Democrats are introducing articles of impeachment because of one big sex scandal

Democrats have impeachment on the brain.

But no one thought they would pull the trigger.

Now one Democrat is introducing articles of impeachment because of one big sex scandal.

Virgina politics were turned upside down after Vanessa Tyson came forward to accuse Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax of sexual assault at the 2004 Democrat convention.

Fairfax thought he could weather the storm because Governor Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring were embroiled in blackface scandals.

But that all changed when a second woman accused Fairfax of raping her when both were undergrads at Duke University.

Now one key Democrat in the Virginia House of Delegates stated he will introduce articles of impeachment against Fairfax unless he steps down by Monday.

Breitbart reports:

Virginia Delegate Patrick Hope (D) warned Friday evening that he will introduce articles of impeachment against Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D) unless he resigns by Monday as a second allegation of sexual assault surfaced.

“On Monday, I will be introducing articles of impeachment for Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax if he has not resigned before then.,” Hope said in a statement shared to social media.

A second woman, Meredith Watson, has come forward to accuse Fairfax of sexual assault, alleging in a statement Friday that the attack took place when she and Fairfax were Duke University classmates in 2000. The allegation comes after California college professor Dr. Vanessa Tyson accused Fairfax on Wednesday of forcing her to perform oral sex on him in 2004 during the Democrat National Convention.

This scandal could end up bailing out the Democrats in Virginia.

With the Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General all caught up in scandals none faced any real pressure to resign.

But a second woman accusing Fairfax could push him overboard.

Already, every 2020 Democrat Presidential contender called for him to resign.

If Fairfax resigns that will force the Democrats to appoint a scandal free, demographically appealing Lt. Governor.

And then they can throw Northam under the bus before the 2019 elections to eliminate the taint of scandal that threatens to destroy the party.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

UPDATE: While reiterating his belief that Lt. Governor Fairfax should have resigned already, Delegate Hope began backpedaling from his impeachment threat on Monday morning. Citing “an enormous amount of sincere and thoughtful feedback” from his Democrat colleagues, Hope claims he was led “to the conclusion that additional conversations need to take place before anything is filed.”



  1. Dan; I hope the Dems DON’T take any action tho it does take away any justice for the two women. My reasoning is conservative can hold this up as a typical Demo party response to rape, sodomy, and race baiting in 2020. This truly shows what they are all about. Let’s the women and minorities of this country know what is truly thot of them.

    • To Jews and Blacks and DACA, if this nonsense with no stopping this irrationality does not abaid, your vote either votes Repub’s andTrump, get it right or else do not complain.

      • Philip Simon it is not the Jews nor is it the Americans of African Descent that are the problem! but you are 100% right about D. E. C. A. Add to them the 5,000.000 to 8,000,000 Illegals that voted in the last 4 elections, plus Every Secular Progressive Humanist American Bolshevik Intelligentsia. And the most liberal Democrats. Add the Secular Jews,and the Inner City American’s of African Descent, and that is what allowed the DemoCommunist/DemoIslamist to gain the House of Representatives. We are looking at 90% of the Media voted DemoCommunist/DemoIslamist put all these factors together an you have why everything is becoming Politically ugly.

  2. The commiecrats want to pretend to take the high road. They want to impeach someone, but it won’t be the brutha. The whole bunch should be impeached. They are all a pack of deplorable raw sewage. Next they will want to toss anyone out of this country whom don’t dance to their tune. I say we refuse to let them assholes silence us. WE CAN WIN!!!! Call them out at every opportunity.

    • Dan, The Demon Crats think it’s ok to teach the youth of this great nation its ok & condoned to lie & cheat & commit treason against the good of all & at the same time its a felony to have consentual sex while being a married politician! Wake up America in your mind what is the lesser of the 2 evils! 

      Until we say enough is enough of this corruption & blatant disregard of the constitution its just going to get worse until

      WE STAND AS ONE & RISE UP TO PROTEST! We have to push our law makers into making it a felony for a politician & media who lies & takes bribes to conspire against the constitution & the well being of its citizens!

      And anyone that does shall face the DEATH PENALTY! 

      That’s my God given right afforded to me by the 2nd Admendment & was placed there as my duty to own & bare guns AGAINST the corrupt politicians & to use said guns to forcibly remove or by death said politicians from office to restore the law of the lands! This is the true purpose of the 2nd Admendment!

      So Pelosi go ahead make my day I’ve been waiting for you to ☆☆☆☆ UP & try to take my 2nd Admendment right’s!

       Notice to All that is Corrupt if your smart run bitch run

      Sincerely The Crypt Keeper

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      • & BTW Dan, IF all the so-called Patriots
        here didn’t catch POTUS LIVE in el Paso, they should
        be ‘ashamed’ > (Until they get 0ff msm/ & this
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  4. I’m pretty old, and out of touch with a lot of how “modern sex” works, but unless a man was holding what I knew to be a loaded weapon on my head, it would be pretty tough to force me to perform oral sex. I believe it’s called a Bobbick? The end!

  5. It is not about the Republicans, nor about the Democrats. If the Lt. governor did all these allegations, then he has the nerve to walk into the national spotlight, pretending to be a good law abiding citizen.

    Time to elect true law-abiding citizens that understanding the importance of preserving the moral values for the sake of humanity. This helps creating good laws. It’s true.

    See that the Antifa protesters think they are on the good side but they are not. See that the feminists think that they are on the good side but they are not either. So this list goes on, showing the great disturbance that our nation are dying because of them.


    • Them antifa assholes don’t want accountability. Just a darky holding office. Just another way to stick it to whitey. These are the same crowd wanting dead cops. Remember “pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon” over hood rats being shot trying to murder police? Don’t you leftist bastards lecture me about race issues. You have no cred.

  6. This is the level to which the DemoCommunist Party of America has sunk in the last 50 years a serial Rapist President from 1993-2000, A closet Muslim/Communist from 2009-2017.

    • ALL of the dumbasscrats and 2/3 of the repooplicans are scared shitless that their “backyard deals” will be exposed and they’d have to lose it all! MR PRESIDENT, there are traitors speaking with you every day. Please be VERY careful! 😣😩😠😡🤒👹


  8. Guess unlike the Kavanaugh fiasco, the woman’s word isn’t good enough.
    Karma can be a beech, can’t help but laugh over what is happening in VA with the Dem so called leadership.

    One bit of good news out of NYS today, both Andy Cuomo and Chuckie Schumer’s favorable ratings have dropped and President Trump’s has gone up a bit.

    • Sad how the benefit of being innocent until proven guilty in a court of law has given way to leftist media being judge jury and executioner of People’s rights to a fair trial. Had the allegations been credible why weren’t complaints and police reports filed? Not being tried by the tabloids if they are guilty that must be determined in a court of law

      • Yep, you know, I’m no fan of the democrats in general. But, as you said, we still have laws. Innocent until proven guilty. I guess the dems will sacrifice one of their own to be able to impeach a conservative on similar grounds in the future.

  9. Wow, this democrat they are all a disgrace. I voted Democrats twice during the Obama administration such a mistake. Now it is getting worse with the new Congress Woman from the Bronx trying to convert America into another Venezuela or Cuba. God Bless Us. Trump 2020.

  10. sick of all this women are so high and mighty , when they are just as trashy as the men , any women who was having an affair with a guy and then he brakes it off , can turn around and make claims he raped them ,you idiots fall for it , it’s as bad as blacks crying about racism and slavery , how many men have bin ruined by these sluts

    • Bagster
      A woman gets raped and you call her a slut? Friends with hilLIARy? Problem with this one is she remembers everything and she told her friends about it right after it happened. The one you should be calling a slut is Kamala Harris…slept her way up the ladder with another slut Willie Brown, who was married when they were in their affair.

      • Shecky, bagster53 Said”: women as trashy as men, Then
        call ‘rape’.
        > I’m a ‘hard-liner’. When women ‘dress provocative<
        What the hell is 'Man' supposed to think ? (0r Do?)
        Seems like an 'open invite' to me. Even tho some say
        "it's the feel good thang".

    • How about one of the Democrat presidential contenders who used her own sleeping with a
      wealthy, politically well-connected, older, MARRIED man to get her first upward position, even appearing at parties with him where his wife was present. No shame! No morals! And now she is trying to preach to the public. Do your own research. Not hard to find her even on Google.

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