Democrats just got some horrible news about Mueller and impeachment

Democrats and Robert Mueller believe they can goad Donald Trump into a Constitutional crisis.

They believe that is their best bet to remove the President.

But they just got some horrible news about impeachment.

For nearly two years, the fake news media speculated that Trump would fire Mueller and it would lead to Trump’s impeachment.

They breathlessly reported every development in the Russia investigation as a bombshell in order to bait Trump into firing Mueller.

However, they made a major mistake.

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz stated that firing Mueller is not an impeachable offense.

Breitbart reports:

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz dismissed the notion that should President Donald Trump fire Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller, he would be committing an impeachable offense.

According to Dershowitz, for an offense to rise to the level of impeachment, the firing would have to be a crime, which it is not.

“First of all, firing the special counsel would not be an impeachable offense because it wouldn’t be a crime,” Dershowitz said. “The president would have authority to do it. It would be politically very damaging to do it. Look, Technically there is oversight over the special counsel in the personage of the attorney general.”

Dershowitz acknowledged that was problematic given the former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal and resignation, and the appointment of an acting attorney general.

This topic took on even greater significance with Mueller pressuring Paul Manafort and Roger Stone to lie in their testimony in order to frame Trump for collusion with Russia.

Mueller is a rogue who many Americans believe should be fired or even investigated for trying to stage a coup to remove Trump from office.

If Trump fired him, millions of Americans would celebrate and defend the President in any political fight.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Randy & Bryant: On T.V. a reporter ask Comey, “Why didn’t you indict Hillary?, Comey said, ” I didn’t want to disappear” I would like Senator Jim Jordan to find out what he meant. I don’t tweet so you will have to tweet & ask him. Thank you. I never saw that comment again, covered up.

  2. Pamela: Mueller went to Trump & ask him to leave him in as FBI Director & Trump told him “no”. Mueller hates Trump & was part of FISA. Lockheed gave Mueller a $30 Mil. bonus for accepting their bid to build more military equipment (Planes)Did Obama make a trade with Taliban,Bin Laden for Embassey? Obama paid $1.8 Bil. cash to Iran, for what. & no $5 Bil. for Trumps wall.

  3. Can someone please help me and give me one example of one thing that the Democrats have accomplished to help the American people in the last twenty years????

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