Democrats just got some horrible news about Mueller and impeachment

Democrats and Robert Mueller believe they can goad Donald Trump into a Constitutional crisis.

They believe that is their best bet to remove the President.

But they just got some horrible news about impeachment.

For nearly two years, the fake news media speculated that Trump would fire Mueller and it would lead to Trump’s impeachment.

They breathlessly reported every development in the Russia investigation as a bombshell in order to bait Trump into firing Mueller.

However, they made a major mistake.

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz stated that firing Mueller is not an impeachable offense.

Breitbart reports:

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz dismissed the notion that should President Donald Trump fire Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller, he would be committing an impeachable offense.

According to Dershowitz, for an offense to rise to the level of impeachment, the firing would have to be a crime, which it is not.

“First of all, firing the special counsel would not be an impeachable offense because it wouldn’t be a crime,” Dershowitz said. “The president would have authority to do it. It would be politically very damaging to do it. Look, Technically there is oversight over the special counsel in the personage of the attorney general.”

Dershowitz acknowledged that was problematic given the former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal and resignation, and the appointment of an acting attorney general.

This topic took on even greater significance with Mueller pressuring Paul Manafort and Roger Stone to lie in their testimony in order to frame Trump for collusion with Russia.

Mueller is a rogue who many Americans believe should be fired or even investigated for trying to stage a coup to remove Trump from office.

If Trump fired him, millions of Americans would celebrate and defend the President in any political fight.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Randy & Bryant: On T.V. a reporter ask Comey, “Why didn’t you indict Hillary?, Comey said, ” I didn’t want to disappear” I would like Senator Jim Jordan to find out what he meant. I don’t tweet so you will have to tweet & ask him. Thank you. I never saw that comment again, covered up.

  2. Pamela: Mueller went to Trump & ask him to leave him in as FBI Director & Trump told him “no”. Mueller hates Trump & was part of FISA. Lockheed gave Mueller a $30 Mil. bonus for accepting their bid to build more military equipment (Planes)Did Obama make a trade with Taliban,Bin Laden for Embassey? Obama paid $1.8 Bil. cash to Iran, for what. & no $5 Bil. for Trumps wall.

  3. Can someone please help me and give me one example of one thing that the Democrats have accomplished to help the American people in the last twenty years????

  4. The Grand Solar Minimum is going to take care of most Democrats when it gets so cold soon that food will not grow outside in a few years and those not prepared to grow their own food indoors will not be able to buy food and will starve to death. The Democrats are still pushing global warming and those who believe them will not prepare and will starve to death. Urban areas will also be the worst places to live with all the food riots and civil unrest. Good people need to start growing food using aquaponics and grow lights. I am working to provide information on how to do what is needed in the best way but it is taking time. Keep looking at my blog as I provide more information as I develop it. go to and pass this on to your friends and family and have them do the same. This will be free for all the information I will provide.

  5. Do you actually think that Mueller wouldn’t lie again under oath? Ford lied in Kavanaugh’s Confirmation, as did several other liberal people. They just have no idea what morals are. Lying is in the Liberal Left’s genes…easy to do, even if it isn’t right, and Mueller definitely is NOT Right!

  6. “Constitution is still part of law?” jane, the US Constitution is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND! –not PART of it. All else is just extension of it.

  7. One has to be extremely ignorant and uneducated or mentally hoodwinked to vote Democrat today. The economy is finally healthy and doing good. Somebody has to be stupid is as stupid does to want to return to Obama years. But Bolsheviks follow the crowd that appears to have the most glitter even if it is covered with mud and feces. Many Russians were duped into that mangled mental mistake in Fall of 1917. It took them 73 years to finally wake up and realize “Enough is enough”–equal distribution of misery we mean. “Stupid is as stupid does!” –thanks Forest G.

  8. howard buckley between “W” and “The Donald” we had no President. A non-US Citizen imposter born in an African British Protectorate now called “Kenya” was wangled into the White House illegally. He had zero administrative or managerial experience. He was a FOREIGN STUDENT at Columbia University in New York City. It is by fraudulent means that he occupied our White House. Donald Trump is actually the 44th. US President and he’s doing a great job cleaning up the negative effects of the illegal Kenyan train wreck. God Bless the Donald and his family this Christmas Season and always as well as all living former Presidents and their families regardless of persuasion.

  9. I thought that they should do that all along.none of what he does or his tactics have been called into question. Anf you can be damn sure they will never be reported

  10. ? Turning conservative? In what America do you live in? If that were true – which I wish it was – how come SO MANY Democrats were elected to run the HOuse of Representatives? They can STOP so many of the things POTUS still wants to do.

  11. BigJoe. 2YRS !LATER. = 0. && ‘running Rampant
    W/ UNRELATED ‘subject matter’. ___ ‘desparately’
    trying to ‘connect’, (for a salary, i might add)
    > A ‘dismissal’ re mueller
    IS DUE. POTUS ‘knows’. Waiting to ‘play the Card’.
    > Coming & mueller ‘knows ‘IT’.

  12. John. POTUS ‘KNOWS’.
    > ‘millennials’ Can be Info’d.
    > Firing mueller W/0ut ‘Punitive’ Is
    a ‘lost cause’/ POTUS ‘knows’ __ &&&
    ‘situation’ Is currently ‘under consideration’.
    > Perhaps a ‘Plea Deal’ from mueller, In ‘due time’.

  13. BigJoe. ‘something like that’. ” rock His [‘special counsel’s] World “-
    & Make him ‘Swear Under 0ath’. Butt ‘Who’ ??? Temp AG Whitaker/ POTUS ?

  14. Pam,
    . . . . Please don’t use the LORDs name in vain.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  15. When Sessions was DOJ, he was investigating Mueller…then Sessions resigned and Whitacker took over…according to Q, they have what they need to put Mueller down…but timing is critical…Trust the Plan…:-)

  16. Firing Mueller is not the answer. Appointing a second special council to investigate him would rock his world. Make him swear under oath and hold him in contempt for lying because anything he says that contradicts other witnesses is a crime. Put the shoe on the other foot and watch that creep squirm.

  17. I agree he was put their to cover for the corrupt demoncrats who we all now committed very high treasonous and tyrannical crimes muller was their to hide it all now it’s a look over here and the funny thing is all these millennials fall for the lies of the demoncrats. Muller needs to be fired and all needs to be exposed to the American people it is time for the truth to prevail

  18. At the very least Mueller should be given a deadline to conclude the investigation. This open ended investigation could go on for ever. Or until Trump is out of office which for the democrats is the whole point.

  19. AG Whitaker’s 1st Task: Review ‘special counsel’
    in Manipulation of ‘falsely’ accused, ie
    Manafort/ Assange & Corsi to Lie resulting in
    ‘perjury entrapmnet’ OF Which Mueller IS INDEED
    ‘personally exposing’ himself. Mueller is also
    Way 0FF ‘subject matter’ from ‘initial assignment’.

  20. The Mueller “Witch-Hunt” is a total fiasco, to get rid of President Trump, because all the crimes this Obama Administration- Chicago-municipal-trash committed, is being uncovered since HRC who was supposed to be elected POTUS, as a false storefront for an Obama, third term was derailed by President Trump! The DNC gave HRC, and BHO, the green light to rig their own party’s presidential nomination election, screwing Bernie Sanders, but Obama sat down with him and invited him to a Texas Hunting Trip!

  21. The Ayers Family put a foreign student through Harvard by the name of Barrack Hussein Obama Jr. aka Barry Soetoro! Bill Ayers Parents! Bill Ayers, and Bernadine Dorn, Choreographed the largest Coup in America’s History that put Barrack Hussein Obama jr. in the People’s House! The DNC knowingly supported this treasonous Coup!

  22. GREG. I pray to God that it happens soon. I am so sick of hearing NEGATIVE NEWS every GD day. It is a sin what has happened to some of our citizens and our political system that is effecting our country and has definitely divided the people of this great nation. NEGATIVE news everyday and it is getting old. President Trump has done a great job MAGA and all he and his family get it is criticized and the DEMORATS want to have him IMPEACHED. Why in the name of God hasn’t HILLARY & OBAMA been TOTALLY investigated for all of their crimes, especially the ones she has committed and instigated with this Russian Collusion that she is definitely behind? She is the GUILTY one of many crimes she has committed. SHE IS THE DEPLORABLE ONE, not us. I can’t even imagine Hilldabeast, that evil, wicked, lying, demonized woman, as our POTUS. OMG!!!! I thank God everyday that he was definitely behind Trumps victory.

  23. Very well said Jose. Mueller is a paid hit man with no decency, as corrupt and lacking any bit of knowledge of basics of right and wrong. He should resign.

  24. It is NOT Moeller who is enabling this witch hunt after the POTUS, it is the two leading crap news papers in America who are controlling the political environment behind this which hunt, the NYT and the WaPo.
    These two papers are controlling the political environment, the public frenzy behind this witch hunt, in the American public, because most newspapers in America are taking their cues from these two Dem. Party support papers.
    Whatever political hack appears in either of these two papers will be content in the remaining papers next day.
    The NYT is close to bankrupcy, so the solution there is simply far all Conservative Americans to cancel their subscription, which will lead to its bankruptcy this paper is already close to.
    The WaPo is owned by Jeff Bezos, he can afford to keep printing the trash paper, but a significant reduction of readership will still kill it’s political influence.

    America under Trump is turning conservative, let’s get rid of Obama’s support in America’s news media.

  25. Jose & Shari. Great comments. The public is so sick of this WITCH HUNT directed by Mueller who is a lying, back stabbing crook as far as I am concerned. Like you said, it is the working American peoples tax dollars that have been footing the cost of this illegal & corrupt 2-year WITCH HUNT. It should have been directed towards HILLARY, the guilty one, NOT our duly elected POTUS, Donald Trump.

  26. If the anti-Trump politicians were ever to be able to accomplish the coup, I think most of us would support the action most tin cup dictators do which is the round up the perpetrators, throw them into jail, give them a trial, and throw the key away on those convicted. That would send a strong message. What we don’t want to see is the guilty being given a free get out of jail card and a slap on the hand.

  27. Republicans need to get together regardless of religious or personal beliefs. We should all have one goal, keep the Dems from taking over America. If they win it will be the end of the Constitution and America. We need to be ready to fight for our freedoms. Voting is where we are weak and we had better get better by the 2020 election. The Dems send people all over to recruit new voters and convince the to vote Dem. I have heard (no proof)in Calif. thy pay $1 to the homeless to vote Dem.

  28. Hey, mulehead you do not work for democrats. If they are paying you,also, you and drats are all committing criminal act Everyone who has been voted to office is subject to the people not the other way around. You all took oaths. you and circuit-judges forget your oath. dementia? Constitution is still part of law. Go after the ones that has truly attack USA for their own gain. Put Americans faith back into politics. You have quite a few drats,you know as well I do.Do what is right.

  29. Very well said and very truthful description. It is definitely an illegal investigation and just what President Trump calls it A Witch hunt, and a very corrupt one at that.I am so so so sick of Muellers abuse of hard working Americans,who are the ones paying for his phony ,illegal,corrupt ,sick mindsit.Shut it down Now,Congress.

  30. Once the Dems get in charge of the House you won’t see any Dems prosecuted they will cut off all means of getting evidence to charge them with anything. They will be home free. The President also will be lucky if he get anything passed, total obstruction.

  31. Yes, but sadly those criminal judges were completely that any evidence handed to them was a bunch of nonsense.

  32. Unfortunately the scrambling of brainwaves of too many young people for far too long has been partially carried out in our schools over the past 30 years and what damage was not done by our contaminated education system has been done through the purveyors of propaganda, complete lie spewing Lamestream media commentators and the Hollyweird freaks.

  33. Mueller is Communist scum and a traitor, constantly using strong arm tactics filing trumped up charges against people to get them to falsely accuse our duly elected president, hang him from the highest tree.

  34. Snakes bite when cornered. It’s time for Mueller to go. Close his billion dollar spending and found zero.

  35. I believe that if you tempt fate, it will turn around and bite you in your ass. You can’t poke and prod and threaten our President with impeachment without some repercussions. If by chance your deranged mind got it’s wish,you would see half the Country up-in-arms. Chaos and blood-shed would ensue, destruction and ruination would be massive, neighborhoods attacked and burned down.When the people elected a legal President and to see that taken down, because he didn’t fit your stereotype, you would do well to protect yourselves. Remember your foes are well armed and will be very very ANGRY. Don’t wish for a fight you wouldn’t win..

  36. There are so many leftist scum that need imprisonment and execution. When will the prosecutions begin? When can we have an AG with the balls to DO IT?

  37. Now, it’s over $40,000,000 Dollars-of Taxpayer money that Mueller has spent on trying to find any collusion with Russia! What a jackass! All those millions of dollars could’ve been spent making America safe! Could’ve been used to build a safety net, etc! I’m so upset over these TRAITORS, like Brennan, Mueller, & Comey! Plus-many other “dirty” Democrats, in the FBI! Sickening!

  38. Randy-I heard Comey is NOT going to appear, but what can be done if he doesn’t? Almost daily, we TRUMP supporters hear about something that’s supposed to happen to where the truth will come out, but it never does! Meanwhile, we’re still left in the dark! Just like all the terrible things OUR own FBI was involved in, while trying to take down Trump! It seems like the dirty Dems get by with everything, even if it’s illegal!

  39. It’s becoming more obvious that the Dems are ignorant of the law and are drawing at stars in an attempt to find an impeachable offence. A huge “DUH” on the Dems !!

  40. Mr. Donald J. Trump has been (illegally) under investigation since before he became POTUS. And, I do believe in that the majority – except “stupid” – of the people in the USA, knows damn-real well of who’s been behind this whole charade .. the so called “Russian collusion investigation”. It’s been the lot of them treasonous, lying, thieving, cheating, putrid democrat-cowards. Now, consider the following: Mr. Trump finds himself in a position, almost similar to that of an imaginary black person who’s facing a jury/trial made up by just “white juros”. And, in such situation – as it’s happened in real life – I’m sure the imaginary black man would be crying foul, protesting about the jury being (racist)totally unfair, biased and fixed against him. Well, for near the past two years, POTUS Trump’s been most heavily scrutinized and insulted, and not just by the jerk Mueller and all of his team of treasonous lying cowards .. ALL of them who are known to be democrats, if not just their faithful supporters/sympathizers. Mueller’s “investigation” is nothing but a farce, an insult, and an attack – TREASON is a better word – being carried by the most radical of democrats, those who no longer can hide the nature and true intent of their “working” against all of what our Constitutional Republic represents. There’s no honor in any of what Mueller and Co. have been doing since the day their “investigation” started. And, if the US Congress lacks the decency to call Mueller’s witch hunt to an end .. then, the whole of them cowards in Congress should also be considered as traitors.

  41. Democrats are dumber than dirt. Do they actually think “We the People” would allow them to try to Impeach the man we voted into our Presidency? What a bunch of dunces! From their comments, these same “dumber than dirt democrats” do NOT even know our U.S. Constitution which states exactly for what a sitting President can be Impeached. Duh duh Democraps! Time to take a Civics Class!

  42. Keep your eyes open, Kara. Comey is set to be grilled by congress on Monday (We’ll see if he does or finds a way to weasel out). Judge Huber and Juilian Assange are to release their findings on Wednesday. And I understand Devin Nunes has very disturbing (for the Democrats) info he is going to make public. Should prove to be an enlightening week(s) ahead.

  43. The Libcoms better be careful or they may face a political death sentence.No not a real one.Political.Like out of a very cushy job.Do not mess with the President we the People voted for and was legally voted in.We are fighting back and the bunch of you psychos are taking a long vacation.The corruption has gone on to long.How did the USA become one of the most corrupt countries.You libcoms and Obama.You guys with the help of God are going down.Hope you fools were good to the people that helped you on your way up cause you will need them on your way out.Hopefully they won’t kick you to hard as you go flying out the door.

  44. Yes there is a trust issue which Mueller has been involved in any times over the years All of this because Hillary lost the election. She thought she had everything in the bag. Biased network news service, sickening, to hear. All rivals were illegally beaten out of their race, or wound up on the morgue board, which followed the Clintons from Arkansas to New York and Washington. I think things are going to improve for our Prez. because like a gambler he has no shown his hand yet.

  45. When the crooks are in charge, it’s a verbdajgerous time!
    And in this case they still think that they still are in charge!

  46. Mueller is a liberal clown puppet who is irrelevant to the American people GO MAGA God bless President Donald Trump and vice President Mike pence.

  47. We who believe in our President will make sure our votes count and the President can’t be impeached but something needs to happen during the month of Dec. or ASAP. This situation with the DEMS need to blow up in there faces. It time for the DEMS to be defeated.

  48. We who believe in our President will make sure our votes count and the President can’t be impeached but something needs to happen during the month of Dec. or ASAP. This situation with the DEMS need to blow up in there faces. It time for the DEMS to be defeated.

  49. Schumer wouldn’t know a Constitutional crisis if it crawled up his butt and spun around 3 or 4 times. The Democraps are a bit nutz, anyway. Daydreamers, but not in the sense of the Beatles.

  50. You got that 100% right, Emilio. I love President Trump. He is the best, most caring about our country, President we have had in my lifetime. Trump 2020!

  51. That’s what Democrats want in the US, but they can not, thanks we have a great President who protects us and works for American citizens, at Trump we believe .. !!

  52. We must remember that Mueller can not get another job after all the the accusations about him and the trying to force people to lie just to get rid of Trump. Our President will decide when he needs to go but Mueller knows that he has suffered a trust issue with all Americans and he is nothing more than waste land at this point. He is old and haggered looking lately and I just bet he want get any invites to Holiday Parties. That would bring a party to a fast conclusion.

  53. He can leave when the Democrat House of Representatives take over. That’s all I have to say. Yeah, Mueller is a little pest that refuse to go away.

  54. Mueller is the shiftiest man I’ve ever seen. His eyes always look upwards and askance while he talks out of the side of his mouth.
    Textbook for actors needing to portray a liar.

  55. Trump can fire MUELLER AT ANYTIME…67 MILION VOTERS BACK HIM…AND 53 SENATORS WON’T let impeached occur. 24 months…if no evidence of collusion…end it…no matter the outcome!!

  56. As soon as Bruce Ohr testified Mueller should have been removed and investigated. If what Ohr said is proven to be true Mueller should be indicted he should also be forced to pay restitution to the taxpayers for the over $21,000,000 wasted on this farce.

  57. “Let’s kill all the lawyers” is a line from William Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2. The full quote is “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers” Thus our country would be more sane and livable. Good-bye, Bob.

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