Democratic Pollster and Clinton Ally “Actively Reassessing” Clinton Support


The situation in the Hillary Clinton campaign is becoming dire as Democrat support begins to falter.

Longtime ally of the Clintons, Doug Schoen is now on the fence about casting his vote for Hillary Clinton on November 8.

In the wake of the FBI re-opening its investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal, many Democrats are walking back their support of Clinton.

In fact, a Rasmussen Poll conducted over the weekend showed 40% of undecided voters who are leaning towards Hillary Clinton could still change their minds before Election Day. Only 29% who are leaning Trump said the same thing.

With only 8 days until Americans head to the polls, it’s clear the race is getting tighter.

If the FBI uncovers new information – or if Wikileaks discloses more instances of widespread corruption in the Clinton organization – it could be enough for Trump to pick up a victory in enough key swing states.

Watch the interview here.