Defense Secretary James Mattis just issued a stark warning for America

The Warrior Monk, James “Mad Dog” Mattis, is working hard to make America’s military great again.

The Defense Secretary has a radical vision for how the military will be used in the future.

But Mattis just issued a stark warning about a grave threat for America’s national security.

Americans just can’t meet the qualifications for military service anymore.

In fact, nearly three out of four young people aren’t even up to the minimum standards.

The Washington Times reports:

“We are no longer receiving people from the society who are as much in step with the qualities that our institution must have for success on the battlefield,” Mr. Mattis told reporters Wednesday, following his address to Air Force Academy graduates in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The military for years has struggled with a declining pool from which to pull its recruits, but Mr. Mattis made clear the problem is getting worse.

“More than 70 percent of 18- to 24-year-old males and females cannot qualify to be a private in the Army. … I’m told it’s 72 percent, it’s unfortunately going up,” he said.

“This is combination of illicit drug abuse, illicit drug use, obesity is probably the biggest one, morals, you know, just arrests, that sort of thing and there are other reasons,” he continued, adding academic failings as another major factor.

While Mattis acknowledged the military wouldn’t refuse admitting recruits just for their past mistakes, the problems he identified are only likely to increase.

With radical liberals’ ironclad grip on America’s education system, young people are growing up brainwashed about simple things like how many genders there are (hint: there’s not more than two).

Mattis is trying to restructure America’s military with a focus on readiness.

What’s the purpose of even having Americans register for Selective Service if three out of four can’t even meet the minimum qualifications?

What do you think can be done to help Americans meet basic military service qualifications?

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