Democrat Governor Cuomo put millions of seniors in New York at risk of coronavirus with this one move

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo has been under intense scrutiny for his disastrous decisions during the coronavirus pandemic.

But his incompetence just reached new levels.

And Governor Cuomo put millions of seniors in New York at risk of coronavirus with this one move.

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) has failed to answer for his ridiculous order forcing nursing homes to take in COVID-19 patients back in March.

Many Americans believe he is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans in nursing homes in New York who have died because of that horrible decision.

Now, even those in his own Party are coming after him for mishandling the coronavirus pandemic.

Recently, the Democrat Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, blasted Cuomo for not letting New York City’s seniors over the age of 75 receive any vaccinations yet.

“We’ve got literally twice as many New Yorkers over 75 as the amount of vaccine we have in stock right this minute and yet we are not allowed by state law to give a single shot to a single New Yorker over 75,” Mayor de Blasio ranted.

Cuomo’s admi
nistration has said that seniors over the age of 75 are not eligible for the vaccine yet because it has to be delivered to the front-line healthcare workers first.

But according to reports, of the total pool of 100,000 vaccinations that are currently available, only 46,000 have been assigned to groups – and only 16,000 have been administered.

“There is no reason to hold us back, there is no reason to stop the right to vaccinate,” de Blasio added.

The truth is, Cuomo’s decision to withhold available vaccines from the most vulnerable elderly Americans is a direct factor in the rising death counts in New York and America as a whole.

And it’s not just Cuomo.

It’s Democrats in New York, California, and Democrat-controlled cities like Chicago that can’t be trusted and have fumbled this from the beginning with their Draconian orders.

These same Democrats blasted the Trump administration for his “lack of leadership” during the past 10 months of the coronavirus pandemic.

But as soon as the Trump administration actually helped to deliver the vaccine in spectacular timing, these same Democrats failed to administer them.

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Update: After the drubbing Cuomo took on social media, in the press, and from members of his own Party for not allowing the elderly to have access to the vaccine, Cuomo relented. Beginning Monday, New York will begin allowing seniors (75+), education workers, first responders, public transit and public safety workers to be scheduling for their vaccinations.

But, Cuomo added, healthcare workers will still receive priority, meaning vulnerable seniors – the only population proven at risk to the coronavirus – may still have to wait.