Democrats just suffered one massive Court defeat that no one saw coming

Democrats are losing on every front.

There is not one fight that the Left can feel safe about right now.

And Democrats just suffered one massive Court defeat that no one saw coming.

Since it was not authorized by an act of the legislature, the New York State Supreme Court recently struck down Governor Kathy Hochul’s mask mandate as unconstitutional.

Governor Hochul imposed the mask mandate through executive decree.

Even though there is no science showing that schools are significant vectors of viral outbreaks or that forcing children to wear cloth masks for eight hours a day does anything to stop transmission of the virus, the mandate would have forced children to continue to wear masks in schools.

In fact, the data shows that forcing children to wear masks stunts their emotional and educational development.

But COVID tyrants like Governor Hochul are not willing to cede power or obey the rule of law.

For authoritarians like Governor Hochul, COVID was never about science or public health.

Instead, COVID allowed the Kathy Hochuls of the world to exercise near unlimited power and control over the lives of citizens.

That’s why it was not surprising that Governor Hochul’s response to the Supreme Court smacking down her mask mandate was to declare her intention to ignore the Court’s decision.

Governor Hochul immediately plunged New York into a full-blown Constitutional crisis, with the Governor essentially declaring that the state no longer functioned as a self-governing democracy and was instead an autocratic state.

Now it is up to the Court and the legislature to take further action to restore the rule of law in New York state.

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