Democrats just got hit with one big warning that guarantees Trump’s win in 2024

Democrats got rocked by a massive political crisis.

The Left has no easy solution.

And Democrats just got hit with one big warning that guarantees Trump’s win in 2024.

One of the unexpected outcomes of the 2020 Presidential election was Donald Trump winning a larger than expected share of the Hispanic vote.

Despite Democrats and the corporate media spending four years smearing Trump as a racist because he opposed amnesty, a post-election report by Pew Research found that Trump won nearly 40 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2020.

And a new report by Equis Research explained why.

According to Equis Research’s data, the Democrats’ identity-politics agenda did not sway Hispanic voters.

Instead, Equis reported that Donald Trump’s support for hardline immigration policy won him new support among Hispanic voters in key states.

“The story in South Texas: Republicans owned the border issue. In Texas, immigration stood out in a way it didn’t elsewhere in the country. Views on Trump’s immigration agenda powerfully sorted Hispanic independents between the two presidential candidates: hardliners with Trump, opponents with Biden,” Equis wrote.

Trump’s opposition to coronavirus lockdowns and support for reopening the economy also allowed Trump to make inroads, as Hispanic voters judged Trump to be better for the economy than Joe Biden.

“Who is perceived to be better for American workers? Democrats retain some natural credibility with Latino voters but have lost ground on workers, work and the American Dream; they’re also open to attack for taking Hispanics for granted; Republicans have some openings but are still held back by their image as the uncaring party of big corporations,” Equis added.

Finally, Equis reported that Squad members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar pushing Democrats to embrace socialism has alienated Hispanic voters.

“There isn’t one overriding concern about ‘socialism’— but a package of complaints usually rises to the top (around government control over people’s lives, raising taxes, and money going to ‘undeserving’ recipients). If a through-line exists, it is a worry over people becoming ‘lazy & dependent on government’ by those who highly value ‘hard work,’” Equis added.

A recent Wall Street Journal poll showed Donald Trump winning 43 percent of the Hispanic vote in a potential 2024 rematch with Joe Biden.

This Equis Research report is further proof that Trump stands to win an even higher percentage of the Hispanic vote if he decides to run again in 2024.

Should Trump win north of 40 percent of the Hispanic vote, it could provide Republicans with a roadmap for victory.

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