Democrats looked at these election results and saw their worst nightmare just came true

Democrats are counting on a blue wave to wash across America this November.

A Democrat victory will sweep Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer into power.

But the morning after these key elections Democrats realized they woke up to their worst nightmare.

California is the cornerstone of the Democrats’ plans to win back Congress.

The Democrats need to win just over 20 seats to win the House and there are seven competitive House races in California.

And the party was counting on the Gubernatorial election to be there secret weapon.

Because of the state’s “jungle primary” – where the two top vote-getters, regardless of party, make the general election – Democrats figured two Democrats could make the General Election since the Republicans make up just 25% of registered voters in California, a total that is third behind Democrats and those with no party affiliation.

But that did not happen.

Thanks to Donald Trump’s endorsement, businessman John Cox placed second behind Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and the GOP will have a top of the ticket candidate this November.

Strategists had feared being shut out of the Gubernatorial election would lead Republicans to stay home and have a catastrophic effect on down-ballot House races.

But in more good news for Republicans, the Republican vote total in six of the seven House primaries – where members of both parties competed – exceeded 50 percent giving the GOP a strong chance to hold those districts.

Projections that show the Democrats winning the House are banking on Republicans losing nearly all of those seats.

Preventing a California wipeout could stop Nancy Pelosi from ascending to the position of Speaker of the House.

Many are now beginning to wonder if the much-touted “blue wave” will ever materialize, or if it was just media hype all along.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in the midterm election.



  2. Let’s forget the phony boasting of either major political party. They both publicly say what they have to say…call it the tale of two false fronts.
    I’ll start with the Republicans, “led” by Speaker Paul Ryan, a man who is so busy looking after himself. He announced he’d leave his Speaker position for retirement effective before the election voting starts. IMHO, had Ryan one ounce of concern for a Republican House of Reps,he wouldn’t be hanging around. He can’t separate the Speaker job from his imminent retirement. Not good for Republican House members who know there’s work to be done. The Democrats are expecting a “Blue Wave” to wash away House Republicans. They have an opportunity, but that Party is so dogmatic, its plan is again with Mme. Pelosi as the House Speaker,if she can remember where the House of Representatives is located.We are all subject to aging, no matter the expertise of plastic surgeons, they cannot change the course of aging memory loss. Most of us “ordinary folks” are well aware of aging changes, but Mme. Pelosi obviously believes in forever state of alertness, of which she is seriously having less and less by the day. But, of all the Democrats who do have potential for good performance, it looks like Party favorite Pelosi will be the Democrat chosen to fill the Speaker spot in the event the Democrats win that mid-term election.
    I cannot believe she’s the “people’s choice”, anymore than Ryan’s very slow withdrawal from his Speakership helps the House Republicans….which it doesn’t!
    Here we have two selfish politicians who should be ashamed of themselves…one won’t leave after a pending retirement announcement. He’d rather drag down his colleagues in the House. The other candidate (Pelosi) refuses to believe that there are more capable Democrats in the House who’d be better than “over the hill Pelosi”, who obviously believes she owns rights to the Democrat Speakership. Again, IMHO she is no longer suited and will prove that if the Democrats win the House. Between Ryan and Pelosi, neither one is unselfish enough to do the “right thing” for Congress and this nation.

  3. Please please, please, Ca. do your job and vote in Mr. Cox as your next Governor. Saw him interviewed on lou Dobbs the other evening and he is just exactly what California needs to nullify all that crap that Moonbeam put in just like our wonderful President Trump has done and is doing for our great United States of America. There is also a very good candidate, can’t think of his name that is of Cuban ancestry that is running against Waters. You in LA, please vote him in so that city can get cleaned up, streets repaired, homeless in shelters and off the streets, hopefully with building the wall, drugs off the streets and those in rehabilation centers. There is lots to do and very little time left to do. So lets make California the state it use to be instead of another Venezuela.

  4. it would be real nice if the do nothing Pelosi would go away. she has ripped off the people long enough. everyone across the USA would be better off without her. she needs to step down now.

  5. The “Blue Wave” is just more of the MSNBC/CNN fake news. Why do they lie so much? And then they cry when their lies are outed. Remember last election day?

  6. Fine hopefully the ‘dumbocrap’ purge has begun. Thank Almighty God the people have gotten smart and realized the liberals are all about them and screw everybody else. In California we need to make governor wannabee sure gavin mr. ‘sanctuary city’ of San Francisco is defeated big time in November and John Cox the Republican opponent is the next governor. If newsome gets jerry ‘the clown brown’s job, it’ll be business as usual and the destruction of California will continue to completion with the hardworking taxpayers going broke paying for all the ‘freebie’ fiusted on us by these no good thieves!

  7. The democrats are reaping what they sewed…….their worst nightmare was created by them…..they have lied and keep lying and trying to cover up the facts……Trump is the best thing that has happened to America. Now we must have full law enforcement enforce all our laws and get rid of each and every illegal and refugee. End the abuse. Clean up the corrupt democrats, starting with HC, Bill, Chelsea, BO, Lynch, Mueller, Rosenstein, Strox, Page, McCabe, Clapper, Pelosi, Schumer, Holder, Lerner, Subelius and many many many more. Make people hold their elected officials to their oaths of office or FIRE THEM! Get rid of every teacher that punishes a student for having an opinion and get rid of all “safe spaces”, arrest all antifa activists that cause any problems or that wear face masks. Begin upholding any and all laws of our nation. This will free up wasted money and MAGA, THIS IS A MUST DO for all true patriots!

  8. What is really needed in Congressional elections and assignments of jobs in the house is, Do you all REALLY want Pelosi to be 3rd in like for President? Seeing as she hasn’t got the brains god gave a fence post, and so liberal she can’t even see what America Actually needs.

  9. These House and Senate Democrats or so very stupid by the ways that they treated the President and by the way they have slandered the President and his family. As they wonder why they are losing at every turn? To actually conspire against The President Of The United States is High Treason and they all should be put in prison and charged with High Treason. The Executed.

    • Before Trump’s arrival, there were not many of us who were ready to understand that Washington, DC, the Capitol, is occupied by “The Swamp.” Before Trump, I don’t recall the mention of “The Swamp” in connection with the national capitol until Trump.
      If Trump wasn’t correct by giving the Capitol it’s “Swamp” name, we all would not have received and adopted the name. I think we’ve known it for a long time, but it was Trump’s arrival that made it official. And, he has taken it on, because he’s unafraid of political combat. Considering how well and what he was doing, prior Presidency, many folks would say Trump had to be foolish to take on the challenge, except he doesn’t feel foolish about it. It must be that he deeply feels he is knocking himself out for this nation. Many folks would say he’s got enough money, but the job in his hands isn’t for the money…he’s done well in civilian life insofar as money. Only the people who, themselves, believe in our America can actually believe that this President is burning midnight oil daily to see his motto through…”Make America Great Again.”
      Even for those who demonize the man, those who adhere to a corrupt MSM, as Trump does well for this nation, we all do better…because “WE” are this nation.

  10. Democrats have only one thought “How to get rid of out elected President and put a lying loser Hilliary in the White House.”

  11. TIME for ICE to get real busy and get those free loading illegals out of the USA…
    OR………..they might just be carried out of the USA by 6………

  12. Stand up and speak out for people who want to keep America Great; vote for the Republican Party since the DemoRats are only for their own power over us to tell us how to live. Gov. Brown signed into law when we can take a show and wash our clothes to “save” water “just in case” instead of fixing the problem: the dams that save the water. He only wants to safe his fast track train that will cost too much to ride. If people vote for Newsome, it will be worse for CA.

  13. He said he would do it and he is doing it. America is now becoming great again regardless of the horse defication the leftloons are throwing in his way

  14. Californians, you must save your state …

    Your state is literally dying. Please stop looking at the liberal fantasies. Look at your state woes. They are real. I repeat REAL!

    Think hard on this one: any illegal alien slip in your state. He has nothing. Nothing. Zero. You have to provide him from A to Z. It is like having another baby to feed. Another mouth to feed. They all saw that you are soft and gullible. It is not right to add another human expense on your list. This person is not your kid, but rather a separate individual that you are being forced to pay him through very, very high taxes.

    Putting up the wall is faaaaaar cheaper than supporting all the aliens in your state.

    Come on, look at Europe. No different from our country. They are suffering the same woes. Think, think, think …

    Stop listening to liberal propaganda. All lies. How? Look at the statistics of each woe. It cannot lie.

    Vote Trump to end these woes. American citizens come first!

    Trump 2020!

  15. Pray for President, pray for our Country! Pray that every DEMONIC- RAT will find God and be saved from the Fires of Hell! Actually, there is no Fire in HELL! It is Pure Blackness without HEAT~ Sub ZERO Temperature! Where God is absent, there woulds be NO Light, but DARK and COLD!

    • Give me scriptures about hell being cold. But first read about the account Jesus gave of the rich nan being tormented in the flames. He asked for a drop of water to cool his tongue, not an extra blanket.

    • Nazi Pollution and upChuck Schumer along with Elizabeth Wartsen and Maxine Waddlers are in a Big “Heap o’ Trouble! Who do these KNOTHEADS think they’re kidding!?

  16. MAGA .. Session got to GO and drag RosenSTAIN with him .. MUKLEFACE his Cadre of Democ RAT Lawyers are doing nothing but pound their Meat in the TOILET

  17. Well the DEEP Blue wave resembles the SWIRLING blue water used to SANITIZE TOILETS when FLUSHED ……… UPCHUCK Better STick to his ONLY job as minority LEADER and QUIT filibustering and madam “STUPID” Nancy should consider putting on her DUNCE hat and go home!

  18. Our Great President Mr TRUMP is been attacked by All forces of evil in the camp of the demonRats . But We the Deplorables have the Big gun , “PRAYING” . I am asking to all of You to constantly talk to & pray to GOD the Father & Jesus the Son to protect & guide our President .
    Lets do it to MAGA , & vote Republicans everywhere all the time .
    Mr Sessions why are You NOT doing your job & fire rosenstein & mueller

    • Do the Democrats approve & want Pres Trump to have
      a successful Summit with the NoKo leader?
      Why are most Democrats obsessed with fighting
      & trying yon make Pres Trump look 👀 bad, even when
      he more often than not, is helping America
      become a stronger power both economically
      and militarily?

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