Democrats found out the historic bad news that will destroy them in 2022

2021 was a disaster for Democrats.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer hoped Joe Biden could reverse his string of failures so they could hold on to control of Congress.

But then Democrats found out the historic bad news that will destroy them in 2022.

Terrible polling data continues to pour in for Democrats.

The latest Gallup Poll found one of the largest shifts in Party identification toward the Republicans since Gallup began tracking this question in 1991.

In every survey conducted by Gallup, the interviewer is asked whether they identify politically as a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent.

If the interviewer answers “Independent,” they are then asked whether or not they lean more toward the Democrat or Republican Party, and the “combined percentage of party identifiers and leaners gives a measure of the relative strength of the two parties politically.”

Both the nine-point Democrat advantage in the first quarter and the five-point GOP edge in the fourth quarter are “among the largest Gallup has measured for each party in any quarter since it began regularly measuring party identification and leaning in 1991.”

If these results hold, Democrats are on the verge of a historic wipeout in the 2022 Midterm elections.

Not only would Democrats lose control of both the House and Senate, but Republicans would also likely win key Governor’s races in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The GOP would also consolidate – and even expand – their control over state legislatures.

This poll dropped days after a Quinnipiac survey found Joe Biden’s approval numbers sinking to 33 percent.

Americans are clearly experiencing buyer’s remorse after Joe Biden’s disastrous first year in office.

Inflation raged out of control thanks to Joe Biden’s trillions in new socialist spending.

Biden also opened the border and record numbers of illegal aliens entered the country.

All of these crises Joe Biden caused relate to not only his cratering poll numbers, but also to the fact that more Americans are identifying as Republicans in reaction to the Democrat Party’s failures.

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