Democrats found this loophole to impeach Brett Kavanaugh

Democrats are still raging about Republicans confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

The party’s base demanded vengeance for Donald Trump.

And now they announced they plan to use this crime to kick Kavanaugh off the bench.

Democrats refuse to accept that Brett Kavanaugh is a legitimate Supreme Court Justice.

They tried to derail his confirmation with fake news about sexual misconduct from his high school and college years.

When that failed, they vowed to investigate him if they won back the House.

Freshman Democrat Joe Neguse of Colorado was caught on video telling constituents Democrats plan to make good on that pledge.

Neguse threatened that the House Judiciary Committee would open an investigation into whether Kavanaugh perjured himself during his confirmation hearings.

The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse of Colorado, a freshman member of the House Judiciary Committee, told constituents the panel will likely investigate Justice Brett Kavanaugh for perjury.

“There’s no question [Kavanaugh] committed perjury during the confirmation hearings and so forth,” Neguse said when asked if the justice might be impeached. “I think the Judiciary Committee is likely to take that up.”

A conservative opposition research group obtained and disseminated video of Neguse’s comments.

The congressman was not specific as to which of Kavanaugh’s statements might rise to the level of perjury. Democrats have put forward various theories as to how Kavanaugh misled the Senate Judiciary Committee during his confirmation hearings: One theory, which NBC News advanced, held that he lied concerning when he first learned about the allegations of Deborah Ramirez, a Yale classmate who accused Kavanaugh of drunkenly exposing himself to her at a party.

This is another one of the left’s fever dreams.

They will not accept Donald Trump’s victory – and any of the resulting consequences – as legitimate.

And as such, they will use every lever at their disposal to overturn the results of the 2016 Presidential Election.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. LOL According to Mark Taylor’s prophecy, which has been very accurate to date, President Trump will make a total of 5 SCOTUS appointments during his 8 years.
    My vote goes for everybody to write him in for a 3rd term as POTUS to draft him by popular vote!Wasn’t DSE demonncrats talking about eliminating the electoral votes and going to popular vote election a short while ago? LOL

  2. That plot has already failed un case you didn’t know it. Nancy Pelosi had 93 family members & friends on board a military airplanee allegedly to make a business trip to Iran to enourage our troops there. There was also lots of food & liquor aboard, probably on the tax payers dime. They probably would have had a great time toasting each other while chaos was going on here in the states – as apparently a few sleeper terrorists cells had also ben awakened to create more terrorist activities at the same time. President Trump cancelled the military flight shortly before deoartyre time. Remember? That was when Donna Brazile (former DNC head tweeted out
    “President Pelosi” before she learned the double assassination would not be going through. Notice Pelosi has been having many more ot her brain freeze moments since then, because she know that President Trump knew their plans and Brazile’s premature tweet should tell everyone that many DSE traitors were in on this plan besides the ones who were on that military flight that got cancelled!

  3. Cel phones were publicly available in 1983, my father was an engineer for NASA and had one when they were released, the cost was around 4,000 bucks plus the minutes were outrages and service sucked they were not popular at the time and Ford having one was doubtful. Also anyone can be impeached with cause such as RBG doing these public interviews showing she is not an independent impartial Judge which was her own admission over many interviews, those are impeachable offenses not Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony.

  4. Why arent the Republicans going after the Dems?? They communicate NOTHING to WE THE PEOPLE!!

  5. They are really pushing us Americans a little to far, and their day of reign will come tumbling down on them, and there will not be a big enough rock for them to hide under!

  6. Republicans are up to their necks in corruption too. Trump has had to do everything for our country fighting both parties. We need people who care about America instead of theirselves.

  7. Ford lied at least five times
    1. There were no cell phones on the market back then
    2. All those she said were at the event denied it ever happened including her best friend.
    3. She said she was afraid to go to the Safeway because his friend was there, the safeway wasn’t built until six years later.
    4. her lawyer said she was afraid to fly while she was sitting on Dewey Beach, Delaware and had been to NH and Hawaii.
    5. She said she added another door to her $3.1 million dollar home because she was claustrophobic, while city plans said the extra door was because they were renovating an apt in the home……She turned out to be another scumbag lying democrat…the only reason you don’t see her on talk shows is because she knows she stinks

  8. Yeah…Listen people, these tantrums that these little peon Representatives make, are nothing but little PR stunts to assuage the little tantrums of their constituents back home…Having said that, you need to remember this Representative is also brand new, he’s a freshman congressman, and he is a
    little over-excited about his job…He is going to change the World in his limited point of view…
    What does it take to impeach a President, a Govenour, etc.?
    1.He must be a Civil officer of the Government…Senators, and Congresspersons DO NOT rise to this level, sorry!!Whereas,Preidents, Govenours and Court Justices, do!!
    2.The level of the Crime(s)must “rise to the level of impeachment…? ex:Treason, obstruction of justice, perjury, and gross(many) Misdemeanors…
    3.The Lower House must vote with a majority for impeachment proceedings to proceed…
    4.The Upper House(Senate)must try the individual, with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the State(non-Federal) or United States(Federal) presiding over
    5,Each side can have at least 2 but no more than 3 opposing attorneys…the burden of Proof always lies with the Prosecution…
    6.The Senate must convict with no less than 2/3(SUPER) Majority…usually in most cases 67/100…
    In the History of the United States only 14 Civil Officers have been impeache…8 have been acquitted in the Senate, with only 1 U.S. Supreme Court justice being removed(Samuel Chase)…5 others were Circuit Court, or State Court judges being removed…With the exception of one Kentucky Senator being impeached the level of “Civil Officer”not being reached was used to acquit him…

  9. Exactly they are the ones that perjured themselves and should be facing charges for this. Same with Comey and Loretta Lynch and everybody else that has perjured themselves.reports are out there is nothing with Trump collusion with Russia the real collusion was with Obama’s administration and he had them meddling in our election for Hillary Clinton.. the whole election was rigged for her to win but it backfired because Russia or anybody else cannot meddle with the electoral College.

  10. The Dumbbellcraps have a hidden agenda to get rid of Judge Kavanaugh,Vice President Pence,and Donald Trump so they can make Nancy Pelosi President and ram her down our throats. They refuse to accept the outcome of the 2016 elections as they are sore loosing SOB’s and will do anything to get their way and that includes lying,cheating, stealing etc. I say impeach the people who are doing this.

  11. Prof Ford lied at least five times and the proof is there, let Kavanaugh sue her and all the other stupid people on the left trying to bring him down….Her best friend and those she named said IT NEVER HAPPENED. There were no cell phones on the market, she lied. The Safeway wasn’t built until six years later, so Judge wasn’t there, she lied. She says she was claustrophobic and couldn’t fly to DC while sitting at Dewey Beach in Delaware, she lied. She didn’t build another door because she was clasutrophoic, city records say she built the second entrance to her $3.1 million dollar home because she was adding an apartment….she lied…..they ruined a good man because they couldn’t stand the fifth vote to be a conservative, the filthy deomcrats never do things honestly.

  12. Perjury is a crime that requires actual proof for a conviction NOT BELIEVING someone when they state they are not guilty of crimes they were ACCUSED of when no evidence showed them guilty of that crime does not make someone guilty of perjury.

    Once again they want a CONVICTION by accusation with no evidence.

  13. The Democrat party members are trying to run the Government like the MOB .They are more Corrupt than any MOB gang and stolen more money than all Mob members combined .They steal Money from Retirements ,Social Security ,Medicare so they can pay Illegal Immigrants Food ,Housing ,Medical & Education .The Democrats push spending to over 2 Trillion Dollars just to support Illegals ,

  14. I wonder if anyone can answer this question. What has Congress accomplished in the last 4 or 5 years, for us that is?

  15. demoRATS you need to get a LIFE MOVE ON! this CRAB against THE PRESIDENT IS GETTING OLD PRESIDENT TRUMP is in office NOW WHAT DO YOU NOT GET!!!!!!

  16. Prof Ford lied: 1. There were no cell phones on the market so she couldn’t have called her friends. 2. The Safeway wasn’t built until she was 21 so she couldn’t have seen Judge there when she felt intimidated. 3. She told Grassley she was claustrophobic and couldn’t fly to DC while she was sitting at the beach in Dewey, DEl, and records showed she flew to Hawaii, NH and the Caribbean..4. The extra door in her $3.1 million dollar home was not because she was claustrophobic but because she added on an apartment..5. All those she claimed were at this party, including her best friend, said IT NEVER HAPPENED…..Democrats just didn’t want the fifth deciding justice to be a republican…and that’s the state of politics in the US Ruin people if they step in the way.

  17. I’m sure Trump has a half-dozen or more prime candidates, quietly pre-vetted and ready to face the entire process once RBG punches out. I sure would if I was him.

  18. It is all about power. While Ginsburg is dying, the liberals are panicking and now going after Kavanaugh … unfortunately. I sure hope that Trump would find another young strong-willed conservative judge to replace her.

  19. I believe what we are seeing is that Democrats no longer believe in democracy. And that’s why they search for underhanded means of denying Justice Kavanaugh his rightful place on the court. Having sat on a jury I could never have convicted a defendant based on the flimsy evidence I saw during those hearings. But for the modern Democrat, the accusation is the equivalent of a conviction. Such small minds must never be returned to executive power again.

  20. I say that in turn, the republicans should file perjury charges against every woman who made false claims against Justice Kavanaugh. Might even consider charges against the senators for bringing false charges against Justice Kavanaugh. Hit the cry baby liberal democrats with their own tactics.

  21. The fact that President Trump is actually doing the best work possible for the American people u like all the other bag of wind politicians that talk out of.both sides of their mouths and deliver nothing. The Communist left wing is floamingat the mouth as they too are seeing what a real American leader can accomplish. If they really thought the President was doing a poor job they would just sit back and wait for the people to figure that out the next time go to the polls.

  22. Eric Granberg, so you think that 4 states out of the 50 should choose the President? You are one dumb democrat. How the hell is my vote going to count when you preload the ballot with California, Texas, New York and Florida?

  23. Negoose, make like a Duck and do some worthy work for America, rather than being a puppet (Goose) like the rest of the Democrats. Can’t you people think on your own, if so the American people haven’t seen it in 10 years.
    Your the kind of people your boss tells you to jump, and your stupid enough to ask him/her how high. What are you afraid of, Coward.

  24. Actually, ALL the women who testified against Kavanaugh have lied, and since admitted it. They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  25. The REAL fact about the 2016 election, is that Donald Trump WON! Hitlery Rotten Clinton had likely, 5 million illegal votes, making Donald Trump the biggest victor in history. There were 150,000 more votes for Hitlery, than there were voters in Colorado ALONE. This id due to DumbocRATS being corrupt to the core. If you too stupid to see it, then you ARE THE PROBLEM, KNUCKLEHEAD.

  26. Well you have fallen for the big liberal lie – it is because you are mentally deranged it seems. Trump won and the ugly hag lost Get over it already.


  27. Thank you for expressing my views. All the problems facing this nation and its people and those who where elected to represent US (that’s you and me and everyone who sent them to Washington . . . including those who voted for their opponent)in debates and votes on matters affecting US ..>they pay politics hoping to ensure their own future on the gravy train that you and I are paying for. Let’s stop the crap. If they don’t do the job of governing the nation according to our views impeach them, take away their benefits, and get them the heck out of our lives and OUR country. Of course we could make them money managers . . . we know what we pay them. I still can’t figure how so many of them become so very wealthy by representing my interests.

  28. You are so deluded. Tell me how long have you suffered the mental illness of liberalism. If you knew your Constitution at all all you would know that the hag did not win the election. Furthermore she may be charged with crimes against the state for trafficking in classified information – surely a treasonous act during a time of war. If she were convicted I’d like to see her hang from the gallows on the Capital Mall. What a sight that would be.

  29. Impeaching a few Democrat/Communist Congressmen/women ought to be impeached for violating their oath of office and failure to uphold the Constitution

  30. The way I look at is that whatever they do to Kavanaugh should be done to all the lib women on the Court. First Ruthie should go out in shame, then the other two, especially Sotomayor! Those two break the rule of the Court everyday. They are sworn to be unbiased… obviously they are far from it and they make no bones about it. Let’s send them to Mars or anywhere as long as it’s off the SCOTUS!

  31. So when are the demonrats actually going to start doing what they were elected for instead of what their party leaders want?

  32. When are all the new freshman demo’s gonna catch on they’re all being set up to put the blame on when things go wrong

  33. Eric, you’re completely wrong. In fact your statement is grounded in ignorance. Every election has been decided by the electoral vote. The popular vote helps decide which candidate gets that state’s vote. Go back through history, the proof is there. By the way, if the Liberals (mostly democrats) were to lose an election because of losing the popular vote they will whine and complain about things being unfair and try to change the election process as they are now. As for Hillary, she isn’t fit to be president. She should be held totally accountable for all the illegal things she has done and been part of. Don’t “throw up” that she was never convicted of anything. It didn’t happen because Obama and the crooked court system and FBI didn’t have the “guts” to. They are in her pocket. It’s time the democrats and liberals “get a life” and realize they aren’t the center of everything!

  34. Our President is not elected by a national popular vote but by the votes of the individual states. The citizens of each state, by popular ballot, determine whom their state will support for the office. A significant percentage of the states chose Trump. That is the only measure by which the Presidency is determined, and Hillary did not win it. She (fortunately) lost it by a substantial margin.

  35. HILBILLARY stole the votes you’re boasting about illegals etc. We won’t even talk Florida where the fraud woman who stole previous elections. That’s why they want open borders for all the illegal votes. Liberals are evil. Why isn’t hilbillary in prison for benghazi, emails, murders etc why Eric. & why would anyone with one ounce of brains vote for that cold hearted criminal. That’s it you’re brainless. ????’s of a feather flocks together. DemoncRatic party is a plantation. You’re Slaves to freebies…ebt..

  36. The demo-turds are proving day by day what horses rear ends they really are. 2 years now and all they accomplished is make fools of themselves. The Hell of it is they are too stupid to realize it.

  37. Eric Granberg exactly precisely really how long did it take you to get this dumb? DumocRat fits you. You liberals have your heads stuck so far up hillbilly, & speaking of fraud invalid #44 duped all the idiots who voted for him. That Kenyan is a fraud. & he’s laughing????at how he duped America.
    You will be dumb enough to vote for the guy mike he’s fake married to. ERIC GRANBERG HILBILLARY LOST GET OVER IT. LOOK IN THE MIRROR & SAY PRESIDENT TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT. AND HE IS A ???? GR8 PRESIDENT. Now go get your ???? & sit in mommies lap & shut up.

  38. Hillary Clinton stole 7 million votes in the 2016 election otherwise POTUS would have won the popular vote as well! You need to do your own research in order to get to the truth!There are organizations who factcheck the validity of elections. Go on the internet to find them. The Electoral College was created by our wise Founding Fathers to keep crooks like Hillary and the Demonrats for stealing elections from the People! History will get it right- President Trump is the legitimately elected President and Killary is the BIGGEST LOSER in the 21st Century! You really need to review American History and the Constitution!! Peace 🙂

  39. Hey there Diane,When is last time u got any? If u had another brain,u rotten “DUMMOCRAP”,It would be lonely! I have lived my successful life by this,”None “r” so blind as those that don’t see”! Please open your eyes, & do your homework b/4 the mouth comes open. When people ask me things I don’t know,I state accordingly & mention,I don’t know,however I’ll find out & get back to you.

  40. When Trump announces his next SCOTUS the left is going to be caught between a rock and a hard place. They will have a hard time denouncing a Woman. It is going to be comical.

  41. Your AZZ is showing. Hildabeast got over 4 million ILLEGALLY cast vote. There is no doubt about that,as it has been verified in many districts that had more votes than possible. But the Republicans will not waste taxpayers time and money to pursue it to no end, as the DEMONrats are doing now with every witch hunt they can conjure up. Ther is nothing there on President Trump, just your smoke and mirror games, and he is having fun playing with you minions and idiots, whilst he Makes America Great once again despite you NAZI’s with your hate for civility and God.

  42. Diane, if President Trump had in fact committed any crimes Mueller and his bunch of thugs would have paraded this before the public long Ago. Since there has been nothing to find, there has been nothing reported. All your wishful thinking won’t change this fact. It’s so sad that so many morons keep banging this drum with absolutely no facts or proof. It’s been over 2 years and the only thing proven is that Clinton paid for a phony dossier and Obama’s henchmen obtained a FISA warrant illegally based on this phone document.

  43. I love our country and think Donald Trump is doing a great job as President. I am proud of Judge Kavanaugh and him going through the lies that those women (I won’t say ladies) put him through.. He should be commended.

  44. Eric. Still a low education DemonRAT I see. Trump won in an electoral landslide.
    That’s why the founders set it up. So two states can’t elect a president.


  46. Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election by over three million votes. That is a fact. But an arcane rule, Vlad Putin’s trolls, and certain other flukes, resulted in the negation of the popular vote and the selection of so called President Trump. History will always consider 2016 to be an invalid election and Trump, the ol’fraud # 45, will always have an asterisk associated with his name.

  47. There is already proof that most of the women lied about their relationship with just because they refuse to believe the judge…is no reason to impeach him.and why are Democrats exempted from actual crimes that they commit.

  48. I think the demon rats should be charged wth treason and shot. Sooner or later they are going to push too hard with their anti American agenda and start a revolt they won’t be able to stop. Then you would see the rat cowards want a wall around themselves. That no good Obozo was the start of this garbage and still promoting it in the dark..

  49. Libtards, good luck. If you do the research, NO Judge has ever been removed from the Supreme Court except by death or retirement. Sure, the political theater of the day has tried and failed in every single attempt. The only perjury America has witnessed so far is the Media Establishment and the Democrat Party Members. You guys are really F’d up.

  50. There should be the rule that when someone declares a statement that if the statement is proven false, that person is fired or impeached from their position. All this we have endured is complete stupidity.

  51. Oh my….I cannot believe what they are doing…..oh, wait a minute! Yes I can! That is what they are known for…PURE EVIL!!!

  52. With this action by a freshman Demo-rat and his inane comments it clearly demonstrates how far out of touch their entire party has become.I hope all of the voters are listening to this political stupidity as other moron Demo-rat congress people and senators appear to have lots their collective minds as well. I am betting the silent majority that backs Trump will pull together in 2020 and support him.It was a tragedy when O’bama was elected and the country will not survive another filthy criminal president. Are you listening Killary?

  53. So. Since Trump is an illegitimate president, his appointments are also illegitimate, therefore he CAN be removed from the bench just like Trump will be removed from the Oval Office after Mueller’s report becomes public.


  55. All of these democracts who are playing hate games need to be locked up lose their pay. I’m sure there is a loophole to have these democracts arrested lose pay. They are all talk since they control the house and the funds to this country. Their powers are to big and it needs to be stripped from them

  56. I guess I am a bit confused…what is the crime the author was referencing with this comment? “The party’s base demanded vengeance for Donald Trump.

    And now they announced they plan to use this crime to kick Kavanaugh off the bench.” If there is a crime post it if not how about also posting that fact.

  57. Not so. A SCOTUS Judge MUST be impeached by the House of Representatives, then tried and convicted in the Senate. They can only be impeached for the VERY SAME crimes and misdemeanors any other government official can be charged with, and must be convicted by a 3/4 MAJORITY of the Senate to be removed from the bench.

    The requirements for impeachment of a United States Court Justice are listed in Article I and II of the US Constitution.

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