Democrats lost this major court case that has all hell breaking loose

Democrats just got hit with a major curveball in their strategy to exploit the coronavirus pandemic to tank the economy and ruin President Trump’s re-election prospects.

Their defeat sparked a scramble in one key swing state.

And it’s all because Democrats lost this major court case that has all hell breaking loose.

Wisconsin is one of the biggest swing states in the 2020 election.

Democrat Governor Tony Evers put in place a lockdown order through May 26 to keep the economy closed in hopes that voters would punish Donald Trump for their economic hardship in November.

Republicans in the state legislature sued and the State Supreme Court issued a four to three majority opinion striking down the emergency order arguing that pandemics can last for months and that the Governor does not have unending emergency powers.

Chief Justice Patrice Roggensack argued Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services Secretary-designee Andrea Palm unlawfully confined citizens to their homes and shut down the economy.

“We do not conclude that Palm was without any power to act in the face of this pandemic. However, Palm must follow the law that is applicable to state-wide emergencies. We further conclude that Palm’s order confining all people to their homes, forbidding travel and closing businesses exceeded the statutory authority of Wis. Stat. § 252.02 upon which Palm claims to rely,” Roggensack wrote.

Democrat Governors in Pennsylvania and Michigan are also locking citizens indoors and shutting down their economies to boost Democrats’ political prospects in 2020.

There is no sound scientific evidence behind the lockdowns.

In fact, some worry that the resulting economic depression will lead to more deaths from suicide and alcohol and drug abuse.

The Wisconsin State Supreme Court drew an important line in the sand that Governors and their agents do not have unlimited authority to confine their citizens to unending house arrest and shutdown the state economy.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Mayor of Chicago (BEETLEJUICE) and Il Gov (head of physical fitness counsel) are held so much in contempt by Illinoisans that they will never get reelected.

  2. To. Monty Jackson.
    You never got back to me…. But I do agree with you at this Point… Each Country no matter where has to determine when time comes to open their own Society. As well in this Country.. This Virus will get Worse for sure… Nothing that has happend for a very very time… So with that said When the very bad times comes to us ALL.. Monty when the CRAP hits the fan…Jump in and UNITE for yourself, and family and friends.. That’s all we go left… 1 st Amendment GOT THAT.. Trust we as An UNITED PEOPLE will get past this… Remember MONTY JACKSON When things go wrong, we as free Americans call upon EACH OTHER… It’s Not what Political party who any one belongs to, nor their Politics… It’s survival… As a free Nation…

  3. Monty, communism is satanic, and thus evil. It goes against everything God wants for us. Freedom comes from God, but you want to throw it away for something that is vile. You are very foolish. The goal of the dem party is total control over every aspect of your life, but you think that is a good thing. satan has you very deceived

  4. BJ if you live in the country or rural areas I agree open up however if you live in a large metropolitan area where everyone must mix different story.

  5. The Supreme Court puts a spoke in the wheel of the communists. If the Trump administration can ride the pandemic crisis more victories will emerge for the future. Then there is the case for Mike Flynn. Oh it must hurt for the losers.

  6. It is so good to be back to a semblance of normal in my state. We were never on lockdown, but the businesses that were closed are now open. All dems can still stay home and hide in the closet if they want. Going out isn’t mandatory, unlike dems’ orders in some states to stay in. Dems are sick liars who tell us we will die if we go out. They want total control, but Jesus says otherwise

  7. Jake, that’s just it…they do not think!!! They believe the sick lies of their insane leaders and just blindly follow them without question. Dems are brain-dead

  8. I’m excited about Trump being re-elected and appointing several more judges. By the end of his 2nd term perhaps Ginsberg will have keeled over and mabey at least one more of the leftist activists on the scotus

  9. The per capital death rate is less then .oo28. That is incredibly small. You have just about as good a chance of be hit by a car in your driveway!

    Add to that the average age of a covid death is 75.9 years old. That means for the rest of you not in your 70’s the death rate is even lower.

    So why do these democrat dictator governors have you cowarding in place?

    What is really driving their illegal rules?

    Why are the police following their illegal orders?

    Why aren’t you fighting for your civil rights?

    At least remember in november to vote against every democrat on the ballet.

  10. Every democrat state is pulling the same thing! They are all playing this lock DC own game to ruin the economy.

    I sure hope you people are smart enough to remember in november that the democrats screwed you over.

    You simply can not vote democrat. You dont have to vote republican. You can vote libertarian. Green party, or whatever. The democrats have just proven to be too evil to allow in power ever again.

  11. The democrats paid for this virus and then planned for being little dictators once it was released. China is right we should be getting sued by the world for this and it is all obama and bidens fault.

    Why anyone would ever vote democrat after this corrupt crap is beyond me.

    Then you add that their presidential candidate is a rapist, pedophoke briberous, voter threatening, senile white guy and you have to wonder what the heck these democrat voters are thinking!

  12. To james of the 75th.
    By the way The Sikorky UH 60- Black Hawk – Always had Electrical and Rotor problems from the Beginning.. Glad you survived.

  13. Alan Barnes, you have no clue. MOST people recover from this virus and we should be far more concerned about the economy. And of course America has a lot more cases of it. We have a lot more people than other countries except China and India. Wake up!

  14. To Honored James of the 75th. COMBAT UNIT..
    Brother and I do mean Brother. I can never fully understand that SO MANY gave it all for the unknowing MANY.. Who don’t even have a glue what was done for MILLIONS YES MILLIONS of Americans. Sent by our own Government into HARMS WAY… That hurts.. I retired as a Federal Supervisory Special Agent for 27 yrs. ,and a NYPD COP. 12 yrs Navy. JAMES IN OUR VERY BEING, VERY BEING WE CAN SLEEP WELL WHEN OUR TIME COMES!!!!!!!!!!!! WE DID IT OUR WAY….What more is an Honor to have Protected souls whom could not Protect themselves…

  15. It’s a terrible thing what the VA and our government has done to veteran’s LT, they would rather give money to illegals to get a vote. The Veterans Administration hospital’s went down the tubes years ago and no one really cares. I went down in a UH-60 years ago and they had to perform surgery on my neck and screwed it up worst. I don’t know what to say anymore, I’m lost of words…

  16. Gov. Evers, you SUCK as Wisconsin GOV and thank you WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT for that GOOD NEWS for most Wisconsinites. We (Wisconsinites) can to go to bars and PARTY!!! YOU AND Lt. Gov CAN STAY HOME because we don’t want you guys around when we are partying for VICTORY

  17. Stick with President Trump and you sure would be far better off than if you would with Dumb democrats. President Trump means freedom and Democrats mean they are your mommies and daddies. I would rather make MY OWN Choices.

  18. To James of my Honored 75th. COMBAT UNIT.
    Just to let you know… There are NO WORDS to let people know what Millions of Americans died for during just in a FEW HUNDRED YEARS… To make our Nation the # ONE Nation on Earth… Brother James I had a very bad day today.. When I went to the store I came across a HOMELESS MAN. Asking for Money. He had his old Unit hat on this time… I asked him some questions to verify his back round. Me being a Retired Federal Agent and all… He was the REAL DEAL.. My Heart was broken I have seen him there many times before… I gave him All the Money I had left in my pocket which made him Cry… I do not know fully how he got in the Position nor how he fell… Him being a 1st Sgt Serving in Desert Storm… How is it that Possible where was the VA?? So with that said. James your last blog makes me, and All fellow current and retired SOLDIERS… Know that ‘ WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN ‘ People just a little over TWO HUNDRED years this Country is the Worlds Super Power… WHY!!! Because ‘ United ‘ Americans MADE IT SO PERIOD…

  19. The leadership preys on the fears if their constituents and potential voters ad if they held some magical emotional all purpose panacea to reduce their stress but it’s so easy to do when you are the direct cause.

  20. Alan Barnes, how do you know? What about COVID deaths in China?
    You do realize we have a population of 330 million people in this country don’t you?
    86,000 is one 40th of one percent.

  21. Yes/ The biggest threat to our Republic is the Democratic Party. Don’t get me wrong. There are Democrats that are every bit as patriotic as Republicans and Republicans every bit as traitors as the “Deep State” maggots. Behind that scum is the ONE WORLD ORDER who decided that this is their chance to enslave the World. They tried the IMPEACHMENT route and failed miserably, Trump stoked the Economy to levels never seen before in spite of all the opposition and back stabbing. Comes THE VIRUS. Could this be the INSURANCE POLICY the FBI traitors were talking about? Create a hysterical panic with what IMO will amount to a Flu epidemic , lock and crash the economy and try to push through a ” mail in ballot voting in November in which the 39 million illegals will be bought to vote with freebies paid by you-the taxpayer. Trust me that will be the Democrats MAIN STRATEGY November. That is our target to prevent from happening.

  22. Every soldier knows he is fighting not only for his own Liberty, but even more for the Liberty of the human race for all time to come. This also is in regards to a well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. To Lieutenant “T” and my brother Dan Tyree thank you for the love of freedom and the Liberty for which we live…

  23. VENT FRIENDS GET IT OUT INTO THE OPEN… TELL YOUR ANGER…Remember it’s an Election Year!!!! So all the Crap, and Lies are forthcoming. Focus on Yourselves and Family. and any Love one’s that you have.. As well ALL we blog is being MONITORED… Think about that… Focus make a statements that Will Change for all our American Future.. Special Thanks to Dan Tyree, and of course to James of the 75th.. From Retired Federal Agent. LT. ‘ T’ HONOR BROTHERS.

  24. With the great leadership of Donald Trump and the Republican Party, the United States now leads the entire world in cases of Covid-19 and deaths caused by the coronavirus, now at about 86,000 and soon to exceed 100,000 souls. With opening up activities before the epidemic has decreased in intensity and by a total failure to plan for and develop procedures for population testing and monitoring we will soon be adding to our highest in the world totals of sick and dying Americans. Let us keep America #1 in the world. Follow Trump’s plan Make America Grieve Again. And Again.

  25. The biggest threat to our country is the Democratic Party, and this year’s elections could end up being our civil war if these Democrats should win, for we all know how corrupt the Democratic party is when it comes to voting for they cheat with all kinds of fraud being done, and you can bet that if these Democrats get caught committing any kind of fraud the war will begin as it should!!! For the cheating and fraud that these Democrats are known to do the citizens have had enough of it and this is the year that it isn’t going to be accepted!!!

  26. Well, this dud should have never been elected Gov of WI. Damn unions pushed for it. Scott Walker was doing a fabulous job. This is the power of the left. Lies, get someone elected, and all fails. A school superintendent as a Gov? Uck.

  27. These are not lock downs. They are lockups. We have all been locked up after having committed no crime. The people who support this type of tyranny need to be stopped yesterday. End the lock up yesterday. Fauci is an idiot. So is your governor and many more like him. Trump 2020! Mr. Trump, end the lock up now.

  28. For those idiots who want to let fear rule their lives and hide in their closets, they are free to do so. The rest of us will go out and do what we need and want and get back to normal. We should be far more concerned about the economy than this virus from which most people recover. I have never stopped going out. I still have my job and I go wherever else I want. My state is now mostly open thanks to our common-sense governor

  29. julio, Pres. Trump is doing a good job. You are a fool to think otherwise. The dems are using this virus for their evil agenda to control every aspect of our lives. But guess that is what you want. You blindly follow them and believe their lies without question like the good little robot you are

  30. I don’t understand how people can be so stupid to decide they’re going to vote for Biden because their democrat governor kept their state in lockdown, and now they don’t have a job and can’t pay their rent.

  31. Foolio, please! do us legal and rational United States citizens a major favor, spare us from your insufferably insane comments by increasing the concentration of vaporized Dimethyltryptamine you are inhaling and inhale far more deeply rendering yourself incapable of vomiting such total drivel.

  32. I am a lifelong Wisconsinite and adhere to the principles of which our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic are based unlike that component of a terminal viral pandemic plague cloud who adhere to and embrace the principles of which Communistcapitalistshariazionhasidism Tony Evers is.

    Scott Walker truly screwed up his ratio was just slightly under what was required to demand a recount a law that the predominantly Republican legislature that he and they drafted, passed, and enacted, I voted for Walker I believe it was 4 times he ran, 1st time, Recall election, 2nd time, and a 3rd time, no 1 capable of rational thought would have voted for Evers anymore than anyone capable of rational thought voted for Tom Barrett, fact they are only capable of deviant thinking just as all members of the Democratic party only think in a warped fashion.

  33. To Dave in Houston; She’s a commie alright, just like Lina Hidalgo, Shelia Congo Lee & Al Green.

  34. That was great for the courts to rein in a commie governor. The scotus should put a stop to the commiecrats. A great ruling would be that the commiecrats can’t have any part in government during any national crisis. The fools are more interested in playing politics and bribery by paying illegal immigrants to vote for them.

  35. The farmers are having a hard time hanging on as it is. Farmers need to plant crops and ranchers need to get animals to slaughter houses. People need to work to take care of family and bills, it is a chain that cannot be broken for very long. I am glad that everything the Democrats are doing and trying to do is coming to light for the American people to see. We were blind years ago and did not know anything. Do not trust that the people in charge have the right answers. Hopefully our children will pay attention from now on and fight the Government. I let my children and grandchildren know what I find out because they work and have a lot of responsibilities taking care of a grandparent and children.

  36. how long is trump going to use the excuse that the democrats hadn’t left a pandemic playbook?

  37. The communists are flexing their muscles to see what they can get away with.
    I tell you the truth;
    Democrats are a far greater threat to this country than the COVID virus.

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