Democrats have a huge impeachment problem thanks to this sex scandal

The Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt is turning into a bigger debacle by the day.

Political tides turned against the Democrats after their public hearings failed to turn up any evidence of crimes committed by Donald Trump.

And Democrats have a huge impeachment problem thanks to this sex scandal.

European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland was one of Adam Schiff’s star witnesses.

Sondland claimed there was a quid-pro-quo involving military aid to Ukraine a White House visit for the Ukraine’s president.

But Sondland offered no evidence of this and revealed all his testimony was based on his best guesses.

Now Democrats and Sondland have a giant mess on their hands as several women stepped forward to make allegations of sexual misconduct against Sondland. 

Breitbart reports:

Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, has no plans to resign over allegations of sexual misconduct, an individual close to the high-ranking diplomat said.

A close associate of Sondland stated the ambassador has “no intention of resigning” following a report on misconduct allegations against him or his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee as part of the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, according to Politico.

The Portland Monthly published accounts by three women who said that Sondland, a wealthy hotel owner from Seattle, retaliated against them professionally after they rejected him sexually…

Jim McDermott, an attorney for the ambassador, said of the allegations that “a reasonable conclusion to be drawn is that you are attempting to affect Ambassador Sondland’s credibility as a fact witness in the pending impeachment inquiry.”

One woman claims Sondland made inappropriate remarks and exposed himself to her in his pool house.

A second woman alleged Sondland tried to forcibly kiss her without her consent.

Sondland denied all allegations, but these women stepping forward further eroded Sondland’s credibility and called into question the truthfulness of the suspicious testimony he tried to give Adam Schiff during his appearance before the House Intelligence Committee.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Trump remains one original American. White among whites. Bearing the true burdens of true Americans. Bold and brave as the true white lion. Making promises and keeping same. Unlike last president before him. Trump remains my best president and I remain an unrepentant supporter of Trump. Trump knows what US citizens needs for their better future and he does just that which must be done to make America great again. I unconditionally love his sort hearts and determination.

    • Redman are you a welfare sucking reservation rat. I have NO RESPECT for your lazy kind. Go off and put yourself out of your pathetic misery!

    • Only if the Republicans put their PARTY over their COUNTRY. To defend Trump at this point is shear LUNACY, making any Republican who does so desperate, dishonest, and just plain DUMB.

  2. i hope this bunch of vipers all go to jail for their corruption, collusion, lying, cheating, crimes and misdemeanors. the whole bunch needs to get saved and quit saying i pray for this or that even satan can do that. if they were christians they wouldn’t be voting for abortion and the lgbtq+ bills. they think their saved because of the church they go too not because they received Jesus as Lord Savior.

    • Democrats were quick to believe all the women accusing Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct when it served their purpose but just as quick to dismiss the same type of accusations against Sondland because it diminishes their witness’s testimony. Just another case of Democrats want what Democrats want whether justice is done or not.

      • Not only that Jacqueline, these things seem to pop up out of nowhere. It seems a little strange they never reported it before to police or anyone else. This is too odd that it is now around the Schiff investigations. I bet they were paid money to do this. Check their Bank accounts!

        • Hey Trudy you libs must not remember when Kavanaugh was on trial and you guys said nobody said anything from 30 years ago because it was to painful to bring up and open up old wounds. Now you are changing your tune……

      • While Sonland was claimed as a Democrat Bomb for President Trump he is only true witness with admissible information when it goes to The Senate. The Allowable testimony(as it is not hearsay or conclusions) is President Trump when asked stated “He wanted nothing. No Quid Pro Quo, nothing!”

    • They sit at the right hand of Satan and they do his bidding. These politicians are Satan’s minions they are paid with power,money,under age children corruption and it goes on. The thing to look at is the laws they pass that you and I have to live by is putting you and me under his thumb so we have to obay evil and like it. Not me Jesus Christ said we will die for his name sake. We are watching the end days unfolding before your eyes.

  3. Polosi and Schiff care nothing for the constitution, it’s the hared an hello sir they have for our president. God bless Mr.Trump attenion Diana Talmadge

          • Democrats say the constitution is living and evolving. Since you don’t understand what that means I’ll tell you.
            It means Democrats don’t like the constitution and they want to change it.

          • TRUTH AND FACTS, Where? Lies and assertions is a better name for you. The Demon-rats know they need to take away constitutional rights, 2A then 1A to achieve their goal of a global dictatorship. Angela Merkel, Germany’s new Hitler wants to limit free speech so people’s feelings won’t be hurt. Demon-rats will silence conservatives after attempting to take our guns. There is only one way for Demon-rats to win in 2020 and it will cause a civil war. Remember, the constitution wasn’t written in pencil.

          • Trump SAID that, after the whistleblower came forward about the Zelensky call, but the Zelensky call itself was FULL of quid pro quo. Trump was incredibly stupid to release the Zelensky transcript, he has Obstructed everything else. If he thought it was “perfect”, and would clear him, he is even more stupid than I thought. THE TRANSCRIPT ACTUALLY CONVICTS TRUMP!!!!!! Read it for yourself, it’s clear as day.

          • Smarter, the Constitution itself allows for it to be amended, because our awesome forefathers foresaw the probable need for it, as the country grew, and things changed. But the base document is solid, has lasted 240 years with only what, 20 amendments or so. The ones having the Bill of Rights, the slavery questions, equal rights for women, etc. are the most important, but there are lesser amendments also.

      • Truth and Facts
        President Trump does NOT ignore the Constitution! He loves America and strongly believes in the Constitution. It’s the Democrats who ignore everything it stands for! They are not true Americans nor patriots!

          • truth&facts
            It seems after reading your comments that YOU HAVE TDS! All you’ve done is curse & spew hatred to everyone. You could do us ALL a big favor & LOCK YOURSELF IN A CLOSET WITH A GRENADE. But that’s my deplorable side talking. Really I hope you get psychiatric help…

          • If anyone needs psychiatric help it’s the UNEDUCATED BRAINWASHED fools and UNAMERICAN Hypocrites that support a treasonous tyrannical lying self absorbed self centered jack ass dictator wannabe.

          • Truth & Facts, I for one would like to see your actual factual information supporting your alleged statements against our duly elected President or you just whining because Killary didn’t win. Those of us who voted for President Trump thank God everyday that he defeated Killary who knowing refused to send troops to save our ambassador and soliders. It’s really horrible that you support a murderer of our own troops!

        • Wow, you have it bass ackwards. Trump tramples all over the Constitution, claiming he is immune from ANY criminal prosecution (with his toady Bill Barr egging him on). He is an emperor wannabee, like his heroes Putin, Kim, Xi, and MBS. You are worried about Benghazi, where the ambassador was NOT where he was supposed to be, and things got screwed up, (nobody “murdered” anybody, the “rescue” was called off to prevent another Blackhawk down scenario) but you give Trump a pass on abandoning our Kurdish allies who lost 30,000 dead and wounded fighting ISIS on our behalf??????????? Funny standard you have, there, bud. Just go back to Trump’s video praising the Kurds from December 2018, and then, when punk Erdogan or Putin asks him, he cuts and runs from the battle, and leaves the Kurds to get attacked by the Turks. He was a draftdodgiing coward in the 60s, and is still a stinking coward decades later. Try to get a clue to who your “hero” really is. A pathological liar and con man. Always has been. Always will be.

        • Trump has NO respect for the Constitution, he actually thinks it gives him unlimited power and authority, because BIll Barr tells him so. And as a result, he has no respect for the balance built into the Constitution between the branches of governement. So he thinks he can ignore Congress’s subpoenas, and he whines one minute about being shut out of the witness interview process, and then when it’s his turn, he refuses to participate!!!! What a clown Trump is turning out to be, makes bad decisions, changes his mind, and never gets anything done. No China deal, no NoKo deal, no wall (only 78 miles replaced so far) not even USMCA as yet, after three years. What ever happened to the “great health care” we were supposed to have by now? And after the Republicans controlled Congress for two years from 2016 to 2018??????

      • And this is based on what? See you Baby Butchers keep saying crap about the President but your evidence is always tainted with insanity. So, this damn fool believes President Trump loves America. Don’t know what his beliefs are about our Constitution because the one our forefathers wrote down have been dissected so many times it is unrecognizable. We talk constitutional law. What is that? Whoever has the most money and SC Justices are the law and the constitution. But now sit and tell this damn fool that 241 years ago our forefathers said, we’re going to add “Freedom of Choice”. That’s going to be used specifically for everything that’s loved by Satan. I bet they thought, “if men want to stick their dick in each other’s ass and get married, Freedom of Choice”. How about, “I screwed Betsy Ross last night at the pub and think she got knocked up. The day after the kid is born, we’ll kill it, Freedom of Choice”. So, we’ll add Freedom of Choice to the Constitution so every sick and demented freak in the world can argue in court, it’s my choice. I guarantee our forefathers has no idea mans brain could become so corrupt and sick or they would have banned lawyers from our country. I’m investing in straight jackets today because when the 60 million plus freak Americans lose their vote to Trump next Fall, we’ll need them. My Preachers wife is a teacher in Kentucky. The Kentucky teachers just voted out a man that was trying to get ideas how to fix their broke retirement system. The teachers voted him out and supported the Liberal Baby Killer who plainly states he is for abortion and expanding it. I would not want to stand at the gates and face Jesus. I’m not perfect, but I’ll never kill a baby and vote for anyone that’s says they believe it’s a choice or support it.

  4. Polosi and Schiff care nothing for the constitution, it’s the hared an hello sir they have for our president. God bless Mr.Trump attenion Diana Talmadge

    • I’m shocked! Who would have thought that everything the DEMONcRATS accuse Republicans of they are guilty of themselves. From the appearance and behavior of ole Schiffty Turtle I would be shocked if he’s got some really really really weird skeletons rattling around in his closet. Really weird. Actually I wouldn’t be shocked at all.

  5. Wow!, one would think that under Trump the only ones who get jobs as foreign ambassador/diplomats for the United States government are people with plenty of money to burn just as Rex Tillerson was as Trump’s first Secretary of State.

    • jerks. Of these jerks had government positions before trump got there dick head. Beside who the heck do bv you think trump knows? Just like anyone else trump gives positions to people he knows or are recommended to him.

      Your stupid and jealous and have no value to society.

      • He “only hires the best!” Guess that’s why half of his cabinet is already gone, due to incompetence, corruption, and general sleaziness. And why his chief of staff, Secretary of State, and his top Generals/advisors like Mattis are ALL GONE. It’s okay, though, because Trump says he “knows more than the generals”………HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! What at total BOOB TRump has turned out to be. The laughingstock of the WORLD.

      • Truth & Facts, I for one would like to see your actual factual information supporting your alleged statements against our duly elected President or you just whining because Killary didn’t win. Those of us who voted for President Trump thank God everyday that he defeated Killary who knowing refused to send troops to save our ambassador and soliders. It’s really horrible that you support a murderer of our own troops!

      • Nothing. It’s almost ALWAYS a result of a belief in self reliance, hard work, and honest effort and competition. That’s why I think Mike Bloomberg would make an excellent president. He can’t be bought (unlike Trump, who is nowhere near as rich as he claims to be- personally, I’ve seen enough to think that Putin owns him, has some kind of goods on him). He is free to be independent when he needs to be. Is basically a capitalist who is NOT against paying higher taxes, if the rules are fair (ever wonder why only the richest Americans have their income tax rate CAPPED at 37%???? Everyone else pays the graduated rate, why do they get a CAP?) Think about that. And with all the loopholes and breaks, most of them only pay about 15% anyway. Look it up. And I can live with some of Bloomberg’s thoughts on climate change and gun control, they aren’t “radical”, more common sense, seems like. And we could get back to some stability and quit all this craziness, tearing up this deal (JCPOA, Paris Accord, TPP)and that deal, and then spend YEARS getting nothing done to fix or solve the fallout from those rash actions. SMH, that people still have ANY faith in this guy.

  6. “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” (Sir Walter Scott, 1808). The Democrats have been deceiving the American people for decades and now they are getting insnared in their own sticky web. As far as I’m concerned, they’re all going straight to Hell where Beelzebub’s scorching hot fire will never be quenched. Remember what God said would happen to liars and those that maketh lies? The one thing I know about God is He always tells the truth. Bye-bye you worthless Democrats. You’ve all made your beds. Now sleep in them.

    • It’s Trump that is the Liar-in-Chief. He is pathological, lies all day, every day. He’s been documented to have lied over 12,000 times just since taking office.
      And what is more, he is the Agent of Chaos, running around making messes everywhere, sowing doubt in our institutions, the FBI, our intel services, and strangely agreeing more with the devil Putin than our own American patriots working to keep US safe!!!!
      Looks to me like Trump wants to be an emperor, and take over. The Democrats are the ones trying to SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY, and NOT let him (or any other future president) do that!!!!

  7. I actually watched most of the impeachment hearings. It was obvious that Sondland disliked President Trump. Everything he said was filled with assumptions and innuendo. I found myself practically cheering for Republicans when he was forced to admit that President Trump told him he wanted nothing from Ukraine. I can’t help but think that Sondland is now reaping what he sowed. Isn’t karma a bitch?

    • Dude, Sondland first toed the company line and said there was no “quid pro quo”. When it came out that others overheard his call at the restaurant in Kiev, and it was all about making sure that Zelensky agreed to announce the investigation into the Bidens, THAT is when Sondland changed his tune, for fear of being indicted for perjury. Look it up.
      Doesn’t really matter, anyway. All you have to do is READ THE ZELENSKY TRANSCRIPT. It is FULL of quid pro quo. How Trump can claim the transcript is “perfect” is insane. It PROVES THERE WAS QUID PRO QUO!!!!!!!!!

      • To It’s Like This, I’m sorry but you are wrong. I did read the transcript and didn’t see any quid pro quo. Obviously we both read it differently. Also, I am female. Please don’t refer to me as a Dude. You may use any number of feminine titles such as Miss, Ma’am, Lady, or even Dudette. Perhaps you misinterpreted my name like you misinterpreted the transcript.

  8. How many Democrat are true Christian? I don’t think if you believe in GOD you would support a party that believe the TEN COMMENDENT IS NOT GOD LAWS! But that on you when judgement day come! No person that claim he a follower of the BIBLE AND GOD WORDS CAN GET TO HEAVEN IF THEY BELIEVE ABORTION IS OK! Because that is murder in GOD LAWS!

  9. Guess Adams Schiff does not know the meaning of some words these key witness are using. Word’s like GUESS, OVERHEARD, GOSSIP are words that mean THEY ARE NOT SURE OF WHAT THEY HEARD! NOW his key witness has a sexual assault lawsuit against him.

    • The House WILL vote to impeach. But the Senate is unlikely to convict Trump, because the Craven Republicans will put their Party over their Country. SHAME!!!!!! And will pay a HORRIBLE price for it in the 2020 elections. And then we will have a Democrat president that will take up just like Trump maybe worse, and act like and emperor. Goodbye American style democracy…………THAT is what we are facing here.

  10. Seems to me the allegations are more feminazi nonsense, But, see if the accused is a Democrat, why then due process is required. If he is a Republican, well then he is guilty and must prove his innocence, and a screaming woman’s claims AlWAYS take priority
    over ANY amount of evidence proving the innocence of the Republican. Screaming people with no evidence beats Conservatives with mountains of documents in the Dem mind every time.

    • Rob, the dems hate anyone who does not agree with their sick agenda. They have no morals and laws mean nothing to them. They have thrown God out and satan has taken over their party. They have only hate and lies and are very dangerous

      • Hey shit for brains, everyone wants democracy, democracy is in the name Democrat, not republican, in fact if you want to stop something or reverse it, you vote republican. This country needs to move forward, not backwards, trump is the most backward person alive. Stop signs are red, 🛑 are you learning yet!!!

        • Actually Blair when they were first introduced into the political field both the Repubs and Dems were the same party. Check your history before mouthing off.The Democratic-Republican Party (known at the time as the Republican Party and various other names) was an American political party founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in the early 1790s that championed republicanism, political equality, and expansionism.

          • Robert Taylor you know your history.The democrats of today are a total disgrace,Thomas Jefferson,James Madison down to FDR.are turning in their graves.

        • Blair you’re not qualified to teach us anything. You’re just another stupid commie dumbass. Going forward? I see it happening. Look at how many more people are working and prospering with Trump in the White House. I’m talking about people being self reliant. Not gimmee gimmee. Most of the shit your kind promotes is backwards. Decent people don’t want the government wiping their asses.

          • Damn good thing Trump WAS HANDED this good economy because the FACT is his policys would have thrown us into a recession about a year ago. Trumps the luckiest bastard to ever bend over in the white house.

        • What’s the matter? Did you get BUTTHURT by the truth that you’re type has been the laughing stock for the ones that know better than to be led around by IGNORANCE?

        • Your 1st 4 words are describing you. The Democrats are not living as the organization used to practice. Very far from of. Suggest you Google life now in Venezuels, this happened in about 10 years. The Democrats high up in the party are doing nothing for the people, only lining their own pockets and those of family members. Have you not been keeping up? Look at what the Democrats have already done to the large cities where they are running the show. You are the delusional one. Trump is going a great job, no telling what he could accomplish with some cooperation. Please wise up.

        • We need to move forward with Elizabeth Warren. Those children should not have to pay back those student loans and how can you deny medical care for people just because they’re not citizens? Medicine should be free for everyone like in Cuba.

          • It’s so sad that “graduates” of public school (aka indoctrination camps) don’t get the education we got and deserve; elsewise they would know that.

  11. The dems have done nothing but hate on President Trump. Pelosi & Schiff have shown their treasonous sides and should be investigated!

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