Democrats are going to hate the massive defeat this judge just hit them with

For decades, Democrats imposed their social agenda on America through the courts.

Conservatives hoped to change that.

Now Democrats are aghast at the massive defeat this Trump judge just hit them with.

Conservatives are zeroing in on what’s being taught at their children’s schools and who serves on their local school boards like never before.

The pandemic, and parents being at home while their children suffered through distance learning, opened many moms’ and dads’ eyes to the lesson plans teachers follow to instruct their children.

That’s led to a rise in parent activists speaking out against policies such as Critical Race Theory and biological males being allowed to play girls sports.

And with outraged parents on their side, teachers opposed to these policies are yanking their muzzles off as well.

In Loudon County, Virginia physical education teacher Tanner Cross spoke out at a school board meeting that his Christian beliefs would never allow him to “affirm that a biological boy can be a girl, and vice versa.”

The school banned Cross from campus following his comments.

But U.S. District Court Judge James E. Plowman Jr – who Donald Trump appointed in 2019 – reversed the suspension.

The Washington Post reports:

A Virginia judge said Tuesday that a Loudoun County teacher suspended for refusing to address transgender students with their preferred names and pronouns should return to work immediately.

In a seven-page ruling, 20th Circuit Judge James E. Plowman Jr. sharply rebuked the Loudoun County Public Schools system for its treatment of the teacher, Tanner Cross. Plowman called Loudoun’s attempts to discipline Cross “an unconstitutional action … which has silenced others from speaking publicly on the issue.”

In this current “woke” moment it’s rare for someone to score a victory against the creeping tyranny of political correctness.

But there are an increasing number of parents and concerned citizens willing to speak up.

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