Democrats don’t want you to know this huge win Trump scored days before the election

The election is just days away.

What happens between now and Tuesday will decide the future of America.

And Democrats don’t want you to know this huge win Trump scored days before the election.

President Donald Trump has done one thing few Presidents have done before.

That is doing exactly what he said he would do.

He said he would drain the swamp, and he has fired countless bureaucrats who weren’t working in the interests of the American people.

He said that he would build a wall, which he has made great progress on, despite dealing with obstruction from Democrats every step of the way.

And above all, he has fought to bring back U.S. manufacturing, which he has made great strides toward and put historic numbers of Americans back to work.

But after three years of success, a wrench was thrown in this progress when coronavirus was brought to the United States due to the negligence of China’s communist government.

Trump took decisive action, and banned travel from China, which many experts believe saved millions of lives.

But Democrats ignore that fact, and instead claim that Trump is responsible for every single death from coronavirus.

They also claim that he is responsible for the economic decline that was caused due to lockdowns in response to coronavirus.

Months of lockdowns are very harmful to the economy, which has caused widespread devastation.

But blaming Trump for that is backfiring following the massive rebound that just happened.

The U.S. just posted a record-breaking rebound in third quarter GDP reports.

From July through September, the GDP grew by 7.4%, which equals an annualized rate of 33.1%, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

This is the largest quarterly GDP gain recorded in the history of the United States.

James McCann, senior global economist at Aberdeen Standard Investments touted these numbers of CNBC, saying that “the reality is that the GDP numbers demonstrate that the U.S. economy did indeed rebound strongly as lockdown measures were lifted.”

This is sure to help Trump when more Americans hit the polls.

Millions have already voted by mail, but there are still a sizable amount of Americans who don’t trust the mail-in-ballot system and will vote in person with this new report on their minds.

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