Democrats just lost a major voter fraud case that left Donald Trump grinning from ear to ear

Democrats succeeded in ramming through a number of illegal changes to voting laws before the 2020 election.

Facing defeat this November, the Left tried to recreate that successful playbook.

But now Democrats just lost a major voter fraud case that left Donald Trump grinning from ear to ear.

The Delaware State Supreme Court struck down a universal vote-by-mail and same-day voter registration scheme Democrats in the legislature tried to muscle into law.

In their ruling, the Justices explained that universal vote-by-mail violated the state Constitution’s provision that absentee voting is only reserved for those with serious illnesses or physical ailments.

“The Vote-by-Mail Statute impermissibly expands the categories of absentee voters identified in Article V, Section 4A of the Delaware Constitution. Therefore, the judgment of the Court of Chancery that the Vote-by-Mail Statute violates the Delaware Constitution should be affirmed,” the ruling read.

The Justices added that the same-day voter registration scheme violated Article V, Section 4 of the state Constitution, which established a strict time period for when voter registration was allowed, which is no more than 20 days before an election.

“The Same-Day Registration Statute conflicts with the provisions of Article V, Section 4 of the Delaware Constitution. Consequently, the judgment of the Court of Chancery that the Same-Day Registration Statute does not violate the Delaware Constitution should be reversed. The Court enters this abbreviated order in recognition of the impending election scheduled for November 8, 2022, and the Department of Election’s desire to mail ballots to voters by or around October 10, 2022,” the Justice’s ruling continued. “A more formal opinion, fully explaining the Court’s views and the reasons supporting our unanimous decision, will be issued in due course. The mandate shall be issued immediately.”

Democrats won in 2020 because they were able to game the system by imposing a series of illegal rule changes – such as the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court usurping the legislature’s power to expand mail-in-voting and Democrats violating Wisconsin state law to use ballot drop boxes – to flood the system and juice turnout.

After the traditional Labor Day kickoff of the Midterm elections, campaign polls and on-the-ground events show the environment shifting in the GOP’s favor.

That’s why Democrats tried to reach into their 2020 bag of tricks.

But in Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware, the courts stepped in to put a stop to this skullduggery.

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