Democrats got hit with some really bad news about Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory is an issue that is dominating communities across the country.

Democrats are trying to claim the controversy is all made up.

And now Democrats got hit with some really bad news about Critical Race Theory.

Parents across the country – especially independent voters in suburban areas – marshal in opposition to schools indoctrinating their kids with Marxist Critical Race Theory, which teaches the lie that the founding institutions of America are infused with white supremacy.

A report in POLITICO described how widespread the opposition to Critical Race Theory is in the suburbs among voters who swung to Joe Biden in 2020 and now threaten to turn against the Democrats because of worries about what is going on in their children’s schools.

POLITICO reports:

Elina Kaplan is the kind of suburban mom who made Joe Biden president.

An immigrant who came to the United States from the Soviet Union, she is a registered Democrat from San Mateo County, Calif. And she’s alarmed over her state’s new model ethnic studies curriculum, which cites Critical Race Theory as a “key theoretical framework and pedagogy . . .

. . . Kaplan, who has launched an email list, set up meetings with state legislators and recruited people to meet with their school boards to discuss ethnic studies, is representative of Democrat-leaning or politically moderate suburbanites interviewed by POLITICO in six states, all but one of which were won by Biden. They are up in arms over their school systems’ new equity initiatives, which they argue are costly and divisive, encouraging students to group themselves by race and take pro-activist stances. Proponents of the initiatives say they are a long-overdue step toward getting rid of systemic racism in the school system.

There are off-year elections coming up in Virginia and New Jersey where Democrats will get their first taste of the potential political backlash to the Left getting caught infiltrating Critical Race Theory into American schools.

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