Democrats are panicking after the government gave them some bad news about Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s failed Presidency is a catastrophe for the country.

His regime is threatening to wipe out the Democrat Party.

Now Democrats are panicking after the government gave them some bad news about Joe Biden.

When Joe Biden took office, the economy was well on its way to a recovery from the devastation caused by the pandemic.

But after Joe Biden ran the economy into the ground, America is heading into a major recession.

Americans are getting hammered from rampant inflation, high gas prices, empty store shelves, and rising interest rates.

This soaring cost of living is making it harder for Americans to make ends meet in the Biden economy.

Now a new report from the federal government revealed that a shocking number of people are struggling just to keep up.

A U.S. Census Bureau survey from June 29 to July 11 found that the number of Americans struggling to pay their bills is skyrocketing.

The survey found more than 48 million American households had a “somewhat difficult” time paying their bills, while over 43 million had a “very difficult” time.

Over 91 million American households are struggling to make it under Joe Biden.

According to the Census Bureau, this is an extraordinary jump of 60 million households from this time last year.

More Americans are struggling to pay their bills right now than at the height of the pandemic in 2020.

While the official inflation rate is 9.1%, the cost of household necessities soared into the double digits.

Energy prices, led by the soaring cost of gas, are up 41.6% since last year, and the price could still be rising.

Food prices are up 10.4% since last year, but the price of many staples is even higher, with eggs up 33%.

While Joe Biden and Democrats claim they’re looking out for the little guy, the Biden economy has put the screws to them.

And the situation for many Americans could be getting dramatically worse as the economy heads into a recession.

As the economy slows down, job losses are expected to increase, delivering a punch in the gut to struggling families.

Joe Biden has destroyed the economy to the point that it’s worse than the height of the pandemic for most Americans.

This economic disaster has Democrats set up to pay the political price for Biden’s failures in the Midterm elections.

Polling consistently shows that inflation and gas prices are the two most important issues, and voters blame Joe Biden for their struggles.

With total control of the federal government, Democrats own the economic pain they’ve inflicted on tens of millions of Americans.

Joe Biden’s terrible Presidency is creating unimaginable suffering for families struggling to make ends meet.

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