Democrats are mad at Barack Obama for one reason you won’t believe

In many ways, Barack Obama is still the leader of the Democrat Party.

But that doesn’t mean Obama is above criticism.

And Democrats are mad at Barack Obama for one reason you won’t believe.

Earlier this month, Barack Obama threw himself a massive 60th birthday bash spectacular.

Obama hired hundreds of servants to wait hand-and-foot on his guests which included celebrities from Jay-Z and Beyonce, to George Clooney, Oprah and many luminaries from the world of politics, Hollywood and sports.

Video and photos from the event showed hundreds of maskless guests singing, dancing and having the time of their lives.

This came at the same time that the Biden administration demanded Americans wear masks indoors no matter what.

Americans ripped Obama for being another liberal COVID hypocrite who demanded Americans live life under pandemic restrictions, but who carries on like it’s 2019 when they think no one is looking.

Now Democrats are mad that, because Obama got caught throwing his big, mask-free bash, they can’t have parties of their own for fear of the backlash.

POLITICO Playbook reports:

The bashing of the bash is having a chilling effect on the D.C. party scene as (especially Democratic) pols and their staffers scramble to figure out when and where — or even if — they can party again.

“Who wants to throw a party right now when Obama hired a doctor to make sure everyone is vaccinated and passes a Covid test and he still gets shamed for it?” said JOHN ARUNDEL, former associate publisher of Washington Life magazine and managing director of Perdicus Communications.

“I just think there’s a stigma to throwing any kind of event,” he added. “The optics of throwing the party or being at the party, it can be chilling.”

The Obama episode – and this reporting about how Democrats are afraid to throw parties because of the optics and not the potential virus spread – once again proves that the people telling you to take COVID seriously do not take COVID seriously themselves.

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