Democrats just got hit with some brutal news in the last place they ever expected

The home stretch of the 2022 Midterm elections have not been kind to Democrats.

Each day Democrats see bad headlines and worse polling data.

And now Democrats just got hit with some brutal news in the last place they ever expected.

Republican outside groups continue to expand the playing field in trying to win Democrat held Senate seats.

Connecticut Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal was once thought to be a reliably safe Blue seat.

But a mid-October survey by Trump pollster Tony Fabrizio for the Connecticut Examiner showed Republican Leora Levy within five points of Blumenthal.

That led to the Frontiers of Freedom Action (FFA) Super PAC upping their ad buy in Connecticut attacking Blumenthal for pretending to be a Vietnam War hero and for casting the deciding votes on Joe Biden’s disastrous socialist agenda.

A statement from FFA Super PAC President George Landwith explained the group’s ramped up ad buy.

“In Connecticut the polling has shown Blumenthal with weak support and his opponent Leora Levy pulled quite close in a recent Fabrizio poll and has momentum. She is an excellent candidate with very impressive educational and professional credentials but, most of all, she is an outspoken critic of Blumenthal’s leftist swing,” Landrith declared.

“Republicans must expand the map and go for a big win in the Senate—people in Connecticut and New York are disgusted with Blumenthal and Schumer as symbols of a Democratic Party taken over by left-wing extremists,” Landrith added.

Connecticut is not the only formerly solid Democrat seat moving in the GOP’s direction.

Races in Colorado, New Hampshire, and Washington State are now suddenly in play.

And the Cook Report’s Jessica Taylor wrote her publication is now moving the Arizona Senate race – where Trump-endorsed Blake Masters is challenging Democrat Senator Mark Kelly – to a toss up.

“As the overall environment continues to improve in the Republicans’ direction, the closer we get to Election Day, just 12 days out, we are shifting another race rating in the GOP’s direction. A month after we initially moved Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly into the Lean Democratic column, the race now goes back into Toss Up amid a spate of tightening private polling that has left Democrats worried about one of their strongest incumbents,” Taylor wrote.

Polls are showing movement towards Republican candidates across the country.

Betting markets now favor Republicans to take control of the Senate.

And even formerly safe Blue seats are in play.

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