Democrats just realized their worst nightmare is about to come true

Democrats are facing a major dilemma.

They believe control of Congress is within their grasp.

But one demand made them realize their worst nightmare is about to come true.

After the shooting in Parkland, Florida, the Democrat base has become unglued.

They are marching on state capitols and demanding new gun control.

And while this may rile up urban liberals and so-called “journalists” it has the potential to alienate the majority of the country that supports the Second Amendment.

The Hill reports:

“But the issue is a delicate one for party leaders hoping to flip both chambers in this year’s midterm elections by defeating Republicans in conservative-leaning districts where tougher gun laws can be radioactive.

As the issue continues to dominate the headlines, some Democrats back an understated approach, particularly with vulnerable Democrats like Sens. Heidi Heitkamp(N.D.) and Joe Manchin (W.Va.) up for reelection in red states.

“It’s certainly more of a base issue than in years past,” said one Senate Democratic aide who works for a senator who has been mentioned as a 2020 presidential candidate.

But the aide said the strategy wouldn’t be effective everywhere…

…Democrats paid a steep political price after championing an assault weapons ban in 1994 and are wary of energizing the GOP base.

One former Democratic leadership aide put it bluntly: “How do you keep from having a conversation about sensible changes be turned into ‘They want to take your guns away’?”

But the Democrats may not have a choice.

Their voter base may drag them to finally admit they want to confiscate everyone’s guns.

At CNN’s anti-gun pep rally, activists booed mentions of rape survivors, called the NRA’s spokeswoman a murderer and erupted into wild cheers at the suggestion government should ban all rifles.

It’s clear the energy on the left is with the gun grabbers.

And with Democrats needing to defend ten Senate seats in red states – and needing to flip Trump districts in the House – it may cost them victory in November.


  1. This part of common Sense: WHO DETERMINS WHO IS INSANE??
    Like Stalin said: ‘It is not who casts the votes that matters, but who COUNTS the votes.
    Capice? Once the Gov’t let’s that power, Larry will have his guns taken because…….He’s NUTS!!!!!

  2. I am sorry Lew, you are misinformed. The term “Assault Weapon” was coined by none other than Hitler himself. He was presented with a new weapon dubbed : ‘machininpistole ’43’ meaning; machine pistol (issued) 1943. When he saw and understood it’s importance, he renamed it ‘Sturmgehwer ’44’. Sturm: to storm or attack, gehwer= weapon. The designers shortened the 8mm Mauser cartridge (7.92x57mm) to create a new cartridge called 7.92 kurz (33mm)(short) and built a lightweight, gas operated air-cooled machine gun around it. This filled the gap between submachine guns, which fire pistol cartridges and machine guns of the era. By and large these were heavy belt fed affairs that required 3 crew members. (Yes the BAR was a one-man SAW (squad automatic weapon) and there are other exceptions).
    This new weapon was the Father of the AK47 and the grandfather of the M16.
    Here’s the payoff: if a weapon is fully automatic, that is, it is a machine gun, then it CAN be an ‘assault weapon’.
    If it is not a machine gun, then it cannot be an assault weapon.
    History doesn’t lie. Also BHO is an f-ing liar: he referred to AR15s as ‘weapons of war’. Name one army that is issued AR15s !
    ‘Assault Weapon’ is a term that has a historical trail back to it’s origins in WWII. The left co-opted it for their own propagada purposes.

  3. Even if all the privately owned guns in America were suddenly gone it would not stop the violence! Perverted individuals determined to commit acts of violence will always find a way. What elements in our society drive these people to violence? How can we identify and stop these individuals? We have laws against the crimes they commit. While these laws and the potential consequence may deter some, they obviously don’t stop them all. Are more laws really the answer? Or must we identify and treat the root cause of the violence?

  4. You are correct about parental guidance being a key to diminishing some of these murders but in all honesty 40% of white and 70% of black babies are born out of wedlock. A significant number of children have no father figure. The absence of a father figure in the home is a significant reason for a dysfunctional and Godless society. Taking God out of the schools has contributed to our malaise but taking God out of the home has had a much more significant affect. We have become technologically advanced to the point that we are spiritually broken. I am a believer so I have no fears in what becomes of us all. The Bible tells us how all of this ends. There has never been a book written that holds all the truths of our very existence. As a society we worship science just s ancient civilizations worshipped many Gods. The key to this life is to prepare ourselves to meet our Maker. By keeping our eyes on the cross is a good start. From Genesis on through Revelations we are pointed in one direction. Only through Jesus Christ will we see God. My favorite passage is John 3:16. The ultimate passage for insuring where I will end up. Earth is temporary. The kingdom of God is forever.

  5. To say you own a gun but am not a liberal is like saying my best friend kid black so I’m not a racist. Many liberals own guns. Many liberals (I would say most all democrats) are racist. If you support gun control on legally registered gun owners regardless of the are 18 or 98, you are a left wing gun grabber. Loss of our rights takes time and over time we have been victimized by the federal government, the progressive left and some RINO’s. . Education, healthcare are 2 pillars the left needs to end this Republic as we know it. The last pillar is our guns. Then the left will be able to replace our constitution with a manifesto. You sir are no more than that sheep in wolves clothing, and just to insult what you deem people who are poorer and less educated than yourself speaks volumes about you. I would say you are a left wing , so called elite who is well educated and has a downright hatred for most of those people who live in less desirable circumstances than you. I am sure you are a big government supporter and have an utter disdain for our constitution, especially the first and second amendments. In closing did you know there are 38 states which have not turned over information to the government which would keep millions of potentially dangerous people like this shooter from ever getting a gun? Let’s have the states comply before we decide that taking guns away from legal gun owners( and that applies to 18-20) year olds. Just come out and admit you are a left winger and quit pretending you are not.

  6. When you get down to it, the “assault weapon” is just a run-of-the-mill semiautomatic rifle that looks badass.

  7. Conspiracy theory alert: given the left’s “by any means necessary” approach to things, one could credibly make the argument that the left encouraged the Parkland shooter to do what he did. What better way to get Americans to go anti-gun than to have a horrific school shooting. Too bad for the victims, but it will be worth it in the end.

  8. If you’re a liberal then you are a nutcase, the one thing that makes the United States a great nation is our constitution which wacko leftist commies like you are trying to change, I don’t hear anyone in the liberal media going after the gaming industry or Hollywood movies depicting violent acts. In fact you pride yourselves in protecting the right to kill innocent babies in the womb, common sense, really?

  9. When will these Leftist relies that anything that is used to attack someone or kill someone in an assault weapon. Even someone fist is an assault. Banning assault weapons is impossible.

  10. The fbi shot as many or more kids than that troubled young scapegoat did. People need to be educated in what a false flag is. Most people I know don’t even know what it is.

  11. Is there even one Dem who can tell us the functional difference between their hated AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and the millions of semi-automatic rifles used by millions of hunters every fall?

  12. Those guns just jumped out of storage, loaded themselves and started shooting people! Give me a break!

  13. Without guns, Americans are subjects; with guns we are citizens . The difference is profound. As subjects in other countries, hey are killed by the millions by their governments.

    The U.S.A was not invaded during WWII by Japan, because their Generals knew that the American people were armed, and that their military would be cut to pieces.

    In Switcherland, every male between the ages of 20 and 55, is required to keep a fully-automatic assault rifle and a machine gun in their home, with a stock of ammunition . So, in the U.S.A. , are we citizens or subjects ???

  14. Let’s see, guns are responsible…
    8 people in NY killed by truck – Oct 2017
    13 in Spain killed by Van – Aug 2017
    7 in London killed by Van June 2017
    5 in Sweden Killed by truck April 2017
    3 in London killed by truck – Mar 2017
    86 in France killed by truck – July 2016
    29 in China killed by knife Mar 2014
    19 in Japan killed by knife July 2016
    17 in Pakistan killed by poison milk Nov 2017
    Last year in the USA 4066 killed by knife, hammer, fist or feet… FBI Table 12 report

    If the tool used to kill, needs to be banned, why don’t we go after trucks, Vans, knifes, hammers, poison or people with hands or feet?

  15. They think by going after the anti second amendment voters they will take the house back its not about the safety of our children it is all about the votes. They will stoop to a new low if that`s possible, but nothing is too low for them.

  16. It seems to me that they are protesting the wrong thing. They should be protesting the goverment as it happened and could have been avoided possibly if the FBI had followed through and if the police officers in Florida who were on the site acted. Why go after the law abiding gun owners.

  17. The whole shooting was engineered by dems to confiscate weapons from citizens and overthrow our present government

  18. You need to explain exactly HOW such laws are going to prevent this! Criminals and mentally ill people don’t care ZIP about laws; that’s what makes them “criminals.” What makes you think more laws are going to stop them when the existing laws haven’t? Most of them get their guns underground, from the black market, or steal them. How are more gun laws going to stop that? Do you know anything about our history as a nation? Do you know what’s in our Constitution, and why it was put there? Don’t talk about red states having people with the lowest IQs when most liberals don’t even know our history nor the reason for the Second Amendment! Educate yourselves on this issue or don’t talk about it.

  19. What the Republicans should do is show all the Criminals that these IDIOT LIBERALS have allowed back on the Streets and to hurt everyone because they want to punish the item which can do nothing instead of the CRIMINAL who is the one doing all the ILLEGAL ACTS and are the EVIL that causes these mass killings.

  20. They’re spot on. They ran on a pro-gun control/anti-NRA platform in 2014 and 2016 and got beaten badly both times. Gun control, and the SJW lunacy they’ve adopted, will come back to hurt them.



  23. if we want to keep our second amendment in tact , we had better not lose the republican house and senate or we will lose a lot of our freedoms, and begin to become slaves of the demoncat party!

  24. Like you said, demons pushed God and prayers out of the schools, out of Government office for prayers. Thanks to the Obum anti Christian Government.
    The Commy foundation was laid, next like the others mentioned before , confiscating all ???? guns, look ???? back on history.
    What happened?? WE GOT YA. Global Control.

  25. The FBI had plenty of information and time to do their thing. They should have gone to his house and take his AR15 from him. Demo/commies want to take everyone’s semi-autos, with no improper action by the owners to cause the confiscation.

  26. Actually the red states are the voters with lower I.Q.’s and also the biggest recipients of government give-aways. Liberals are not communists but rather they lean toward a socialized system like perhaps Obama care whose majority of users are from the red states. Irony don’t you think? When a mentally deranged 19 year old can still purchase a weapon don’t you think it is time to enact laws that prevent this? I myself own an FN 5.7 so I am not a liberal who wants to take away guns. But I do want to take away or prevent nut cases from having guns. What part of common sense is failing people?

  27. Lefty liberal democrats AKA communists are proven idiots and should be voted out of public office ASAP. We need to rid ourselves of these low IQ fools for the good of the country.

  28. It’s no secret that Hillary Clinton supports “Big PHarma” so democrats will not address the drug opiate problem. More children die everyday from drug legal or illegal everyday, but not a beep out of democrats and even some republican. Democrats want our guns for control only because they do not care about dead students or dead anyone.

  29. No doubt that is exactly what their parents are doing…daily…and they too don’t want to face reality. What gun laws will prevent the next attack? If guns go then so do knives, cars, truck, … it will never end and all are lethal weapons in the wrong hands. I say give teachers the guns.

  30. God was removed from our schools so this is the result..also all the videos, movies, etc. that show guns and think this is for real..and it starts at home…no real families anymore and no conversation only smart phones…no respect for anything or anyone…not even life.

  31. It is all about controlling and making us defenseless; nothing for our safety and well being. And, how will this stop shootings at our schools; criminals and the mentally ill will still be able to get guns. And get ready for a civil war when gun confiscation starts; which is something else the communist left want!!!

  32. Mike W. You are right on the mark. seems funny that with all the knowledge about this past shooting AND many of the others, the Police & FBI had knowledge about them but did Nothing. They are trying to DISARM America so we will be easy to control, the Second Amendment is in our constitution for a VERY GOOD reason.

  33. Jumper there you go again with your NON Knowledge of guns. A shotgun in a crowded area like a school will do nothing but hurt everyone in front of the barrel and prolly not hit the crazed shooter.

  34. Jumper you should brush up on your Gun Knowledge, the Citizen cannot own an AUTOMATIC weapon, it’s Military Only unless someone has a gun COLLECTION then only with special permitting can a person own an AUTOMATIC weapon. and I know of NO gun that can fire 6000 rounds per second. you are reading to many far left Lies or comic books. Your Weapon Knowledge is Lacking about 99.9% of anything useful please read and learn, better yet go to a gun store and they might educate you a little.

  35. Do they really teach and discuss the Constitution in school? Civics and related subjects are in the past. PC is more important. Majority of students would not be able to talk about how this nation was formed and the sacrifice of those who formed it. “Stupid is as stupid does.” “Useful idiots” to Soros and his minions.

  36. You are of course correct. In Honduras for instance guns are completely outlawed and for several years in a roe they had the highest murder rate in the world. Proving your point completely.

  37. The ‘root of the problem’ is God was ‘evicted’ from the schools and the shooters (mentally unhinged,criminals) filled the void left. I would MUCH RATHER have God in the schools.

  38. Thw problem is not firearms. It is their misuse. Just like a 500 horsepower car, neither is a problem until misused. Depriving millions of their constitutional right to posess firearms will not stop criminals and crazies from their evil. Neither obeys laws and restrictions/regulations.

  39. Didn’t you hear Barry? We just need ‘common sense’ gun laws. That’s easy to say when you have 24/7 armed guards provided for you.

  40. It must just GALL you to realize that you pathetic loons on the left will NEVER get our guns. Over our cold, dead hands.

  41. Hmmmm. I think it is better to give each student a shotgun everyday when they enter school. Return it at the end of the day. No intruder will have a chance. Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen as only the good guys and good students have guns.

  42. These young people are “thinking well”. They have examined the Constitution in school and the difficulty in interpreting the 2nd amendment in current times. Reasonable self protection and even sport hunting does not require an automatic or large capacity automatic weapon. On the other hand, if there are no limits to the types of guns that citizens can own and use (a position Justice Scalia rejected), then we should all be able to purchase a GAU .30 mini gun capable of firing almost 6,000 rounds a second, a grenade launcher or even an Abrams tank. If you arm teachers, why not arm every student with a shot gun? The balance is not an easy one to make and requires critical thinking, such as the student’s are displaying.

  43. liberals only have hate rhetoric NO REAL SOLUTIONS;; concealed carry on campuses will expand rapidly because IT IS A SOLUTION and it will work; democraps worst nightmare is about to explode. Trump conservatives, populist ; let’s ROLL. LIBERALISM IS ‘the devil’. Smash these evil lunatics in 2018/20.

  44. Mike W. – With so many unbelievable issues occurring in today’s world, and I, having lived through most of them from the JFK murder, nothing seems impossible – although, always, unbelievable in our beloved country. It is hard to fathom where the truth ends and the fantasy begins! God help us!

  45. Sad. Are their moms and dads still smoking weed? That they cannot think well in constitutional rights? That’s great! ????‍♂️

  46. You might also notice when these “events” happen and who has the most to gain from them. I have seriously started to wonder if they are staged. Look how quiet they have been about the shootings at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Hoping it will all just go away and people will forget or move on o the next big thing and not ask too many questions. From everything I have seen in the past few years I would not put anything past the Democrats and their uncontrollable lust for power – and the money that comes with it. The Clintons sure got extremely rich in a very short time after leaving the White House “broke”.

  47. But don’t forget the hundreds of thousands of teens turning 18 before the general election. Many of them and their parents are left leaning and will vote against the 2nd Amendment. They will make it a single issue campaign!!
    We should call this the “year of the snowflake election.”

  48. School Massacres: Who Does Them and Who Uses Them?
    The latest school massacre in Florida, in February, 2018, has ignited many emotional, political and Constitutional issues and caused logical thinking to be suppressed by the parents of the dead children and the classmates of the dead who have become falsely imbued with special knowledge because they have suffered at the hands of a crazed man with a gun.
    Because of a crazy man the thinking that is now proposed by some is; 1) guns are bad, 2) the NRA is bad, 3) the Second Amendment is bad, 4) Politicians supported by the NRA are bad, and 5) law abiding citizens who own guns are bad.
    Now, the illogical proposal to prevent school massacres is that “we must do something”, and the implication advanced by those who fear, have a phobia, have political ulterior motives, or who hate guns, is that that “something” is gun ownership must be abolished and guns must be confiscated. This indicates a false understanding that what is to be feared is not guns but the crazy people who use guns to murder defenseless children or people.
    Therefore, clear thinking shows that gun haters use massacres to further their agenda of abolishing gun ownership, and they suppress the logical conclusion that the cause of massacres is not the guns but guns in the hands of evil or crazy people.
    I support armed personnel in the schools to deter criminals and to minimize casualties in the event of school attacks in the future.

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