Democrats are trying to drop the hammer on Ron DeSantis for one insane reason

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis knows how to make Democrats lose their minds.

His latest move set off a political firestorm.

And Democrats are trying to drop the hammer on Ron DeSantis for one insane reason.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis created a massive left-wing meltdown after he paid to have illegal aliens flown and dropped off in the upscale resort island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Since Florida officials identified the illegal aliens as having a strong likelihood of migrating to the Sunshine State, DeSantis took bold action to stop them.

The move by DeSantis, the Left’s new bogeyman, caused Democrats to demand the Biden Justice Department take action against the Florida Governor.

California Governor Gavin Newsom sent a letter to the Justice Department asking Merrick Garland to investigate DeSantis for “kidnapping” the illegal aliens.

Now, a Democrat Sheriff in Texas is taking matters into his own hands by opening a criminal investigation into DeSantis for flying the illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, an elected Democrat, announced he was starting a criminal investigation over the illegal aliens who he claims were “lured” away from a local Migrant Resource Center under “false pretenses.”

San Antonio is the largest city in Bexar County.

“Here we have 48 people that are already going through hard times. They are here legally in our country at that point,” Salazar said. “I believe that they were preyed upon. Somebody came from out of state, preyed upon these people, lured them with promises of a better life, which is absolutely what they were looking for.”
The Democrat Sheriff said his office was working with left-wing advocacy groups and lawyers on the case.

DeSantis fired back at the bogus charges in a statement where he pointed out that the illegal aliens were “left to fend for themselves” in Bexar County.

“Florida gave them an opportunity to seek greener pastures in a sanctuary jurisdiction that offered greater resources for them, as we expected. Unless the Massachusetts’ National Guard has abandoned these individuals, they have been provided accommodations, sustenance, clothing, and more options to succeed following their unfair enticement into the United States, unlike the 53 immigrants who died in a truck found abandoned in Bexar County this June,” the statement said.

53 illegal aliens were found suffocated to death in the trailer of a semi-truck in San Antonio in a tragedy that drew next to no attention from the corporate-controlled media.

This is a blatantly political investigation by a Democrat Sheriff looking to use DeSantis to make a name for himself.

The illegal aliens flown to Martha’s Vineyard signed waivers and were given the opportunity to decline making the trip.

Some of the illegal aliens stunned an NBC News reporter in an interview by thanking DeSantis for sending them to Martha’s Vineyard.

Ron DeSantis is creating an unprecedented meltdown on the Left after he exposed their blatant hypocrisy on illegal immigration.

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