who said the education system needs to be overhauled! Teaching civic, history and the Physical education is a must to be revamped! I retired As a PE teacher, iI saw the whole concept change from real honest fitness To problem solving games and too many games, hence, the reason many are unfit to enter the services. Back to basics! I know there are some schools who do a terrific job in all departments, but some really need improvement!

  81. How bout we get smart and study before we intervene in so much wasting tons of money. Simple internet searches learn more than a brain enraged. Nazis have had us chasing our tails for a couple of decades. Sarin gas used by Iran then Iraq now Assad for decades was made capable by Nazis to slowly whittle away at our funds. War is expensive. Over time our credit could be ruined then we be dead.

  82. I served under this old warrior and he saved my life and many more Marines with his great mind!

  83. When I joined the USMC in 1954 I think our D.I.’s were of the ‘Old Breed’ with a bad ass attitude. They didn’t want any ‘feather merchants’ full of poggey bait. If any of us recruits phucked up we got our asses kicked (literally) I got a small scar on my chin from it being whacked by our ‘psycho’ D.I. who found an tiny speck of rust on the butt plate of my M1 rifle. I took it like a man and didn’t write home to mommy about how cruel Marine Boot Camp was. Most all of us recruits got a kick in the ass or a whack upside the head at one time or another before we were squared away. There was nothing wrong with the attitude adjustments our D.I.’s gave us. The Corps is still a fine military unit but it really began to go to hell when SSGT Mathew McKeon marched his platoon of recruits into Ribbon Creek at Parris Island and several of them drowned. That practice had been done many other times by D.I’s but the tide was too high that night. I served seven (7) years in the Corps, eventually became a D.I. at Parris Island myself. What we did while turning civilians into ‘Leathernecks’ would get us court martialed today. Today if a D.I. lays a ‘pinky’ finger on a recruit or cusses him out that D.I. will be called on the carpet… or worse. I think it fair to say that more than half of the kids today couldn’t make it through the kind of Marine boot camp my generation, and generations before my time, went through. Most would probably be calling for their Mommies or writing the ACLU about the torture of boot camp. SAD!!

  84. Adjective – ‘Warrior Monk’ describes Mad Dog Matiss’ style and methodology to MAGA.

  85. Israel requires each able-bodied High School graduate to perform one tour of duty. This would negate the poor parenting that currently goes on in this country but, may not be early enough to thwart the behavior leading to the unqualified military status On the one hand, ask any military officer and commander, the USA never fielded a more incompetent military then when the draft was instituted to fill the ranks.

  86. Great summary of the problem! I cannot imagine the challenges Betsy DeVoss must encounter everyday! After 8 years of insanity and destruction in the previous administration,
    we have a long way to get our education system back. Not to mention closing our borders,
    and stopping the liberal destruction the America we once knew!
    Go Trump,2020????????????????????????

  87. One thing that none of the commenters touched on is church…. we need less liberal beliefs and more religious beliefs…. what is the difference between the greatest generation and this one…. over 85% of households attended church on Saturday or Sunday during pre 1960. Kids were taught right from wrong back then now they dont even know write from dong….

  88. The Biggest mistake I see is when they Discontinued the draft, it started going downhill and continues. At least they learn how to behave, honor, respect authority, if they parents haven’t taught them. Remember “Actions speak louder than words!”

  89. Of course the problem is our public education system. Yes get rid of the leftists in the Dept. Of Education, give our schools back to local control and demand accountability from the NEA. Get rid of tenure in school and colleges, demand state legislatures cut finding for schools and colleges that do not teach civics,American history as required courses, hire teachers with demonstrable qualifications,publicize the fact that NEA recommends (requires ?) It’s members to read Saul Alinsky’s propaganda ” Rules for Radicals”. Maybe then our young people will begin to appreciate what it means to be an American

  90. You are spot on. Kids these days are lazy, entitled, and graduate dumber. Teachers not as good, parenting not as good, too much time spent on phones or in video games. I say put the Draft back in for kids graduating high school. This will help military and teach them to become responsible adults. Require 4 years service.

  91. Big mistake by Lynden B. Johnson was to eliminate P.E. requirements in schools in the ’60’s. American physical standards have deteriorated since! Thank you Trump on the war against drugs.

  92. Drug abuse and wanting to play video games all day and not get jobs,being useless kids with zero goals in life.Being dependent on parents for everything.A swift kick in the ass will cure that..

  93. Reinsate the draft for all 18 to 24 yr olds, both men and women!!!!.If they want to be Americans then by God fight for America.

  94. Don’t reinstate the draft. It ruins lives for those who are not military inclined. Make the service voluntary but raise the pay to professional levels and that will attract those who like to fight. Instead of a draft institute basic military training classes in high schools that promotes the concept of basic training. Give those that complete the class direct admission to their specialties and bypass basic training. This would include physical education that is normal in basic.

  95. Forty years ago we had the best educated military in the world. Junior enlisted were required to have a minimum high school education or GED. Many NCOs had college degrees ranging from associate to masters. I knew one Master Sargent in the Army that was working on his doctorate. But with government political correctness and social justice policies inflicted on our educational systems the quality of education has declined. That decline is reflected in the education level and quality of our military.

  96. S.O.D. Mattis said what I feel is the main reason. quote: ” With radical liberals’ ironclad grip on America’s education system, young people are growing up brainwashed”. end quote.
    Morals, hating any authority (especially cops), and the ACLU constantly against Christian’s right to our religion. Youths grow up in a sick world, full of drugs, and radical leftist principles guiding them through their formative years. I admire President Trump who has the guts to come out against this fact of disobedience! Problem is …… 8 years of Trump will not be able to fix much. It will take OTHER Republican Presidents with the same attitude and cojones to fix this mess.

  97. I agree, bring back the draft. A mandatory service for everyone. That would solve a lot of our country’s problems.

  98. Exactly the opposite; the federal government needs to butt out of education. No more strings attached to any funding. Grants to be withheld from institutions that violate constitutional rights. There is no constitutional authority or mandate for the federal government to be involved in education. Education is a State and community function! The quality of education has steadily declined since the federal government became involved.

  99. Very simple. Get rid of the department of education in Washington and return education to the local communities as it was before. Teach civics and history with mandatory reading ,writing, arithmetic ans physical education and above all our true history with the good and the bad.

  100. Agreed. Today’s kids are becoming dumber and
    more entitled.
    Blame parents for being in denial and ignorant.
    Apparently, they don’t know any better.

  101. Real good points… we should also think about a mandatory 2 yr enlistment for ALL .. at the end of the 2 years then College or University… I think that at that point most would be ready for a college level education… but then I also am old fashioned…we need our children to understand real patriotism, real honor, real team work, real world education, real integrity, real sacrifice…We need them to grow up…. most and I mean a very large majority are not ready for secondary education… most after high school are nothing more than still children only in a bigger playground.

  102. I would hope that the right people would read this, but that probably won’t happen! That being said………GREAT COMMENT!!

  103. Reinstate the mandatory draft for ever American Male of age physical and mental capabilities.push for more military training programs in colleges and private schools.beef up ROTC.get back to the way it use to be when this country had some back bone and was proud of it.jgb

  104. Trump needs to take over the education system. Allow parents to choose what school their children go to. Make schools compete. If a college or school system refuses to teach both conservative and liberal views then they should lose all public funding. Colleges who refuse to allow conservative speakers should lose all public funding. We conservatives as well need to be more outspoken and keep an eye on what our children are being taught and report it to conservative sites.

  105. Get these teenage kids off their fat ass’s and on their feet and out of the house. Get rid of all these Xbox’s and video games and give them a basketball, baseball, gloves, bats, and getting them involved in sports. Take their Vape’s and stop enabling them to be stupid!

  106. I agree with what you say. I believe it all started when they removed the lords prayer from school. It isn’t even allowed to mention God anymore. That lays on our leaders and congress fault. So Amen to what you have said.


  108. I would think about resurrecting the Universal Military Training Act, it was in force until 1973 when it was killed.

  109. A good start on getting new privates would be to find out if they have been involved in Civilian Marksmanship program. Have they ever shot a rifle? I was a member of the NRA when I was a youngster. Shot in the R.O.T.C High school program on the rifle team. Shot in matches against The Fort Sheridan Army Team. You should be recruiting from the NRA Jr. Clubs as a result that training, I was drafted into the U.S. Army and served overseas in the Korean Conflict. If you are only recruiting from colleges, you need to expand.

  110. The armed forces today is not like it was when I went in back in the 50s I put in 8 years 9 mounts and 27 days I an Koren Vet we had disaplent and order. To day most are going in to keep from going to jail or prison time. We have to offer better Salerys and incentives to get the right people to enter the armed forces and do better background checks so we get the right people.

  111. Our children are being abused by a government and avaricious parents. Over time America has created a system of wants and desires requiring both parents to be career people if they want that McMansion, the boat, the vacation home in the Hamptons or the Bahamas, the latest 4 wheeled offering from the car makers.

    In days gone by most kids walked-biked-bus home from school or were picked up by a parent, maybe a carpool parent, and did kid things after school. Parents had some knowledge of what kids learned in school, may even have been asked about a given subject.

    Now, the harried professional parents might see their kids after 6 or 7 when they get home from the firm. The kids, without some guidance, end up getting in with the wrong groups, listen to teachers preaching the vilest leftist filth, and end up with a totally warped sense of being. San Francisco Values do not apply to most people but are being foisted on the kids.

    Add to this the video game culture, lousy diets, general lack of activity and you end up with people not well suited to military service. This is all fixable however, but the fix is costly.


    1 get the cell phones out of kids hands during school hours, either in locker or at home.

    2 NO social media until kids are over 18. This will reduce bullying over social media.

    3 Make PE Mandatory! I admit I loved PE in high school. Ours was co-ed and seeing the girls in tiny shorts made the time worthwhile. Hey, that is how guys are wired, so sue me! Anyway, activity burns off the fat cells. Pretty girls make guys want to get pretty and vice versa, and makes one fit for service.

    4 bring back the ‘quaint’ practices of pledge of allegiance, a prayer before an athletic match. I am surely sick of time honoured practices being ruled away because one numpty parent or kid finds America or God ‘offensive’. Get over it – the real world after school will offend you for sure.

    5 drug use? Sure, if you, as a child, are caught using drugs you will not be sent home. You will instead do additional duties at school. This may include mindless cleaning details, after school PE, anything that makes the use of drugs seem a lot less glamourous. Drug sellers (students) will be expelled on the spot and turned over to the police. Make these policies known on day 1 of classes.

    There are many who will say I am old fashioned, out of touch, etc. I expect that. But maybe, one person will say, gee, he has a point. If I save some kid from a life of leftist slavery by writing this then my purpose is accomplished. Now I shall get ready to go to the gym…

  112. Wow, I knew it was bad but didn’t realize that it was this bad. I do agree that everyone turning 18 must serve no matter what ailments they have (omit mongoloid and blind) as they can be useful somewhere. Because parents now a days are so lackadaisical in their raising, someone has to make these children responsible. The after 4 years, they can either stay or get out and get 4 years of college or tech school for free. This way they won’t get indoctrinated in college in communist beliefs before they have a chance to know better.

  113. Reinstate the draft, before we lose these young forever. I know that it is not very popular, but for the good of this country .it need to be done.

  114. Bring back the “DRAFT” like every other free country has. It sure the hell made a lot of us “grow up” and face responsibilities for our “own actions”

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