Democrats lost their minds when this video of Nancy Pelosi spread on social media

The current Democrat Party is defined by their support for suppressing free speech.

With less than 100 days left to go before the election, Democrats want Big Tech to silence conservative voices.

And now Democrats lost their minds when this video of Nancy Pelosi spread on social media.

A viral video of Nancy Pelosi spread across Facebook that made it appear that the Speaker looked drunk.

The video racked up millions of views before Facebook censored it.

Democrats complained that Facebook did not act quickly enough and are not censoring enough content on social media in the election season.

“Another week, another deceptive video going viral on Facebook—once again targeting @SpeakerPelosi. If Facebook can’t defend against low-tech disinfo like this video, it’s clear they’re not ready for the threats that are coming our way in November. They need to do better. Now,” Congressman Adam Schiff wrote on social media.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler also demanded social media censor more content on social media.

“Having recognized the manipulative content in this video, @Facebook should take it down entirely. It is not enough to just label this as fake. When lies and falsehoods are deliberately pushed, action is needed to stop them from spreading,” Nadler wrote.

Democrats picked out this video to claim Facebook is allowing rampant spread of “misinformation” on their platform.

Of course Democrats think anything that contradicts their political agenda is “fake news” and “misinformation” and should be censored by tech companies.

Democrats know that if the leftists who run social media companies suppress conservative ideas, voters will only receive information from liberal news sources.

If the Left controls what information the public receives, it will be impossible for Republicans to win elections.

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