Democrats are terrified you will see this jaw-dropping video before Election Day

Americans are getting into the nitty gritty of election season.

The vote is less than two months away.

And Democrats are terrified you will see this jaw-dropping video before Election Day.

The Pennsylvania Senate race is one of the key contests on the map.

This race is central to both Party’s path to the majority.

In this race, Democrat nominee John Fetterman jumped out to an early polling lead thanks to millions of dollars in TV ads and concerns from conservatives about celebrity TV doctor and GOP nominee Mehmet Oz.

Despite Donald Trump’s endorsement, conservatives questioned Dr. Oz due to his support for abortion, gun control, and transgender surgeries for minor children.

But the polls narrowed significantly due to voters becoming aware of Fetterman’s radical record, specifically on crime.

Now a video from 2019 resurfaced where Fetterman expressed support for releasing 1,200 killers convicted of second-degree murder from prison.

“I hope that it could lead to a conversation that would free close to 1,200 people of a legacy that never made sense, that encompasses victims’ input, encompasses their conduct and behavior in prison, it takes a look at the resources that are wasted that…,” Fetterman declared.

Since Fetterman’s handlers instantly knew how damaging this video would be, they tried to gaslight voters into believing he did not say what he very clearly said.
Campaign spokesman Joe Calvello told Fox News that Fetterman “supports common sense criminal justice reforms that keep Pennsylvanians safe and protected while saving taxpayers money.”

“He believes there are people who deserve to spend the rest of their life in prison for the crimes they’ve committed,” Calvello continued, before adding that “the decision to do this should be left to judges and parole boards – not politicians in Harrisburg.”

Crime is a top issue for voters.

Democrats supporting the violent Black Lives Matter group and defunding the police movement cost the Party dearly in the 2020 elections, as Republicans gained 14 seats in the House of Representatives.

Republicans plan to rerun that successful playbook this November.

And the Pennsylvania Senate race and John Fetterman’s support for letting murderers out of prison is ground zero.

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