Democrats are using beer in this sick attempt to save Joe Biden’s campaign

Democrats are in panic mode about the direction the election is headed.

Now they’re scrambling to find something to save the President’s sinking ship.

And Democrats are using beer in this sick attempt to save Joe Biden’s campaign.

Democrats restoring gimmicks to go after the youth vote 

President Joe Biden is watching the electoral coalition that put him in the White House in 2020 begin to fray.

He’s had a steep decline in support with young voters compared to the 2020 Election when he won them handily.

The University of Chicago’s latest GenForward poll found that Biden only led former President Donald Trump by two points with voters under 40.

Young voters already have the lowest turnout out of any demographic. 

Now they’re at serious risk of straying home in November or flipping to Trump.

University of Chicago professor Cathy Cohen – the poll’s founder – said that economic concerns were at the top of the list for young voters.

“These young people are dealing with increasing rents, increasing food prices, increasing gas costs, and their incomes are less flexible, I would argue, than older folks,” Cohen said.

Democrats know they have a five-alarm political fire on their hands so they’re pulling out all the stops to court young voters.

Dmitri Mehlhorn, an advisor to billionaire LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, is using his group, Investing in US, to use a new strategy to reach young voters. 

“They want to make politics look different in the seven or so states that will decide the presidency — like a dance party, a comedy show or a place to chill out. Sometimes there will be free beer, manicures, boot shines, a rent check sweepstakes, a handout of contraceptive pills, or cooling towels,” The Washington Post reported.

Investing in US is targeting young voters who lean Democrat but rarely turn out to vote.

“No one throws more simultaneous parties than we do,” Mehlhorn said. “There are 2.2 million humans in those states under 45 who are just nonvoters, but they do all kinds of other civic stuff.”

The group is testing out its strategy in major cities in states like Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Beer, food, and music used to target young voters 

Voter Project lead strategist Kevin Mack put on parties in Pennsylvania this spring to test the strategy.

“Turning people out to cultural events is not a hard thing to do. The key thing is to make it fun and keep out the doom and gloom,” Mack said. “They will take actions automatically. It is not a big push.”

His group held an event in suburban Philadelphia that featured free food, beer, and a live performance by an indie rock band.

A drawing was held to give away a free month of rent for anyone who checked their voter registration status. 

Groups are looking at putting on parties near early voting locations in Pennsylvania in the fall.

This scheme is legal as long as they don’t encourage attendees to vote for a party or a candidate.

Trump campaign Chris LaCivita blasted the scheme for treating young voters like idiots. 

“The only way a weak, failed, and corrupt leader’s allies can entice a populace to continue four more years of disastrous policies is to get them liquored up. Biden should stop treating young voters, Black, and Hispanic voters like they are stupid, LaCivita said. “His liberal financiers will stop paying rent bills and throwing block parties the second the election is over — and go back to ignoring their interests as they always have.”

Democrats are reaching deep into the political playbook to try and get young voters to turn out for Joe Biden.

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