Democrats crossed one major line with this threat to Clarence Thomas

Democrats face a conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

Leftists would like nothing more than to change that fact.

And Democrats crossed one major line with this threat to Clarence Thomas.

Clarence Thomas’ wife, Ginni, is one of the most well-known conservative activists in the movement.

Leftists seized on this fact to push a deranged and unconstitutional scheme to pass legislation that would force Thomas to recuse himself from cases where his wife advocated for one ideological side.

Georgetown University Law Professor, Caroline Fredrickson, falsely claimed the current system of Thomas deciding when he needed to recuse himself presented a threat to the rule of law in America.

“In every case that has come up, he has shown no interest in recusal and has in fact seemingly been defiant,” Fredrickson said in an interview with the Washington Post. “To be a Supreme Court Justice and to be married to a firebrand activist who’s trying to blow things up is unique. It’s so out of bounds that if it weren’t so frightening, it would be comical.”

“It’s sort of the honor system, it depends on their own evaluation. […] It’s kind of crazy. They’re supposed to be responsible for keeping us all on the right side of the law. And in fact, they don’t have any responsibilities themselves,” Frederickson continued.

What really worries Democrats is that Clarence Thomas is the most ideologically consistent conservative on the Supreme Court.

And right now, the Court is facing major cases on abortion, the Second Amendment, and affirmative action.

If they can force Thomas to recuse himself from these ideologically contentious cases, leftists know they only need to flip the increasingly left-wing Chief Justice John Roberts to create a four to four tie vote that will keep abortion, gun restrictions, and affirmative action on the books.

The idea that a Supreme Court Justice must recuse themselves because of their wife’s politics is insane.

And it is one leftists don’t even apply to themselves.

Even though Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan worked on Obamacare legal issues while she served as Solicitor General in the Obama administration, she refused to recuse herself from the 2012 Obamacare case.

It’s blatantly unconstitutional to punish Thomas for his wife’s political views.

But Democrats only care about preserving the Left’s policy agenda at any and all costs.

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