Democrats are about to blindside Nancy Pelosi with a decision that will change everything

Democrats are in complete disarray.

The chaos is even worse behind the scenes.

And Democrats are about to blindside Nancy Pelosi with a decision that will change everything.

Democrats from the White House down to members of Congress berated West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin for announcing his opposition to Joe Biden’s nearly $5 trillion socialist spending bill.

Manchin’s advisors pushed back against the vitriol by leaking that Manchin would consider changing his Party registration from Democrat to Independent.

In an appearance on Fox News Primetime House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told host Brian Kilmeade that other Democrats were also discussing changing their Party affiliation to Republican.

In 2019, New Jersey Democrat Jeff Van Drew switched to the GOP during the Ukraine impeachment sham, announcing that the Democrat Party went too far in trying to undo the results of a free and fair election by attempting to remove Trump from office via a partisan hoax.

McCarthy told Kilmeade a similar dynamic was currently in play, as moderate Democrats viewed the socialist turn of the national Party as a bridge too far.

“[R]emember, we had an individual reregister from Democrat to Republican, and I think there are a few other Democrats out there that are thinking about it. Why? Not because they changed, but the party has changed. The Democrat Party is no longer the Democrat Party of old. This is a socialist Democrat Party. Bernie Sanders says it, AOC and others. And that is out of step with the mainstream of America. That is their problem — they are letting that wing of the socialist wing of the party dictate their policy, dictate the intimidation. Lucky for us, Joe Manchin stood up to it,” McCarthy stated.

Members switching Party’s is usually the sign of an impending wave.

Van Drew becoming a Republican ahead of the 2020 election foreshadowed a successful campaign at the Congressional level, as voters rebuked Democrats at the polls for their extremism.

Of course, all the “experts” – Nancy Pelosi included – forecast that Democrats would pick up 15 to 20 new House seats in 2020.

Instead, the public punished Democrats for lurching too far to the Left, with Republicans gaining 14 House seats and winning every toss-up race on the map.

If some Democrats are again contemplating changing their Party affiliation, it could spell another red wave for Republicans in 2022.

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