Democrats are melting down after a top Clinton advisor spoke one truth about Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is changing the political landscape.

He turned Florida into a solid Red state.

And Democrats are melting down after a top Clinton advisor spoke one truth about Ron DeSantis.

Florida was one of the few bright spots for the GOP during a disappointing Midterm election.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis cruised to re-election with a 19-point victory that saw him carry 62 of the state’s 67 counties.

His victory was the biggest for a Florida Governor in 40 years on a night that saw Republicans rack up victories up and down the ticket in the Sunshine State.

Senator Marco Rubio won re-election by a landslide against a highly touted Democrat challenger, Republicans won every statewide office, and the GOP gained supermajorities in both houses of the State Legislature.

Florida turned a bright shade of Red under the wildly successful conservative leadership of Ron DeSantis.

Longtime Democrat strategist James Carville served as a top political advisor to former President Bill Clinton.

After DeSantis and the GOP routed Democrats in Florida on election night, Carville said the Party should throw in the towel on the Sunshine State.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Carville told host Joy Reid that Democrats should target Mississippi instead of Florida.

“It’s not as many electoral votes, but we might be better off looking harder at Mississippi than Florida,” Carville said. “I don’t know that. I’m just throwing a riff off the top of my head.”

Mississippi is a heavily Republican state that last voted for a Democrat for President in 1976.

But trying to replace Florida with Mississippi would be a massive loss for Democrats in the Electoral College.

Florida has 30 electoral votes, the third most in the country, compared to six for Mississippi.

Carville said that Democrats would be better off trying to turn out black voters in Louisiana and Mississippi in a bid to flip them Blue.

“But it’s been very frustrating,” Carville lamented. “I think some of our previous consultants you had on, I’ve been trying to tell you about some of these big fundraisers, the massive GOTV, massive voter registrations in the Mississippi Delta, the Louisiana Delta.”

Democrats are panicking with Florida moving out of the playing field for the Party at the Presidential level.

Florida was the biggest swing state in the country, delivering the Presidency to George W. Bush in a nail-biter in the 2000 election.

Starting under former President Donald Trump, the Sunshine State has been shifting Right and Ron DeSantis cemented it as a Red state.

Ron DeSantis is remaking the political map after his first term as Governor in the Sunshine State.

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