This Democrat just became Trump’s number one target

Democrats have spent over one year trying to sabotage Donald Trump.

They have lied, obstructed and schemed to ruin his agenda.

But one Democrat just got singled out as the Trump administration’s number one target.

West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin pretends to be a conservative back home but votes like Chuck Schumer’s puppet once in Washington.

Over the summer, he told Mike Pence he would vote against repealing Obamacare, but would support the administration’s tax reform effort.

Of course once time came for the rubber to meet the road, Manchin marched in lockstep with Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats in opposing Trump’s historic tax cut legislation.

But his betrayal did not go unnoticed.

Mike Pence has made defeating Manchin in this November’s election his number one priority.

Politico reports:

“On Manchin’s home soil last week, Pence laid into him by repeatedly asserting “Joe voted no” on the president’s priorities, a sharp political attack motivated by Pence’s belief that Manchin had broken his promise, according to GOP lawmakers who speak with Pence regularly.

Pence’s words were quickly turned into an advertisement for Senate Republicans against the vulnerable Democratic incumbent. Manchin, meanwhile, is furious that Pence has used the misunderstanding as the pretext to tear down his bipartisan credentials, claiming he would never commit to vote for a bill that had not yet been written and that Pence and the White House never really tried to work with him.

Manchin believes Pence has become an attack dog against his bipartisan reputation because the GOP is “afraid it plays too well with the public.”

Flip flopping on tax cuts was not the first time Manchin acted like an ideological chameleon.

He won two election to the Senate in West Virginia campaigning as a pro-gun conservative.

But the reality was he co-authored the national gun registration database scheme Barack Obama tried to ram through Congress after the tragedy in Newton, Connecticut.

Do you want to see Donald Trump and Mike Pence target Joe Manchin for defeat?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. Manchin, you need to retire!, “WE THE PEOPLE “, of West Virginia, understand back stabbing !. God Bless America & West Virginia.

  2. Inforce the oath of office

    They take an oath to support and defend the constitution if we the people want to be FREE we need to enforce the oath of office that they take on all of them.
    Know one is above the law and there is know excuse.
    We the people know them by what they are doing and saying good or bad.

  3. The day that I was born was 76 years ago, Today we know that Social Security was a lie, there never was a trust account. How SECURE do we feel to receive AN ENTITLEMENT? Which have become the heaviest burden in the Federal Budget. Now Campaign Promises are considered Tongue-in-cheek jokes. It is now obvious that Democrats coined that punch line. We now have a President who is Keeping those promises, and Democrats are falling all over themselves to obstruct Our President’s agenda. Did Chuck the Schmuck promise a Diversity Visa Program/Green Card Lottery?

  4. I live in West Virginia and when Manchin didn’t vote for health care repeal which is killing us here in a West Virginia I was done with him then he really screwed up and DIDN’T vote for tax cuts!
    Seriously Manchin idk what the hell he was thinking! Unless he was paid off by the Dems! Idk but I will be voting for someone else this time! Manchin you screwed us all. You are done!!

  5. Manchin is as bipartisan as Bernie. He like all Democraps lie just by breathing. No Democrap has kept their word since I was born 57 years ago. They promise lots of things but the minute they get what they want they NEVER give what they promise. That is why Trump MUST demand and get his wall before one Dreamer or other ILLEGAL gets a thing. If he gives in then the Democraps won’t keep their word. Democraps LIE just by being alive.

  6. They’re also bad for the environment. They’ll drown us all with the sheer amount of sh!t they spew from both ends (kale does have results).

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