This Democrat just became Trump’s number one target

Democrats have spent over one year trying to sabotage Donald Trump.

They have lied, obstructed and schemed to ruin his agenda.

But one Democrat just got singled out as the Trump administration’s number one target.

West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin pretends to be a conservative back home but votes like Chuck Schumer’s puppet once in Washington.

Over the summer, he told Mike Pence he would vote against repealing Obamacare, but would support the administration’s tax reform effort.

Of course once time came for the rubber to meet the road, Manchin marched in lockstep with Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats in opposing Trump’s historic tax cut legislation.

But his betrayal did not go unnoticed.

Mike Pence has made defeating Manchin in this November’s election his number one priority.

Politico reports:

“On Manchin’s home soil last week, Pence laid into him by repeatedly asserting “Joe voted no” on the president’s priorities, a sharp political attack motivated by Pence’s belief that Manchin had broken his promise, according to GOP lawmakers who speak with Pence regularly.

Pence’s words were quickly turned into an advertisement for Senate Republicans against the vulnerable Democratic incumbent. Manchin, meanwhile, is furious that Pence has used the misunderstanding as the pretext to tear down his bipartisan credentials, claiming he would never commit to vote for a bill that had not yet been written and that Pence and the White House never really tried to work with him.

Manchin believes Pence has become an attack dog against his bipartisan reputation because the GOP is “afraid it plays too well with the public.”

Flip flopping on tax cuts was not the first time Manchin acted like an ideological chameleon.

He won two election to the Senate in West Virginia campaigning as a pro-gun conservative.

But the reality was he co-authored the national gun registration database scheme Barack Obama tried to ram through Congress after the tragedy in Newton, Connecticut.

Do you want to see Donald Trump and Mike Pence target Joe Manchin for defeat?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Manchin, you need to retire!, “WE THE PEOPLE “, of West Virginia, understand back stabbing !. God Bless America & West Virginia.

  2. Inforce the oath of office

    They take an oath to support and defend the constitution if we the people want to be FREE we need to enforce the oath of office that they take on all of them.
    Know one is above the law and there is know excuse.
    We the people know them by what they are doing and saying good or bad.

  3. The day that I was born was 76 years ago, Today we know that Social Security was a lie, there never was a trust account. How SECURE do we feel to receive AN ENTITLEMENT? Which have become the heaviest burden in the Federal Budget. Now Campaign Promises are considered Tongue-in-cheek jokes. It is now obvious that Democrats coined that punch line. We now have a President who is Keeping those promises, and Democrats are falling all over themselves to obstruct Our President’s agenda. Did Chuck the Schmuck promise a Diversity Visa Program/Green Card Lottery?

  4. I live in West Virginia and when Manchin didn’t vote for health care repeal which is killing us here in a West Virginia I was done with him then he really screwed up and DIDN’T vote for tax cuts!
    Seriously Manchin idk what the hell he was thinking! Unless he was paid off by the Dems! Idk but I will be voting for someone else this time! Manchin you screwed us all. You are done!!

  5. Manchin is as bipartisan as Bernie. He like all Democraps lie just by breathing. No Democrap has kept their word since I was born 57 years ago. They promise lots of things but the minute they get what they want they NEVER give what they promise. That is why Trump MUST demand and get his wall before one Dreamer or other ILLEGAL gets a thing. If he gives in then the Democraps won’t keep their word. Democraps LIE just by being alive.

  6. They’re also bad for the environment. They’ll drown us all with the sheer amount of sh!t they spew from both ends (kale does have results).

  7. this piece of …. needs to be HOMELESS, join the folks ( veterans)in cardboard boxes for homes! The WHOLE DNC, with all the cronies, all the Trump haters is ending up IN HELL, where they belong!!

  8. Yes, the American people need to recognize these lying politicians and it is up to us to remove them. There is enough information about the top Democrats that 1/4 of the top Dem.’s need to be replaced. GOD help us, if we refuse to clean it up !

  9. I thought at first that he was the only Democrat that I could trust, until now, you can only fake it so long BEFORE you get caught. Sorry Joe, I saw you at the state of the union. You refused to stand up for anything Trump said, NO MATTER HOW GOOD IT WAS FOR America. It showed me enough to say: JOE, YOU GOTTA GO ” !!!

  10. Joe Manchin is a “mugwump”. He has his mug on one side of the fence and his wump on the other. When in conservative West Virginia he is a “blue dog” Democrat, but in Wash. D.C. he is a a lackey of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, a loony tune Democrat. He’s got to go !

  11. If the people who voted for President Trump’s agenda want it to become law, they have to help him NOW! Stop voting for Democrats! They have no intention of allowing his agenda become reality! If it meant something to you in 2016, get every Republican in the House and Senate in 2018. Remember the grumbling when our tax reduction would expire in 5 years? If 9 Democrats had voted yes that 5 year limit would not be in that bill. Stay the course: All The Way With Donald J! If the Dems don’t want to play nice, NO DICE!

  12. Manchin is a piece of grabage !!! He does not belong in any position to represent the public !!! He is obviously a bold face lier!!! He needs to be removed !!!

  13. We don’t have enough space in jail. I suggest hanging, firing squad or even
    the guillitine. They use up oxygen.

  14. Well I hope you are right, but I just don’t see it. Seems it’s all talk and do nothing with treason anymore.

  15. Why is it, if I offered a politician any thing of value, that would e bribery. If
    a lobbyist offered the same deal, that is OK with the politicians.
    Am I missing something?

  16. Joe Manchin is not a conservative, and I would fully support Vice President Pence and President Trump targeting him, and would help them in anyway I could. I don’t like in his State (Thank God), but hope conservatives in West Virginia are not fooled by this charlatan.

  17. I’m ashamed to admit that when I lived in WV , I was 100 percent behind Joe Manchin. WV patriots have to vote this man out !

  18. When the airport slide happened Joe was only interested in keeping the runway open not interested in the people made homeless and that are still waiting three years later

  19. I am 64 years old and a life long democrat from WV. Me and my family supported and worked for Joe Manchin ever since he was Gov. but now I am ashamed to say that I am a democrat that worked so hard for him to be elected. I will say that I supported Trump for President and would vote for him again,but for Manchin I am will not support him again. I Will vote for republican Evan Jenkins this year to replace him.

  20. West Virginians will NOT be pleased with Joe Manchin since ALL WV counties voted for Donald Trump with 69% of the state registered voters!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. It is truly amazing that President Trump s rating is higher than Oswamprats @ this yearly date fighting the media and liberal DEMON rats . God’s chosen people were the Jews and Odumbass hated them and this country suffered.Divine intervention put Trump in office.( remember he didn’t have a prayer at winning?)

  22. The DNC is done! Their crimes are so many, and Treason will end that bunch of roach-bugs, one and for all! The proof is documented and “We The People” will not rest until every one of them are locked up!

  23. I could not have said it better! The Democrats want what THEY want and have no concern about what the people want.

  24. The ballot box is really our only sword in this battle for our country. The people of W. Virginia have it within their power to ‘cut’ this fake conservative loose. Joe Manchin seemed like a possible light in the dark but that light went out some time ago and the results are beginning to show. West Virginia, go strong and get rid of “Joe”.

  25. Yes I agree they care nothing about what is good for our country and their party is run by, I believe the old time Mafia, which is now trying to control not only their neighborhoods but the whole country corruption, racketeering, drug running and murder are their main weapons, many demonrats are in their pockets.


  27. He was so pissed at Trump he was ready to ruin his presidency to soothe his frail ego. He risked the entire country and should pay for that.

  28. DOn’t forget the power play that failed on immigration and DACA. People want end to chain and lottery, but Dems put illegals ahead of citizens at every opportunity. This won’t play well with voters either.


  30. RINO should be his first choose to get rid of in both chambers.
    Work on the Dems. at the same time. Dems. shot themselves in the foot twice lately 1) voting against the tax bill and 2) sitting on their hands in the SOTU. They were more then happy to hurt their own selves. American people are not stupid they see through their game playing.

  31. RINO should be his first choose to get rid of in both chambers. Work on the Dems. at the same time. Dems. shot themselves in the foot twice lately one voting against the tax bill and the other sitting on their hands in the SOTU. They were more then happy to hurt their own selves. American people are not stupid they see through their game playing.

  32. Uncle toad,backstabbin’ commie,”Dummocrap lovin’Joe is “TOAST”<Ya' all!!
    Leopards never change their spots as the word is out on this two faced "Flipper"!!
    I believe he'll have a short career in Congress.
    Former Spec.Op's in Nam'(4)years Martini Gannini

  33. ALL Dems vote against bills in the Senate, certainly not just Manchin. The last Dem to worry about is the WV senator. Go for the other Dems first, and don’t hold back on the RINOs, either…

  34. We need to keep this idiot out of office we need to keep all the demo rats out of office they don’t care about the American people all they care about is themselves and their pocketbooks it has been proven buy them fighting more for illegals then they do the American people

  35. I live in West Virginia and when he didn’t vote for the repeal of Obamacare, I was done with Manchin at that point! And I’m sure many other West Virginians will not vote for him either! He needs replaced this state voted for Donald Trump and we need a republican in this state one that will side with what we want not a Democrat who we all know what they stand for… NOTHING!!!

  36. It seems like there is no end to the creatures in the vast left-wing swamp.
    Who will stand with the President anymore?
    It is disgusting that they are turning on him, because of the NWO and Soros.
    They know in their hearts that Trump is MAGA, so what is wrong with that?
    Why do they want to see America ruined?

  37. During the American revolution they had a name for theses people they were called ( TORRIES ) also known as turn COATS AND TRADERS. Look out for the snakes in the garden

  38. Com lets call these things what they are, the are in fact DEMONcrats because they talk out of both sides of the mouth,they say one thing to one person but they say and something do something completely different with other people, they ARE demons in the guise of people.

  39. Manchin like many other Demorats speak a sometimes appealing and bi-partisan line, but in reality the demo-rat
    Blood line/genetic makeup comes thru. He should be voted out of office.

  40. Manchin wants to be in the spotlight so badly that he will pull any stunt to get there.
    He and his staff are not bright enough to write noteworthy legislation, so they act like three-year-olds and shout “NO!” to get attention.

  41. Right you are Bessie! Don’t forget about the mental disease they have, and have been spreading to the weak minded sheeple who believe them.

  42. DemocRATS are like any ethnic group that cannot be trusted! Scurry here scurry there with beady eyes ready to pounce. Trump’s approval rating is already 4 percentage points HIGHER than Obama’s this same day after 1 year in office! ????????MAGA????????AMERICA FIRST????????

  43. “ … not the first time Manchin acted like an ideological chameleon …”

    I like the word “chameleon”. You can say the same for the RINOs.

    John McCain is no longer regarded as a RINO but rather that he reared his head as a traitor to the GOP. A true liberal standing at the end.

  44. Hey, beating a dead horse just stirs the flys. When will our elected officials actually fo something for the conservatives. President Trump has fought a good fight but against the liberal leftist he alone is not a real match. How can we win with all if the back stabbing rinos in the senate and house.

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