Democrats just humiliated Joe Biden in the most public way possible

Joe Biden scrambled to notch a victory to save his failing Presidency.

But it all fell apart right in front of his face.

And Democrats just humiliated Joe Biden in the most public way possible.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings continue to collapse as spiking inflation, shortages at stores across America, and the border crisis added up to a catalogue of failures that drained whatever support Biden had.

Democrats tried to rescue Biden’s Presidency by passing a $1.2 trillion Green New Deal-lite bill and a larger $1.75 trillion socialist welfare bill.

But swing Democrats cannot agree on the parameters of the larger socialist spending bill and Leftists will not agree to pass the smaller socialist bill without a commitment to pass their pet legislation.

With his presidency on the line, Joe Biden trudged over to the Capitol to beg House Democrats to pass the $1.2 trillion Green New Deal-lite bill on the promise that Biden could convince Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin to support the larger socialist spending bill.

That offer did not fly as the leftwing caucus in the House of Representatives said they would not agree to pass the $1.2 trillion bill until Manchin and Sinema announced their support for the $1.75 trillion socialist spending bill.

The real story out of this meeting is Joe Biden has no juice with his own party.

When a President comes to Capitol Hill, members of Congress fall in line.

Instead, socialists in Congress yawned at Biden’s pitch and rejected the President to his face.

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