Democrats are going to break out in a cold sweat when this poll about Joe Biden hits

The crises Joe Biden created are reaching a critical mass.

Liberals cannot ignore it any longer and just hope things get better.

And Democrats are going to break out in a cold sweat when this poll about Joe Biden hits.

A brand-new Fox News poll revealed flashing red lights that Joe Biden and the Democrats are heading into political danger next year.

The Fox News poll found just 49 percent of Americans think Joe Biden is mentally capable of discharging his duties as President.

53 percent do not believe Joe Biden is a strong leader.

And 54 percent tell pollsters the country is more divided now than when Biden took office.

Breitbart reports:

While 49 percent said yes, 48 percent said no. When respondents were asked weeks before, between September 7-10, 49 percent said yes, and only 45 percent said no, handing Biden three more points of less confidence in his mental soundness on Sunday.

On the question asking if respondents believe “Joe Biden is a strong leader, or not?” only 45 percent said yes, down four points from October of 2020. Fifty-three percent said Biden is not a strong leader, up eight points since October 2020.

The poll also asked, “Do you think the country has become more or less united since Joe Biden took office?” Fifty-four percent of the country is less united, while 37 percent said the country is more united since Biden took office.

Joe Biden’s cognitive decline took on greater salience in the minds of many Americans during the Afghanistan fiasco when Biden spent periods of time in hiding and then refused to take reporters’ questions on multiple occasions.

And on one of the few occasions Biden did answer questions from the press, President Joe Biden let slip who he was instructed to call on first.

If a near majority of Americans do not believe Biden can function as President that does not bode well for Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi who both have to defend historically narrow majorities next year.

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