Democrats lost this major court case that has all hell breaking loose

Democrats just got hit with a major curveball in their strategy to exploit the coronavirus pandemic to tank the economy and ruin President Trump’s re-election prospects.

Their defeat sparked a scramble in one key swing state.

And it’s all because Democrats lost this major court case that has all hell breaking loose.

Wisconsin is one of the biggest swing states in the 2020 election.

Democrat Governor Tony Evers put in place a lockdown order through May 26 to keep the economy closed in hopes that voters would punish Donald Trump for their economic hardship in November.

Republicans in the state legislature sued and the State Supreme Court issued a four to three majority opinion striking down the emergency order arguing that pandemics can last for months and that the Governor does not have unending emergency powers.

Chief Justice Patrice Roggensack argued Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services Secretary-designee Andrea Palm unlawfully confined citizens to their homes and shut down the economy.

“We do not conclude that Palm was without any power to act in the face of this pandemic. However, Palm must follow the law that is applicable to state-wide emergencies. We further conclude that Palm’s order confining all people to their homes, forbidding travel and closing businesses exceeded the statutory authority of Wis. Stat. § 252.02 upon which Palm claims to rely,” Roggensack wrote.

Democrat Governors in Pennsylvania and Michigan are also locking citizens indoors and shutting down their economies to boost Democrats’ political prospects in 2020.

There is no sound scientific evidence behind the lockdowns.

In fact, some worry that the resulting economic depression will lead to more deaths from suicide and alcohol and drug abuse.

The Wisconsin State Supreme Court drew an important line in the sand that Governors and their agents do not have unlimited authority to confine their citizens to unending house arrest and shutdown the state economy.

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