Democratic Operative Explains How the Election is Rigged Against Trump


Pat Caddell is a prominent Democratic pollster.

His survey research helped win the 1976 Presidential Election.

And he just laid out how the election is rigged against Trump.

Appearing on Breitbart News Daily Sirius XM radio show, Caddell explained that the media is colluding with the Clinton campaign to wage “jihad” against Trump.

Caddell also details how voter fraud is a factor, but the most harmful election tampering is being conducted by an out-of-control media.

Breitbart reports Caddell saying:

“I think it’s more rigged on a ‘cosmic’ level than a precinct level,” said Caddell, seemingly pointing a finger more at media than the actual election process.

However, he also added, “To pretend there aren’t ballots being stolen, that’s insane. Someone explain to me how Philadelphia votes more people than are adults, according to the census in the city.”

While mentioning other specifics regarding ballot problems, Caddell stated, “It is the media working in concert, deserting its role as protector of the people, and becoming now a full-fledged jihad to destroy Donald Trump because they believe they are right to do that, including, if necessary, not covering these stunning email revelations constantly coming out of the Clinton campaign.”

Caddell’s point about the media is backed up by evidence.

The WikiLeaks dump of emails revealed that CNN contributor Donna Brazile leaked a debate question to the Clinton campaign.

Other emails expose the close contact many so-called “journalists” have had with Clinton campaign aides.

But the media is trying to sweep that story under the rug.

While every unsubstantiated rumor against Trump is given banner headlines and breaking news treatment on cable channels, CNN informed their viewers they were breaking the law if they searched emails obtained from WikiLeaks.

They claimed everyday Americans can only view the emails through the frame of the so-called “mainstream” media.

With the entire media complex lined up against Trump, some are amazed he is still within striking distance as the campaign enters the final three weeks.

But if the last month is any indication, the press will pull any trick to try and steal the election for Hillary.

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