Democrats had one reaction to Antifa that will put your jaw on the ground

Antifa terrorists are menacing cities across America.

These riots threaten civil society and the public is demanding an end to the chaos.

And Democrats had one reaction to Antifa that will put your jaw on the ground.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz held a Senate subcommittee hearing on Antifa and the violence in cities like Portland.

Democrats barely showed up to the hearing – in fact, Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono was the only Democrat to show up.

Hirono showed little respect for the hearing and stormed out rejecting any calls by Cruz to condemn Antifa’s terrorism.

Breitbart reports:

Hirono claimed that Black Lives Matter was standing for freedom of speech, and accused Cruz of not listening to her. “We should all join hands in denouncing. Whatever words you want to use about violent extremism of all stripes, and I think we can all agree on that.”

She concluded: “I hope this is the end of this hearing, Mr. Chairman, and that we don’t have to listen to any more of your rhetorical speeches. Thank you very much. I’m leaving.”

As she left, Cruz replied: “Well, I appreciate the — as always — kind and uplifting words of Senator Hirono, and I would also note that throughout her remarks she still did not say a negative word about Antifa, nor has any Democrat here.”

Hirono turned to respond, and Cruz said: “You’re welcome to say something negative about Antifa, right now.”

She replied: “I think that I’ve covered the subject quite well.”

Democrat Mayors and Governors across the country are ordering police to stand down and allow the rioters to rampage freely in their streets.

Democrats had a chance to speak out against the violence and unify the country around rejecting politically motivated violence.

But they refused and instead showed they are either too afraid to confront the mob in the streets or they believe the violence and civil unrest will lead to a favorable political outcome for Democrats in November.

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