Democrats just ended up in court over this sick plan to let illegal aliens vote

This is the nightmare scenario conservatives warned about.

And one city is Ground Zero.

Now Democrats just ended up in court over this sick plan to let illegal aliens vote.

Republicans and one Democrat City Councilman just sued newly-elected New York City Mayor, Eric Adams, over his decision to allow a new law to take effect that grants 800,000 illegal aliens the right to vote in City elections.

New York Republican Chairman Nick Longworthy slammed the move as unethical and unconstitutional.

“The law is clear and the ethics are even clearer: We shouldn’t be allowing citizens of other nations to vote in our elections, full stop. We are only two weeks into the Adams administration and he is already kowtowing to the radical City Council. This lawsuit is the only thing that will stop them from their ultimate goal of eradicating all the lines between citizens and non-citizens,” Longworthy stated.

The New York State Constitution clearly states that in order to vote in New York, one must be a citizen over the age of 18.

But this new law allows non-citizens who have been in New York for less than 30 days to vote in City elections.

Staten Island President, Vito Fossella, slammed the move as an insult to American citizens.

“Allowing 800,000 non-citizens, including those who have been here for less than thirty days, to vote in local elections is a slap in the face of every single American citizen, whether born or naturalized,” Fossella declared. “This unconstitutional act cheapens what it means to be a citizen and is an insult to every immigrant who has followed the law, taken citizenship classes, and swore an oath to our nation.”

New York City Democrat Councilman Reuben Diaz – who joined the lawsuit to stop noncitizens from voting in New York City elections – ripped the move as an attack on American democracy.

Diaz noted the close race in the 2021 New York City Democrat Mayoral Primary and warned that Wall Street and the United Nations could meddle in elections by importing illegal aliens just to vote in Mayoral and City Council elections.

Councilmen Diaz’s statement read:

You may already know that Mayor-Elect Eric Adams won the June 2021 Democratic Primary by only 7,197 votes. In the November 2021 General election, Adams received a total of 271,834 votes – a fraction of 800,000.

You should know that if this City Council Intro 1867 passes, regardless of its actual legality, New York City, which is home to both the United Nations and Wall Street could easily be taken over by any group of noncitizens who live here for 30 days and vote for the leader of their choice.

Why would we ever make ourselves vulnerable to this kind of possible threat?

Of course, the Democrats’ attack on elections by allowing illegal aliens to vote will not stay confined to New York City.

Other blue cities and states will likely allow illegal aliens the right to vote should the courts uphold the New York City law.

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